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  1. «Committee Against Torture (Russia)  Moscow‐ December 2008   With the support of :      1    Interregional Non-governmental Organization ...»
  2. «Anthony P. Carnevale Nicole Smith Center Artem Gulish on Education Andrew R. Hanson and the Workforce 2015 McCourt School of Public Policy Iowa: ...»
  3. «A Story told through Plena: Claiming Identity and Cultural Autonomy in the Street Festivals of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Paulina Guerrero Indiana ...»
  4. «Synopsis of the seminar on The Impacts of Climate Change on the Islamic World 24 July 2006 Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies The Policy Foresight ...»
  5. «Sub-national Revenue Mobilization in Peru Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza Jorge Martinez-Vazquez Cristian Sepulveda International Center for Public Policy ...»
  6. «Toward a More General Theory of Revenue Assignments Jorge Martinez-Vazquez Cristian Sepulveda International Center for Public Policy Working Paper ...»
  7. «‘Oh, but you should have’: Estlund on Normative Consent Democratic Authority is a tour de force. Among its considerable virtues, David ...»
  8. «Inclusionary Zoning: Lessons Learned in Massachusetts USING C HO O N L A FE NATION REN E C The United Voice for Housing NHC Affordable Housing Policy ...»
  9. «The Selfishness of Conformity and the Selflessness of Dissent A few years ago I took a course entitled Advanced Theories of Education. One of the ...»
  10. «Prospectus – November 2016 JPMorgan Investment Funds Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable Luxembourg JPMORGAN INVESTMENT FUNDS (the ...»
  11. «by Caryle Murphy A Kingdom’s Future: saudi arabia through the eyes of its twentysomethings by Caryle Murphy w w w.wil soncenter.org/Mi d dlee a s t ...»
  13. «KULTURNA STRATEGIJA GRADA PAZINA za razdoblje od 2012. – 2016. godine Misija Pazin je grad u kojem suvremeno kulturno stvaralaštvo i bogata ...»
  14. «Prepared by: Susana Rodriguez-Buritica & Katharine Suding University of California, Berkeley Department of Environmental Sciences, Policy, and ...»
  15. «Abstract The language policies of national governments construct the ways in which languages and their relative value are perceived at the official ...»
  16. «Normative Power Europe: A Contradiction in Terms?* IAN MANNERS University of Kent at Canterbury Abstract Twenty years ago, in the pages of the ...»
  17. «Vertical Toleration as a Liberal Ideal Catriona McKinnon Abstract: This paper argues that the direct, vertical toleration of certain types of citizen ...»
  18. «The Monterrey Consensus signaled a new partnership between rich and poor countries aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The ...»
  19. «A Dissertation Presented to The Academic Faculty by Yu Meng In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Ph.D. in the School of Public ...»
  20. «The Role of Common Teaching in Catholic Moral Theology The public discussion regarding voting suggests that most Catholics think there is little ...»
  21. «SUMMARY MOROCCO COUNTRY REPORT ON OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN OCTOBER 2014 © 2015 UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office Cover photo: © ...»
  22. «Mosques and the Public Space: Conflict and Cooperation in Bradford ´ Sean McLoughlin While there is still some evidence of conflict over the ...»
  23. «For further information contact: Quilliam Email: information@quilliamfoundation.org Tel: +44 (0)207 182 7280 www.quilliamfoundation.org Mosques Made ...»
  24. «NHC Affordable Housing Policy Review VOLUME 2 • ISSUE 1 JANUARY 2002 N AT I O N A L H O U S I N G CO N F E R E N C E Inclusionary Zoning: Lessons ...»
  25. «SEIU Local 1021 Executive Board Saturday, February 21, 2015, Fairfield, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MINUTES Executive Board Members Participating: ...»
  26. «10-CM 1 Pat Brooks, RHIA Senior Technical Advisor Hospital and Ambulatory Policy Group (HAPG) Center for Medicare Management (CMM) Centers for ...»
  27. «SEIU 1021 Executive Board Meeting Monday, March 21, 2016, Oakland, CA MINUTES (Outgoing Board Attendance) Executive Board Members Participating: ...»
  28. «Executive Board Members Participating: President Roxanne Sanchez, Secretary Pamela Holmes- Morton, VP of Politics Alysabeth Alexander, VP of ...»
  29. «Liberty of the Press under Socialism Williamson M. Evers This selection was excerpted from Social Philosophy & Policy 2, no. 6 (spring 1989): ...»
  30. «Keywords Islamisme Libanon Syrisk politikk Sosiale bevegelser Midt-Østen Approved by Brynjar Lia Project manager Jan Erik Torp Director of Research ...»
  31. «PUS Article Public Understanding of Science 1–9 What is the public’s role in ‘space’ © The Author(s) 2015 policymaking? Images of the ...»
  32. «Avinash Celestine August 2009 PRS Legislative Research Centre for Policy Research Dharma Marg Chanakyapuri New Delhi – 110021 www.prsindia.org ...»
  33. « Nitin Gadkari woos the US Investors to Invest in India  Smart cities and blind policy  China Railway Corporation may bid for National ...»
  34. «Statements of Investment Policy and Objectives under the FMC Act About this guidance note This guidance note is for Managers of managed investment ...»
  35. «Ellen Fobé* KU Leuven Public Governance Institute, Belgium * corresponding author ellen.fobe@soc.kuleuven.be Marleen Brans KU Leuven Public ...»
  36. «EUROPE’S NATURAL GAS SECURITY OF SUPPLY: POLICY TOOLS FOR SINGLE-SUPPLIED STATES Brenda Shaffer Synopsis: This article will examine natural gas ...»
  37. «by Jean-Eric Aubert Science and Technology Policy Division, OECD, Paris Introduction The OECD has been implementing reviews of science, technology ...»
  38. «Defending the Union: Andrew Jackson’s Nullification Proclamation and American Federalism Matthew S. Brogdon Abstract: This essay contends that we ...»
  39. «WASHINGTON LAWS, 1977 1st Ex. Sess.Ch25 Ch. 251 balance of the premium for the current policy year; and that if the loan is made or repaid on a date ...»
  41. «Marie Danielle Guillen (Doctoral Program in Policy and Planning Sciences) Advised by Prof. Haruo Ishida Submitted to the Graduate School of Systems ...»
  42. «Kairat Osmonaliev SILK ROAD PAPER January 2005 Counter- Developing Counter-Narcotics Asia: Policy in Central Asia: Legal and Political Dimensions ...»
  43. «Introduction In his »Ach Europa! – Wahrnehmungen aus sieben Ländern« (Enzens- berger 1987 [2101-2200]) the German author, poet and »good European« ...»
  44. «Affective News: The Automated Coding of Sentiment in Political Texts LORI YOUNG and STUART SOROKA An increasing number of studies in political ...»
  45. «AUBURN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES 2013 Auburn Author Awards PROGRAM • Welcome Graduate School Dean George Flowers Dwayne Cox, Head of Special Collections ...»
  46. «Television in the Legislature: The Impact of Cameras in the House of Commons Stuart N. Soroka1,*, Olga Redko2 and Quinn Albaugh1 1 Department of ...»
  47. «Greece and Europe: What Now? Dr Angelos Chryssogelos Academy Senior Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House Gene Frieda Global Strategist, Moore ...»
  48. «Junior Committee Report Despite the conditions that were more suited to water polo, most teams were able to play on Saturday with the Youth Girls and ...»
  49. «A Revolution of Tenderness: A 2016 Election Pope Francis Voter Guide Introduction “The Gospel tells us constantly to risk a face-to-face encounter ...»
  50. «Leveraging Tax Time to Build Financial Capability Research Evidence and Policy Directions Expert Symposium Federal Reserve Bank of New York February ...»
  51. «From periphery to centre: pagan continuity and revival in Britain and Rome during the late fourth centaury AD Ranieri, Carmela Maria How to cite: ...»
  52. «Olav Mosvold Larsen Cand. polit Thesis Department of Political Science UNIVERSITY OF OSLO March 7, 2005 2 3 Preface Finally completing this thesis ...»
  53. «Watching Politics The Representation of Politics in Primetime Television Drama Audun EngElstAd Abstract What can fictional television drama tell us ...»
  54. «Paul Cammack Manchester Metropolitan University Papers in the Politics of Global Competitiveness, No. 4, February 2007 Class Politics, ...»
  55. «Virginia Guzmán La incorporación de la equidad de género como tema de debate y de políticas públicas es el resultado de un largo proceso social ...»
  56. «Globalization, Democratization, and New Industrial Policies in Brazil Mansueto Almeida IPEA Ben Ross Schneider MIT December 2012 1. Introduction1 In ...»
  57. «Do Politicians Reward their Supporters? Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Ghana Edward Miguel* University of California, Berkeley and NBER ...»
  58. «Report Libya: Militias, Tribes and Islamists 19 December 2014 This report is written by country analysts from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and ...»
  59. «Daniel Kübler * & Sonja Wälti ** * PhD in political science, Institut für Politikwissenschaft (University of Zurich) and Institut de recherche sur ...»
  61. «40 ANOS DE DEMOCRACIA O PPDi PSD de Torres Vedras Comissão PolitiCa ConCelhia de torres Vedras © 2015, José Damas Antunes Capa e paginação: Rita ...»
  63. «ASSETS, LIVELIHOODS, AND SOCIAL POLICY Caroline Moser and Anis A. Dani, Editors blic Disclosure Authorized ASSETS, LIVELIHOODS, AND SOCIAL POLICY N E ...»
  64. «Waste tyres Updated September 2010 EPA 183/10: This guideline replaces EPA Information Sheet No. 15, issued in May 2001. Note: for the purposes of ...»
  65. «Jo Saglie & Karl Henrik Sivesind jo.saglie@socialresearch.no khs@socialresearch.no Institute for Social Research, Oslo, Norway Paper presented to ...»
  66. «COLD WAR POLITICS OF SUPERPOWERS IN SOUTH ASIA A. Z. Hilali 1 Abstract South Asia is a most complex, volatile and politically explosive region and it ...»
  67. «It is a social scientific truism to suggest that all spaces are landscapes enriched with meaning but in certain circumstances space can play a ...»
  68. «F.M. Scherer Harvard Kennedy School June 2011 RWP11-022 The views expressed in the HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series are those of the ...»
  69. «Industrial Policy: Growth Elixir or Poison? Public Disclosure Authorized Howard Pack The debate about industrial policy occasioned by the East Asian ...»
  70. «Foreign Minister Ambassador Antonio de Aguiar Patriota Secretary General Ambassador Ruy Nunes Pinto Nogueira ALEXANDRE DE GUSMÃO FOUNDATION ...»
  71. «1 Introduction: the East German sexual revolution ‘We had more sex, and we had more to laugh about’, said the actress Katharina Thalbach in ...»
  72. «The Impact of Supportive Housing on Surrounding Neighborhoods WORKING PAPER 2008-06 Vicki Been · Ingrid Gould Ellen · Michael Gedal· Ioan Voicu ...»
  73. «Executive Summary Title : China : Will the 20th century giant become a 21st century superpower ? I. Purpose : The purpose of this paper is to examine ...»
  74. «The Global Warming Policy Foundation GWPF Essay 1 GWPF REPORTS Views expressed in the publications of the Global Warming Policy Foundation are those ...»
  75. «Is there a key to the normative budgeting lock? R O Y T. M E Y E R S Department of Political Science, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1000 ...»
  76. «Do Norms Reduce Torture? Michael J. Gilligan * and Nathaniel H. Nesbitt Abstract One of the most important developments in international political ...»
  77. «Norway’s foreign policy The overarching goal of Norwegian foreign policy is to safeguard and promote Norway’s interests – our values, our ...»
  79. «EUR 21122 Interested in European research? RTD info is our quarterly magazine keeping you in touch with main developments (results, programmes, ...»
  80. «David H. Folz Associate Professor & MPA Coordinator Department of Political Science The University of Tennessee 1001 McClung Tower Knoxville, TN ...»
  81. «Jon D. Miller 4219 Institute for Social Research University of Michigan 426 Thompson Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106 734/615-3377 ...»
  82. «Daniel Gerrity1,2*, Brian Pecson2, R. Shane Trussell2, and R. Rhodes Trussell2 1 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction, ...»
  83. «Introduction In this paper we outline a theory of normative functionality aimed at understanding the nature of adaptive systems as globally ...»
  84. «By Hilmar Rommetvedt In his seminal article on ‘numerical democracy and corporate pluralism’ published in the 1960s, Stein Rokkan claimed that ...»
  85. «T he Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established as a re- sponse to many of the world’s foremost challenges as they appeared in 2000. At ...»
  86. «2011 PATENTLY-O PATENT LAW JOURNAL Derivation and Prior Art Problems with the New Patent Act1 By Joshua D. Sarnoff 2 Legislation sometimes is enacted ...»
  87. «Paradoxes of Iranian Messianic Politicsd ome_129 108.125 Afshin Shahi, MA Durham University Abstract Shi‘ite Messianism has been accommodated ...»
  88. «The Nostalgic Turn and The Politics of Ressentiment – Bill Reynolds The Greatest Generation, Band of Brothers, We Were Soldiers, Nick at Night, and ...»
  89. «2015 Summer Course Registration Instructions and Calendar 1 COURSE SCHEDULING AND REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS SUMMER 2015 ◄CONTENTS► Academic ...»
  90. «2016 Summer Course Registration Instructions and Calendar 1 COURSE SCHEDULING AND REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS SUMMER 2016 CONTENTS Academic ...»
  91. «The United Nations, intra-state peacekeeping and normative change Esref Aksu ¸ T H E U N I T E D NAT I O N S , I N T R A - S TAT E P E AC E K E E P ...»
  92. «A Background Paper to the Task Force on Slum Dwellers of the Millennium Project July 2005 Walter Hook, PhD Executive Director, Institute for ...»
  93. «Thursday 13 February 2014 Session 1: Welcome and Opening Remarks Welcoming Remarks: Shireen Lateef ADB Shireen Lateef is Senior Advisor (Gender) in ...»
  94. «_ Year 2011 Paper # 38 _ Celebritus Politicus and Neo-liberal Sustainabilities Mike Goodman Department of Geography, King’s College London ©2011 ...»
  95. «A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College In partial fulfillment of ...»
  96. «Congressional Planning and Budget Office Policy Advisory No. 2003 - 09 SUBJECT: ADDRESSING IMPLEMENTATION WOES OF THE CLEAN AIR ACT This paper argues ...»
  97. «Many recent antitrust cases concern aftermarkets: markets for goods or services used together with durable equipment but purchased after the consumer ...»
  98. «ANDREW J. CHANG Managing Director PROFILE: Seventeen years of experience working with both high-level executives and operations staff on sensitive ...»
  99. «TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1 of 14 Introduction 3 Overview 3 Local context 3 Objectives 4 Our policy 5 Succession 6 Tenancy reviews 7 Review criteria 7 ...»
  100. «Resource Ownership in Drinking Water Production. Comparing Public and Private Operators' Strategies in Belgium David Aubin Association universitaire ...»
  101. «Chapter 1: The case for apprenticeships p.3 Chapter 2: Improving the quality and recognition of apprenticeships p.10 Chapter 3: Employers in the ...»
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