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    Dissertations, online materials. Free e-library - Technical.

  1. «A Scientist Explores Spirit A Scientist Explores Spirit A BIOGRAPHY OF EMANUEL SWEDENBORG WITH KEY CONCEPTS OF HIS THEOLOGY George F. Dole and Robert ...»
  2. «DUMmIES ‰ by Robert A. Wood, MD, with Joe Kraynak Food Allergies FOR DUMmIES ‰ Food Allergies FOR DUMmIES ‰ by Robert A. Wood, MD, with Joe ...»
  3. «Clemens / WITH ARTISTIC LICENSE / 1 All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, ...»
  4. «Willie J. Padilla – Associate Professor 140 Commonwealth Ave Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 p 617.552.0667 BOSTON COLLEGE f 617.552.8478 Department of ...»
  5. «Biodiversity and Conservation 7, 159±177 (1998) Modelling ¯oristic species richness on a regional scale: a case study in Switzerland THOMAS ...»
  6. «Sintagma 20: 5-20. ISSN: 0214-9141 © 2008 Universitat de Lleida LA coNceSIvIdAd coMo coMpLeMeNTo ArGuMeNTAL: prAGMáTIcA y GrAMáTIcA coMpArAdA eN ...»
  7. «Hamadullah Kakepoto1 Family is considered as the oldest social institution in the world. As an institution it performs many important functions and ...»
  8. «The Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) is concerned with teaching, training, consulting and carrying out research in Probability Theory, ...»
  9. «Report on the Dagstuhl-Seminar 9403 Relational Methods in Computer Science January 17 - 21, 1994 Organizers: Chris Brink (University of Cape Town) ...»
  10. «SCHOOL OF PH.D. STUDIES SEMMELWEIS UNIVERSITY ALMANAC 2009-2010 Compiled by Anita Marosfalvi Emôke Márton Tímea Rab Edited by Dr. Károly Rácz © ...»
  11. «School of Engineering, University of Warwick 0602641 ES327 Project Report A Feasibility Study on the Implementation of a Micro-Hydro Scheme in Sioma, ...»
  12. «Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades der Fakultät für Chemie und Pharmazie der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Structural and ...»
  13. «Final Report Development of Bio-Hybrid Three wheeled Auto-Rickshaw for Urban Transportation Submitted to: CiSTUP Indian Institute of Science ...»
  14. «Experiential Learning in School Gardens and Other Outdoor Environments: A Survey of Needs for Supplemental Programs by Stephanie L. Huckestein Thesis ...»
  15. «Quality-of-Service-Aware Configuration of Lehrstuhl für Informatik 6 Distributed Publish-Subscribe Systems Datenmanagement A Massive Multiuser ...»
  16. «Cognitive Coordination for Cooperative Multi-Robot Teamwork Changyun WEI Cognitive Coordination for Cooperative Multi-Robot Teamwork Proefschrift ter ...»
  17. «Doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) vorgelegt der Fakultät Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften der Technischen Universität Dresden von Melinda ...»
  18. «Computational and experimental investigation of the mechanisms involved in cellular water transport and (cat)ion homeostasis D I S S E R TAT I O N ...»
  19. «On the Complexity of Some Colorful Problems Parameterized by Treewidth6 Michael R. Fellowsa , Fedor V. Fominb , Daniel Lokshtanovc, Frances ...»
  20. «DISSERTATION zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor rerum naturalium (Dr. rer. nat.) im Fach Biophysik eingereicht an der ...»
  21. «DISSERTATIONES TECHNOLOGIAE UNIVERSITATIS TARTUENSIS kent langel Cell-penetrating peptide mechanism studies: from peptides to cargo delivery ...»
  22. «Combining rough sets and rule based classifiers for handling imbalanced data Jerzy Stefanowski and Szymon Wilk Institute of Computing Science, ...»
  23. «Design Space, Architecture Models, Design Tactics, Prototype and Experiences Muhammad Aufeef Chauhan December 2015 IT University of Copenhagen ...»
  24. «Technical Sciences 17(2), 2014, 165–180 SEDIMENT TRANSPORT IN THE COASTAL ZONE Szymon Sawczyński1, Leszek M. Kaczmarek2 Department of Mechanics ...»
  25. «ISSN 1505-4675 Technical Sciences 17(2) 2014 Biosystems Engineering Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering Geodesy and Cartography Information ...»
  26. «Automated Fault Localization for Service-Oriented Software Systems Automated Fault Localization for Service-Oriented Software Systems Proefschrift ...»
  27. «A Method for Component-Based and Service-Oriented Software Systems Engineering Zoran Stojanović A Method for Component-Based and Service-Oriented ...»
  28. «NQ Verification 2014–15 Key Message Reports Verification group name: Hospitality: Practical Cookery Levels N4 and N5 Date published: October 2015 ...»
  29. «Taxpayer’s Name: Taxpayer’s ID Number: Taxpayer’s Address: Tax Year Ended: Date of Conference: LEGEND: Corp A = B Network = Location C = Year 1 ...»
  30. «Progress In Electromagnetics Research, PIER 79, 23–38, 2008 QUAD RIDGED HORN ANTENNA FOR UWB APPLICATIONS R. Dehdasht-Heydari, H. R. Hassani, and ...»
  33. «Délivré par l’université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier Discipline ou spécialité : Sciences et Génie des Matériaux Présentée et soutenue ...»
  34. «Satire Satire is a literary technique of writing or art which principally ridicules its subject (individuals, organisations, states) often as an ...»
  35. «A national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Innovation ...»
  36. «1 Introduction Wide-area Networks as Resource Pools The exponential growth of wide area networks – especially the Internet with its currently over ...»
  37. «Emissions Associated with Electric Vehicle Charging: Impact of Electricity Generation Mix, Charging Infrastructure Availability, and Vehicle Type ...»
  38. «Electronic Supplementary Material (ESI) for Energy & Environmental Science This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2012 Supporting ...»
  39. «Transportation Electrification Utility Fleets Leading the Charge June 2014 Transportation Electrification Utility Fleets Leading the Charge June 2014 ...»
  40. «Electrolytic Tiltmeter Temperature Coefficients: Source, Definition and Use to Improve Accuracy Introduction Environmental temperature changes alter ...»
  41. «Antenna Design Second Semester Report Spring 2012 By: Nate Hufnagel John James Prabhat Lamsal Prepared to partially fulfill the requirements for ECE ...»
  42. «HunOAEO ;AE~T mUSLlms MASJID·AL-NOOR ._~ Islamic Community ofNonbem CaJIftwnII . P.O. Box410186 . .J JI ~FraDdscoa CA M141.()186 K.J.AhDlad LIBRARY ...»
  43. «Regulatory Issues Raised by the Impact of Technological Changes on Market Integrity and Efficiency Consultation Report TECHNICAL COMMITTEE OF THE ...»
  44. «Development of Fingerprints using Electrolysis: A Technical Report into the Development of Fingerprints on Fired Brass Cartridge Cases Fatima Nizam 1 ...»
  45. «National Cave Rescue Commission Level 2 Student Preparation Guide NCRC requires all students to demonstrate basic skills prior to participation. ...»
  46. «Doug Gelbert illustrations by Andrew Chesworth Cruden Bay Books  There is always a new trail to look forward to. DOGGIN’ MASSACHUSETTS: THE 100 ...»
  47. «Where will it END? -OrA guide to extended techniques for the Violoncello By Dylan Messina Table of Contents Part I. Techniques 1. Harmonics..6 ...»
  48. «Motorcycle Ohio Rider Enhancement Rider’s Guide Revised 2016-june-29 rev 20 FORWARD It’s about the journey, not the destination. The basic ...»
  49. «Using Microsoft Word 2007/2010 for Writing Technical Documents Valter Kiisk Institute of Physics, University of Tartu Last update: October 11, 2013 ...»
  50. «Electro-mechanics of Resonating Nanotubes and Nanowires in the Field Emission Environment S. Perisanu, A. Ayari, S.T. Purcell, P. Vincent Laboratoire ...»
  51. «Doctoral School in Social Sciences Doctoral Programme in Sociology and Social Research University of Trento Structural and Cultural Determinants of ...»
  52. «1 GENERAL Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) is the oldest and largest university of technology in Finland. It was founded in 1849 as a ...»
  53. «Abstract Dynamical switching behaviors of a compliant bistable mechanism driven by electromagnetic force are investigated. The bistability of the ...»
  54. «Application Report SLLA030C – September 2000 – Revised June 2002 Reducing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) With Low Voltage Differential ...»
  55. «Solid State Replacements for Electro-Mechanical Potentiometer Type Pressure Transducers Wolf Landmann Director of Advanced Development Kulite ...»
  56. «REPORT Management and Removal of Asbestos FOR ASBESTOS REMOVAL SUPERVISORS April 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 8 1.1 Background 9 1.2 Purpose 9 ...»
  57. «Optimization of TiB2 coatings electrodeposited from halide melts José Ricardo Assunção Godinho Master dissertation in chemistry Jury President: ...»
  58. «CONTENTS 1.1 What is an Online Marketplace? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1.2 Market Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...»
  59. «UF Libraries Published ETDs: http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/etd.html RefWorks/EndNote http://uflib.ufl.edu/refworksufpage.html ...»
  60. «CHAPTER 3 Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis with Carrier Ampholytes C. Monribot 1 and H. Boucherie1 Introduction Two-dimensional (2-D) gel ...»
  61. «Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie Abteilung NMR NMR high resolution spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography for development of MDM2/X-p53 interaction ...»
  62. «ACHIEVEMENT MOTIVATION By Thomas G. Zenzen A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science Degree ...»
  63. «Leeds International Classical Studies 10.4 (2011) ISSN 1477-3643 (http://lics.leeds.ac.uk/) © C.N. Michalopoulos Feminine speech in Roman love ...»
  64. «Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio waves: The VLF terrestrial geophysical technique uses one or more radio transmitters between the ranges of 15 to 30 ...»
  65. «Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Professional Cookery (450) (6100-30) August 2016 Version 1.4 Qualification Handbook Qualification at a glance ...»
  66. «SW-846 is not intended to be an analytical training manual. Therefore, method procedures are written based on the assumption that they will be ...»
  67. «Common Medieval Pigments I. Introduction a. Medieval Manuscripts b. Medieval Pigments II. Common Medieval Pigments a. Earths b. Minerals c. ...»
  68. «Euromech Colloquium 545 Frontiers in Finite-Deformation Electromechanics TU Dortmund, Germany, 22–24 May, 2013 TU Dortmund, 22–24 May, 2013 ...»
  69. «Iowa State University Digital Repository @ Iowa State University Graduate Theses and Dissertations Graduate College Micro/nanotribological studies of ...»
  70. «Baruch J. Davis Cell Research Laboratory and Department of Hematology, The Mount Sinai Hospiral, New York, N. Y. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this ...»
  71. «“Mini” Electron Gun Report Purpose: To test electron guns in the Elephant vacuum chamber so that we as a team may obtain a means of testing our ...»
  72. «Electrotechnology ELR Electrotechnology The subject of electrotechnology covers simpler installations and electrical work at electricity facilities, ...»
  73. «GRADIENT ELUTION MOVING BOUNDARY ELECTROPHORESIS Inventors: Jonathan G. Shackman and David Ross ABSTRACT A novel method for performing ...»
  74. «Published in J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 21, 2080 (2003). Electrostatic Potential for a Hyperbolic Probe Tip near a Semiconductor R. M. Feenstra Dept. ...»
  75. «Text: Dr. Schär Professionals Layout: zweiblick // design, Munich Print: Athesia, Italy 1st edition 2012 LIVING WITH DIABETES AND CELIAC DISEASE ...»
  76. «MASTER’S THESIS S M A S T E R’S TH E SI 2010:003 PB Friction T ER’S T H E S IS M A S and Elasto-Plastic deformation in Asperity Collision ...»
  77. «Microelectronic Engineering 61–62 (2002) 693–699 www.elsevier.com / locate / mee The role of secondary electrons in ...»
  78. «What To Do if You Have an Electronic Interference Problem This is a self-help guide for the consumer published jointly by the American Radio Relay ...»
  79. «Electrostatic Headphone Design and Construction Nicholas Jarosz Physics 406 Final Project University Of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Introduction: ...»
  80. «Thesis and Dissertation Handbook 2014 Version The UTA Library has provided a template for thesis and dissertation formatting. While you are not ...»
  81. «Self-sustained High-temperature Reactions: Initiation, propagation and synthesis PROEFSCHRIFT ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de ...»
  82. «Nano Letters Complexes of DNA Bases and Gold Clusters Au3 and Au4 Involving Nonconventional N-H⋅⋅⋅Au Hydrogen Bonding ⋅ E. S. Kryachko*,† ...»
  83. «An Emergent Perspective on Interoperation in Systems of Systems David A. Fisher March 2006 TECHNICAL REPORT CMU/SEI-2006-TR-003 ESC-TR-2006-003 ...»
  84. «C. Ess and F. Sudweeks (eds). Proceedings Cultural Attitudes Towards Communication and Technology ’98, University of Sydney, Australia, 116-134. ...»
  85. «10 Basic Cybersecurity Measures Best Practices to Reduce Exploitable Weaknesses and Attacks June 2015 Developed in partnership with the U.S. ...»
  87. «DEVELOPMENT OF CCHE2D EMBANKMENT BREAK Yafei Jia (primary author), National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering, The University of ...»
  88. «Technische Universität München Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Chair of Media Technology Leveraging Mobile ...»
  89. «On engineering methods for assessment of load capacity of stone arch bridges Master’s Thesis in the Master’s programme Solid and Fluid Mechanics ...»
  90. «Client Alert May 12, 2014 Collateralising Uncleared Derivatives Trades under EMIR – Draft Regulatory Technical Standards On April 14, 2014, the ...»
  91. «John S. McCartney, Ph.D., P.E. CURRICULUM VITAE JOHN SCOTT MCCARTNEY, Ph.D., P.E. Associate Professor and Lyall Faculty Fellow PERSONAL INFORMATION ...»
  93. «ANDREAS ÖSTERGREN Department of Applied Mechanics Division of Material and Computational Mechanics CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Göteborg, ...»
  94. «Hydrological extremes in small basins 12th Biennial International Conference of the Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative ...»
  95. «United States Office of Water EPA-823-R-99-010 Environmental Protection 4305 June 1999 Agency BASINS Technical Note 5 Using HSPEXP with BASINS/NPSM ...»
  96. «The Bad Ellipse: Circles in Perspective The Minor Axis is the Key Randall Neal Bartlett, IDSA, Associate Professor Department of Industrial Design, ...»
  97. «LASER MELTING OF Ti-Ni SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY H. Kyogoku*, J.A. Ramos** and D.L. Bourell*** *Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kinki University, ...»
  98. «United States Office of Water Environmental Protection 4305 January 2006 Agency BASINS Technical Note 8 Sediment Parameter and Calibration Guidance ...»
  99. «The Pooling of Technical Assistance An Overview based on Field Research Experience in Six African Countries Heather Baser Peter Morgan A Study for ...»
  100. «Updated April 2007 BASINS Technical Note 1 Creating Hydraulic Function Tables (FTABLES) for Reservoirs in BASINS Technical Note 1 Creating Hydraulic ...»
  101. «Chapter 5 Metal Abundances in the Hot ISM of Elliptical Galaxies Dong-Woo Kim Abstract X-ray spectroscopy provides a powerful tool to measure various ...»
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