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«by Evelyn Levenson, MBA Certified Human Design Specialist Your Success By Design Coach Your Journey Begins HERE This ...»

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*** Free EBOOK***

Your Journey of Personal

Transformation Begins HERE:

An Introduction to

Understanding Your

Human Design Chart

by Evelyn Levenson, MBA

Certified Human Design Specialist

Your Success By Design Coach

Your Journey Begins HERE www.HumanDesignforSuccess.com

This Report is for your personal use.

You MAY SHARE it, in its entirety with all author and contact information.

However, You May NOT Trade, Sell or Resell This Intellectual Property in Any Way.

You may not reprint any part of it without written consent from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.

All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2011 – Evelyn Levenson and Distinct Solutions, LLC. dba Human Design for Success. All rights are reserved worldwide.

Disclaimer The information and suggestions in this report are of a general nature and for the benefit of individuals from all walks of life. They are based on my training and experience in the area of Human Design and are not intended to imply that you should follow these guidelines without the benefit of a deeper understanding of your personal Human Design information.

Page 2 ©2011 Evelyn Levenson and Distinct Solutions, LLC All rights reserved worldwide P.O. Box 290524, Port Orange, FL 32129-0524 USA 386-788-9290 www.HumanDesignforSuccess.com evelyn@humandesignforsuccess.com Your Journey Begins HERE www.HumanDesignforSuccess.com Table of Contents Introduction

…Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

What Is Human Design?

What Is A Human Design Chart?

The Nine Energy Centers

The Channels and Gates

The Types

The Strategies


Personality Profiles


Now, What’s YOUR Next Step For Using This Information To Improve Your Life?

–  –  –

Understanding your free Human Design Chart* is your first step towards discovering new truths and profoundly practical knowledge about yourself.

Although nothing can take the place of a personalized, private full Human Design Reading, having a simple understanding of your Human Design can start you on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

*If you haven’t requested your personal Human Design Chart yet, click here This free Ebook will introduce you to HUMAN DESIGN, a unique and powerful personality assessment tool. Here are just a few of the things that

you can learn about YOU from Human Design:

The decision-making and action-taking Strategy that is specifically and personally correct for YOU

–  –  –

Your role in life (every part of your life works better when you work with who you are designed to be...rather than against it) How to find and follow YOUR right career path and life path Your specific strengths and vulnerabilities (and how to truly work from your strengths and minimize where you are vulnerable) Your areas of deep wisdom and potential pain (and how to maximize the wisdom and avoid the pain) The energetic “blueprint” you were born with—which shows how YOU process energy—and how that affects your everyday life Your personal learning style (and why that’s SO important to know) Your soul’s purpose—why you are here!

How you uniquely interact in relationship to others, and how to improve your relationships (no matter how good or how bad they are right now) How to choose a mate (or business partner) who is compatible with you, and how to work out any issues between you

–  –  –

What you get from understanding your personal Human Design is life-changing self-knowledge, and decision-making clarity.

What this gives you is greater ease, more success, solid self-confidence, and a sense of fulfillment in every area of your life.

Forget struggle, uncertainty, stress, frustration, and self-doubt. With this tool, you’ll finally step into your power, your effectiveness, and your natural ability to attract what you want into your life!

This may sound too good to be true, but my clients will attest to it. And I’m very excited about sharing this amazing system with you, but first… …Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

–  –  –

That system is Human Design. It helped me find what I was looking for and improved my life in profoundly unexpected ways. It gave me clarity, a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and a new direction.

I was so impressed with Human Design that I studied it and became a certified specialist so I can help others to discover their key personality traits, their purpose, and their unique self-empowerment.

As I continue to study advanced Human Design courses and work with hundreds of people on their Human Design Charts, I am constantly astounded at the accuracy, profound insights, and practical solutions it provides for living a fulfilling and successful life.

My private, one-on-one Human Design Readings are changing my clients’ lives in amazing ways. (A Full Reading is a fascinating and enlightening three-hour exploration of the specific energetic configuration that YOU were born with, and how you can use that knowledge to improve your life.) “After one phone session with Evelyn, I already feel different. About myself.

About others. Human design is the answer to most questions I've had my entire life. I feel more confident in interacting with people thanks to centuries old, plainspoken golden nuggets, which she shared. Evelyn is well-spoken, clear-spoken and, best of all, a terrific listener, who is purposed about assisting others ready to (over-used word yet applies here) empower themselves. You, too, can be a screen door and not a sponge. Ask her. Today.” ~ Mary Ketarkus Brown, Illinois

–  –  –

“When Evelyn introduced me to Human Design, I saw that when you stop trying to change your fundamental self and you learn who you are, you can start to make a strategy for moving forward toward your goal. The most important change to come out of my experience with Human Design is that I have let go of the damaging internal dialog that I couldn’t quiet.” ~ Susanna Douthit, North Carolina “I have found Human Design to be THE best personality assessment tool I’ve ever used, and I’ve had them all! HD differs from the others because it has taught me what I was born with—the way I was before society and parents tried to mold me and fold me into what they felt I should be. I now play my strengths with a confidence I never felt before and no longer fret over my weaknesses. I’m swimming with the current instead of upstream, realizing it’s pretty amazing how things work out if I just play my natural strategy.” ~ Elizabeth Kittinger, Florida

–  –  –

Human Design is a leading-edge personality assessment tool that shows you your best decisionmaking strategy, your unique gifts and talents, where you carry your pain, and where you have the greatest potential for great wisdom. It shows you the energetic configuration you were born with. And it reveals the magnificent being you are designed to be.

Understanding your Design will improve your success and effectiveness in the world, and increase your sense of confidence, ease and fulfillment. It can also improve your relationships, your career and business success, and your health.

Human Design is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, The Kabbalah (Tree of Life), the Hindu Chakra System and modern Quantum Physics. You can learn more about Human Design on my website by clicking here.

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time and place. An accurate birth time will help ensure an accurate Chart, but if you don’t know your exact birth time please request your Chart anyway. Simply indicate as much as you know (if anything) about your birth time.

–  –  –

Even without precise accuracy, your Chart can still be very useful to you. If you wish to have a Full Reading but do not have accurate birth time, I will run your Chart every few hours during your birth date and together we will select the Chart that best fits you.

–  –  –

A Human Design Chart (called a Body Graph) represents a snapshot of the astronomical influences present at your precise moment of birth. It is these influences that determine your personality characteristics, the themes in your life, and your chosen path.

–  –  –

Your Human Design Body Graph is a blueprint of the way you uniquely process energy and interact with the world—in other words…the blueprint of who you are.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the components of your free Chart and how to understand them. If you haven’t requested your free personal Human Design Chart from me yet, click here.

–  –  –

One of the first things you will notice when you look at the large triangular shape on your Chart is that there are nine smaller geometric shapes within that large triangle. There are several triangles and squares, and one diamond shape in the middle of the Chart.

These shapes are called the Nine Centers. Each center carries and manages a certain frequency of energy and relates to specific themes in our lives.

You may notice that some of the centers are colored in and some of them are white. The centers that are colored in are called defined or fixed.

Having a center defined means that you have a specific and consistent way of processing that kind of energy in your life.

–  –  –

For example, if you have the diamond in the center of your Chart colored in (it will be yellow) then you have a defined or fixed Identity Center. When your Identity Center is defined, you have a specific and consistent way of thinking about yourself and where you are going with your life.

The white centers are called open or undefined. When you have an open center it means that you don’t have a fixed or specific way of processing that energy. Your open centers are your greatest teachers and the deepest source of your wisdom. In your open centers you can process that center's type of energy in many, many different ways. Your experience and understanding of the energy of that center may be unlimited.

For example, the small triangle on the right middle of the chart is called the Will Center. The Will Center is about processing the energy that brings things forth onto the material plane. When you have an Open Will Center, it means that you don’t have a specific way of thinking about money and material resources. The gift the open Will Center gives you is the ability to become very wise about making money and knowing what is truly valuable in life.

The significance of YOUR open centers and defined centers, and how their combination forms your unique personality, is explained thoroughly to you during a full Human Design Reading with me.

Here is a brief overview of the Centers, from the top:

–  –  –

Top Triangle – Head Center: Ideas and inspiration Next Triangle – Ajna Center: Concrete thinking and data processing Next Square – Throat Center: Communication and manifestation into form Next Diamond – Identity Center: Love, direction, identity, and place Small Triangle – Will Center: Will power, value and material things Large Triangle Right –Solar Plexus Center: Emotional energy Large Triangle Left – Spleen Center: Intuition, time, and immune system Square Between Them – Sacral Center: Life force and work force energy Bottom Square – Root Center: Adrenaline energy

The Channels and Gates

The next thing you may notice on your Chart is that it is covered with lines, some of them colored red, some black, some checkered red and black, and some totally white. Lines that span all the way between two centers are called channels. If you have a channel that is completely colored in (any combination of red, black, or checkered) then the centers on either end of the channel will be defined (colored in). An open (white) center has no fully colored channels attached to it.

–  –  –

Gates colored black carry personality traits that you are consciously aware of. For example, if you have the gate 11, The Gate of Ideas, (coming from the lower right side of the Ajna Center towards the Throat) colored black, then you would be consciously aware that you have a lot of ideas! The black gates are derived from the column of black numbers on your body graph Chart, which is calculated from your actual birth date and birth time.

Some of the gates on your body graph are colored red. The red gates are derived from the column of red numbers on your body graph. You may notice that the date above those red numbers is not your actual birth date.

This is the date of your “unconscious” personality design. It is 88 astrological degrees earlier than your actual birth date (approximately 3 months). According to Human Design theory, this is the time when your soul fully entered your body before you were born, and when your unconscious personality was formed.

Your red or unconscious gates represent personality traits that you may or may not be consciously aware of. These are traits that many of discover as we travel along the journey of life but, for the most part, we are not always conscious of acting out these personality traits. Unconscious personality traits are completely innocent in their expression through us. You may not be able to control or manipulate your unconscious personality traits.

So, for example, if you have the gate 13, The Gate of the Witness, (coming from the upper right side of the Identity Center towards the Throat) as

–  –  –

unconscious (red), then you may not be aware that your energy field communicates to others that they are safe to share their secrets with you.

You probably have no idea why people come up to you, out of the blue, and tell you their deepest, darkest secrets. But you are also not able to use this gift in a deliberate or manipulative way.

If you have checkered red and black gates, you express those particular personality aspects both in your conscious and unconscious definition.

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