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Foreword……………………………………………. 4 Introduction…………………………………………. 6 Chapter 1: 5,000,000 Indigenous Americans Present When Columbus Arrived………………… 8 Chapter 2: DNA The Determiner………………… 19 Chapter 3: Washitaw, Yamasee, Iroquois, Cherokee, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Pequot, Mohegan …………………………………………… 31 Chapter 4: Indigenous People of North and South America……………………………………… 43 Chapter 5: Omission of History and/or Exclusionary Detailing (Revisionist History)…….. 48 Chapter 6: That’s It – Right There………………. 55 Chapter 7: Indigenous Egypt and the Global World………………………………………………… 58 Chapter 8: European Skin Turned Pale Only Recently…………………………………………….. 60 Chapter 9: Indigenous Europe - The Pelasgians 66 Conclusion………………………………………….. 68 4 Foreword Modern Native Americans (labeled Asian) crossed the Bering Strait in 3000 BC; whereas Africans sailed or already lived in what we know as the Americas 56,000 years ago. Today's Native Americans look as if they have African ancestry because of the mixture that occurred after the Bering Strait crossing.

Native Americans do not look like people who are 100% Asian with small round brachycephalic heads. Indigenous Black Americans showing up in the Americas had no connection to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The African slave trade did not exist in Siberia, Russia and Canada. The African looking Ket people are indigenous only to Siberia just as the Chiniki and Nunivak of Canada.

One of the first documented instances of Africans sailing and settling in the Americas were Black Egyptians led by King Ramses III, during the 19th dynasty in 1292 BC. In fact, in 445 BC, the Greek historian Herodotus wrote of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs’ great seafaring and navigational skills.

Further concrete evidence, noted by Dr. David Imhotep and lar

–  –  –

Algonquin writings (Cherokee) on the East Coast to the artifacts and Egyptian place names in the Grand Canyon.” US History books justify the Blackness with the statement, “Native Americans harbored slaves.” What about the Native Tribes located across Canada? They were Black in color without slavery existing in those regions. Black Natives were indigenous to the region just as they were along the eastern, southern, and western part of the United States.



The African Slave Trade existed but not to the magnitude written in history books. Logic speaks, “Why transport people from Africa taking six (6) months of passage enduring many extremities, when a supply of people exist locally to enslave?” Where is the profit margin?

A good comparison can be made between Saudi Arabia Crude and Canadian Oil obtained by fracking. Pumping from the ground costs $22 a barrel. Fracking costs $66 a barrel.

When gas prices started dropping at the pump, economists started reporting that low gas prices were bad for the US economy. Saudi Arabia slashed prices. Corporate profits were more important to the economy than what was in citizen’s pockets.

Slavery in the Americas was the result of Indigenous people taken captive and sent to Europe by Christopher Columbus.

Indian and Negro slaves were classified without distinction and imported within the Colonies of America and transported to Central and South America. Prior to 1720, slavery was three (3) times higher among Natives (Indigenous) people than Africans imported from Africa.

–  –  –

Bering Strait Crossing (Clovis Story). Targeting a major portion of the Earth’s population to expend ignorance as the main ingredient has helped history to commit the perfect historical murder.

If you believe in teaching a doctrine or principle with a pointof-view rather than using archaeological fact, then American History is the culprit. The “Landing on Plymouth Rock” becomes the Genesis. While DNA has been used to exonerate and exemplifies an improved version of fingerprinting, repetition was used to validate without archaeological fact. “Domination did not die for our sins!”

–  –  –

Prior to 1720, slavery was three (3) times higher among Natives (Indigenous) people than Africans imported from Africa.

Native Americans were reclassified as Colored (Racial Integrity Act 1924). Jim Crow laws were a set of oppressive decrees not only used for segregation but reclassified Native American Indians into the category of “Colored.” Jim Crow Laws reached their greatest influence during the decades of 1910, 1920, and 1930. Among the Jim Crow Laws were Hypo Descent laws responsible for the “One-Drop” Rule.

Tennessee adopted the statute in 1910, and Louisiana soon followed. Then Texas and Arkansas in 1911, Mississippi in 1917, and North Carolina in 1923.

–  –  –

As registrar, Dr. Walter Plecker directed the reclassification of nearly all Virginia Indians as Colored on their birth and marriage certificates, because he was convinced that most Indians had African heritage and were trying to "pass" as Indian to evade segregation.

Consequently, two to three generations of Virginia Natives had their ethnic identity altered on public documents.

Plecker's tampering with vital records of the Virginia Indian tribes made it impossible for descendants of six of the eight tribes recognized by the state to gain federal recognition, because they could no longer prove their American Indian ancestry by documented historical continuity (Paper Genocide: http://www.papergenocide.org). White census takers during the 1800's were instructed to ignore Native American heritage and paint mostly southern states in America with either Black or White populations.

Most of the Great Plains Indians from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico were African Indigenous Americans. Forget what you have been taught in school…..even now history is being rewritten and re-shaped. For example, the Lakota/Dakota were Asiatic Indians of the Great Basin, not the Great Plains.....but they are now being re-classified and re-written as Plains Indians. In the 1770's there were 1 million Europeans inside the Americas…..and in the Great Plains there were around 5 million Indigenous Americans. Had these groups been in contact, perhaps the history of Tulapit Wapakisinep (Turtle Island - the Name for the Americas before Amerigo Vespucci put his name on the map) would have turned out differently.

10 Keep two things in mind: The first: 1) When did various groups of humanity stabilize? The second: 2) All life on our planet began in Africa. The species known as Homo Sapiens split into six (6) Variants around 200,000 B.C. (Elongated Variant;

Khartoum Variant; Nilotic Variant; Khoisan Variant; Twa

Variant; and Broad West African Variant). -- In conclusion:

The genotype of all humanity are those 6 African Genotypic Variants.

The later stabilization's of Africans who migrated out-of-Africa into Asia stabilized less than 20,000 years ago. Asiatic European phenotypes stabilized about 18,000 B.C. and Asiatic Oriental phenotypes stabilized 8,000 B.C. The dated groups found throughout the Americas or globally have been recorded as being present before those time periods of 18,000 B.C. In other words, European phenotypes appeared around 18,000 B.C. and Oriental phenotypes about 8,000 B.C. What that tells is that White people and Oriental people appeared much later than did the original Homo sapiens. This also confirms Cheikh Anta Diop's studies of Orientals as admixture of Black and White.

A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh did a Native American DNA comparison in 2008 to find out how many African Americans had Native American Genes. The research study was tries to substantiate that only 4% of African Americans carry the Native American gene and negates or disclaims the Indigenous American/Negroid connection. The study goes on to say that some of the Native American DNA markers showing up in African Americans is the result of a White ancestor who was mixed with Native American, and he 11 or she married a Black person. This evidence has no DNA, historical, or artifact evidence in support.

Not only is there DNA evidence but also a language connection between Africa and the Eastern seaboard Natives of the Americas. When examining the origin of the VAL Script (writing system), it is found very similar to the Cherokee Script and Sub-Saharan African Scripts of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and

Mende (Tuchecherer, Konrad, Cherokee and West Africa:

Examining the Origin of the VAL Script, Vol 29, 2002, p 427Genomic (chromosome) evidence indicates the Amerind Gene B, C, and D are descended from African females before they migrated out of Africa 125,000 - 200,000 years ago.

Evidence of the Black presence in America exists because of relationships between the Amerind (Amerindian) and African family of languages, artifacts, and archeological evidence left behind.

The second thing to realize is that history as reported by each country around the world is politically biased and used to promote "that country's idea" about itself meaning--Countries who win the wars write the history books. Examples: Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were considered to be the greatest artists of all time by the Western world. Da Vinci painted Jesus White in the Last Supper and Michelangelo painted The Creation of Adam on the Sistine Chapel ceiling illustrating the Biblical creation narrative from the Book of Genesis. After 600 years of indoctrination by the Western world, who wouldn't the world think Jesus was White?

12 The argument exists in world history that the Vikings and Celts sailed to America before Columbus. The ancient Celts and first Vikings (early Europeans) were Black people, and the inscriptions found in North America were written by Mande speaking people from Mali who settled many parts of the Americas after 1300 A.D. The Celts were originally Black or Ethiopian people according to the ancient Greek historian Ephorus (405 BC). Tacitus, an ancient Roman historian, wrote about the Celts and the Picts being Black in 80 A.D. The Celts on the mainland of Europe were Iberians or Silures. Although the original Celts were Black, Europeans eventually claimed the name “Celt.” (Imhotep, Ph. D., David, The First Americans Were Africans, 2011).

Father Eugene O’Growney discusses the history of the Celts who were Iberians--conquered by the Ligurians and procured the name “Celt.” Gaulish-speaking people conquered the Ligunians/Celts. The Gauls conquered the Ligurians and pushed them into Spain. Genetic and linguistic evidence exists that the Basque are a Niger-Congo substratum sharing personal pronouns, numerals and certain vocabulary. Genetic evidence exists linking the Basque and Niger-Congo speakers. The linguistic and genetic evidence suggests that both groups had this same ancestry of African origin (Imhotep, Ph. D., David. The First Americans Were Africans, 2011).

–  –  –

before Columbus. And even before that, Africans from the era of the Egyptian Dynasties arrived between 3100 - 2100 B. C.

(Ohenyan Nomad).

Luzia Woman on the right is the 11,500 year old skeleton of a Paleo-Indian woman found in a cave in Brazil. She is believed to be among the group of the first Americas immigrants and is the oldest dated skeleton found in 1975. When Columbus arrived, he enslaved the Native Americans in Cuba, Hispaniola, and the Bahamas in 1495 - 1544. Is that why Lewis and Clark (1804) needed a Black guide on their journey across the Western part of the US to communicate with other Black Native Americans?

The African Diaspora is well documented and refers to the communities throughout the world who are descended from the historic movement of people from Africa around the globe between 125,000 - 200,000 years ago. That may account for the African hair ornaments and picks found in the United States around New York and also the mounds and pyramids in Great Lakes Region, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and other areas. Haven't you ever wondered why every country has an indigenous Black population before Columbus sailed?

The Washitaw Nation was a civilization of Pyramid and Mound builders who had a maritime civilization and trade with Africa before Columbus. The Washitaw Nation, the Afro-Darienite, the Choco Region Blacks of Columbia, the Garifuna who are of pre-Columbian and prehistoric origins. The Washitaw Nation built the first empire in the Southern U.S. and the 14 Mississippi Valley and once owned the entire Louisiana Purchase Territories, which were annexed. In 1991, the U.S.

returned about 70,000 square acres after the Washitaw won a court battle.

http://www.pyramidsinamerica.com/Pyramids_in_America_H ome/Home_of_Pyramids_in_America.html The Black belt included an area around the globe as far north as Siberia and as far south as Australian and New Zealand.

The entire area was peopled by the proto-historic Negroid racial type, which is what most Africans see Aboriginals and other Blacks in Asia and the Pacific as. Why, because there are tribes in Africa who have features identical to the Australian Aborigines, the Trobian Islanders and the Melanesians. Also, there are cultural traits found in Africa that are also found in Australia and Melanesia, India and other places.

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