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«CURRICULUM VITAE 1. PERSONAL DETAILS Name: YITZHAK SAMUEL Place and Date of Birth: Haifa, Israel. January 28, 1939. Marital Status: Married (1963), ...»

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Updated: February 2015




Place and Date of Birth: Haifa, Israel. January 28, 1939.

Marital Status: Married (1963), one daughter, two grandchildren.

Citizenship and Identity Card Number: Israel 005947460

Permanent Home Address: Ha’Sachlav Street 15, Haifa 3479015, ISRAEL.

Home Telephone Number: 972-4-811 0937

Home Fax Number: 972-4-811 1558 Office Address: Department of Sociology, University of Haifa, Haifa 31905 ISRAEL.

Office Telephone Number: 972-4-824 192 Office Fax Number: 972-4-8249 194 E-Mail: ysamuel@univ.haifa.ac.il

2. HIGHER EDUCATION B.A. (1965). Social Sciences. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Sociology and Department of Political Science (1960-1964).

M.Sc. (1968). Management Sciences. The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management (1965-1968).

Ph.D. (1972). Sociology. The University of Michigan, Department Sociology (1969-1972).


1998 Specialist in the Sociology of Work and Organizations. Granted by the Israeli Sociological Society (ISS).

2 Advanced Studies UNESCO International Summer Seminar: "The Use of Mathematical Models in the Social Sciences" (July 1-27, 1968), Köln, Germany.

M.I.T. Summer Seminar: "Management of Research and Development & Technology-Based Innovation" (June 1-15, 1981), School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.

STANFORD Visiting Scholar, participation in advanced seminars, Stanford University, Department of Sociology (August-December 1983), Palo Alto, CA.

BERKELEY Visiting Scholar, participation in advanced seminars, University of California, Berkeley School of Business Administration (August 1987 Through September 1988), Berkeley, CA.

CHICAGO Visiting Scholar, independent study, University of Chicago, Department of Sociology (July-September 1998), Chicago, IL.

OTTAWA Adjunct Visiting Professor, independent study, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada (July-September 2000).

SYDNEY Visiting Scholar, University of Technology Sydney, School of Business, Department of Management (September 2006-February 2007).



1968-1969 Technion, Industrial& Management Engineering Instructor 1972-1979 Tel Aviv University, Sociology & Anthropology Lecturer 1976-1979 Ruppin Academic Center, Social Sciences Senior Lecturer 1979-1984 Bar Ilan University, Sociology

–  –  –


1973-1976 Director, Social Research Institute, Tel Aviv University.

Undergraduate Students’ Adviser, Tel Aviv University.

1976-1977 1974-1977 Chairman, Scholarship Committee, Tel Aviv University.

1981-1984 Member, Steering Committee, Graduate Program in the Sociology of Organizations, Department of Sociology, Bar Ilan University.

1993-2005 Head, Graduate Program in Organizational & Applied Sociology, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Haifa.

1995-1997 Member, Departmental Graduate Studies Committee, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, the University of Haifa.

1996-2005 Member, Executive Board, the Institute for Research of the Kibbutz & the Cooperative Idea.

1997-1999 Member, Steering Committee of Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Quality Sciences. Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Haifa.

1997-1998 Member, Review Committees (Promotions), the University of Haifa.

4 1998-2001 Chairperson, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Haifa (three year term).

Member, the Rector’s Task Force on Recruitment of New Students.

1999-2000 1999-2000 Member, Committee on Rules and Procedures for the Employment of Teaching Fellows by the University of Haifa.

1999-2005 Member, Board of Governors, University of Haifa.

1999-2005 Member, Executive Board, Center for the Study of Organizations & Management of the Human Resource, the University of Haifa.

2001-2004 Senate Member, University of Haifa.

2005-2006 Member, Executive Board Control Committee, University of Haifa.

2006-2007 Head, Officer-in-charge, Disciplinary Authority, University of Haifa.

2008-2009 Associate Dean, the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Haifa.

2014- Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Haifa (4 years term).



1963-1964 Research Assistant, Institute for Applied Social Research, Jerusalem.

Participation in data collection and analysis for a study on relationships between governmental bureaucracy and the public.

1964-1966 Research Assistant, the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Participation in data collection and analysis for a study on workers’ participation in management.

1969-1972 Senior Assistant Project Director, Center for Utilization of Scientific Knowledge, Institute for Social Research, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Development of Organizational Assessment Measures, analysis of change progress in client organizations, preparation of diagnostic reports.

1975-1978 Senior Research Associate, Center for Policy Research, New York.

Conduct of a social study on labor market mobility of Israeli workers.

–  –  –


1982-1984 Deputy Vice-President, Human Resources Development, RAFAEL.

Initiation, design, and implementation of various HRD programs such as Employees’ Performance Appraisal, Dual Career Ladder for Engineers, and promotion system of Technicians. Technical re-training.

1984-1987 Director, Organizational Design and Development, RAFAEL.

Leading professional role, as Staff Specialist in Organization, in the design, implementation, and follow-up of Matrix Type Structure of Rafael’s major Divisions. Leading professional role in the design and implementation of Rafael’s new International Marketing Setup, Quality Assurance Setting, and Product Lines Units within in the main Divisions.

1991-1993 Director, Management Training and Development, RAFAEL.

Chairperson, Task Force for Preparation of Rafael’s Managerial Reserve (i.e., design of tools and procedures aimed at selection, training, practice, and placement of candidates). Initiation, planning, and implementation of in-house Management Training Programs for both junior and senior managers (including Project Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Budgeting, Financing, Pricing, and Human Resources Management, etc.) 1991-1993 Officer, Planning and Organization, RAFAEL.

Annual inspection and approval of all Rafael’s organizational charts of divisions and all other units. Approval of all supervisory, managerial and executive positions. Professional consent of all organizational change programs (e.g., merging, separation, and redeployment of various units, reorganization and relocation groups of specialists).

2012-2014 Head, School of Management, Western Galilee College.

Planning of new disciplinary Departments (i.e. economics, management, public administration, and logistics). Designing of under graduate study programs. Initiating and organizing of Master Classes presented by various foreign visitors. Initiation and organizing of annual conferences on the topic of the Management of political and economic crises.

Designing of the School of Management’s Academic Strategy.

–  –  –


1974 Professional Advisor. Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of International Cooperation, Jerusalem.

Conduct of Evaluation Research of the Israeli Technical Assistance Program in Ecuador in setting-up new forms of agricultural settlements.

1975-1976 Methodological Consultant. Yisum - Applied Social Research, Inc.

Data Analysis of a large-scale applied social study on the National Uprising of Jews in the former USSR, for their absorption as immigrants.

1977-1979 Managerial Consultant. Moriah Hotels Chain, Inc.

Conduct of organizational diagnosis, design of turnaround program, implementation and follow-up of organizational change in upscale hotel.

1977-1990 Academic Consultant. Israel Air Force.

Mentoring of applied sociologists, induction of research tools, review of research reports, initiation of new applied studies and programs.

1986-1987 Managerial Consultant. Packer Plada Group, Inc.

Training and guiding of 25 executives in strategic planning and strategy implementation; preparation of tools and design of planning procedures.

1994-2009 Scientific Advisor. Human Resources Monthly (Hebrew Journal).

Consulting the journal’s editors on publication policy, quality standards, access to international scientific information, and evaluation of selected articles.

1994-2012 Academic Advisor. External Studies Unit, Division of Business Administration & Management Programs of study, University of Haifa.

Academic evaluation of curricula, critical review syllabi, professional examination of new study programs, certification of diplomas.

1996-1998 Professional Consultant. Israeli Governmental Agency.

Advising to Management Training staff, selection of teachers and trainers, teaching of the core course on organization theory and practice.

–  –  –

2004-2005 Chairperson. Inspection Committee of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.

Diagnosis of the Orchestra's structure, function, and performance.

Recommendation for Turnaround Program to the Mayor of Haifa.


1999-2002 Member, Steering Committee, “Shatil”, The New Israel Fund’s Capacity-Building Center for Development of Advocacy NGOs.


2008-2010 Chair, Public Council for the legislation of the Organizational Consultants Law by Israeli Knesset.

2010-2014 Member, the Executives Board of the Haifa Symphony Friendship Association.


- Israel Sociological Society (ISS)

- International Sociological Association (ISA)

- Academy of Management (AOM)

- International Academy of Management & Business

- International Academy of Business & Economics


1978-1981 Secretary, Israel Sociological Society (ISS).

1985-1986 Chair, Professional Committee, ISS.

1994-1995 Member, Committee on Applied Sociology, ISS.

1994-1996 Member, Executive Board, Israeli Sociological Society.

1997-2005 Member, Executive Board, Research Committee on the Sociology of Organizations, International Sociological Association.

1997-2005 Member, Executive Board, Research Committee on Sociotecnics Sociological Practice, International Sociological Association.

1996-1997 Chair, Professional Certification Committee, ISS.

1997-1998 Member, Organizing Committee, RC17 Sessions, 14th World Congress, International Sociological Association, Montreal, 1998.

1997-2000 President, Israel Sociological Society (3 year term).

1998 Session Organizer, Organizational Change & Transformation, 14th World Congress, International Sociological Association, Montreal.

1998-2000 Delegate, Council of National Associations, International Sociological Association.

8 1998-2000 Member, Assembly of Councils, International Sociological Association.

1998 Chair, Organizing Committee, 29th Annual Meeting, Israeli Sociological Society, Haifa, Israel.

1998-2005 Member, Editorial Board, Schnitzer Studies of Israeli Society Series.

1998-1999 Member, Honorary Committee, 34th World Congress, International Institute of Sociology, Tel Aviv, July 1999.

1999 Session Organizer, “Organizational Adaptation to Globalization”, 34th World Congress, International Institute of Sociology, Tel Aviv, July 1999.

2004 Chair, Organizing Committee, the 1st Annual Meeting on Applied Sociology, Haifa, May 2004.

2005-2006 Chair, Organizing Committee, the 2nd and 3rd Annual Meetings on Applied Sociology, Haifa, March 2005, and February 2006.


1975 College of National Security.

1976 Israel Management Center (M.I.L.).

1977 I.D.F. School of Command and Staff.

1990-93 RAFAEL School of Management Training.

1993-98 Israel Ministry of Defense, Management Training Program.

1995 Israel Ministry of Internal Security.

1996 College of National Security.

1995-97 Haifa Municipality, Management Training for Senior Social Workers.


"The Occupational Aspirations of Youth". Paper presented at the Israeli Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv, 1972.

"Ranking the Attractiveness of Occupations". Paper presented at the International Sociological Association Meeting, Jerusalem, 1976.

"The Work Situs as a Predictor of Work Values”. Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 1978.

–  –  –

"Organizational Change: Theory, Data, and Simulation". Paper presented at the System Dynamics Society Annual Meeting, Stuttgart, Germany, 1989.

"Development of Management Human Resources”. Paper presented at the Human Resources Management of Israel Annual Meeting, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1994.

“Socio-Technical Realigning to Environmental Change: Defense Industries in Transition”. Paper presented at the International Sociological Association Meeting, RC#26: Sociotecnics - Sociological Practice, Crete, Greece, 1997.

“Quo Vadis Organizational Sociology”? Paper presented at the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, 9th International Conference, Montreal, Canada, 1997.

“A System Dynamics Model of Planned Organizational Change”. Paper presented at the Academy of Management, 57th Annual Meeting, Boston, USA, 1997.

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