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«How to Reverse Your Cataracts Naturally: 5 Ways to Do It William Bodri The Skeptical Nutritionist Naturopathic Educator 1 How to Reverse Your ...»

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The company does not make any medical claims for this formula – and neither do I but there have been quite a few anecdotal reports over the years on how the increase in blood supply, caused by the reaction to cayenne pepper, has helped to dissolve away cataracts and reverse other eye conditions, so my job is to let you know about this information.

Another herbal formula for the eyes, known as St. Lucia Eyedrops, is derived from South American botanicals (the herbs Atel and Cugel) that have been found to help draw toxic accumulations out of the eye.

A homeopathic formulation, Cineraria Cataracat Eye Drops, has also been clinically shown to help reverse existing cataracts. This is the traditional remedy used in India for decades to treat cataracts, and is prepared from the two herbs Cineraria Maritima (Dusty Miller) and Euphrasia (Eyebright).

India's Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, which is part of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has stated that tincture of Cineraria Maritima Succus is the drug of choice to prevent the development of cataracts. The package insert of

this formula is interesting because it says:

Clinical observation indicates the definite value of local applications of Succus Cineraria Maritima in checking, or even aborting existing cataracts. The benefits attained are obviously more satisfactory when treatment is instituted in the early stage of cataract. In cases of well advanced opacity, and where pathological changes caused by the deterioration of the metabolic functions have occurred, as is characteristics in senility, less favorable results can be expected.

The use of Succus Cineraria Maritima, however, is justified in certain cases well past the incipient stage, particulatly when an operation is not contemplated or is indicated. It gives comfort to the patient to know that something potentially beneficial is being done. Clinical studies of advanced stages of cataract treated with Succus Cineraria Maritima indicated that in 22.5% of these cases beneficial results were obtained.

–  –  –

In many of the cases which did not show improvement the process of the opacity was retarded or checked. In certain cases Succus Cineraria Maritima only gives temporary relief or serves to postpone the surgical removal.

A number of folks sell both these formulas on the web, and although I cannot attest to their usefulness, you now have yet another one or two ways to start treating your cataracts naturally, including herbal and homeopathic formulas.

–  –  –

Your Diet, Food Allergies and Nutritional Supplements Quite a few antioxidants have been proven to help the eyes and vision. Naturally this includes the antioxidants vitamins A,C, and E which prevent free-radicals from damaging the protein in the lens and thus inhibit the formation of cataracts.

But let’s put vitamins aside for the moment and talk about the diet first.

What type of diet has been shown to help prevent cataracts? … That’s a good

question we should ask. This is what we know from nutritional studies:

• High salt and fat intake seems to increase your cataract risk

• A high intake of spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, citrus and melons seems to lower cataract risks

• Curcumin, which comes from tumeric, reduces the risk of cataract formation

• The Mediterranean diet is also associated with a lower risk of developing cataracts Getting back to the vitamins, studies have shown that the higher your blood serum levels of vitamin C, the lower your risk of cataracts. In fact, people who take vitamin C supplements for more than ten years had a 45-77% lower risk of forming early cataracts and 83% lower risk of developing moderate cataracts. Many more studies show the usefulness of vitamin C in preventing cataracts.

Vitamin E scores a big hit as well. Low levels of vitamin E in the blood were associated with approximately twice the risk of cataracts as compared to medium or high levels of vitamin E. A four year study published in Opthamology found that vitamin E supplementation reduced the risk of cataracts by about 50% and another study showed that vitamin E taken with bilberry extract stopped the progression of senile cataracts in 97% of human subjects. Vitamin E seems to slow cataract progression and reduce the risk of cataracts in many studies.

Our friend, glutathione, is helpful in cataract prevention as well as N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) which assists in the production of glutathione. Alpha-lipoic acid, which is the only fat (lipid) and water soluble antioxidant, is also used by the body as a precursor of glutathione production in the lens of the eye and appears to help prevent cataract formation. Since glutathione is an expensive supplement that is often destroyed before absorption, optical formulations for eye health should contain adequate

–  –  –

amounts of vitamins C, E and alpha-lipoic acid that indirectly raise the glutathione levels in the body.

Another set of special supplements for the eye include bilberry, lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been shown to help eye health and prevent cataracts. There are also various B vitamins (niacin, thiamine and riboflavin) and combinations of antioxidants along with quercetin and selenium taken together which have been shown to lower cataract risks.

I could easily cite over 50 studies showing the benefits of various antioxidants and vitamins and minerals in preventing cataract formation, and guess I will have to just to satisfy the skeptics in the audience, but in truth what’s the point? You just want to know what to take to help make your eyes healthy, keep cataracts away or make them go away.

So what you really need is a good multivitamin/multimineral formula that contains many of these key ingredients.

There are quite a few great nutritional formulations out there to help with eye health – Ocular Defense by PhysioLogics and OcuDyne by Allergy Research and Nutricology are just two examples.

The key is to select a good formula – or even a great megavitamin such as the SuperNutrition’s Perfect Blend – and stick with it to support your eye health.

The studies at the end of this chapter all add up to show that cataract formation can be slowed or prevented through adequate vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake, so if you’re working to reverse cataracts, it makes sense to be taking the optimal sort of nutritional support that can help support your efforts.

Food Allergies, Sensitivities and Intolerances There’s one more thing that you might choose to do concerning diet. It may help your cataract situation and then again it may not. Nevertheless, it probably will be a boon to your general health.

But before I explain it, let me ask you a quick question. In fact two questions.

–  –  –

Do you know of someone who is allergic to alcohol or shellfish or some other food to the extent that eating just one bite … one tiny bite … can send them to the hospital?

Or, is there any food that you loved when you were younger but which you cannot eat now because it gives you perhaps a stomach ache, headache, makes you itch, causes pimples or hives or produces some other type of reaction?

If so, that’s because you probably suffer from some sort of food intolerance -perhaps because of your genetics or a weakened immune system and digestion – and you’re probably slightly allergic to the substance.

In fact, you might have been sensitive to that food when you were younger without knowing it because you were young and healthy and that overflow of robustness helped mask the reaction.

Or maybe it’s just that your internal biochemistry has indeed changed with age. That biochemistry might even be contributing to cataract formation.

Regardless of the reasons, now that you’re older and your immune system and vitality are declining, your body is broadcasting a highly recognizable lesson that can no longer be masked … “Stay away!” it’s saying. “That food is no good for you!” Once you know of this food offender, does that mean you should eat less of that particular food until you reach the point where it seems like you no longer experience the reaction and can still enjoy it?


It means you should avoid that food entirely, and not eat it at all!

What this scenario tells us is that some foods are bad for you and if they are bad for you, then no amount of those foods are good. Furthermore, if you can identify the particular foods that cause unfavorable reactions in your body due to your unique biochemistry, then avoiding them … by eliminating those foods from your diet … it will produce a tremendous improvement in your health condition. You might even turnaround a condition that no doctor has been able to help you with.

That condition does not have to be cataracts, but because this method is so important I’m letting you know about it. It can be the key to all sorts of pains and aches that come with aging.

–  –  –

The idea is that it is not only important to eat foods or vitamin-mineral-antioxidant supplements that can supply you with nutrients necessary for eye health. It’s also important to avoid those foods that are a burden to your body, and which therefore contribute to deteriorating conditions.

Whether it’s a food allergy, food intolerance or food sensitivity … the rule to follow is to just avoid that particular food!

The existence of food offenders may sound like science fiction and certain doctors may snicker at this, but this is perhaps the biggest single thing you can do to correct your diet to get healthy. You must identify and then stop eating those foods to which you are innately sensitive.

If you follow this rule, you’ll usually lose start to lose weight almost instantly – and look radiant -- since most people are actually intolerant of the very foods which cause them to gain weight.

The weight gain is often a reaction to eating the wrong foods!

Eliminating these foods, once they are identified, has also been known to totally eliminate high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, headaches, depression, even epileptic fits … and none of this is science fiction. The results are often miraculous, but they are real and true and existent.

Just ask anyone who has a food allergy and then eliminated the offender from his or her diet. Let them tell you it was all in their head!

What are some of the most common food offenders? Dairy, wheat, corn, yeast, sugar, soy, peanuts, eggs and nightshades head the list. But this is such a long list to test that there should be a better way to determine what you’re allergic to. In fact there’s lots more foods to test than this, so how are you going to know?

When people normally follow an elimination diet that eliminates true food sensitivities, they usually report effortless weight loss, tremendous energy gain and an increase in mental acuity without any special efforts … except the act of eliminating the food offenders from the diet.

So how do you find these foods you should avoid?

–  –  –

Through a lab test that checks your blood for an immune response, not through skin testing.

There’s only one blood test I recommend in America for finding your food allergies, and there’s only one laboratory I recommend you do it through to test for food intolerances. As an expert in the nutrition field, I recommend only this one particular lab because it’s the only one in the entire Untied States whose quality control measures insure consistent lab results from test to test.

No other lab in America has such high quality standards and documented reproducibility like this one, so you can really trust the results it produces. In addition, the test is so effective in over 95% of cases that they even offer a guarantee!

If you want to find out the foods you should be avoiding, I strongly recommend you have your doctor order a special ELISA IgG antibodies blood test from Immuno Laboratories (contact Immuno Labs at 1-954-486-4500 or search www.betterhealthusa.com for information), and they will arrange to test your reaction to 115 different foods and scientifically identify the food intolerances you may have.

And we all have them!

As long as you avoid eating your own personal food allergens, then you won’t be taxing your body as much and excess poundage will tend to fall off even if you eat more calories than usual. You’ll feel better since you won’t be taxing your body with the wrong foods, and you’ll also be correcting internal biochemistry and immunological responses that might be contributing to aging and health conditions.

This is the one dietary investigation you should really perform in your life, especially if you have some sort of chronic condition, because eliminating identifiable food offenders will relieve a big burden on your immune system, and once that burden is lifted it will produce dramatic changes in your health.

No matter what diet you follow, you have to avoid the food allergens that cause trouble for your immune system. Food can be a medicine or a toxin, a poison or a cure, and this is the one sure way to discover which foods are toxins to your system.

The beauty of discovering what foods aren’t good for you is that it doesn’t just help you with arthritis and joint pain, but with all sorts of other conditions such as

–  –  –

unexplainable headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, hyperactivity, depression, tiredness, sinus problems, problems with focus and attention, and being overweight.

Once people discover the foods they should avoid and then avoid them, time and again these and other unexplainable conditions disappear.

That’s right. Disappear … gone … forever.

Think of the healing outcome in this way. If you stop taxing your body with immunological responses to foods it doesn’t like, your immune system will finally be freed up enough to go after and then repair a whole host of other long standing health conditions.

But if your immune system is constantly engaged in producing reactions to foods it doesn’t like, it’ll get stretched thin and you’ll experience a whole host of conditions that just shouldn’t appear.

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