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Pedagogy - Dissertations, online materials. Free e-library

    Dissertations, online materials. Free e-library - Pedagogy.

  1. «18 November 2007 PRELIMINARY VERSION Seminar at CREATES, Aarhus University, 20 November 2007 Trygve Haavelmo’s visit in Aarhus 1938-39 (or Haavelmo ...»
  2. «Introduction from: Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste by Pierre Bourdieu ©1984 Introduction You said it, my good knight! There ...»
  3. «NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSTIY Echoes from the field: An ethnographic investigation of outdoor science field trips A DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THE GRADUATE ...»
  4. «Updated March 2016 J. Brandon Sluder 112 G Wright Hall Troy, AL 36082 (334) 808 - 6292 jbsluder@troy.edu EDUCATIONAL RECORD Auburn University, Auburn ...»
  7. «Rowland, T. (Ed.) Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics 21(1) March 2001 PUPILS' PARTICIPATION IN THE CLASSROOM ...»
  8. «Williams, J. (Ed.) Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics 23(3) November 2003 RECENT UK RESEARCH INTO PROSPECTIVE ...»
  9. «Adams, G. (Ed.) Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics 35(3) November 2015 Maths Hub, mastery and messy research ...»
  10. «by Gregory S. Paulson University of Shippensburg, PA, U.S.A. A C.I.P. Catalogue record for this book is available from the Library of Congress. ...»
  11. «Exploring Teacher Identity: Teachers’ Transformative Experiences of Re-Constructing and Re-Connecting Personal and Professional Selves by Emese ...»
  12. «A Conversation with Paris Ballet Master Wayne Byars by Clara Gibson Maxwell I love ballet class. In Paris, my ballet teacher, Wayne Byars, loves the ...»
  14. «After a Decision of the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Two, Case No. B258589 The Superior Court of ...»
  15. «“We All Aspired to be Woodsy”: Tracing Environmental Awareness at a Boys’ Camp Claire Elizabeth Campbell, Dalhousie University In 1945, my ...»
  16. «CAMPER Packet Together These are the elements of a social story. Look for the different parts! Who What Where How When It can be fun to think about ...»
  17. «Automating the Process of Assigning Students to CooperativeLearning Teams Ryan Cavanaugh, Matt Ellis, Richard Layton, Mark Ardis Rose-Hulman ...»
  18. «EDUCATION/DEGREES 2010 Post-doctoral The Ohio State University Study Reading Recovery University Training 2003 Ph.D. Georgia State University ...»
  19. «The current study examined preschool teachers’ beliefs and practices during children’s play in high and low quality outdoor environments in child ...»
  20. «RICHARD CHALLONER SCHOOL MAGAZINE 2016 NFL Artist of the Grease—The Sports Awards Transforming Interview with Puzzle Page Month 5 Musical 13  22 ...»
  21. «OUTSTANDING NEWS FROM OUR OUTSTANDING SCHOOLS, LONGDON HALL AND LONGDON PARK Christmas 2015 Contents Head Teacher’s comments. 1 Front Cover This ...»
  22. «ESP World, Issue 2 (28), Volume 9, 2010, http://www.esp-world.info 1 Food Specifications as a Language learning Tool in ESP Classes Eugenio Cianflone ...»
  23. «Chinese Librarianship: an International Electronic Journal, 29. URL: http://www.iclc.us/cliej/cl27yi.pdf Patterns of Asking for Help with Software ...»
  24. «An Introduction to Classroom Assessment Techniques Diane M. Enerson, Kathryn M. Plank, and R. Neill Johnson Unhappy indeed are the moments when we ...»
  25. «Comment This paper makes an attempt at essay structure, but development is weak. There is an awkwardness in sentence structure that tends to ...»
  26. «Dietary Influence on Lipid Composition and Oxidation of Fresh and Processed Meat Products A Dissertation SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF UNIVERSITY OF ...»
  27. «Teachers’ Resource Pack May 2008 Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Foreword By Steve Devine Assistant Chief Constable It was with a little ...»
  28. «Christine R. Wolfe Dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  29. «Strengthening Partnerships: Community School Assessment Checklist STRENGTHENING PARTNERSHIPS: COMMUNITY SCHOOL ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST In many ...»
  30. «CSPS NEWS Wednesday 17 February 2016 In this edition: Diary Principal Arts First Parents Extra Teaching School dates and news Aid And Curricular ...»
  31. «© University of Melbourne, Chinese Teacher Training Centre, 2011. You may use, copy and communicate this material for non-commercial educational ...»
  32. «CULT364 | Site, Memory, History: the Past’s ‘Place’ in the Present 2014 Sabancı Summer School Tuesdays 1:40 pm - 4:30 pm @ FASS 2031, ...»
  33. «Curriculum Vitae September 21, 2008 Joan R Acker Department of Sociology University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 97403 (541) 346 5014 (office) Fax: ...»
  34. «Curiculumm Vitae Professor Ida Torunn Bjørk, Dr.polit Department of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Oslo, Norway Education Institution and ...»
  35. «PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2015-Present Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL. 2012-2015 Postdoctoral Research ...»
  36. «JANINE M. UTELL Widener University | Humanities Division One University Place | Chester, PA 19013 610 499 4527 (office) | 267 334 2278 (cell) ...»
  37. «Updated August 2013 DAVID W. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. 416 Stokel y Management Center Depart ment of Management, College of Busi ness Administration The ...»
  38. «LESSON 5: Learning Assertive Techniques © My Future - My Choice ™ A sexual health curriculum for teens BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE CLASSROOM IMPORTANT ...»
  39. «IN THE RUINS OF ZINE PEDAGOGY: A NARRATIVE STUDY OF TEACHING WITH ZINES A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State ...»
  40. «Monopoly, the Vivarium and Game Theory: default limitations of simulation models Von Neumann and Morgenstern showed that a wide range of non-zero-sum ...»
  41. «STUDENT TEACHERS’ EXPERIENCES OF CIRCLE TIME: IMPLICATIONS FOR PRACTICE Dr. Bernie Collins Dr. Anne Marie Kavanagh St. Patrick’s College of ...»
  42. «Prepared for Multilingualism in Law and Politics, R. Bellamy, D. Castiglione & C. Longman eds., Oxford: Hart. Provisional draft. Comments welcome On ...»
  43. «Running head: EFFECT OF THREE METHODS OF TEACHING Thesis Proposal: Effect of Three Methods of Teaching Music Literacy on the Development of First ...»
  45. «Te following document summarizes the method of teaching partimenti (basses et chants donnés) at the European American Musical Alliance (EAMA) in ...»
  46. «Challenging learning journeys in the classroom: Using mental model theory to inform how pupils think when they are generating solutions Dr Christine ...»
  47. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 310 102 SP 031 415 AUTHOR Wilen, William W., Ed. TITLE Questions, Questioning Techniques, and Effective Teaching. INSTITUTION ...»
  48. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 356 141 SE 052 979 Cavallo, Ann Liberatore AUTHOR TITLE The Retention of Meaningful Understanding of Meiosis and Genetics. PUB ...»
  49. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 358 482 CS 213 897 AUTHOR Corbett, Edward P. J. TITLE From Literary Critic to Rhetorician: A Professional Journey. PUB DATE Apr 93 ...»
  50. «RC 021 814 ED 427 917 Airini AUTHOR What Is Good Teaching? Lessons from Maori Pedagogy. TITLE 1998-12-00 PUB DATE 33p.; Paper presented at the annual ...»
  51. «ED 456 134 TM 033 191 AUTHOR Meadows, Stacie; Karr-Kidwell, P. J. TITLE The Role of Standardized Tests as a Means of Assessment of Young Children: A ...»
  52. «DOCUMENT RESUME ED 475 372 RC 023 887 Tripcony, Penny AUTHOR Englishes and Literacies: Indigenous Australian Contexts. TITLE 2000-07-06 PUB DATE ...»
  53. «TITLE: The ‘Bastardisation’ of Teachers’ Work AUTHOR: Dr Sham Naidu DATE OF PUBLICATION: 22 November 2011 The ‘Bastardisation’ of ...»
  54. «D US-China Education Review A 6 (2011) 846-858 Earlier title: US-China Education Review, ISSN 1548-6613 DAVID PUBLISHING INSET (In-Service Education ...»
  55. «D US-China Education Review A 2 (2012) 142-148 Earlier title: US-China Education Review, ISSN 1548-6613 DAVID PUBLISHING The Role of E-learning in ...»
  56. «Whiteness in the Social Studies Classroom: Students’ Conceptions of Race and Ethnicity in United States History Christopher C. Martell Framingham ...»
  57. «It is a mark of self-confidence: the English have not spent a great deal of time defining themselves because they haven’t needed to. Is it ...»
  58. «EDSE 310: Introduction to Special Education Course Meeting Information Meeting Time: Day/Time: Location: Course Instructor Information: Instructor: ...»
  59. «Education Action Plan New NY Education Reform Commission Preliminary Recommendations www.NYPuttingStudentsFirst.com Dear Governor Cuomo: On behalf of ...»
  60. «Learning at Morwellham Quay Here at Morwellham Quay we aim to give students from KS1 to A Level a visit which is both fun and educational. Our talks ...»
  61. «Australian Journal of Adult Learning Volume 52, Number 3, November 2012 Pedagogies of doing good: Problematisations, authorities, technologies and ...»
  62. «The Mathematics Educator 2013 Vol. 22, No. 2, 11–30 The Association between Teachers’ Beliefs, Enacted Practices, and Student Learning in ...»
  63. «International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning Volume 16, Number 2 April – 2015 “Remember to Hand Out Medals”: Peer Rating ...»
  64. «ABSTRACT This study investigated whether there was a significant difference between teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions on the importance ...»
  65. «Mary Louise Gomez Teacher Education Quarterly, Winter 2014 Examining Discourses of an Aspiring Teacher of Color in the Figured World of Schooling By ...»
  66. «Vol. 3, No. 1 English Language Teaching Investigation of Burnout among Instructors Working at ESOGU Preparatory School Dr. Ümit Özkanal Foreign ...»
  67. «The Analysis of Elementary Mathematics Preservice Teachers’ Spatial Orientation Skills with SOLO Model Ahmet Şükrü ÖZDEMİR* Sevda GÖKTEPE ...»
  68. «Jennifer Esposito & Shayla Smith Teacher Education Quarterly, Summer 2006 From Reluctant Teacher to Empowered Teacher-Researcher One Educator’s ...»
  69. «Mathematics Education Research Journal 2008, Vol. 20, No. 3, 78-101 Principles of Practice and Teacher Actions: Influences on Effective Teaching of ...»
  70. «Douglas, Lewis, Douglas, Scott, & Garrison-Wade Educational Foundations, Winter-Spring 2008 The Impact of White Teachers on the Academic Achievement ...»
  71. «Rethinking School Lunch: Education for Sustainability in Practice Michael K. Stone, Center for Ecoliteracy, United States Abstract This paper ...»
  72. «Daniel Goleman, Zenobia Barlow, & Lisa Bennett Teacher Education Quarterly, Fall 2010 Forging New Norms in New Orleans: From Emotional to Ecological ...»
  73. «Understanding the Influence of Perceived Usability and Technology Self-Efficacy on Teachers’ Technology Acceptance JRTE | Vol. 43, No. 4, pp. ...»
  74. «English Teaching: Practice and Critique July, 2011, Volume 10, Number 2 http://education.waikato.ac.nz/research/files/etpc/files/2011v10n2art4.pdf ...»
  75. «Canadian Social Studies 45(1) Gibson “Why do we learn this stuff”? Students’ views on the purpose of social studies Susan Gibson, University of ...»
  76. «How Teachers Can Conduct Historical Reenactments in Their Own Schools The flames spring up igniting the tinder and sending out wood smoke; the ...»
  77. «While the use of audio recordings in instruction has a long history, the relatively new medium of podcasting offers some exciting new possibilities ...»
  78. «Graduation Project Computer Engineering Universitat Pompeu Fabra David Sanchez Mendoza Advisor: Xavier Amatriain Rubio September 2005 Dedications and ...»
  79. «For more info visit HadaPublications.com Vocabulary Energizers II: Stories of Word Origins by David Popkin, Ph. D. Contents Preface / vii To the ...»
  80. «Daniel Filipe de Lopes Paula Caseiro Moreira Thesis to obtain the Master’s degree in Civil Engineering Jury Chair: Prof. Dr. António Jorge Silva ...»
  81. «Calorx Institute of Education, Ahmedabad (A Constituent Unit of Calorx Teachers’ University) www.ctu.calorx.org 5th March, 2013 Volume IV Issue No. ...»
  82. «Welcome to Eric’s Tips! If you want to start an online business, or if you want to make your current online business more profitable, you’ve come ...»
  83. «ESSENTIAL RESOURCES The Constitutional Requirements for Providing All Students in New York State the Opportunity for a Sound Basic Education December ...»
  84. «Činč, E.: Melodic Links between Serbian and Romanian Orthodox Chant. (37–51) Article received on 12th Jun 2014 Article accepted on 26th Jun 2014 ...»
  85. «Bubble Sort: An Archaeological Algorithmic Analysis Owen Astrachan ∗ Computer Science Department Duke University ola@cs.duke.edu December 9, 2003 ...»
  86. «Scholars have documented that Black students enter kindergarten with weaker reading skills than their White counterparts and that this disparity ...»
  87. «CHECKLIST FOR YOUR DRIVING TEST Údarás Um Shábháilteacht Ar Bhóithre Road Safety Authority GET IT ON! GET IT ON GET IT ON! Drivers Fed A4.indd 1 ...»
  88. «First Ask, Then Listen How to Get Your Students To Help You Teach Them Better A Teachers Guide Copyright, September 2003. What Kids Can Do, Inc. What ...»
  89. «First Ask, Then Listen Developed by What Kids Can Do, Inc. ...»
  90. «Research is essential for improvement in teaching and learning economics. William E. Becker et al. (1991) called for new research on the relative ...»
  91. «Approved by the NCTE Executive Committee October 21, 2013 Effective teachers are constantly engaged in the process of formative assessment: offering ...»
  92. «Tim Fukawa-Connelly The University of New Hampshire Proceedings of the 13th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education.
  93. «Collaborative Inquiry, Teacher Efficacy, and Writing Achievement At Lake Shore Elementary School by Gayle Galligan A Dissertation Presented in ...»
  94. «GCSE Examinations Things you need to know Exam times are very important times in your life at Alec Hunter. The exams that you will be taking this ...»
  95. «EQUINE RELEASE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & WAIVER OF LIABILITY I, the undersigned (“Participant”), for good and valuable consideration including, but not ...»
  96. «Department of Geography and Planning University of Toronto GGR457 - The Post-War Suburbs Fall 2016 Course Instructor: Tamir Arviv Office: Sidney ...»
  97. «ABSTRACT Title of Document: CRITICAL READINGS: ADOLESCENT AFRICAN AMERICAN GIRLS AND URBAN FICTION. Simone Cade Gibson, Ph.D., 2009 Directed By: ...»
  98. «G.J. B. S. S Guru Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences Volume 2 Issue 1 Volume 2 Issue 1 (Jan – Mar, 2014) Editor Jayan, C Manikandan K ISSN: ...»
  99. «Being a Good Teacher of Black Students? White Teachers and Unintentional Racism NORA E. HYLAND Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey New ...»
  100. «Blackboard 9: The Grade Center Working with the Grade Center The Grade Center provides a way for instructors to easily and efficiently communicate ...»
  101. «ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS He who embarks on a research or writes a book is one of the most indebted of men. So many persons contribute and assist in so many ...»
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