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«Gue’senshi v7.3: st The 1 Kleistian Grenadiers Created by Gary Carney. Elements of the background and units have been borrowed and extrapolated ...»

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Gue’senshi v7.3:


The 1 Kleistian Grenadiers

Created by Gary Carney.

Elements of the background and units have been borrowed and extrapolated from Chris

Reiter’s excellent Third Sphere Campaign, which is available to download at the Tau

development board at EpiComms. Thanks also to Mal Cooney, Graham Bailey, Iain Werry, Rob

Malin Jr., the Philosopher, Hergmir, Neil Blanchflower, and everyone from EpiComms (now

Tactical Command), the Specialist Games Epic boards, and the staff of GW Dublin for their encouragement, advice and feedback.

GUE’SENSHI BACKGROUND “Although they have only been a part of our Empire for a short time, the Gue’senshi have already proven their worth aboard the Y’eldi. Their presence in the capture of the Gue’vattra vessel Ultima Imperia was crucial, as they were able to provide a friendly face to the surviving crew, convincing them of the benefits of joining the Greater Good. The Fio back home are most appreciative of their efforts – and the Hunter Cadres aboard welcome the options they provide in land-based operations.

Kor’O Dal’yth Y’eldi, Kor’vattra Qath’fannor Battlegroup Y’eldi,

026.M42 th The influence of Abbadon the Despoiler’s 13 Black Crusade against the Cadian Gate has been felt across the galaxy, far from the front lines on worlds such as Thracian Primaris, Agrapinaa and the embattled bastion world of Cadia.

In the far Eastern Fringe, the Tau Empire has been able to capitalise on the Imperium’s focus on the Chaos onslaught, as well as a successful containment of the local Ork and Tyranid incursions, by expanding the frontiers of the Greater Good further into the surrounding sectors. No less than five Third Sphere colonies have been founded in the new realms of expansion beyond the Damocles Gulf and Perdus Rift, and several former Imperial worlds have traded an enforced, distant loyalty to Terra for a concrete and beneficent allegiance to T’au.

The first major human system to join the Greater Good has been the system of Kleist in the Timbra subsector, home of the worlds of Kleist and Phaeb, as well as the moon of Garrus. With a population of 7 billion and a largely self-sufficient, relatively advanced (for an Imperial world) level of technology, Kleist is able to contribute far more to the Greater Good than the scattered colonies of Gue’vesa left on the far side of the Damocles Gulf. While under Imperial rule, the bulk of the world’s military resources were directed towards supporting the local Imperial Guard units, at the expense of the PDF forces comprising the bulk of armed forces on the world at the time of the establishment of the Kleist Protectorate. Under the reorganisation of forces following the advent of Tau sovereignty, new regiments were raised with superior training and equipment. In the time before resumption of production at the main industrial facilities postannexation, the heavy equipment left behind by the retreating Guard forces were put to good use.

Upon examination of the technology level, combat doctrines and technical expertise available on Kleist, a feasibility study by the Fio caste has found that the humans of the Kleist system would be a prime candidate for incorporation of Tau technology levels. Further, such incorporation would allow them to considerably benefit the sum total of armed forces available for the tau’va. However, such a full-scale conversion would take decades to develop the infrastructure, and perhaps generations to reform the education systems, as well as raise a suitable number of human scientists and engineers capable of comprehending the level of technology required. Also, given the familiarity with the vehicles, weapons, armour and tactics currently present among the Kleistian armed forces, it seemed prudent to gradually phase in more advanced technologies and more refined combat tactics. This would allow the new members of the Empire to serve the greater good without having to wait decades for their world’s transformation to be finalised.

st Thus, the first new regiments were raised for service across the tau’va, such as the 1 Kleistian rd th Grenadiers, the 3 Garrusite Dragoons and the 5 Phaebian Guard. While many humans, glad to be rid of Imperial rule, had no compunctions about fighting Imperial armed forces, others wished not to fight their own kind. Thus, some regiments were designated as focussing on combating Tyranid and Ork forces, while others remained deployed in Imperial-bordering sectors.

These regiments were designed to take advantage of the local production facilities, which allowed for a higher proportion of carapace-armoured troops, Leman Russ battle tanks and the local variant of skimmers such as the Valkyrie and Vulture, while lacking heavy artillery or super-heavy vehicle production facilities (the new Timbra Shas’ar’tol reasoned that seeker missiles and Tau support craft would serve as a replacement) Also, a number of Imperial super-heavy armoured vehicles were left behind by the retreating Imperial forces in the annexation, of which some are currently undergoing reverse-engineering by the Fio caste to examine the possibility of initiating production on Kleist. Others are being deployed in small numbers to certain regiments, where needed against opposing heavy vehicles.

The local regiments are organised as grenadier-doctrine forces, with a proportion of front-line troopers heavily armed and armoured to Storm Trooper levels. Local elite troops and volunteer Zashi commandos are trained to serve as rapid-deployment units, akin to Storm Troopers in an Imperial army, but with a generous sprinkling of Tau pulse weapons, markerlights and modified human technologies. Heavy weapon squads, Leman Russ armoured companies and heavy missile and ion cannon support from Tau war engines, aircraft and orbiting Tau vessels provide mobile firepower and heavy support options.

rd th Already, the 3 and 5 Phaebian Guard have been sent to fight the Tyranid forces closing in on the sept nd of Fal’shia. Also, the 2 Garrusites are en route to the Perdus Rift to take part in the cleansing of the Orks from two systems bordering a Kroot enclave. For the time being, the Grenadiers await to find out which direction the Tau advance into Imperial space will take… or where a prospective Imperial counterattack will land.

“After centuries of Imperial corruption, authoritarianism and misrule, our people are finally free to cast off the superstitions and stifling restrictions of another era. Our children are learning of science and the arts, our cities are being rejuvenated by clean energy supplies and technologies and our traders are able to sell their wares and import goods from Dal’yth Prime and beyond. Every day allows us to witness the benefits and freedoms granted by membership of the Tau Empire, and we will prove that we are ready to contribute our fair share to its expansion and protection. We will earn our new-found place as a part of, and a benefit to, the Greater Good.”

–  –  –


Gue’senshi Miniatures: Grenadier units are represented by Storm Trooper models, Infantry units by regular Imperial Guard troops and XV29 Zashi suits by Tau Stealth teams. I use Hammerheads with twin Missile Pod turrets for Stingrays, and Protector starship models from Battlefleet Gothic to represent Moray Assault Ships, but Emissary ship models are also appropriate.


Gue’senshi armies have a strategy rating of 2. All Gue’senshi formations have an initiative value of 2+.

–  –  –

GUE’SENSHI UNITS Please note that for transport purposes each Kleistian infantry type may be transported in an Orca or Manta. Up to 4 Chimera, Valkyrie or Vulture craft may be transported via Manta, as regular Tau vehicles can – these vehicles have been modified to be suitable for transport in such a manner.

–  –  –

KLEISTIAN GUE’SENSHI’O Since the reorganisation of the Kleistian armed forces following Kleist’s entry into the Tau Empire, the human armed forces were less enthusiastic than those from the post-Damocles colonies to settle for the, to their ears, slightly derogatory term of Gue’vesa. In keeping with the Por caste’s ability to accommodate local sensibilities, it was agreed to refer to the human armed forces as Gue’senshi, with rank references akin to those of the Tau castes. Thus, a Gue’senshi’o serves as commander of human armed forces serving in the theatre of combat. These commanders have been extensively trained by members of the Fire caste to best utilize the troops and arms under their command, as well as how best to integrate their armed forces with the Tau support systems on offer from their new allies. In addition, they are the first Tau-allied humans to be granted the honour of wearing the XV29 Zashi - a specially-modified variant of the XV15 Stealth suit – serving as an example of the potential extant in Kleist’s new-found place in the Greater Good.

–  –  –

KLEISTIAN GUE’SENSHI’EL Akin to a Commander in an Imperial Guard army, the Gue’senshi’el is responsible for a Kleistian company, chosen for their skill in leadership, tactical acumen and willingness to lead by example. Unlike the commanders of Imperial formations, Kleistian commanders are generally more heavily armoured and better equipped, as is fitting for a commander in a grenadier-doctrine army.

–  –  –

KLEISTIAN GUE’SENSHI’VRE Learning from the Fire caste rank system, officers of Gue’senshi’vre rank and higher are equipped with the carapace armour of a Storm Trooper, of a similar design and construction to the armour of the Kasrkin of Cadia. Also akin to the Shas rank system, each is entrusted with commanding the most mobile assets in Kleist’s new armed forces, a Kleistian Airborne Grenadier unit, from whose ranks the Gue’senshi’vre is drawn.

–  –  –


For most non-Tau citizens of the empire, the Por caste diplomats, bureaucrats and envoys are the most visible face of the Tau, trading, negotiating and acting as a conduit between the alien race in question and the tau’va around them. So it is that certain Por representatives, accompanied by a dedicated Fire Warrior team, protected by advanced shield and drone technologies, may on occasion take to the field alongside their allies. Their ability to liaise between the regiment and the Tau forces and supply depots in concert with is welcomed by Gue’senshi commanders.

–  –  –


The infantry of Kleist and its sister worlds are a relatively new feature of Tau battlefields, but their presence in combat against the enemies of the Greater Good is an increasingly widespread reality for the newcomers to the Tau Empire.

Swapping their autocannon for Tau pulse rifles, these troops are adapting to life in their new environment, regimented according to their preference for opponents. Those who do not wish to fight their own kind are sent to frontiers and battlefronts away from Imperium-bordering sectors, while others are garrisoned on worlds such as their own, which still lie near to the Emperor’s domain...

–  –  –


A match for those Storm Troopers in the Imperial armed forces, these troops serve as the Kleistian elite. They are divided into two main categories of operation in Kleistian armies: as a front-line formation, operating in tandem with Kleistian infantry companies, or as a Valkyrie-mounted strike force, typically deploying in missions requiring infiltration, espionage or rapid assault. Each trooper in the formation holds the rank of Gue’senshi’ui, with those earning the right to progress to Gue’senshi’vre offered the honour of leading entire armies of Kleistian Grenadiers.

–  –  –


A key aspect of the Tau Empire’s victory at Kleist was the involvement of Zashi commandos, elite special ops teams of humans from the Damocles Gulf colonies, who showed a human face of the Greater Good to the population of the system. In their honour, the experimental XV29, a modification of the XV15 Stealth suit, has been bestowed to the command company of each regiment, to accompany the Gue’senshi’o into combat. This new suit type foregoes much of its predecessor’s disruption equipment to facilitate capacitors for power weapons, as unlike the Fire Caste, the Gue’senshi have no qualms regarding close quarters combat. While the suits hardly compare to the finest Crisis suits in a Hunter Cadre, they are the first step for the human armed forces on Kleist – and serve as a badge of honour which every carapace-armoured soldier in the regiment can aspire to.

–  –  –


Supplying heavier fire support to Kleistian infantry companies, these units come equipped with lascannon to provide anti-armour support to Kleistian infantry companies.

–  –  –


Unlike the Snipers in an Imperial Guard army, Kleistian doctrine additionally uses the Markerlight platoon to target specific units for destruction, in a manner akin to Pathfinders in a Tau army. Given the relative time it takes to accustom human troops to Markerlights, the skill at targeting troops as yet lags behind those of Pathfinder units, but proves sufficient for the task at hand. It is possible that should their proficiency improve, the Gue’ar’tol may decide to deploy them in a similar manner to Pathfinder cadres, allowing Tau Pathfinder units to remain attached to Tau Hunter Cadres.

–  –  –

Regimental banner of the 1st Kleistian Grenadiers, stationed aboard the Dal’yth Or’es El’leath Y’eldi:

Kleistian Airborne Grenadier Company, with Valkyries and supporting Vultures:

–  –  –

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