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«Frameworx Gutter and Capping August 2012 / 84-900030-000 Frameworx Gutter and Capping Installation Manual © August 2012 by the Brunswick Bowling and ...»

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Installation Manual

Frameworx Gutter

and Capping

August 2012 / 84-900030-000

Frameworx Gutter and Capping Installation Manual

© August 2012 by the Brunswick Bowling and Billiards Corporation. All rights reserved.

A-2, BallWall, Frameworx, GS-Series, Pinball Wizard, and Tel-E-foul, and are registered trademarks of the

Brunswick Bowling and Billiards Corporation.

Reorder Part No. 84-900030-000

Notice: If available, updates to this manual can be found on-line at www.centermaster.com.

All information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Brunswick Bowling and Billiards Corporation 525 West Laketon Avenue P.O. Box 329 Muskegon, MI 49443-0329 U.S.A.

231.725.3300 2 Frameworx Gutters and Capping Safety Throughout this publication, “Warnings” and “Cautions” (accompanied by one of the International HAZARD Symbols) are used to alert the mechanic to special instructions concerning a particular service or operation that may be hazardous if performed incorrectly or carelessly. They are defined below. OBSERVE AND READ


These “Safety Alerts” alone cannot eliminate the hazards that they signal. Strict compliance to these special instructions when performing the service, plus training and “Common Sense” operation are major accident prevention measures.


Will designate significant informational notes.


Will designate a mechanical or nonelectrical alert which could potentially cause personal injury or death.


Will designate electrical alerts which could potentially cause personal injury or death.


Will designate a mechanical or nonelectrical alert which could potentially cause product damage.

Will designate grounding alerts.

3 Frameworx Gutters and Capping Table of ConTenTs Harmful Chemicals

Brunswick Gutter and Capping Packaging

Ball Return and Division Capping

Existing Gutters and Capping Removal


Ball Return Capping Support Frames

Pre-Mark Support Frame Side Rails


Install Support Spacers

Installation of Ball Return Support Frames

Division Support Strip Assembly

Division Support Strip Installation


Installation of Division Support Strips (inside division)

Gutter Joint Support Brace Installation

Gutter Installation

Existing Foundation

System B2000 Lane Surface - With Truss Foundation

New Foundation

Stand-Alone (Cosmetic) Covers Installation

Ball Return Capping - New and Existing Foundations

Layout Capping Clips

Install Capping Clips

Ball Return Capping

Ball Return Capping Removal

Ball Return Cover

Division Capping and Existing Foundation

Gutters at Division

Division Capping

Division Cover

4 Frameworx Gutters and Capping WarranTy and serviCe PoliCy If any defects in material or workmanship appear during the first three months after installation, the defective part will be repaired or replaced, at Brunswick’s option, with no charge to the Customer.

If any defects in material appear during the nine months following the initial three month warranty period, the defective part will be repaired or replaced, at Brunswick’s option, with no charge to the Customer for parts. The Customer must assume all other costs in making the repair or replacement.

All service calls during the first three months of the warranty period, resulting from the inability of the Customer’s mechanics to perform required adjustments or maintenance, will be billed directly to the Customer.

Brunswick reserves the right to change the design of any product, but assumes no responsibility to incorporate such design changes on products already sold.

The warranty applies only to new products installed by Brunswick and extends only to the original purchaser.

Repairs or replacements made by anyone not approved by Brunswick void the warranty.

Under no circumstances shall the Seller or Manufacturer be liable for loss of profits or other direct or indirect costs, expenses, losses, or damages arising out of defects in or failure of parts.

replacement Parts Under the Warranty All service parts are F.O.B. the installation site both during and after the warranty period. The price of parts includes delivery by standard means, such as United Parcel Service (UPS). Any expense resulting from expedited delivery, such as air freight, will be billed to the Customer.

During the one year period, parts which are faulty due to material or workmanship will be replaced or repaired free of charge only if the old part is properly identified and turned in for credit. Identify the defective part by attaching a tag containing the part name and part number. Light bulbs are not covered by the warranty.

Contact the Warranty Department at 1-231-725-3433.

–  –  –

Please refer to the manufacturer's information on the products you use around your lane area, to see if they are compatible with and not harmful to PVC plastics. Failure to do so may damage the gutters and capping and will void your warranty.

Brunswick offers a full line of conditioners and cleaners for your center. For information on these products contact your Brunswick distributor or Brunswick After Market Specialist.

6 Frameworx Gutters and Capping brUnsWiCk GUTTer and CaPPinG PaCkaGinG

–  –  –

exisTinG GUTTers and CaPPinG removal Preparation Remove and discard existing Tel-E-Foul castings, gutters, and capping. Remove any Nu-Wood or other shim materials that have been installed in the foundation at the division and ball returns.

For Brunswick gutter and capping to operate correctly the support lumber will need to be 1-5/16" (mm) above the lane surface and the required space for the gutter is 9-3/4" from the capping support lumber to the edge of the lane. Refer to Figure 1.

–  –  –

10 Frameworx Gutters and Capping ball reTUrn CaPPinG sUPPorT frames Pre-mark support frame side rails To aid in the installation of the gutter spacers, mark the I-joist locations on the side rails before assembling capping support frames.

1. Mark the support frame side rails at each I-Joist location by laying the side rails along the foundation sequentially as shown in Figure 2.

–  –  –

12 Frameworx Gutters and Capping

1. Position the 1-1/2" x 3-3/4" x 5-3/4" (146 mm) spacers between the side rails and secure with four 2-1/2" ring shank nails for each spacer. Refer to Figure 4.

Figure 4. PINSETTER END Support Frame

–  –  –

14 Frameworx Gutters and Capping NOTE: The spacer closest to the foul line (item 5) on the Approach End support frame must be installed horizontally as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6. APPROACH end Support Frame

–  –  –

5. Secure short support spacers (84-860858-000) with 1-1/2" ring shank nails where gutter joints occur.

16 Frameworx Gutters and Capping Figure 8. Approach End Support Frame

–  –  –

18 Frameworx Gutters and Capping

3. Center the frame between the lanes.

4. Secure the frame to the foundation with #10 x 1-1/2" Robertson screws.

NOTE: Making centering blocks as shown in Figure 9 makes centering the frames easier.

5. Using the same procedure as used on the approach frame, install the two 176-3/8" (4.48 m) common frames.

6. Measure the distance remaining to the kickback and cut the fourth 176-3/8" (4.48 m) pinsetter frame to the required length.

7. Install the cut frame assembly.

–  –  –

Installation of Division Support Strips (inside division) Using the same procedure that was used to install the ball return support frames (described earlier in this manual), install the division support. Refer to Figure 12.

22 Frameworx Gutters and Capping Figure 12. Install Division Support

–  –  –

Assemble and install gutter joint support braces for existing foundations as follows:

1. Measure the distance between the bottom of the installed gutter to the concrete floor. Refer to Figure 14.

Figure 14. Gutter Joint Support Brace (If Required)

–  –  –

2. Cut a 6" (152 mm) section from a locally purchased 2 x 4 board for the base.

3. Subtract the thickness of the base 2 x 4 from length noted in step 1 above and cut remaining section to this measurement for vertical piece.

4. Using screws or nails, assemble two boards together as shown in Figure 20.

5. Place assembled support brace directly centered beneath the gutter coupler.

–  –  –

NOTE: Removing the surface area more than 3/4" (19 mm) deep on the top surface of the truss is not recommended. Upon placing gutter into routed area, the distance from the top of the gutter to the top of the lane surface should be 1/8" (3 mm) minimum for System B2000.

2. Remove any loose wood chips or dust from routed area.

26 Frameworx Gutters and Capping new foundation Pinball Wizard gutters (P/N 84-860660-xxx) left hand gutter (P/N 84-860661-xxx) right hand gutter) are manufactured with the numbers 1-8 placed on the end of them. These numbers identify the order and position of gutters regarding installation for a single lane.

1. Beginning with the L.H. foul line gutter, place the gutter section into position starting at the foul line and working toward the pin deck and repeat steps for the R.H. foul line gutter. Place the remaining three sections of gutter into position. Check for minimum distance of 1/4" (6.35 mm) from top of gutter to top of lane surface. Refer to Figure 16.

NOTE: New foundation/lane requires no modification.

Figure 16. Gutter Location Stickers

–  –  –

IMPORTANT: To ensure proper and consistent ball travel toward the pit end of the lane, a step down (higher to lower) condition MUST exist at every gutter joint.

IMPORTANT: The design of the gutter coupler assists in maintaining a step-down condition however, additional support at EVERY joint is needed. Locally purchased material should be used to support the foul line half of the gutter couplers. Supports may extend from existing trusses, anchor strip, etc. or from the floor to the bottom of the couplers but must not interfere with ball return or automation components. This is not required on new foundations 28 Frameworx Gutters and Capping

3. Cut to fit the pit end of the fourth gutter section to accommodate the transition (flat gutter) block (P/N 84-200456-000) and kickback. Refer to Figure 18.

Figure 18. Install Flat Gutters

–  –  –

4. Install flat gutter spacer (P/N 84-200556-000, part of package number 84-860621-000) against pit end of gutter (notch in wood spacer toward the lane). Secure spacer with wood 2-1/2" screws. Refer to Figure 18.

–  –  –

6. With all four gutter sections in place and transition block installed, use #10 x 1-1/2" Robertson screws (P/N 11-081201-000) to attach the THIRD and FOURTH sections ONLY!!!! Refer to Figure 19.

Figure 19. Attach Third and Fourth Sections of Gutter

–  –  –

30 Frameworx Gutters and Capping sTand-alone (CosmeTiC) Covers insTallaTion Included in package 84-860622-700 are covers (cosmetic strips) which cover the opening between the gutter and the lane edge, running the entire length of the lane.

1. Snap the cosmetic cover (118" length, P/N 84-200467-xxx) into place along the lane edge. Each side of lane requires four covers. Refer to Figure 20.

Figure 20. Install Cosmetic Covers

–  –  –

3. Mark center of hole closest to kickback on the left hand side and note the distance between the outside edge of the clip and the outside edge of the support frame (dimension "A").

4. Place 2-1/2" (64 mm) capping clip on top of support frame APPROXIMATELY 10" (254 mm) from foul line and use dimension "A" to locate left edge of capping clip from edge of support structure.

Figure 22. Layout Approach End of Support Frame (1) aliGn CliP UsinG disTanCe "a" (2) mark CenTer of Hole (3) foUl line from PinseTTer end (4) CaPPinG sUPPorT frame (5) CaPPinG CliP edGe edGe

–  –  –

6. Tie string between nails on support frame and spray paint a line or use a chalk line to snap a line. Refer to Figure 23.

34 Frameworx Gutters and Capping install Capping Clips

1. Install the additional capping clips as shown in Figures 24 and 25.

NOTE: There must be a 5" (127 mm) capping clip (P/N 84-200240-000) centered at each ball return capping joint between each section of ball return capping.

Figure 24. Clip Installation

–  –  –

36 Frameworx Gutters and Capping ball return Capping

1. Install the first section of ball return capping 10" (254 mm) from the approach end of the lane.

a. Align the capping section with the ears on the capping clip. Snap the capping into place. Continue this procedure toward the pin deck. Refer to Figure 26.

NOTE: Ball return capping overhangs clip by 2" (51 mm) toward approach to allow for cover mounting tab.

Figure 26. Snap Capping Into Place

–  –  –

b. Cut the last piece of capping to the required length, and snap it into place.

NOTE: At centers with "A" or "A-2" pinsetters, it will be necessary to cut section of capping for kickback and foul line side of dropsweep hood.

NOTE: At AMF centers, it will be necessary to cut a hole in the capping for the dropsweep. Use the original capping to determine the required size and location of the clearance hole.

–  –  –

2. Mark the location of the countersunk hole on the approach.

3. Remove the cover and drill a 5/32" hole approximately 1-3/4" deep at the marked location.

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