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NOV.12TH - 20TH2011



Cover Photography by Mauricio Candela




Welcome to the Miami short Film Festival!

Since the festival’s inception in 2002, the Miami short Film Festival (MsFF) has grown in size and reputation. Our passion for the art of filmmaking is palpable. With a philosophy that today’s short films lead to tomorrow’s world-renowned filmmakers, the festival has become a powerful cultural voice to South Florida and has created a positive influence on the arts. Undeniably, Miami and Miami Beach’s vibrancy and vitality are ideal plat- forms from where to project world class entertainment. MsFF is proud to unveil innovative visions from emerging filmmakers who are part of an increasingly popular form of enter- tainment – shorts!

This year MsFF is pleased to host you at the historical Colony Theatre on sizzling South Beach, a fitting frame for our milestone 10th edition. Our slogan this year is “A decade of shorts”. Over 900 submissions from all corners of the globe made their way to this year’s competition. Each film submitted further cements our commitment to being a launching point for innovative filmmakers. These independent films are engaging and informative, bringing us diverse cultures from around the world. As in the past, MsFF honors those writers and filmmakers, who, through their creative work, dynamically increase aware- ness, address complex social issues, provide multiple viewpoints, and fortify ties between international audiences.

Our 10th edition includes a variety of professional industry panels and workshops, which provide filmmakers and students with a source of practical knowledge and advice from prominent national and international industry professionals. Without a doubt, the Festival’s continuing appeal has everything to do with the filmmakers, the nurturing and suppor- tive partnerships, sponsors (including the Miami Beach and Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Councils), staff, volunteers – and yes, the audience - who make it all possible. Their sup- port is a clear acknowledgement that MsFF’s efforts are on track in its goal of encouraging and promoting the continued development of the seventh art. To each, a heartfelt Thank You!

As we gear up to share another fabulous occasion, MsFF invites you, welcomes you and looks forward to having you join us in this year’s film journey which promises to be even more exciting than last year’s!

–  –  –

Vela rented a space, a projector, and 50 chairs for what he thought would be an intimate event, but as the word spread around Miami other directors and producers began to show interest in participating with their own shorts. Soon enough a total of 17 movies were collected for the showcase that would ultimately become the first night of the Miami short Film Festival.I ncredibly, 310 guests arrived in celebration of local short cinema, and they were eager for more. Thus, MsFF was born, and those 50 chairs have been replaced by multiple theaters all over Miami.

As Vela’s dreams of a short film festival grew, he realized he had to bring in bigger partners. Vela found his match in a collaboration with Miami Dade College Director, Dr. Jose Padron, who granted Vela use of the Tower Theater, a venue known for its unique focus on international films and strong local patronage. The Tower would host the first annual edition of the event, a festival that was truly the first of its kind in south Florida. MsFF held its 2nd and 3rd annual editions in the same location, attracting over 2,000 patrons and boasting the participation of short films from over 21 countries. The MsFF bug was spreading to places as far as Australia, China, Italy, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, and the Middle East.

In 2006, MsFF was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in order to better serve its mission of supporting Miami’s burgeoning film industry by celebrating the art of short filmmaking, and exposing local audiences as well as the next generation of young artists to creative content from all over the world.

In 2007, the University of Miami’s School of Communications presented the festival at the Bill Cosford Cinema, a local gem for cinephiles, students and the Miami community.

Also with substantial financial underwriting from UMiami, the 7th annual edition of the Festival was able to expand to venues such as the Miami Science Museum’s Planetarium, the Miami Beach Cinematheque, The Miami Children’s Museum, all while maintaining its roots on Calle Ocho at the Tower Theater.

As MsFF spread through the veins of the Miami art world, the festival began to see record submissions and attendance. Film selections included prizewinners at major Festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, and the Oscars.

When the economy began to falter and the arts took a major hit, MsFF was able to pull through by tightening its budget and its bonds to the local community. Amazingly enough, short filmmakers seemed bolstered by the financial challenge. Films arrived in record numbers, and the content was worth fighting for. With Vela at the helm, MsFF’s dedication to the art of short film continues to be the driving force behind the momentum of the festival, and as MsFF rounds the corner towards its 10-year anniversary there are no signs of slowing down.

In 2011, MsFF has been revived by new partnerships with companies and people that were impressed with the fortitude of the fest, and the impact it has had over the last ten years. With the help of these partners MsFF is moving to the Colony Theater on Miami Beach, a venue that has been desired since the festival’s inception, and represents a true induction for the organization into Miami’s collection of awesome and recognizable art events.

The Miami New Times will present the 10th Edition of MsFF, and the nine-day event will be more action packed than previous festivals. After ten years Vela knows its time to go big, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. So buckle your seatbelts in 2011 and drive to the beach for cutting edge shorts programming, a fabulous party or two, and a tribute to some MsFF classics.

“The 10th Anniversary marks the perfect occasion to revisit past winners and see where these filmmakers find themselves now. MsFF’s philosophy has always been that «today’s short films lead to tomorrow’s world-renowned filmmakers. Philosophy then becomes reality by highlighting these filmmakers and their journeys.»

–  –  –

October 5, 2011 On behalf of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and our Cultural Affairs Council, we congratulate the Miami Short Film Festival on this occasion of celebrating its 10th Annual Short Film Festival. The Miami Short Film Festival has a distinguished track record as a launching point for original scripts, cutting edge film techniques and unique works by emerging film artists as well as for showcasing Oscar winning shorts.

This film festival not only presents the work of local, national and international artists and directors but also provides invaluable workshops and forums to local high school students and emerging, local film makers. We continue to applaud and support the festival’s “Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today” program where film professionals mentor high school students in the production of their own short films that are also presented at the festival.

We are proud to continue to support Miami Short Film Festival through our grants and technical assistance programs. In just a decade, the Miami Short Film Festival has established itself as one of our most important and awaited annual events. The festival’s passion for presenting outstanding new work and its commitment to the art form of film promise many more decades of exciting festivals ahead.

Congratulations and best wishes,

–  –  –

Monique Libier CONILL AGENCY Event Coordinator MIAMI NEW TIMES NOTE FROM THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR My first year as the Miami Short Film Festival’s program director has been both exhausting and incredibly exciting. Having in the past worked for the Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs and the Festival du Neouveau Cinema, I was honoured to share my experience and also to be inspired by the beauty and energy of Miami, its intense creative pulse. Viewing over nine hundred films from thirty different countries, a festival record, my reward was also my challenge. Traditionally, films are showcased into separate categories: documentary, music videos, narrative, experimental, animation and mobile. As the films revealed themselves, so did the thematic flow, which led to the arrangement of the screenings.

This year, we have also expanded the screenings into a complete week of experiences, inviting the audience to fully explore the real meaning of the word festival. With the intent to nurture local filmmakers and provide them with an outlet for their work, we reinvented «Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today», a South Florida film showcase, as a competition. For the first year ever, I am excited to introduce another local initiative «I’m Not Gonna Move to LA».

My gratitude extends to the audience for supporting MsFF and international films for the past nine years. My hope is that you the audience will continue to think, debate, discuss and may even decide to make your own short film to present to the world. Thank you to all the filmmakers for allowing us this extraordinary experience. Thank you Miami for heating things up.

–  –  –

Florida Film Institute Second Chance 8 min 32 sec - Directed by Shania Fair A young man, overwhelmed by school bullying, faces a tough decision.

Miami Beach High School Love Film 6 min - Directed by Mattheo Borgomanero A short film about love Ai Miami Grace - 16 min 0 sec - Directed by Maggie de la Pena Grace journeys through the heart of Miami to find her missing piece.

Miami-Dade College In Flagrante 26 min 43 sec - Directed Andres Hernandez A candidate for city commissioner must deal with an extortionist seeking to blackmail him.

Nova Southeastern A Perfect Day 10 min 13 sec - Directed by Juan Gallo The life of an office drone Miami-Dade College Night Fables 8 min 20 sec - Directed by Darian Faroy Darkness and fear haunts a young boy Miami Film School Scarlett 19 min 39 sec - Directed by Jonathan A Rhonda A modernized account of the last days of Jack the Ripper’s final victim.

University of Miami Haircut 5 min 51 sec - Directed by Tim Warren 16 It’s just a haircut.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH @ 2PM - 5PM @ THE MIAMI CHILDREN’S MUSEUM, 980 MACARTHUR COSWAY, MIAMI, FL. 33132 THE GIRL AND THE FOX -Directed by Tyler Kupferer, USA 2011, 5:30 min, Animation A young girl must track a mysterious fox through a foreboding wilderness. English.

LUNA - Directed by Raúl and Rafael Cárdenas, Mexico 2010, 8 min, Animation In a busy city full of motorized beings controlled by time, a little girl named Zoe will discover a beautiful moon in the middle of the chaos. Spanish with English subtitles GENEVIEVE GOES BOATING - Directed by Lucy Gray, USA 2011, 17:05 min, Narrative Molly cannot think of a way to finish her latest play. Instead she writes a story about her sister when they were children. Genevieve and her Father build a boat just her size. But she is afraid to sail in it. She takes her imaginary friends for imaginary rides. Narrated by Tilda Swinton.

DISCO - Directed by Luke Snellin, UK 2011,14:57 min, Narrative The heights of summer. England. Oasis reach number one with «D’you know what I mean». Tony Blair has moved his stuff to Downing Street. Meanwhile, Danny is trying to tell a girl named Pippa that he likes her.

LIKE - Directed by Christopher Boone, USA 2011, 18:06 min, Narrative Every friendship has a beginning. Most friendships are tested in the middle. And some friendships come to an end.

KARL DAHL - Directed by Christopher Kai Olsen, USA 2011 13:00 min, Animation Twin vaudevillian nutcrackers Karl and Vincent Dahl become enmeshed in arch-villain Vile Tom’s plans as he attempts to steal a gigantic solid gold cube.Through a hilarious chain of events, Karl and Vincent inadvertently save the day in a hilarious theatrical showdown set before the entire town.



DESIGN WITHIN REACH, 927 Lincoln Road, Suite 101, Miami Beach, Florida Monday, Nov.14th @ 5:30PM to 7:00PM Scriptwriting for Short Films with Crissa-Jean Chappell and Rolando Viñas Crissa-Jean Chappell holds an MFA in screenwriting and a Ph.D. in interdepartmental studies (film theory, literature and philosophy). Her debut novel, TOTAL CONSTANT ORDER (HarperTeen) is a Florida Book Award Medalist, Editor’s Choice Book, (VOYA starred review) and New York Public Library Book For The Teen Age. Chappell has taught film and creative writing at Miami International University of Art and Design for ten years.

Rolando Viñas is a South Florida Screenwriter who has been optioned five times. Rolando teaches “One on One” as well as at Miami Dade College’s School of Continuing Education.

Tuesday, Nov.15th @ 5:30PM to 7:00PM Independent Producing with Director/Producer Billy Corben Billy Corben was born in Florida and a University of Miami graduate. His feature documentary directorial debut, Raw Deal: A Question of Consent, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001, making him one of the youngest directors in Sundance history. With producing partner Alfred Spellman, Corben founded rakontur, a Miami Beach-based production company and achieved worldwide acclaim with a string of documentaries: Cocaine Cowboys, Cocaine Cowboys 2, The U, Square Grouper, The Limelight and Dawgfight. In 10 years, rakontur has become one of the most influential non-fiction production companies in the world. Billy continues to live and work in South Florida, where he actively supports the local filmmaking community.

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