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«Creative Exploring on Canvas Explore the 4 key concepts, creativity, community, collaboration, connection through playful painting on canvas with ...»

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Story Circles—Personal Mandala Creation and Exploration

In this workshop, Cassia will guide you through creating your own sacred circular art piece. This mandala

exploration blends art making and sacred geometry in a stunning way allowing you to identify and process

personal stories through creative expression.

Art meets mindfulness as pen meets paper.

Creative Exploring on Canvas Explore the 4 key concepts, creativity, community, collaboration, connection through playful painting on canvas with Cassia Cogger.

We all have an inner artist, join this class to let yours play!

Cassia Cogger (cassiacogger.com) is an artist, teacher, author, mother. Her favorite space is that of creative exploration both personally and with others. She is currently psyched for the release of her new book “Creating Personal Mandalas: Story Circle Techniques in Watercolor and Mixed Media” by Northlight Publishing in 2017.

Own Your Story When someone asks you questions about your life – how do you respond? Is what people see the true reflection of who you really are? Is there more to say, but you’re just not sure how to express it? Owning our personal story is one of the most powerful things we will ever do and having the courage to share it – even the messy, imperfect parts – can transform ourselves and the people around us. Have you taken the time to really look at your life as your own unique story? Do you value all the experiences you have had, and how they have made you the person you are today? Because here’s the thing: your story matters. It matters because it is driving your life, your relationships, your work and very existence. Our stories matter and when they are shared they can touch, heal and inspire others. In this session, you will discover that our stories, like us, are meant to be shared. Your story matters, come share it with us!

In this interactive session participants will:

• Connect and craft their own personal narrative

• Experience the power of sharing their personal story with others

• Develop an appreciation for their own story and the story of all the people they come in contact with in life Celia Slater (https://truenorthsports.net) is Chief Visionary for True North Sports where she works with athletic coaches to help them find their unique True North and Coach from that place. She pushes coaches to grow in the skills beyond the x’s and o’s. Coaching is a people profession - get good with people! When she is not with coaches she loves adventure trips with her partner Becky or long walks with her 2 soulmates in fur, Loosey and Buddy!



Start Finishing: Get Your Ideas Into the World Impact, mastery, and profit doesn’t come from great ideas and things you’re thinking about doing—they come from the stuff you finish. But doing the work that matters means you’ve got to work through the inevitable fear, perfectionism, and uncertainty that’s bound to arise. During this workshop, you’ll learn the key finishing principles and techniques I’ve taught to thousands of creative entrepreneurs.

You’ll learn:

• How to take Big Ideas and convert them into achievable goals

• How to take those goals and convert them into doable plans

• The not-so-secret techniques to keep continual momentum on your projects This is an update to one of the most-talked about workshops of 2015. Books got done, projects shipped, and businesses launched in the months that followed Camp GLP.

Charlie Gilkey (productiveflourishing.com) helps creative people finish the stuff that matters. He’s a business growth strategist, author, and speaker whose free planners and worksheets at ProductiveFlourishing.com have been downloaded by over 1 million people. His best-selling book, The Small Business Lifecycle, shows creative entrepreneurs what to expect as their business grows. His next book, Start Finishing, is a guide for doing your best work in the new world of projects. He lives with his wife, Angela, in Portland, Oregon.

How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do (and Why It Will Surprise You) We all want to do work that matters. But what if the path to your vocation was not as predictable as you thought? Could you still be intentional with the process?

Based on his best-selling book on the same subject, Jeff Goins will share with you:

• The surprising secrets he learned from hundreds of people who discovered their purpose

• How you can create work that is both meaningful and profitable

• What to do if you find yourself not on the right path Jeff Goins is the author of four books including the national best-seller “The Art of Work.” He teaches online courses for writers and creatives and runs a popular blog at Goinswriter.com. He lives just outside of Nashville with his family and humbly considers himself the world’s greatest guacamole connoisseur.



Capture the WOW!: The Power of Visual Journaling You’ve seen those journals—the ones bursting with color, drawings, and doodles. They seem to pulse with life. You’re wowed. You want that color and play in your life. Then you think, “I can’t do that.” In this workshop,

journal keeper and creativity maven Cynthia Morris will show you how to:

• Learn 12 simple tools that make it easy to capture wonder in your journal

• Free yourself to be messy, playful and enjoy journaling your way

• Make time for quick journal entries even with a busy schedule

• Improve the every part of your life through illustrated journaling But best of all...have fun with your tribe of creative people & capture all the great moments of camp in your journal this weekend.

Drawing as Meditation: Mindfulness Anywhere, Anytime Drawing as meditation brings two disciplines together with one purpose: to be awake to the wonders of the world.This simple practice invites you to slow down, truly see what’s around you, and bring your attention to the page to produce not great art but instead a calm, focused awareness that gives the effect of mindfulness practice.

In this class we will:

• Break the curse of the blank page

• Learn how to tune out the inner critic so we can enjoy making marks on the page

• Experience the calming effects of drawing as a process

• Release having to look ‘good’ or make ‘art’

• Learn simple methods to slow down, tune in and savor life anywhere, anytime.

Cynthia Morris (originalimpulse.com) brings playful encouragement to people who want to create on their own terms. A watercolor artist and illustrator, she illustrated Cory Huff’s How to Sell Art Online (Harper Design, June 2016) and created Writual Blessings, an affirmations deck for writers. She is the author of the Paris novel Chasing Sylvia Beach and Create Your Writer’s Life as well as several guides to making travel creative, fun and lucrative. Cynthia has been coaching creatives for 17 years through her company Original Impulse, helping people liberate their creative genius.



The Neuroscience of Personal Mastery Your brain is a 3 pound mass of soft tissue, housing ~100 billion neurons that form~100 trillion connections. It uses approximately 60% of your body’s fuel and is made up 60-70% fat. You use it all day and all night, but do

you know how to work it? In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn how to:

• Eat, breathe, move and sleep for optimal brain • Build mindfulness and willpower functioning • Improve your mood & enhance creativity

• Be your own brain chemical pharmacist • Slow your brain from aging

• Rewire your thoughts, feelings, actions and habits • And more...

• Overcome procrastination and compulsion Come with paper and a pen, leave with the Driver’s Manual for Being Human you wish you’d been given years ago.

Emiliya Zhivotovskaya is a leading voice in the world of positive psychology & the science of flourishing.

She is a widely sought-after speaker, educator, facilitator and coach. She’s the founder of The Flourishing Center, the nationally-acclaimed Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) program (www.

getcertifiedinpospsych.com) and she maintains a thriving practice in NYC. Emiliya holds a Master’s Degree from UPenn in positive psychology, is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, where she also teaches. She has been on the faculty for the Good Life Project since 2013. In her previously life (career) she was a professional party entertainer and has two fur babies—Buddy the cat and Dora the dog.

Master the Inner Game of Entrepreneurship Ever wondered why you don’t take action on some things, even when you know exactly what to do? Why that enrollment call that seemed to be going so well ended in a “No?” Why you still haven’t written that book yet?

Join Greg Faxon, business coach and former All-American wrestler, as he reveals the specific mindset shifts that have helped his clients take their businesses to the next level while creating a crazy fulfilling life.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

• Why the more successful you are, the harder it gets to reach the next level of performance

• What “Creative Avoidance” is and the specific ways it sabotages your business income and impact (hint:

procrastination probably isn’t your real problem)

• The #1 thing you need if you want to stay laser-focused on your goals (even if you don’t know exactly what to focus on yet)

• Why you shouldn’t be proud of staying busy

• How to stop making excuses and finally start working on the things that will grow your business (you’ll leave with a customized game plan of exactly what to tackle after Camp GLP) In a culture that trains us to settle, Greg Faxon is the only business coach who catalyzes radical and lasting results for champion-hearted entrepreneurs. He partners with service-based business owners all over the world who are driven to be the best at their game and helps them make a great living while transforming the lives of their clients. He’s spoken at Occidental College, interviewed Seth Godin, and been named one of the Top 25 Indie Entrepreneurs to Watch by Fizzle. To learn more about Greg and subscribe to his newsletter, go to gregfaxon.com.



Creating an Awe-Inspiring Brand Online and In-Person So many people believe that to have a successful business you need a great website, a cool logo, and the best pictures to have a great “brand.” While all of it can help it’s just one small piece to a much bigger branding

puzzle. In this workshop, Jenna Soard will show you:

• Define your brand personality

• Basics of creating a visual identity for a parent brand, and sub-brands and how it relates to your target

• The power of being the best version of yourself online

• The secrets to telling a visual story that’s different from anything else out there, but inspires fans to become fanatics

• How to get something that truly feels like “you” from photographers and designers that you work with Jenna Soard is a branding and design expert, former university professor at the University of Oregon, and former senior graphic designer at Nike, and founder of YouCanBrand.com. It is her mission to help entrepreneurs all over the world learn how to brand and design for themselves, instead of relying on the interpretation and dependency on designers and programmers. She also teaches people how to create their own courses online! She’s obsessed with acrobatic pole dancing and hanging with her Boston terrier pup Picasso.

Rock Your Workshop: Design Your Life-Changing Live Event Are you an entrepreneur, coach, teacher, thought leader, speaker, educator, or author who wants to turn your book, online course, talk, or one-on-one practice into a live experience for groups? Based on her 15+ years of group facilitation and program design (ranging from workshops to retreats to teacher trainings), Jenny will give you the tools to design your own Life-Changing Live Event.

You will shave years off of trial and error with the template for the ”Optimal Sequence of a Live Workshop” which you can use over and over to deliver the maximum impact in the least amount of time. This template will help you to sequence experiential activities that create profound transformation with ease.

Apply the 3 Keys to Creating a Life-Changing Live Event:

1) Have a Clear Promise you intend to deliver

2) Turn Concepts into Experiences that drive your message home

3) Design Elegant Sequencing that seamlessly delivers the transformation

You will leave prepared to launch your Live Event with:

• The 5 Steps to Great Facilitation

• Tools for Creating a Memorable & Meaningful Title & Subtitle • ”Optimal Sequence of a Live Workshop” Template Jenny Sauer-Klein (JennySauerKlein.com) is an expert at building collaborative teams, and shaping the culture of companies through play. Through her Play On Purpose programs, she helps companies like SAP, Peet’s Coffee, and Entrepreneur’s Organization bring their values to life so they can attract and retain the best talent. She is also the co-founder of AcroYoga, a global movement with hundreds of thousands of practitioners, including Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. She is a regular conference presenter at Wisdom 2.0 and Summit Series, and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, and Newsweek.



Navigating Personal Transformation:

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