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«Otty Lake Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 9:30 – 11:30 am The Perth Legion Welcome – Reid welcomed ...»

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Otty Lake Association

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 9:30 – 11:30 am

The Perth Legion

Welcome – Reid welcomed everyone to the AGM at 9:30 am. He thanked the displayers.

He also thanked Cathy Buffam and Tiger Tanner for all their work as the AGM’s technical

team for many years. He thanked Gail Read and her daughter Lana, Krista Hearty McLean

and Chuck Shenkman for taking over as our technical team this year.

In addition to celebrating the 200th anniversary of European settlement in this area, we are also celebrating the naming of Otty Lake 200 years ago. The OLA took on a Cookbook project to commemorate this. They are available here today for $10. Reid also recognized the First Nations people who have been here for at least 10,000 years. He thanked them for their stewardship of our lake and environment.

There were 94 people in attendance, excluding presenters and displayers.

Today’s theme centres around past, present and future stewardship of our Lake. We will highlight past and current stewardship, e.g. the Fish & Wildlife habitat project with RVCA, and thoughts on encouraging the next generation to continue stewardship in the future.

Information bites will be dispersed throughout.

July 11, 2015 AGM Minutes – Motion (Christine Kilburn/Gail Read) – Approve minutes as distributed. CARRIED Agenda – Motion (Cathy Kari/Barb Hicks) – Approve distributed agenda. CARRIED Financial Report Presentation – Dave Bell thanked Ross Hollingsworth for once again reviewing the financial results. He then went on to present a narrative budget to augment

the financial reports which had been distributed. Points mentioned included:

 Financial statements are like a report card of the Board, for which they get a very

good grade. The Board is finding ways to cut expenses, or increase revenues, e.g.:

o Reduce costs of issuing the Newsletter by cutting back on copies mailed out, with the participation of residents. The cost in 2015 was $2,737.74. This cost will be reduced in 2016.

o Reduce our internet costs, both website and e-mail. In 2015, the cost was $390. Barb Hicks found a new provider when the current one was implementing changes which would negatively affect us. Thanks to Barb.

This change will also save us money.

o The Board decided to produce a commemorative cookbook/history book.

This will make a small profit.

The Board has been working with partners, e.g. RVCA, to apply for funding o via grants – more to come later in the meeting.

 Dave shared that he enjoys being a member of the OLA Board. Residents don’t necessarily have to join the Board to help. They can volunteer for project work, for as little as a few hours. Please approach any of our Board members to discuss opportunities. Dave indicated his role is relatively easy and fun.

Motion (Dave Bell/Ian McDonald) - approve 2015 Financials CARRIED Dave briefly touched on the Pie Chart distributed. It identifies a breakdown of how the $20 membership fee is spent.

To develop the 2016 Budget Dave used 2015 costs and any new projects.

Motion (Dave Bell/Tom Foulkes) - approve 2016 Budget as distributed. CARRIED Fire Ban – as former Fire Chief, Dave answered a question he had received before the meeting. There is a ban on. You can have a controlled camp fire. Make sure it is fully out.

A campfire can come up out of the ground after smouldering underground for days.

–  –  –

Elections – Robert introduced the 2 nominees for vacant Board positions, Kyla Haley and Michelle Soucy. Their bios had been provided to attendees. 7 Directors have 1 year of their 2 year term left. 4 Directors are completing their 2 year term and are willing to renew, namely Gail Read, Derek Smith, Christine Kilburn and Cathy Kari. There were no nominations from the floor, so the slate was approved by acclamation.

Cookbook – Reid advised everyone that the cookbook is dedicated to members of the Otty Lake community who loved and cared for our lake in times past. The Cookbook Team thanks all those who contributed. He introduced Cathy Kari, the chair of the cookbook committee. This cookbook is so much more. It includes anecdotes from around the lake, photos, history. Cathy thanked the other members of the committee who were Karen Hunt, Barb Hicks, Anne Scotton, Reid Kilburn. The other key member was David Bromley who put together the cookbook. It wouldn’t have happened without his help.

Drummond/North Elmsley – Aubrey Churchill mentioned the Celebrate Balderson event this weekend to promote the heritage of our dairy industry. OPP costing has been increasing since 2014 at which time it cost $766K. By 2017 the cost will have risen to $1.25M. This is a 61% increase in policing costs, downloaded from the provincial government. Road projects this year will cost $1.8M. Work will be done on Drummond Conc 7, Coutts Bay Dr, and Wildlife Rd which will be completely rebuilt. Equipment purchases were made - 2 new ¾ ton trucks. Graders were upgraded. The township has 3 graders. D/NE wants to be part of the celebrations of Canada’s 150th next year. The celebrations will be at Rideau Ferry docks and yacht club.

Karl Grenke is the Planner for D/NE, and a member of the 200th anniversary project. He thanked the OLA for inviting them. Thanks to Karen Hunt and others for their help with the 200th anniversary of the Military Settlement. The Township has already celebrated maple syrup, cedar rail fences, legacy buildings. This weekend the dairy business is being celebrated in Balderson. There will be cow milking demos and special services at local churches. Look at Towsnship website for more information about planned events. There will be a bike tour and house concert in Port Elmsley.

Tay Valley Township – Keith Kerr informed us that they had extended the life of the landfill. Since Jan 1, 2016, clear garbage bags must be used. They are working with others to adopt a standard approach to the medical treatment of ticks. With respect to OPP cost increases, the township doesn’t have any control over the costs.

Noelle Reeve informed us that the Official Plan has been updated. Next they will tackle the zoning by-law. They will introduce new mapping overlays into the by-laws to represent provincially significant wetlands. The strategic plan will be updated in 2016. It will address issues residents are asking about, e.g. buildings less than 800 sq ft – hunt camps, bunkies, co-housing for an aging parent, a disabled person, student housing. Some of these are legal on roads maintained year round. Please contact the township with any input you may have for the Strategic Plan. The Age Friendly Community Housing initiative is part of strategic plan.

Ideas about 2017’s 150th anniversary are also welcome.

TVT’s signature event for the 200th anniversary will take place on Aug 20th at Cameron Farm on the Scotch Line. Please come out – music, food, agriculture. Sign up at the TVT website to get e-mails of events.

Judy Farrell briefly mentioned the Age Friendly Community Event on July 11 from 8:30 to noon at the TVT office. They sent out a survey this spring and got 250 responses. The key concerns were transportation from country to town. The goal is to make TVT more community friendly so that our aging population can stay in the community longer.

Water Safety – Wally pointed out that dozens of people are hurt or killed in boating accidents every year in Ontario. Boats do not have all the features of road vehicles turn indicators, seat belts, brakes, air bags, no protective shell. Self powered vehicle, e.g.

canoes or kayaks, don’t have brakes either. They have a much lower profile in the water.

Visibility is an issue, especially at dusk and dawn and even more so if your boat is grey or dull green. Wally showed us a safety flag which can be affixed to a kayak. It is about 3 feet high, with a reflective orange flag, and a light on top. If there is a collision between a motor boat and a canoe or kayak, the person in the canoe or kayak will be seriously hurt or dead. It costs about $100 or $125 – paddlers should seriously consider getting one.

Water Quality Updates & Initiatives – Reid informed those present that 30 years of water quality data is available. Our water quality members, Murray Hunt and Derek Smith, will do presentations on this topic. Murray presented first. Murray has taken the historical information and documented it in a spreadsheet. Bacteria sampling began in 1971.

In 1978, the Pollution Control Committee became the OLA.

Over 5,400 samples of bacteria were taken from 1971 to 2002. Once septic systems were upgraded, high bacteria counts decreased.

In 2002, testing switched to E-coli sampling rather than bacteria. He has collected 50 to 60 samples per year. We have had only 3 exceedences since 2002.

Murray then explained his graphs. For example, the provincial standard for E-coli is 100 cfu/100 ml. For 27 samples, the value was zero. For 18, the value was 1. We don’t take samples every day as they do in Ottawa but our frequency is good enough to ensure safety.

Another graph displayed water clarity. It has increased as zebra mussels were introduced. This affects the growth of plants.

Nutrient sampling is done for phosphorous and nitrogen. They impact plant growth.

Fertilizer is a huge cause of changes in nutrients.

Total Phosphorous (TP) has been measured since 1995. Only a couple of samples were collected for the first few years. Testing was not very rigorous.

Dissolved oxygen is also measured. Oxygen supports fish. This sampling is done by RVCA.

Temperature is also measured. It drops rapidly at a depth of 7 metres. Oxygen levels are completely adequate to support fish.

Other monitoring is also done on the lake, e.g. by universities.

Derek then talked about the State of the Lake report. It is on the OLA website. There are many activities around the lake. Murray has talked about physical and chemical monitoring. Derek will talk about other monitoring.

Zebra mussels – Derek puts samplers out every May. Zebra mussels are proliferating year over year since he started 2 years ago.

Algae – Ice coverage was for a shorter period this winter. We have experienced far more algal blooms this year. Algae was growing when water temperature was only 6 degrees.

Long time residents say it’s the worst it’s been in 69 years. Another gentleman has been her 69 years. Hopefully applied research will help with these issues.

Derek is talking to various universities who are doing research.

Seminar Series – The OLA Board is introducing a “Learn about your Lake” seminar series.

The first speaker will be Dr Rebecca Dalton – Environment Canada/University of Ottawa researcher. She’ll talk about her research for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then she’ll answer questions, e.g. is there a relationship between zebra mussels and algae, or algal growth and milfoil. We could invite an algae expert in the future, or a fish expert Wally knows at Queen’s. Attend these seminars and have your questions answered.

The OLA does monitoring, not research. We don’t have the funds. Being able to tap into those doing research is of great benefit to our community.

Reid thanked Derek for graciously offering to organize and fund the first seminar.

Fish & Coke – Wally suggested that anyone who goes fishing should have a bottle of Coke (or Pepsi) along. If you hook a fish badly and it’s bleeding, and you don’t intend to keep the fish for a meal you need to stop the bleeding very quickly. Being cold blooded, they don’t have much blood and can bleed out very quickly. Coke or Pepsi or carbonated drink, if poured onto the injured area instantly cauterizes the wound. If you don’t stop the bleeding, & you release the fish, it probably will swim away, and die which would be a waste of a resource.

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Project – Reid provided the history of this project, beginning 4 years ago, when the OLA and RVCA embarked on the Fish Habitat project. It is producing excellent results. Reid introduced Jennifer Lamoureux of the RVCA. She eagerly let us know that this is one of her favourite projects. Otter Lake has heard about its success and is now starting their own project. In 2013, Wally Robins and Jennifer identified opportunities on Otty for smallmouth bass nests. Jenn thanked Adrienne Lewis of RVCA for her work assisting on this project. Phase 1 took place on the north end of the lake, Phase 2 central and Phase 3 central and south. The smallmouth bass male builds the nest at a depth of 1 – 5, in a sandy gravel area. The male fans eggs for 4 to 10 days til they hatch. Fry rise from the bottom as they grow. The young are guarded for a few weeks until they leave the nest. If they don’t leave, the male might eat them.

Sunken wood and brush bundles have been dumped into the lake. This is a very stressful time for the males, so they can find food and protection in the bundles. Large boulders have been placed as cornerstones so he can hide. Gravel bed installation helps reduce egg mortality. Jenn thanked Jay & Richard Hendry and Reid for their work on the nesting boxes. Thanks to Chris Penney for saving us hundreds of $’s by giving us his pontoon boat for the day. Thanks to Dave Bell for getting us the trees for each year’s work. This year he has already gathered 150 trees.

Jenn showed the cost of the project each year. Year 1 cost $14,280, Year 2 was $9,940 and Year 3 cost $11,750. Year 1 cost the most since there were initial planning costs.

Year 3 was higher than Year 2 because we had 3 years of nests to monitor. 228 nests, 133 cornerstones and 335 branch and Christmas tree clusters were installed in the 3 years.

840 volunteer hours were invested. 20 nesting boxes installed.

During Spring 2016 monitoring, the team was delighted to video spawning activity.

Spawning only lasts 1 to 2 hours. To capture that is spectacular. During the first year, the team was hoping to find males guarding 33% of the nests, they got 41%. The next year the success rate was 43%, and this spring 55%. The results are very exciting. There is nothing to compare to, since we’re it. A group in Hamilton is doing something similar, but aren’t sharing their results. This spring they saw 8 species of fish in 10 minutes around the brush bundles – pretty incredible.

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