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«Honor the Past.Embrace the Present.Reach for the Future! 1 FOREWORD This handbook is intended to provide basic, quick reference information for the ...»

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Heritage School

Student Handbook

Honor the Past…Embrace the Present…Reach for the Future!



This handbook is intended to provide basic, quick reference information for the parents and students of

Heritage School. Please place this handbook in a convenient location so it can be referred to

throughout the school year.

Please take a few minutes to go over it with your child. Included in this handbook is the Stockbridge Community Schools Technology Usage Policy and Acceptable Use Policy. You will receive a Technology Usage Policy and Acceptable Use Policy with your student’s enrollment packet.

Please sign it and return to the school. In order for your child to fully participate in the Computer Lab, Media Center, and classroom it is important that we get this signature form returned. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the school office whenever you need additional information.

Heritage School houses a total of eight (8) fourth and fifth grade classrooms. We also offer music, art, physical education, STEM and special services. Our student enrollment is approximately 215. We are one of two elementary schools in the Stockbridge District. The Heritage building is located at 222 Western Avenue in Stockbridge. The school telephone number is (517) 851-8600 and our fax number is (517) 851-4676.

Discrimination against or harassment of any person in Stockbridge School District will not be tolerated. Persons wishing to review the Stockbridge Board of Education policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment are encouraged to contact the superintendent’s office at 517-851-7188.

This notice is provided as required by the Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Questions, complaints or requests for additional information regarding the ADA and Section 504 may be forwarded to the designated ADA and Section 504 compliance coordinator.

Name and Title: Karl Heidrich, Superintendent Office Address: 305 W Elizabeth, Stockbridge, MI 49285 Phone Number: (517) 851-7188 Days/Hours Available: Monday- Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

You can find current “Annual Yearly Progress” and “Highly Qualified” staff information at our district web site located at http://panthernet.net/schools. Once there, just press the link to “School Report Cards.” 2



 Ms. Carrie Graham, President  Ms. Kerry Gee, Vice President  Ms. Cindy Lance, Treasurer  Ms. Judy Heeney, Secretary  Mr. Garrick Rochow, Trustee  Mr. Chris Kruger, Trustee  Mr. Larry Ostrander, Trustee The Stockbridge Community Schools’ Board of Education meets regularly on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Smith Elementary Extended Learning Center. All meetings are open to the public.


 Mr. Karl Heidrich, Superintendent  Ms. Tracey Wooden, Business Manager  Ms. Kristie Knieper, Secretary to the Superintendent  Ms. Jennifer Goble, Payroll Central Office is located at 305 W. Elizabeth Street, Stockbridge, MI 49285. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 517-851-7188 Fax: 517-851-8334

–  –  –

4 ATTENDANCE Good attendance is an extremely important part of your child’s school career. When a student is absent or tardy they are missing important parts of their education. Further, regular attendance in school now is an important lesson to be learned for their future education and on into the world of work. Excessive absences may result in notification from either the school or the attendance officer of the county.

Students who are absent should bring a note when returning to school. It isn't necessary to call the office unless the child has a communicable disease (head lice, chickenpox, etc.) Students arriving late should report to the office. Students absent more than 10 days will be dropped from our records unless we are notified.

You can make arrangements to pick up homework or have it sent home with another student. Please give the staff sufficient time to prepare the information.

Students arriving after 7:50 a.m. and before 8:30 a.m. are marked tardy; after 9:30 a.m. students are marked ½ day absent. Students who leave before 1:00 p.m. are also marked ½ day absent. Students that come in between 8:31-9:30am, and leave between 1:01-2:15pm will be marked ¼ day.


If you have a change of address or phone number or add a P.O. box, please let us know so we can update our records.


Tips for better home school communication:

 Get to know the school principal and staff members. Attend school open houses, parentteacher conferences, and other events.

 Let the principal or staff member know when you are pleased about something, as well as when you are dissatisfied.

 If an issue arises, communicate with the staff member or administrator closest to the situation.

 Be aware that answers or solutions may not come right away. Sometimes follow-up activities are required to obtain all the information and to study the implications before a question or concern can be resolved in a way that is fair and reasonable.


If any person believes that the Stockbridge Community School District or any part of the school organization has inadequately applied the principles and/or regulations of (1) Title VI of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, (2) Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, and (3) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, he/she may bring forward a complaint, which shall be

referred to as a grievance, to the local Civil Rights Coordinator at the following address:

Karl Heidrich, Supt.

305 W Elizabeth Stockbridge, MI 49285

–  –  –

Stockbridge Schools does not allow bullying per Policy 5517.01 which is posted in each building, available from the principal and on the district website under Board of Education/Policies.

We are fond of the research and ideas that are come out of the Love and Logic Institute.

Guidelines For Student Behavior

1. You may engage in any behavior that is Safe, Respectful and Responsible. The behaviors must not create a problem for you or anyone else in the school.

2. If you find yourself with a problem, you may solve it by any means that does not cause a problem for anyone else in the school.

3. You may engage in any behavior that does not jeopardize the safety or learning of yourself or others. Unkind words and actions will not be tolerated.

In ensuring that the above guidelines are adhered to, the school staff will operate with the following

principles as the guide:

1. We will react without anger or haste to problem situations.

2. We will provide consequences that are not punitive but that allow the child to experience the results of a poor choice, enabling him or her to make better choices in the future.

3. We will proceed in all situations with the best interest of the child who—foremost in our minds—academic, social, and emotional well-being will be fostered.

4. We will guide students toward personal responsibility and the decision-making skills they will need to function in the world.

5. We will arrange consequences for problem situations in such a way that the child will not be humiliated or demeaned.

6. Equal is not always fair. Consequences will be designed to fit the problems of individual students, and they may be different even when problems appear to be the same.

7. We will make every effort to ensure that, in each situation, the students involved understand why they are involved in consequences.

8. If we at any time act or react in a way that a child truly feels is unjust, that student need only say to any staff member, “I’m not sure that’s fair.” The staff member will arrange a private conference during which the student can express why he or she feels the actions were not fair.

This may or may not change the course of action. We are always open to calm, rational discussion of any matter.

–  –  –

 Adults avoid anger, threats, warnings or lectures.

 Adults use enforceable statements.

 Children are offered choices within limits.

 Limits are maintained with compassion, understanding or empathy.

Childhood Misbehavior Is Treated As An Opportunity For Gaining Wisdom.

 In a loving way, the adult holds the child accountable for solving his/her problems in a way that does not make a problem for others.

 Children are offered choices with limits.

 Adults use enforceable statements.

 Adults provide delayed/extended consequences.

The adult’s empathy is “locked in” before consequences are delivered.

 For more information about Love and Logic, check out their web site: http://www.loveandlogic.com This discipline policy is in compliance with Board Policy 8300 – other applicable policies.

DISMISSAL If you need to pick your child up from school early you must sign him/her out in the office. Students will be dismissed from the office. If someone other than a parent or legal guardian will be picking them up please notify us in writing or by phone.

DRESS CODE Students are expected to dress in good taste. Shoes must be worn at all times. Longer type shorts can be worn on warm days. Rule of thumb: finger-tip length skirts and shorts Thin strapped haltertops and tank tops are prohibited at all times. Rule of thumb: underarms should not be visible.

Each student will need a pair of gym shoes that are clean, dry and have a soft rubber sole.

Physical Education Dress Code Students are expected to wear gym shoes that are clean, dry and that have a soft rubber sole. Hiking boots, snow boots, slippers, dress shoes, hard soled shoes, sandals, flip flops, spikes, wrestling shoes and stocking feet will not be allowed on the wooden floor in gym class. Also students themselves need to be clean and dry to participate in gym.


On the first day of school or before we will send home several forms to be completed, including an Enrollment Card containing emergency information. This information is necessary so that we will know whom to contact if your child is injured or ill and you cannot be reached. It is important to let us know if there are any changes during the year. Please note the information regarding permission to have your child treated at a medical facility if you cannot be reached.

Also, be sure to indicate where your child should go if school is dismissed early due to inclement weather and you are not home. Please discuss this with your child ahead of time. If school 7 does close early students must ride their usual bus. Because of the time factor it is usually impossible for students to call parents for instructions before leaving school.

Emergency In case of a Homeland Security Advisory System -- Level Red Alert directly impacting Ingham and the surrounding counties in our district the following steps listed below will be taken.

If the announcement regarding a specific threat that impacts Ingham County comes before or after

school hours:

 Schools will be closed.

 All activities and events scheduled for any district facility will be cancelled until further notice.

 Normal school operations will remain closed until we are authorized to re-open.

If the announcement regarding a specific threat that impacts Ingham County come during school


 All schools will be locked and access will be closely monitored.

 Students will remain in programs until regular dismissal.

 Parents and guardian may sign students out as preferred; however, students will only be released to those listed on the student’s emergency contact form.

 Normal transportation procedures will be implemented for students (i.e. regular bus routes, walkers, student drives him/herself or parent pickup), unless otherwise directed by local emergency management officials.

 All activities and events scheduled for any district facility will be cancelled until further notice.

Parents are encouraged to help with this matter by advising the school of any emergency contact information changes, refraining from calling the school during an emergency time so the phone lines may remain open, and tuning into the local radio and television stations for updates.

FIELD TRIPS With the approval of the administration, students will be allowed to take trips with their classes. Parental permission is required. The Field Trip Permission Form is included on the enrollment form. Parents are also encouraged to help chaperone students on trips. In some cases students may have to pay for admission fees, meals, etc.

Brothers, sisters or other relatives under the age of 18 are prohibited from attending field trips.

These activities are intended only for students who are in the class. Chaperones other than the child's parents need to be approved by the principal.


Our cook, Jodi Jacobs, will be handling this system. If you have any questions, her extension is

4309. She is available for phone calls between 8:15-11:00.

The Nutrition and Health Director is Stephanie White, located at the high school at 517-851-7770 XMenus will be sent home monthly. We recommend that you look them over with your children and decide on lunches for the coming week. Current meal prices are listed on the menu.

INSURANCE Students who do not have insurance can purchase a policy from Student Assurance Services for a 8 nominal fee. Pamphlets are sent home the first day of school. The school does not provide insurance for injured students.


Items that are found will be put in a LOST AND FOUND area, located in the lobby. Please check this area on a daily basis. Items not taken are donated to Outreach in November, March and June.

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