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«Lisa K. Bates Contact Information Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning Phone: (503) 725-8203 506 SW Mill Street, Suite 350 Fax: (503) 725-8770 ...»

Lisa K. Bates



Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning Phone: (503) 725-8203

506 SW Mill Street, Suite 350 Fax: (503) 725-8770

Portland State University E-mail: lkbates@pdx.edu

Portland, OR 97201 www.pdx.edu/usp


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH)

Doctor of Philosophy, Dept of of City and Regional Planning. 2006.

The George Washington University, Washington, DC (GWU) Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, Political Science. 1999.

Academic Appointments Portland State University (PSU).

Assistant Professor. Sept. 2009-.

Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Assistant Professor. Aug. 2006-May 2009.

Dept of Urban and Regional Planning, Dept of African-American Studies.

Lecturer. Jan. 2006-July 2006.

Dept of Urban and Regional Planning.

Research Interests Affordable housing policy and planning; neighborhood quality and change; neighborhood revitalization planning.

Courses Planning and the Housing Market (PSU-USP 510) Theory of Community Development (PSU-USP 301) Housing Policy and Planning (PSU-USP 567; UIUC-UP 473).

Workshop: New Orleans Neighborhood Planning (UIUC-UP 595).

Survey Design and Analysis (UIUC-UP 508).

Professional Communication for Planners (UIUC-UP 594L).

Poverty, Place, and Policy (UIUC-UP 199L).

Honors Craig Wollner Memorial Award for Junior Faculty, College of Urban and Public Affairs, PSU. June 2011.

Incomplete List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent, UIUC. Fall 2006, Spring 2009.

Caroline H. and Thomas S. Royster Society of Fellows, UNC-CH. 1999-2006.

Special Honors, Political Science Department, GWU. 1999.

Phi Beta Kappa. 1998.

Research Grants Awarded P.I. with Ellen M. Bassett. “What is a ’Good Neighborhood?’: Exploring the Choices of Low-Income Householdsin Portland.” West Coast Poverty Center, Poverty and Policy Small Grants Program.

Awarded Sept 2010. ($14,986.)

–  –  –

P.I. “Lending and Foreclosure Patterns on Chicago’s South Side: Putting the Pieces Together.” UIUC College of Fine and Applied Arts Creative Research Award, Jan-June 2009 ($7,000).

P.I. “Through a Glass Darkly: How Low-Moderate Income Minority Borrowers View the Subprime Lending Process.” UIUC Campus Research Board, January 2008 ($17,540).

–  –  –

U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development (U.S. HUD) Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant, Roberto G. Quercia, advisor. For UNC dissertation A Housing Submarket Approach to Neighborhood Revitalization Planning: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Justifications, 2004 ($25,000).

U.S. HUD Early Doctoral Student Research Grant, Roberto G. Quercia, advisor. For Can Housing Filter Without the Neighborhood Filtering? An Empirical Investigation, 2001 ($15,000).

Contracts and other funding P.I. “Background Research for Washington County’s Fair Housing Plan.” Contracted Jan 2011.


–  –  –

Publications J.S. Lowe and L.K. Bates, forthcoming in 2012. “Missing New Orleans: Lessons from Abandoning and Reconstructing the Crescent City.” Invited chapter in Remaking the City After Abandonment, eds. Margaret Dewar and June Manning Thomas. University of Pennsylvania Press.

–  –  –

M.M. Edwards and L.K. Bates, 2011. “Planning’s Core Curriculum: Knowledge, Practice, and Implementation.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. 31(2): 172-183.

K. Reardon, R. Green, L.K. Bates, and R. Kiely, 2009. “Overcoming the Challenges of PostDisaster Planning in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans: Lessons from the ACORN Housing University Collaborative.” Journal of Planning Education and Research. 28(3):391-400 L.K. Bates and R. Green, 2009. “Housing Recovery in the Ninth Ward: Disparities in Policy, Process, and Prospects.” in Race, Place, and Environmental Justice After Hurricane Katrina: Struggles to Reclaim, Rebuild and Revitalize New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, eds. Robert D. Bullard and Beverly Wright. Westview Press. Invited chapter.

R. Green, L.K. Bates, and A. Smyth, 2007. “Impediments to Recovery in New Orleans’ Upper and Lower Ninth Ward One Year After Hurricane Katrina.” Disasters. 31(4):311-335.

L.K. Bates, 2007. “Post-Katrina Housing: Problems, Policies, and Prospects for African-Americans in New Orleans.” The Black Scholar. 36(4): 13-31. Invited paper.

–  –  –

J.D. Lepofsky and L.K. Bates, 2005. “Helping Everyone Have PLENTY: Addressing Distribution and Circulation in an HOURS-based Local Currency.” International Journal of Community Currency Research. 9: 1-20.

Reports and Working Papers L.K. Bates. “Demographic profile and disparities,” “Private Market Lending,” and “Geography of Opportunity and Protected Classes.” Background reports prepared for Washington County Fair Housing Plan. June 2011.

L.K. Bates and S. Van Zandt. “Illinois’ New Approach to Regulating Predatory Lending:

Unintended Consequences of Borrower Triggers and Spatial Targeting.” University of Illinois Spatial Policy Analysis Research Consortium, Working Paper 2007-02.

L.K. Bates and R.A. Green, 2008. “(Mis)Uses of Data: What Counts as Damage in Post-Katrina New Orleans Recovery Planning.” ACORN Housing University Collaboration.

ACORN Housing University Collaboration, Principals: R. Hayes, K. Reardon, L.K. Bates, R. Green, M. Thompson. “A People’s Plan for Overcoming the Hurricane Katrina Blues: A Comprehensive Strategy for Building a More Vibrant, Sustainable, and Equitable 9th Ward.” January 7, 2007.


–  –  –

R.E. Smith, A. Naparstek, S. Popkin, L. Bartlett, L.K. Bates, J. Cigna, R. Crane, and E. Vinson.

“Housing Choice for HOPE VI Relocatees.” Prepared for U.S. HUD, The Urban Institute, 2002.

R.G. Quercia and L.K. Bates. “The Neglect of Housing: Consequences and Policy Responses.” Prepared for the Millennial Housing Commission, 2001.

L.K. Bates. “Community Land Trust: Restrictive Resale Options.” Prepared for Orange Community Housing Coalition (Orange County, NC), 2000.

Book Reviews L.K. Bates, 2010. Review of Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects, Margery Austin Turner, Howard Wial, and Howard Wolman, eds. Journal of Regional Science. 50(5): 1025-1026.

–  –  –

L.K. Bates, 2006. Review of Philadelphia: A New Urban Direction, 2nd Edition, by the City Controller’s Office of Philadelphia. Journal of Planning Literature. 21(2): 171-2.

Scholarly Presentations “ (Recent) “Getting over urban renewal: Towards a robust planning engagement with housing.” Harvey Perloff Lecture on the Future of Planning. University of California, Los Angeles, Nov. 2010. Invited talk.

“Livability Leadership at the Federal Level: How Can Existing Institutional Structures Work Together?” with Kelly J. Clifton. Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Oct. 2010, Minneapolis.

“Five Years after the Storm; Race and Class Politics in Post-Katrina America.” Invited talk for University of Virginia’s series Class Matters: Race, Labor, and Public Policy in Contemporary America, sponsored by the Department of History and the Miller Center for Public Policy, Aug.

2010, Charlottesville, Va.

“Through a Glass Darkly: Low-Income Borrowers’ View of Mortgage Refinance.” Urban Affairs Association, March 2010, Honolulu.

“Planning’s Core Curriculum: Knowledge, Practice and Implementation ” With Mary M. Edwards.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference, Oct. 2009, Crystal City.

“Rebuilding New Orleans’ Rental Housing: An Economic Psychology Perspective.” Urban Affairs Association, March 2009, Chicago.

“Housing Recovery in Post-Katrina New Orleans.” Invited talk and panel discussion for the Sustainable Housing Research Unit and Natural Hazard Reduction & Recovery Center of Texas A&M University, Nov. 2008, College Station, Tx.

“Rental Housing Market Recovery in Post-Katrina New Orleans.” Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning-Association of European Schools of Planning Joint Congress, July 2008, Chicago.

“Housing Recovery in the Ninth Ward: Disparities in Policy,Process, and Prospects.” Deep South Center for Environmental Justice Race, Place, & the Environment Conference, May 2008, Dillard University.

“Housing Recovery in the Ninth Ward: Policy and Prospects” Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Annual Conference, October 2007, Milwaukee.

–  –  –

Other Writing and PresentationsL.K. Bates, 2007. “Nothing out there can be saved at all’: Demonstrating the Recoverability of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans With Primary Data Collection” UIUC DURP UPWords. 13(1):9-13.

–  –  –

“Making Sense of Place.” Panelist. Coalition for a Livable Future, Portland. April 6, 2010.

“Illinois’ Mortgage Crisis: Implications for Local Planners.” American Planning Association– Illinois Chapter State Conference, Oct. 2008, Champaign, Ill.

–  –  –

Additional Teaching Mentor, University of Illinois Summer Research Opportunities Program, 2007. 2007, Brandon Moss, Grambling State University, winner of Arts and Humanities Top Scholar Award.

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