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«// 1 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet Introduction // 2 100+ Amazing things you can do with ...»

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100+Amazing things you can do with

Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet

// 1

100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet


// 2

100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet

Why did we make this book?

When we started working on this book, we had two goals in mind:

1. We want to show people how cool a mobile CRM client really can be

2. We want to provide a list of cool things you can get inspired by Every day, we are approached with the question: “So, what can the app do?” And it’s really hard for us to spill the answer in one breath. There’s just so much you can talk about. It’s not a question of 2-3 benefits, there’s hundreds of them!

Therefore, we decided to put it all on paper (electronic one) and put it out there–to intrigue and to educate.

Whether you are new to Mobile CRM, or you have already adopted it, this book will help you find out more about this topic. We wanted to provide you with a complete resource of things you can do with a CRM on your phone or tablet.

Often it’s hard to shout out every single thing via a website or on a blog–it can also be often overlooked. So an e-book seemed a very efficient way to get the info out there. It allows you to read the whole thing or just skim through the parts that catch your eye.

// 3 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet Either way, hopefully, while browsing through this book, you’ll stop and say: “Wow, I didn’t know we can do that! How cool is that?” And that’s exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

// 4 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet Who is this book for?

This book was written for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem. Namely:

 Companies looking for a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants who want to extend their knowledge in the area of mobility  Existing Resco Mobile CRM customers and partners  Competition in the Mobile CRM market–let’s improve together for the benefit of the customer While writing this book, we tried to keep things simple. Meaning we tried to describe everything in a very conversational tone of voice, so everyone can easily follow the topics and remember them for later.

We avoided, or tried to avoid, technical terms that only a small portion of the CRM community understands. Why? Because we think CEOs, Sales Directors, Field Managers, Account Executives and Marketing Specialists should also beable to see the business opportunities Mobile CRM has to offer.

That being said, we are not excluding technical folks out there. They’ll be able to go through this book and while reading things like “Find contacts on LinkedIn”, their minds might immediately translate the title to “pass field parameters in a URL”.

–  –  –

Mobile CRM will give you around-the-clock access to your CRM system, so you can be productive whenever and wherever you happen to be. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your phone and tablet, you’ll have the info you need with you at all times.

You’ll be prepared for every sales pitch, every call or even an unexpected meeting.

–  –  –

This possibility to access the desired information whenever you want will greatly ease your job. You can work with your data wherever the road takes you. Your prep time for meetings will be significantly reduced. It will become only a matter of a few clicks right before the meeting starts—you’ll have a perfect overview of the client, the details on previously discussed topics and information on what they need.

–  –  –

One of the reasons why mobile devices increase efficiency is that we can use them when either traveling or waiting for on-site meetings. We can simply use the spare time to enter the data or send a follow-up.

Some of our Resco Mobile CRM customers told us that each sales and service guy now saves around an hour or more a day. A whole HOUR! That’s a lot of money if you picture it as a portion of their salaries. That hour can be spent with a customer.

And that’s what makes the difference.

Mobile CRM is an investment. An investment that increases productivity and facilitates faster and more informed decision-making.

–  –  –

Well, you can’t always rely on having uninterrupted Internet access. Occasionally, there will be underground parking lots, rural areas, even some buildings that will prevent you from accessing your CRM data when you need it the most.

Offline capability means you are working with the data stored on your device (tablet or phone). You can view, edit and manage the data, so functionality such as ‘qualify a lead’ or ‘create an order’ is not lost to you.

Besides, online access isn’t that great as it pretends to be. Whenever you work online, you are connecting to a remote database (located on the server). Hence all data operations are slower, costlier and potentially risky (depends on the quality of the Internet connection). Online working leads to increased Internet traffic (the same data is sent back and forth again and again), the not-so-optimal responsiveness of the application and shorter battery life.

–  –  –

During the first half of the 20th century, firms used to track the sales with pen and paper. Because knowing the customer data did, does and will shape the business.

Later on, the Rolodex, a desk accessory with a unique ability to spin through index cards was used by tons of businesses. It may sound ridiculous nowadays, but Rolodex would allow you to add customers while updating existing customer information, details and more. Useful, but once you start growing, no Rolodex in the world can save you. So CRM on desktop computers came to be and that was great. But times have changed and now tablets, phones, and wearables are taking the center stage.

–  –  –

But aren’t tablets and phones just expensive toys?

It’s easy to assume that phones and tablets given to employees will be mainly used for non-productive activities such as gaming, social media, YouTube… But given the opportunity, employees prove time and time again this assumption is just plain wrong. People value the investment in them, plus they find Mobile CRM really useful. And if something is useful to you, you are likely to use it.

–  –  –

People are used to certain systems. Hell, they even sometimes have really strong opinions when it comes to which one is the best. But let’s not stir up the conversation. Everyone can have what they like and feel comfortable with. Provided it’s not Blackberry. In that case, it’s time for a change.

–  –  –

Pretty sure actually. We go above and beyond to ensure your information is safe & secure. From securing the database with the highest encryption standard to giving you the option to lock the application or wipe out data from it should something unexpected happen. And you can do it all remotely, fortified with push technology.

Still not convinced? There’s always the option to opt for a Mobile Device Management tool (like MobileIron) that will take control of what’s happening to your data at all times.

–  –  –

// 17 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet #9 Increase sales According to Nucleus Research, adding social and mobile access capabilities to CRM increases the productivity of sales reps by 26.4%. According to some responses we got from our customers, each of their sales reps saves, at least, an hour daily–that is an efficiency increase of 14.28%. Even these results are still amazing.

We can certainly argue about these numbers. They might be lower, let’s say 12% or even 10%. They can also be higher. But the important thing is: mobile CRM increases the efficiency of sales people by drastically reducing administrative tasks and producing value at the time which would have been normally unused, such as traveling or waiting for appointments. So they have more time to spend doing what they’re good at: selling.

// 18 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet #10 Improve customer relationship management The goal of each CRM is to build relationships with customers. Even the name itself—Customer Relationship Management—points at its purpose. When you have all obtainable information about your customers in one place, you can start analyzing their habits, purchases, and preferences. Hand in hand goes improved customer relationship and increased revenue.

But what good does it do if you can’t get to this info quickly when you need it?

Mobile CRM will give you uninterrupted access to valuable information about your customers, so you can look it up in any moment of need.

–  –  –

Of course, each business is different, and its customer retention strategies vary.

They can incorporate all sorts of things - ranging from optimizing how quickly a service ticket is answered to how often does the account manager check in with the customer to see if everything’s running smoothly.

Mobile CRM is a tool that can help you improve customer retention with consistent follow-ups. You can see what customers are in your area, so you can pay them a quick visit. You can check the status of raised cases before a meeting to show you’re keeping an eye on the progress. You can…

–  –  –

No more “I am not sure, I’ll check with my colleagues and let you know” or “let me send it to you via email once I get back to the office”. Info of products in stock, orders to be signed, product documentation that explains the ins and outs…all is available to you right there and then—when it matters.

// 21 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet #13 Take notes after the meeting During every sales meeting, your sole focus should lie on actively listening to what your customer has to say. Of course you want to preserve this knowledge for later—after all, asking the customer what was already said is a no-no in every professional sales rep’s book. The best way to preserve as much as possible is to take notes immediately after the meeting. However, this can get tricky, especially if you have very little time because you need to hit the road to get to your next appointment.

Mobile CRM allows you to take notes right as you walk out of the meeting. In fact, you might be quick enough to do it as you wait for the elevator.

Point being—when you take notes right after meetings via your mobile CRM app, you are less likely to forget something important, and you don’t need to think about typing in meeting notes into CRM at the end of the week when half of your memories get already fuzzy.

–  –  –

Now image this person coming in with a thin tablet, swiping through the screens, showing you presentations and taking notes without disturbing the flow. Would that impress you? Maybe. Would you feel confident of the modern approach of the company? Probably—it certainly won’t harm its reputation.

The fact is: image sells a lot! We tend to buy things we like and find attractive, not necessarily those that better serve the purpose. So add to your value offering a little nudge—modern technologies that make an impression on your customers.

–  –  –

Mobile CRM will give an echo to a salesman at the precise moment the customer tries to reach him. Whether it’s in the form of an email, phone, lead in CRM or other means. Set up notifications, track phone calls, and email communication and stay in touch with your colleagues via chat and you’ll never miss important updates.

But it’s not only about how fast you can respond. It’s also about how accurately you can do it. Mobile CRM will allow you to access immediately the insights from your CRM system, so you can get the information you need as you go. No need to delay your response for later.

–  –  –

Even Forbes says the odds of contacting and, in turn, qualifying a lead drastically decrease in time. That is why they advise companies to contact their leads as soon as possible, best within 30 minutes of the lead creation. With Mobile CRM, you can alert your sales reps of new incoming leads, so they can get to them while they’re hot.

–  –  –

You won’t get lost and more importantly, you’ll be on time. And who doesn’t like punctuality?

// 26 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet #18 Identify opportunities near you Got some spare time between meetings? Catch up with a customer closest to your location. The map shows you your current position, and you can easily zoom in and out to see which of your customers and prospects are nearby. Then it’s just a matter of calling one and stopping by for a quick visit if they’re available. Plus, it’s also a nice gesture to call someone up just because you’re in the area, and you happen to be thinking about them.

// 27 100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet #19 Sell with stunning presentations & interactive demos People just love visuals! But who wants another stack of brochures they’ll never go through? Charm your customers with stunning product presentations you can swipe through and zoom into. Include animations and short video presentations and you got yourself a winner! All within the app, of course. Those pretty, moving, colorful things you can showcase might just be the tipping point that gets you from do I sign?” “maybe” to “where

–  –  –

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