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    Dissertations, online materials. Free e-library - Psychology.

  1. «Public Libraries Support Development through Access to Information A Statement from the Public Libraries Section, International Federation of Library ...»
  2. «CASE STUDY Open Access The paradox of early intervention: families’ participation driven by professionals throughout service process Yoon H Lee ...»
  3. «Patent Law Pro Bono: A Best Practices Handbook 1 PATENT LAW PRO BONO: A BEST PRACTICES HANDBOOK AMY M. SALMELA† AND MARK R. PRIVRATSKY‡ † Amy ...»
  4. «´This is the first lesson of this program. There are several key steps in this lesson that form the basis for the changes you will make in your ...»
  5. «Judith Sharon Sound and Fury Controversy and Conflict Final paper for the course “What happens in the Black Box?” Submitted to Professor Miriam ...»
  6. «An Empirical Comparison of I/O Psychology’s Internal and External Identities Timothy P. McGonigle Caliber Associates Patrick Gavan O’Shea ...»
  7. «Sustainability 2013, 5, 1829-1844; doi:10.3390/su5051829 OPEN ACCESS sustainability ISSN 2071-1050 www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability Article ...»
  8. «1. Main Jet Size: How to Get it Right Mikuni carburetors are remarkably versatile instruments One of the more common required changes is the main jet ...»
  9. «Keri Glassman, MS, RD 1 The Great 1-Month Slim Down Introduction: The Rules of Weight Loss Have Changed “The world as we have created it is a ...»
  10. «Table of Contents The Miller Analogies Test Study Guide The Structure of MAT Analogies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...»
  11. «Mary-Hunter Morris McDonnell** Loran F. Nordgren*** George Loewenstein**** ABSTRACT This Article draws upon recent social psychological research to ...»
  12. «Transformational leadership in Norway: Outcomes and personality correlates Hilde Hetland and Gro M. Sandal Department of Psychosocial Science, ...»
  13. «Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal Spring 2007 Article PATENTING TAX STRATEGIES: THE CASE FOR EXCLUDING LEGAL METHODS FROM THE REALM OF ...»
  14. «Gen. Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force Chief of Staff, retires this month after 40 years of uniformed service. He sat down for an exit interview with Air ...»
  15. «Norman Wheatley, Houston, TX 77054-4160 metrolog@hal-pc.org On the 1st of September 2002, I became the proud owner of a 1975 GMC Eleganza II Motor ...»
  16. «Is there a world beyond the senses? Can we perceive future events before they occur? Is it possible to communicate with others without need of our ...»
  17. «A jelentéssel bíró terek sokfélesége Az emberek közötti kapcsolatok folyamatosan teremtenek, egymástól különböző és egymással ...»
  18. «Application #12 – Cultivating Telepathy This tool introduces telepathy theory. In this entry in the series, previous ESP theory is extended into a ...»
  19. «Mihalis Mentinis Introduction In a text entitled ‗The revolutionary psychology of Lev Davidovich Brons- tein‘, Parker (1996) argues that ...»
  20. «This preprint version may not exactly replicate the final version published in Journal of Applied Psychology. It is not the version of record and is ...»
  21. «Beebe, B. & Lachmann, F. (2003). The relational turn in psychoanalysis: A dyadic systems view from infant research. Contemporary Psychoanalysis, 39 ...»
  22. «JEFFREY A. BARRETT Abstract. The quantum measurement problem has led some physicists and philosophers of physics to speculate concerning the ...»
  23. «This paper will describe a series of videotapes of face-to-face play, illustrating a complex and varied range of interactions of maternal intrusion ...»
  24. «Behav. Sci. 2015, 5, 602-625; doi:10.3390/bs5040602 OPEN ACCESS behavioral sciences ISSN 2076-328X www.mdpi.com/journal/behavsci/ Article Testing the ...»
  26. «I. What are we then but fishermen and taxidermists? What do we not receive that isn’t sent by fate in a bulrush basket? It would be a mistake to ...»
  27. «“Heads I Lose, Tails You Win”, Or, How Richard Wiseman Nullifies Positive Results, and What to Do about It: A Response to Wiseman’s (2010) ...»
  28. «Fortunes No need to worry! You will always have everything that you need. Delay is the antidote for anger. A romantic evening awaits you tonight. You ...»
  29. «Abstract Child Beauty Pageants (CBP) have been of particular interest in the media over the last decade as more and more of these CBP have become ...»
  31. «jap a Judith Fingert Chused 55/3 NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION IN PSYCHOANALYSIS: COMMENTARY ON HARRISON AND TRONICK I n the beautiful clinical material ...»
  32. «W hat is the clinical expression of mimetic desire? Rivalry. What I see every day in my practice is not mimicking, nor copying, nor learning; it is ...»
  33. «A specific rationale for Vallee’s UFO control system! William C. Treurniet, January, 2015 Summary. Jacques Vallee (1975) hypothesized that the UFO ...»
  34. «Priebe, G., Mitchell, K. J., & Finkelhor, D. (2013). To tell or not to tell? Youth’s responses to unwanted Internet experiences. Cyberpsychology: ...»
  35. «BEATA GRANT A Note from the Publisher We hope you will enjoy this Wisdom book. For your conven- ience, this digital edition is delivered to you ...»
  36. «curriculum vitae Adresse universitaire Section de Psychologie FPSE, Université de Genève Bld du Pont d’Arve, 40 CH-1205 Genève Tél : +41 (0)22 ...»
  37. «The Chinese use the term ch’i or Ki to describe the energy which circulates along acupuncture meridians and provides the essential life force for ...»
  38. «“Emotional Numbing” Mette Egede Bach Vol. 6, No. 1. En empirisk belysning og analyse af ”Emotional Numbing” som eventuel selvstændig faktor ...»
  39. «YALCHIN MAMMADOFF - JUIN 2011 - NOTE N° 6/2011 À propos de EuroCité Le cœur du projet de EuroCité est de produire des analyses ...»
  40. «Evolution and altruism Combining psychological mediators with naturally selected tendencies Daniel J. Kruger Institute for Social Research, ...»
  41. «Four Paths to AI Jonathan CONNELLa and Kenneth LIVINGSTONb a IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights NY, jconnell@us.ibm.com b Psychology ...»
  42. «NEIL HERTZ COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS New York 1985 6. FREUD AND THE SANDMAN For my old age I have chosen the theme of death; I have stumbled on a ...»
  43. «GEARY DISCUSSION PAPER SERIES Borders, States and Nations. Contested Boundaries and National Identities in the Irish Border Area Dr Jennifer Todd Dr ...»
  44. «Preface Most of us are familiar with Sigmund Freud’s infamous signing off, in 1932, after a lifetime of intense intellectual and analytical ...»
  45. «The future of neuroergonomics P. A. Hancock and J. L. Szalma* Department of Psychology, and Institute for Simulation and Training, University of ...»
  46. «Temperament theory and the study of cognition–emotion interactions across development a,* b Heather A. Henderson , Theodore D. Wachs a Department ...»
  47. «by PAUL MATTHEW AUSTIN HORN A thesis submitted to the University of Birmingham for the degree of Master of Philosophy School of English, Drama and ...»
  48. «4-H Equine Series Discovering Equine – Horsemanship 4 & 5 Reference Manual Discovering Horses The purpose of the Discovering Horses project is to ...»
  49. «Impediments to Spirituality By Rev. Robert Meagher December 2010 There are things we do that may prevent us from growing spiritually. In some cases, ...»
  50. «Some people seem to believe quite extraordinary things. For example, people say:1 ¼ My closest relatives have been replaced by impostors. ¼ I am ...»
  51. «Movie Catalogue 3:10 to Yuma 2007 Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Western Director: James Mangold Starring Russell Crowe Christian Bale A ...»
  52. «ISSEI International Society for the Study of European Ideas in cooperation with the University of Cyprus BEGGING IN STYLE: SUPPLICATION IN MIND’S ...»
  53. «Mostyn W. Jones Electromagnetic-Field Theories of Mind Abstract: Neuroscience investigates how neuronal processing circuits work, but it has problems ...»
  54. «RESEARCH ARTICLE Hallucinatory Telepathic Experiences Induced by Salvia divinorum GRZEGORZ R. JUSZCZAK Department of Animal Behaviour, Institute of ...»
  55. «To cite this version: Sol`ne Kal´nine, Fran¸oise Bonthoux. The formation of living and non-living superordinate e e c concepts as a function of ...»
  56. «An overview of the treatment of severe narcissistic pathology Otto F. Kernberg 21 Bloomingdale Rd., White Plains, NY 10605, USA – ...»
  57. «Running head: COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE ADJECTIVES Forming Comparative and Superlative Adjectives in English: Prescriptive Versus Psychological ...»
  58. «Samantabhadra’s King of Aspiration Prayer (In India, as Arya Bhadra Charya Pranidhana Raja) (In Tibet, as King of Aspiration Prayers, the ...»
  59. «Psychotherapeutic Intervention for Numerous and Large Viral Warts with Adjunctive Hypnosis: A Case Study Stephen Lankton Phoenix, AZ Keywords: warts, ...»
  60. «Narratives of Suffering and Forgiveness: Neil Gaiman’s Season of Mists as a Parable of Hell Noelle Leslie dela Cruz, Ph.D. Abstract Hell, in the ...»
  61. «Book Review The Human Mind Isn’t Perfect – Who Knew?1 A review of Gary Marcus, Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind. Houghton ...»
  62. «Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect Journal of School Psychology journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/ jschpsyc Preschool ...»
  63. «The LRO Connection SPRI NG NEWSLETTER “BUSINESS AS USUAL FOR RETIREES” - That is how President’s Column Nokia Vice President for Benefits John ...»
  64. «Persuasion: What the Research Tells Us JoAnne Yates We have seen that in all communication, whether persuasive or not, you should consider the ...»
  65. «RESEARCH ARTICLE Murder by numbers: monetary costs imposed by a sample of homicide offenders Matt DeLisi*, Anna Kosloski, Molly Sween, Emily ...»
  66. «An avowal of prior scepticism enhances the credibility of an account of a paranormal event. Dr Anna Stone University of East London, Water Lane, ...»
  67. «AUTHORISED TRAINING CENTRAL ASIA Certified Nuke Training Series Digital Compositing with Nuke 101 written by Sze Chianly / Samantha Goh published by ...»
  68. «[Published in A. Bottani and R. Davies (eds.), Modes of Existence. Papers in Ontology and Philosophical Logic, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag, 2006, pp. ...»
  69. «Kurt Konolige Artificial Intelligence Center SRI International Center for the Study of Language and Information Stanford University ABSTRACT In their ...»
  70. «Denise M. Rousseau Heinz School of Public Policy and Graduate School of Industrial Administration Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ...»
  71. «BY C. Liana Peter-Hagene B. A., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2009 M. A., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011 THESIS Submitted as partial ...»
  72. «http://www.islamicoccasions.com I n t r od u c t io n H e did not speak or advocate the cause of some particular race or ethnic group, but stood up ...»
  73. «Except where reference is made to the work of others, the work described in this thesis is my own or was done in collaboration with my advisory ...»
  74. «E-mail: mofsowitz@monroecc.edu Office Hours: see my web site (“find me” page) Web site: http://web.monroecc.edu/mofsowitz/ Office location: 5-402 ...»
  75. «Psychological capital development: The toward a micro-intervention Incubator FRED LUTHANS*, JAMES B. AVEY, BRUCE J. AVOLIO, STEVEN M. NORMAN AND ...»
  76. «NORTHEAST PERSONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATION Developed and Written by: Tom Seabourne, Ph.D. Northeast Personal Trainer Certification Sections COURSE ...»
  77. «TAXATION AND OREGON’S INTERSTATE COMPETITIVENESS Executive Summary This report focuses on how state and local taxes differ for location and ...»
  78. «Robert P. Andris is a partner in the Firm’s Redwood City office. Mr. Andris’ practice focuses on the litigation and trial of intellectual ...»
  79. «DClinPsy Thesis Experiences of Ending Psychological Therapy: Perspectives of Young People who are Looked After Hannah Leigh Baron A Thesis submitted ...»
  80. «30 Educating Artistic Response: Understanding is Feeling. A principal reason for the pervasive scepticism about the educational values of the arts is ...»
  81. «Game Reward Systems: Gaming Experiences and Social Meanings Hao Wang National Chiao Tung University, Department of Computer Science 1001, Ta Hsieh ...»
  82. «Main purpose of the research is to find out the Lifestyle among Arts and Science college students so investigator selected two groups one is Arts ...»
  83. «EDUCATION AND TRAINING 1999 - 2003 University of South Carolina, Columbia B.S. in psychology, with cognate in neuroscience • magna cum laude (3.75 ...»
  84. «THINK ALOUD EXHIBITION FOR INTERACTIVE MEDIA ARTWORKS Hyun-hee Jung¹, Kyong-Hee Lee¹, Maxim Bakaev¹, Jae-Myoung Kim¹ and Hong-In Cheng¹ ...»
  85. «Hi there, and welcome. This is the second issue of ATPM, and I'd like to thank everyone who read the first one and wrote to tell me what they liked ...»
  86. «Philosophy of Action Prof. Jennifer Hornsby Autumn, Tuesdays 6-8pm The course will treat the philosophy of action as a part of the philosophy of ...»
  87. «Founded in 1920 under the initiative of the musicologist Henry Prunières (1886–1942), La revue musicale adopted the principal mission to support ...»
  88. «1 Revolting talks of migrant workers and community organisers: A UK community psychology perspective Jenny Fisher, Rebecca Lawthom and Carolyn Kagan ...»
  89. «Getting Your Driver’s License Back Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, Inc. (2013) This booklet provides general information only. It does not give ...»
  90. «Rhythms that speed you up Daniel Sanabria, Mariagrazia Capizzi, & Ángel Correa Departamento de Psicología Experimental y Fisiología del ...»
  91. «Examining Student Discipline within the Educational Setting: A Review of the Literature Jeffrey T. Sawyer A Research Paper Submitted in Partial ...»
  92. «Differentiating Instruction using Multiple Intelligences in the Elementary School Classroom: A Literature Review by Suzanna Gangi A Research Paper ...»
  93. «THESIS An experimental study examining the relationship between parenting behaviours, responsibility beliefs and obsessive-compulsive symptoms in ...»
  94. «Coping and Psychological Morbidity After Road Traffic Accidents: The Development of a Coping Scale and An Examination of Stressor Variables, Coping ...»
  95. «An exploration of the use of PATH (a person-centred planning tool) by Educational Psychologists with vulnerable and challenging pupils Margo Bristow ...»
  96. «Item type text; Electronic Dissertation Authors Miller, Georgianna Oakley Publisher The University of Arizona. Rights Copyright © is held by the ...»
  98. «Journal of Language and Social Psychology http://jls.sagepub.com/ Managing Impressions and Relationships on Facebook: SelfPresentational and ...»
  99. «Department of Psychosocial Studies Master of Science in The Psychodynamics of Human Development Course Handbook PG Diploma/MSc in the Psychodynamics ...»
  100. «by HILARY ANN BROOK A thesis submitted to the University of Birmingham for the degree of MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY School of West African Studies ...»
  101. «s I nf o ome rm tc ati ou o g Build rela in ng tio r iew we ath ns Rev po hip e ring Em s e ng ag rtn nni ng Pa E er p la Ac on d n ti s is a s Analy ...»
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