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«CURRICULUM VITAE BENJAMIN N. SCHIFF Oberlin College Residence: 213 Rice Hall 276 N. Professor St. Oberlin, OH 44074 Oberlin, OH 44074 Phone: 440 ...»

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Oberlin College Residence:

213 Rice Hall 276 N. Professor St.

Oberlin, OH 44074 Oberlin, OH 44074 Phone: 440 775-8535 cell (440) 506 5663 email: ben.schiff@oberlin.edu William G. and Jeanette Williams Smith Professor of Politics;

Fellow, Human Rights Center, University of California, Berkeley School of Law Chair, Department of Politics 1998-2005 Professor, 1994 Associate Professor, 1986 Assistant Professor, 1982 Instructor, 1979


Visiting Professor (research), Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, University of Leiden School of Law, Den Haag, 2005-2006.

Foreign Affairs Officer, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Non-Proliferation Bureau, 1978- 1979.

Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Research Associate, Post-Graduate Research Political Scientist, Political Science Department and Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1973-1977.


Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1982 (Political Science).

Examination Fields International Relations, Public Administration, Political Theory Dissertation (International Politics) “Dual Mandate: Safeguards and Technology Transfer in the International Atomic Energy Agency.” Advisor: Prof. Ernst B. Haas M.A. University of California, Berkeley, CA, 1975 (Political Science).

Thesis (Political Theory) “Continuity and Change: the Case of Francis Bacon.” Advisor: Prof. Hanna Pitkin B.A. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 1973 (Political Science).



International Organization and Law International Criminal Tribunals and Truth Commissions Palestinian Refugees South African Politics Nuclear and Conventional Arms Control


Introduction to International Politics International Organization International Law War, Weapons, and Arms Control Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Mini-course, fall 2010, on Oil in the Middle East (coordinator) North-South Relations Middle East Politics

Research Seminar topics 1979-2013:

International Energy Politics, International Arms Transfers, International Politics of Refugees, Transition in South Africa, International Environmental Issues, International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law.

HONORS, FELLOWSHIPS and GRANTS Fellow, University of California, Berkeley, School of Law Human Rights Center 2013-2016 Oberlin Research Status Appointment, 2012-2013 “Networking the International Criminal Court.” 2009 Academic Council on the United Nations System Best Book of 2009 (Building the International Criminal Court).

2009 Chadwick Alger Prize, International Organization Section, International Studies Association, best book published in 2008 in international organization and multilateralism (Building the International Criminal Court).

Judge, Semi-finals, 29th Telders International Law Moot Court Competition, Grotius Centre, Leiden University School of Law, The Hague, 23-29 April, 2006.

Oberlin Research Status Appointment, 2000-2001, AEvolution of an International War Crimes Regime.@ Powers Travel Grant for research in South Africa on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2000).

Oberlin R & D Grant for travel and research to Jordan, West Bank and Gaza, summer 1999.

European Center for Contemporary Middle East Research (CERMOC) travel and research grant, West Bank and Gaza, spring/summer 1999.

European Center for Contemporary Middle East Research (CERMOC), travel grant, third annual UNRWA research conference, Amman, Jordan, October, 1998.

Mellon Foundation grant: mentor of post-doctoral visiting assistant professor and one course per year release for course development 1998-99, 1999-2000.

McGregor-Oresman Teaching Assistant, international environmental issues research, summer, 1997.

Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship for creative non-fiction writing, 1996.

Fulbright Research Award Alternate, South Africa Program 1992-93.

Oberlin R & D Grant for travel to South Africa, 1991-92.

Oberlin R & D Grant for research at the U.N. Vienna International Centre, summer 1989.

James Malone Faculty Fellowship, National Council for U.S.-Arab Relations. Travel to Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, March, 1989 Grant from University of Michigan, Program for Inter-Institutional Cooperation in Area Studies (PICAS) for work at the Center for Near East and North African Studies, January, 1989.

3 Dana Teaching Assistance Grant, North-South political economy course, academic year 1987-88.

Oberlin R & D Grant for research in Washington and London, summer-winter, 1987.

Dana Research Assistance Grant for Arms Control course bibliographical work. Summer, 1987.

Oberlin R & D Committee Grant for tape transcriptions, UNRWA research project. Fall, 1986.

Dana Research Assistance Grant for UNRWA bibliographical research help. Summer, 1986.

Sloan Foundation course development grant, Arms Control and International Negotiation Summer, 1986.

Grant from Foundation for Middle East Peace (Washington, D.C.), UNRWA research project. 1985-86.

Oberlin R & D Grant, 1985-86, used in support of research project: "Role and Record of the UNRWA".

Charles E. Culpeper Fellowship for 1985-86: "Role and Record of the UNRWA."

Grant, Oberlin College Dean=s office, for research in Vienna, Jordan, West Bank, Gaza, Summer, 1984.

Sloan Foundation grantee, MIT/Harvard "Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control" workshop, July, 1983.

Oberlin R & D Grant, Spring 1983. "The Rise or Demise of the International Disarmament Conference."

Curriculum Enrichment Grant, "Lecture and Colloquium Series on Science and Society", Spring 1982.

Dissertation research fellowship and maintenance, Institute for the Study of World Politics, 1977-1978.

Research Apprenticeship, University of California, Berkeley, Institute of International Studies, 1975-76.


Books Building the International Criminal Court, (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008) pp. 320.

Heart of Whiteness: Afrikaners Face Black Rule in the New South Africa, (with June Goodwin). (New York: Scribner, 1995) pp. 416.

Refugees unto the Third Generation: UN Aid to Palestinians, (Syracuse, NY: Syracuse Univ. Press,

1995) pp. 330.

International Nuclear Technology Transfer: Dilemmas of Dissemination and Control, (New Jersey:

Rowman & Alanheld, 1984) pp. 240.

Articles and Chapters “Diplomacy and the International Criminal Court,” chapter 41 of Andrew Cooper, Jorge Heine, and Ramesh Thakur, Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy (Oxford Univ. Press, 2013) 745-762.

“The ICC and R2P: Problems of Individual Culpability and State Responsibility,” in Stacey Mitchell and Henry Carey, eds, Trials and Tribulations of International Prosecution, (Lexington Books, 2013) 149International Criminal Court in International Relations,” in Joel Krieger, Margaret Crahan, Craig Murphy and Ayse Kaya, eds., Oxford Companion to International Relations (Oxford University Press, 2012) (approx. 1,600 words).

“International Criminal Court,” in David Coates, Oxford Companion to American Politics (Oxford Univ.

Press, 2012) (approx. 1,700 words).

“Lessons for R2P from ICC experience for ICC/R2P convergence,” Finnish Yearbook on International Law (2010) 101-107.

–  –  –

“Evaluating the International Criminal Court,” World Politics Review (September 27, 2011) 10-15 http://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/articles/10146/evaluating-the-international-criminal-court.

“Without loyalty to any theoretical gods,” sidebar to Chapter Five: Benjamin Schiff: Building the International Criminal Court (2008) in Peter Katzenstein and Rudra Sil, Beyond Paradigms: Analytical Eclecticism in the Study of World Politics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

“Universalism meets Sovereignty at the International Criminal Court,” chapter 4 in Noha Shawki and Michaelene Cox, eds., Rethinking Sovereignty and Human Rights after the Cold War (Ashgate, 2009) pp.


“Do Truth Commissions Promote Accountability or Impunity? The Case of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” in M. Cherif Bassiouni, ed., Post Conflict Justice (Transnational Publishers, 2002) 325-344.

“U.S.-Israeli Relations,” in Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Global Focus (Cleveland, May, 1999).

“Development of UNRWA=s Bureaucracy 1950-1991,” non-circulating proceedings of the Third Annual Conference, European Center for Contemporary Middle East Research (CERMOC), UNRWA: A history Within History (Beirut, 1999) 63-72.

“The Afrikaners After Apartheid,” Current History Vol. 95, no. 601 (May, 1996) 216-221.

“Who Killed Steve Biko?” with June Goodwin, The Nation (November 13, 1995) 565-568.

“Arms Control and Disarmament,” Global Agenda: Issues Before the 46th General Assembly (Lexington, MA: Lexington Press, 1991) 75-92.

“Assisting the Palestinian Refugees: Progress in Human Rights?,” Manuel Adler and Beverly Crawford, eds., Progress in Post-War International Relations (Columbia University Press: 1991) 359-402.

“Arms Control and Disarmament,” Issues Before the 45th General Assembly (Lexington, MA: Lexington Press, 1990) 69-82.

Introductory section for the United Nations Public Information Office's press briefing package on the 1990 Review Conference on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (UN: 1990).

“Facing New Challenges: UNRWA and the Intifada,” U.S. Committee for Refugees, World Refugee Survey: 1989 In Review (USCR: 1990) 25-29.

“Dominance Without Hegemony: The US and the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Margaret Karns and Karen Mingst, eds., The United States and International Organizations (Unwin and Hyman: Boston, 1990) 57-89.

“Arms Control and Disarmament,” Issues Before the 44th General Assembly (Lexington, MA: Lexington Press, 1989) 59-70.

“Between Occupier and Occupied: UNRWA in the Gaza Strip and West Bank,” Journal of Palestine Studies Vol. XVIII, no. 3 (Spring 1989) 60-75.

–  –  –

“Educating the Palestinians: the UN Relief and Works Agency,” Yankee Forum: the Journal of the Connecticut Council for Social Studies (No. 5, 1984).

“Conventional Lessons from Nuclear Export Policy,” Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives, Vol. IV, no. 1 (Summer, 1984) 69-82.

Editor and co-author (with six others), U.C. Berkeley Institute of International Studies, “Nuclear Waste Management and Non-Proliferation,” U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Report AC6AC725 (1977) pp. 222.

Scholarly Book Reviews Uri Bar-Joseph, Intelligence Intervention in the Politics of Democratic States: The United States, Israel, and Britain. International Journal of Middle East Studies (Spring, 1997).

Alan Richards and John Waterbury, A Political Economy of the Middle East: State, Class, and Economic Development. Journal of Developing Societies (Spring, 1993).

David Fischer and Paul Szasz for the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Safeguarding the Atom: A Critical Appraisal; and Leonard Spector, Nuclear Proliferation Today. Third World Quarterly (January, 1986).

Gerald Segal, et al, Nuclear War and Nuclear Peace, and Daniel Frei and Christian Catrina, Risks of Unintentional Nuclear War. American Political Science Review (March, 1985).

George Quester, American Foreign Policy: The Lost Consensus. American Political Science Review (Summer, 1984).

Lawrence Freedman, The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy. American Political Science Review (Summer, 1983).

Popular Press Book Reviews

Cleveland Plain Dealer:

John Reader, Africa: Biography of the Continent (August 9, 1998).

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela (December 4, 1994).

Gloria Emerson, Gaza: A Year in the Intifada, A Personal Account of the Palestinian Problem (April 14, 1991).

Shirley Hazzard, Countenance of Truth: The United Nations and the Waldheim Case (August 28, 1990).

James Adams, Engines of War: Merchants of Death and the New Arms Race and Louis Toscano, Triple Cross: Israel, the Atomic Bomb, and the Man Who Spilled the Secrets (June 3, 1990).

Aline, Countess of Romanones, The Spy wore Red: My Adventures as an Undercover Agent in World War II and The Spy Went Dancing: My Further Adventures as an Undercover Agent (April 8, 1990).

Graham Hancock, Lords of Poverty (January 20, 1990).

–  –  –

Seymour M. Hersh, The Target Is Destroyed (December 7, 1986).

Richard A. Stubbing with Richard A. Mendel, The Defense Game (October 12, 1986).

James Coates and Michael Kilian, Heavy Losses: The Dangerous Decline of American Defense (March 23, 1986).

Gary Sick, All Fall Down: America's Tragic Encounter with Iran (July 28, 1985).

William L. Ury, Beyond the Hotline (June 9, 1985).

Elizabeth and Robert Fernea, The Arab World: Personal Encounters (June 2, 1985).


“Restarting the International Criminal Court” to the University of California, Berkeley, Law School Human Rights Center (May 3, 2013).

“The International Criminal Court: Ten Years On, Assessing Its Promise, Problems, and Potential” Bard Global Studies and International Affairs Program James Clarke Chase Memorial Lecture, New York (September 27, 2012).

Roundtable participant, “The United States and Multilateral Institutions: What Has Changed Since 1990?” at the International Studies Association annual meeting, San Diego, California (April 4, 2012).

“R2P and ICC: Converging or Diverging Responsibilities?” at the International Studies Association, annual meeting, San Diego, California (April 3, 2012).

Roundtable participant, “Assessing the ICC: 10 Years into the Experiment” International Studies association annual meeting, San Diego, California (April 2, 2012).

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