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  1. «Textual (Im)Possibilities in the U.S. Post-Network Era: Negotiating Production and Promotion Processes on Lifetime’s Any Day Now Amanda D. Lotz A. ...»
  2. «AUTHOR COPY: This article may be used for research, teaching and private study purposes. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, re-distribution, ...»
  3. «Diaspora Bonds: Tapping the Diaspora during Difficult Times Suhas L. Ketkar and Dilip Ratha In the current environment of a crisis of confidence in ...»
  4. «Running head: TEXTUAL COHERENCE USING LATENT SEMANTIC ANALYSIS The Measurement of Textual Coherence with Latent Semantic Analysis Peter W. Foltz New ...»
  5. «Abstract In several domains spatio-temporal data consisting of references to both space and time are collected in large volumes. Textual summaries of ...»
  6. «1 INESC-ID, IST – Universidade de Lisboa, 2 Languages Tecnologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University lmarujo@cs.cmu.edu, ...»
  7. «1 Introduction Database Management Systems (DBMSs) are complex, mission-critical pieces of software. Today’s DBMSs are based on decades of academic ...»
  8. «Dimitrios S. Nikolopoulos ∗ Department of Computer Science, The College of William&Mary Constantine D. Polychronopoulos Coordinated Science ...»
  9. «SEIMA PROTECTION FOREST EIMA INFORMATION FOR VISITORS Introduction The Seima Protection Forest (SPF) is located in eastern Cambodia in Mondulkiri and ...»
  10. «ABOUT FZ750BS/FZ750BC Zigbee 2006 Support 20PINs Header type Chip or CMP Antenna AT Command provided FZ750BS/FZ750BC Manual VERSION 0.1.7 (C) ...»
  11. «ACAA Technical Paper 2009 AUTHORS: R Rawlings1 D Burchard2 A Purchase3 J Miles4 ABSTRACT The Inner Northern Busway – Queen Street to Upper Roma ...»
  12. «Abstract. Requirements engineering, the first phase of any software develop- ment project, is the Achilles’ heel of the whole development process, ...»
  13. «Learning to Predict from Textual Data Kira Radinsky kirar@cs.technion.ac.il Sagie Davidovich mesagie@gmail.com Shaul Markovitch ...»
  15. «Development Of A Textile Materials Analytical Laboratory Through Funding From The National Science Foundation (All rights reserved by Drs. Mitchell ...»
  16. «Open-Domain Textual Question Answering Techniques SANDA M. HARABAGIU Department of Computer Science University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX ...»
  17. «10 – Background Material 10 Textbook: Networking at national and regional level within a CP programme The contents of Volume 10 are based on the ...»
  18. «2301 Kentmere Parkway | Wilmington, DE 19806 | 302.571.9590 | www.delart.org | www.preraph.org Above: Water Willow. Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Samuel ...»
  19. «Ravi Palat and Immanuel Wallerstein claim that India 'deindustrialised' its Indian Ocean periphery, by exploiting its advanced proto-industrial ...»
  20. «A REPORT Committee of the Central Advisory Board of Education Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India 2005 CABE COMMITTEE ON ...»
  21. «“Destroying the Thick Darkness of Wrong Beliefs” Toward the end of the 1770s, a poet writing at the request of a power- ful Buddhist monk on the ...»
  22. «Charting a Dream: The Spatial and Textual Structure of E. E. Cummings' Him Zénó Vernyik Masaryk University and Technical University of Liberec ...»
  23. «Numerical and experimental study of the fatigue of threaded pipe couplings J. Van Wittenberghe, P. De Baets, W. De Waele & S. Van Autrève Laboratory ...»
  24. «Where are the jobs in our region? Why is there a skills gap in St. Louis? What's the labor market value of degrees and certificates? How do online ...»
  25. «By Kathleen Gilbert Published by Heritage Publishers, LLC Phoenix, AZ (602) 277-4780 (800) 972-8507 www.heritagepublishers.com Written by Kathleen ...»
  26. «Some technical stuff on asphalt shingle roofing (Too much technical stuff on asphalt shingle roofing) by: The Great Canadian Roof Doctor ...»
  27. «Green Public Procurement – Textiles Green Public Procurement Textiles Technical Background Report Report for the European Commission – ...»
  28. «Textual enhancement (TE) of input has been considered one of the Focus on Form (FonF) procedures in instructed second language acquisition (SLA) ...»
  29. «Revised and Expanded Edition .7Z7C fPu~/iJg;;'B A Division of JZK, Inc. RAMTHA THE WHIT E BOOK Copyright © 1999, 2001, 2004 JZ Knight Cover ...»
  30. «Master Thesis, D-Level Examiner: Peter Funk, peter.funk@mdh.se Supervisor: Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, mobyen.ahmed@mdh.se Textual CBR system using domain ...»
  31. «SHUANG LIANG, SONG JIANG, XIAODONG ZHANG AND Technical Report OSU-CISRC-3/07-TR23 STEP: Sequentiality and Thrashing Detection Based Prefetching to ...»
  32. «Iris Claus and Arthur Grimes NEW ZEALAND TREASURY WORKING PAPER 03/19 SEPTEMBER 2003 Asymmetric Information, Financial Intermediation and the ...»
  33. «Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for the Textiles Industry July 2003 This document ...»
  34. «Working Paper Series Volume I June 2012       Eastern Caribbean Central Bank ECCB STAFF RESEARCH PAPER FINANCIAL STABILITY IN THE ECCU: DEVELOPING ...»
  35. «KATJA KANZLER ‘Race’ and Realism: Vision, Textuality, and Charles Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition Abstract: In this article, I read Charles ...»
  36. «A CHANGE MANAGEMENT PERSPECTIVE - TECHNICAL EDUCATION Author Dr. Ashon Ph.D Department of Human Resource ABSTRACT This paper examines polytechnic ...»
  37. «Abstract. This article presents an ‘end-to-end’ integrity verification mechanism for use in minimally equipped secret paper-ballot election en- ...»
  38. «Au t h o r e d by Submarine Cable Industry Report Issue 2 March 2013 Copyright © 2013 by Submarine Telecoms Forum, Inc. All rights reserved. No part ...»
  39. «Research on young people’s attitudes to the future highlights the extent to which they have difficulty coming to terms with it. They generally ...»
  40. «VIII/27. Alien species that threaten ecosystems, habitats or species (Article 8 (h)): further consideration of gaps and inconsistencies in the ...»
  41. «Steering Committee: Thomas C. Eagle (Chair) Steven X. Cadrin Megan E. Caldwell Richard D. Methot Marta F. Nammack U.S. Department of Commerce ...»
  42. «SUMMARY Dr. Emad Tanbour has more than 23 years combined experience in Mechanical Engineering in both academia and industry. His industry experience ...»
  43. «SOURCES OF STRUCTURAL INEQUALITY IN MANAGERIAL LABOR MARKETS Rakesh Khurana and Mikołaj Jan Piskorski ABSTRACT This article proposes two mechanisms ...»
  45. «Three Dimensional Numerical Manifold Method and Rock Engineering Applications Presented by Dr. He Lei School of Civil and Environment Engineering ...»
  46. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov RL34256 CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress North Korea’s ...»
  47. «EXERCISE CARIBE WAVE 11 A Caribbean Tsunami Warning Exercise Participant Handbook 23 March 2011 Version française Versión española UNESCO ...»
  48. «Defect Prioritization with the Risk Priority Number featuring Julie Cohen and Will Hayes as Interviewed by Suzanne Miller Suzanne Miller: Most ...»
  49. «Edited by Eugene A. Rosa, Andreas Diekmann, Thomas Dietz, and Carlo Jaeger The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England © 2010 ...»
  50. «International Journal of Engineering Research and Development e-ISSN: 2278-067X, p-ISSN: 2278-800X, www.ijerd.com Volume 7, Issue 9 (July 2013), PP. ...»
  51. «Appellate Tribunal for Electricity (Appellate Jurisdiction) Appeal No.221of 2014 Dated: 13th March, 2015 Present: HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE SURENDRA ...»
  52. «M.J. Jones, P. Tinkler, M. Lindeman, G. Hackett, A. Pickworth 2008 Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research Technical Report Series No. 184 ...»
  53. «Democratic Local Governance Capacity and Natural Disasters – Building Community Resilience: Bangladesh Case Study Salahuddin M Aminuzzaman ...»
  54. «Interrupt mechanism for threaded code interpreter . 1 Interrupt mechanism for threaded code interpreter Alexey A. Burtsev, Obninsk, Russia, ...»
  55. «EXERCISE CARIBE WAVE/LANTEX 14 A Caribbean and Northwestern Atlantic Tsunami Warning Exercise Portugal Scenario 26 March 2014 Volume 1 Participant ...»
  56. «SUMMARY This training offers hands-on instruction for parents, caregivers, and direct care staff to address the most frequent and problematic areas ...»
  57. «Climate Change Threats and Effects: Challenges for Agriculture and Food Security C. Devendra -20 15 20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 ASM Series on Climate Change ...»
  58. «Taylor Technical Institute Cosmetology Course Syllabus (1200 Hour Program) 2015-2016 Description: The primary purpose of this Cosmetology course is ...»
  59. «Contents 1. Cubic hypersurfaces 1 1.1. Lines on a cubic surface 1 1.2. Lines on a cubic hypersurface 2 1.3. Lines on a cubic fourfold 3 2. Fano ...»
  60. «James E. Bennett Michael J. Flynn Technical Report No. CSL-TR-96-707 October 1996 The research described herein was performed using equipment ...»
  61. «Abstract An adaptive collocation wavelet method for three-dimensional fluid– structure interaction at large Reynolds numbers is presented. This ...»
  62. «EUROPEAN EXHIBITION OF CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Editors: Andrei Victor SANDU and Ion SANDU 2014 ISBN: 978-606-714-037-8 Editors: Andrei-Victor SANDU ...»
  63. «ABSTRACT In this short paper, some of EMB’s software tools that have been developed to help solve business problems are described, from the ...»
  64. «Abstract. We present an O(n log n)-time algorithm to solve the three- dimensional layers-of-maxima problem, an improvement over the prior O(n log n ...»
  65. «Abstract. Most methods for the recognition of shape classes from 3D datasets focus on classifying clean, often manually generated models. However, 3D ...»
  66. «Status, methods, drivers and effects on ecosystem services Editors: Jannes Stolte, Mehreteab Tesfai, Lillian Øygarden, Sigrun Kværnø (NIBIO) Jacob ...»
  67. « ...»
  68. «Michael Fackler freelance actuary Munich, Germany michael_fackler@web.de Abstract The financial crisis of 2007 has triggered various debates, ranging ...»
  69. «Ted Godden International Consultant Prepared Under Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) 5877: Strengthening Financial Management and Governance in ...»
  70. «LANINGHAM: This is a special series of the developerWorks podcasts with Andy Glover, a developer, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Andy is managing ...»
  71. «HU_00155_0315 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  72. «HU_00155_1215 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  73. «HU_00155_1115 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  74. «HU_00155_1215 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  75. «HU_00155_0316 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  76. «HU_00155_0616 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Our primary goal is to provide students with marketable skills leading to employment. Certainly, that ...»
  77. «Jaarverslag 2013 Inleidend bestuursverslag De Wieren kiest voor Sneek! Dat is onze missie. We kiezen er voor om in Sneek actief te zijn voor lage ...»
  78. «Abstract The purpose of this study is to establish the firms level aspects which have more influence on the Credit risk managing of domestic and ...»
  79. «Objective To develop techniques, methodologies, theories, and tools that alleviate the burden associated with correctly and efficiently evolving ...»
  80. «Alexandre Kukhianidze Alexandre Kupatadze Roman Gotsiridze SMUGGLING THROUGH ABKHAZIA AND TSKHINVALI REGION OF GEORGIA TBILISI 2004 Smuggling has ...»
  81. «If found please return to Stage Manger stagemanager@wpi.edu 508-609-2280 TO DO BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE THEATRE   Eat dinner  ...»
  82. «DECEMBER 2014 This publication was produced for review by the United States Agency for International Development. It was prepared by Tetra Tech. This ...»
  83. «Enjoy Reading Nano Mechanics And Materials Ory Multiscale Methods Applications Books document, also Download PDF Nano Mechanics And Materials Ory ...»
  84. «PRODUCT PORTFOLIO EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENTS Mikko Kontio Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Master’s Thesis October 2015 FACULTY ...»
  85. «February 2013 Work-Based Learning Opportunities for High School Students Corinne Alfeld Ivan Charner Lisa Johnson Eric Watts FHI 360 National ...»
  86. «1,5, V.A.Medvedev2, S.N.Nenashev2, Yu.A.Sild3, M.S.Matveyev3, A.I.Pokhodun3 and P.P.Oleynikov4 1 Obninsk Thermoelectric Company (OTC), Ltd., 4 ...»
  87. «Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) is an independent body which promotes the rigorous study of international questions and ...»
  88. «Prepared for: The NSIA Motorways Investment Company (NMIC) For any project related information please contact: Steve Horak, Vanessa Viljoen or ...»
  89. «TECHNICAL REVIEW & APPROACHES REPORT Prepared for the Shreveport / Caddo Metropolitan Planning Commission By: Camiros April, 2014 This Page ...»
  90. «Cover image © Svinkin/Shutterstock Cover design by Fiaz Ahmed Irfan Internal design and typesetting by Tanya Edbrooke Printed in Australia by The ...»
  91. «•SCIENCE• T Y• RE S EAR CH 94 NS HI O G I HL IG H TS• VI S Towards a lean model for production management of refurbishment projects ApRemodel ...»
  92. «PLEASE NOTE: The following technical requirements are integral to the performance. If any of the requirements included cannot be met, please contact ...»
  94. «Keywords: Science Communication, Awareness Rising, Public Outreach SUMMARY Together with other Earth Sciences, geodesy implements theory and ...»
  95. «7. Author(s) 8. Performing Organization Report No. Chi-Leung Chu, Nadeem A. Chaudhary, Jeremy D. Johnson, and Report 0-5424-1 Srinivasa R. Sunkari 9. ...»
  96. «Modularisation and Its Limitations in the Automobile Industry Second World Conference on POM and 15th POM Conference, Cancun, Mexico, April 30 – ...»
  97. «Abstract. The Nigerian tar sand has an immense potential as an additional hydrocarbon based energy resource in Nigeria. Tar sand produces synthetic ...»
  98. «In Re: Chief Materials Manager - I, Office of the Controller of Stores, North Western Railway, Headquarter Office, Near Jawahar Circle, Malviya ...»
  99. «Denise Roth Allen Ann Arbor Copyright © by the University of Michigan 2002 All rights reserved Published in the United States of America by The ...»
  100. «Acquisition Support Program Unlimited distribution subject to the copyright. Technical Note CMU/SEI-2005-TN-035 This work is sponsored by the U.S. ...»
  101. «DESIGN FOR FISH PASSAGE AT ROADWAY-STREAM CROSSINGS: SYNTHESIS REPORT Federal Highway Administration Office of Infrastructure Research and ...»
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