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This Candidate Information Bulletin (“CIB”) is intended for your use in preparing for and understanding the processes and procedures for applying for examination and scheduling to test. The Missouri Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners (the “Board”) is responsible for licensing and regulating barber and cosmetology related professions in the State of Missouri. The Board has contracted with Professional Credential Services (“PCS”) to provide administrative examination services. The Board, through PCS, will exclusively use the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (“NIC”) examinations. The Board first requires the submission of an Application For Examination / Temporary Permit. This is required to determine your eligibility for testing. Any questions regarding your application should be directed to the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners.

Step 1: Pre-register online with PCS (http://www.pcshq.com) Professional Credential Services Missouri State Board of Attn: Missouri Coordinator Cosmetology and Barber Examiners (See below “How to Pre-register with PCS”) Web site: http://www.pcshq.com Web site: http://pr.mo.gov/cosbar.asp Step 2: Download application (http://pr.mo.gov/cosbar.asp) E-mail: mocos@pcshq.com E-mail: cosbar@pr.mo.gov Phone: (888) 822-3272 Phone: (573) 751-1052 / Fax: (573) 751-8167 Complete Application For Examination / Temporary Permit Address: P.O.Box 198768 Address: 3605 Missouri Boulevard Mail to: State Board office in Jefferson City, Missouri Nashville, Tennessee 37219-8768 Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-1062 Eligibility Requirements: A candidate who wishes to obtain a license must pass both a theory and a practical examination. To qualify to take these

examinations, a candidate must:

1. Be at least 17 years old;


2. Have successfully completed a 10 grade education or equivalent (not required for Barber or Barber Instructor)

3. Have successfully completed the applicable training requirements:

 Barber - 1,000-hours in a board-approved school of barber; or 2,000-hours in a board-approved apprenticeship program  Cosmetology - 1,500-hours in a board-approved school of cosmetology; or 3,000-hours in a board-approved apprenticeship program  Esthetics - 750-hours in a board-approved school of esthetics; or 1,500-hours in a board-approved apprenticeship program  Hairdresser - 1,500-hours in a board-approved school of cosmetology; or 3,000-hours in a board-approved apprenticeship program  Manicure - 400-hours in a board-approved school of manicuring; or 800-hours in a board-approved apprenticeship program  Instructor – Hold a current cosmetology, esthetics, hairdresser or manicure license for at least 3 years; or hold a current license for less than three years, and 600-hours in a board-approved instructor training course  Barber Instructor – Hold a current barber license  Crossover to Barber – Hold a current Missouri Cosmetology or Hairdresser license and complete at least 45 hours of training.

If you have held a Missouri Cosmetology or Hairdresser license for less than 1 year you must take the entire Barber Theory and o Practical Examinations.

If you have held a Missouri Cosmetology or Hairdresser license for more than 1 year you must take only the Shaving portion of the o Barber Practical Examination.

 Crossover to Cosmetology – Hold a current Missouri Barber license and complete 500 hours of training. You must take the Basic Manicure section of the Manicuring Practical and the entire Manicuring Theory Examination.

2 years of experience substitutes for 250 hours o 3 years of experience substitutes for 500 hours o Reciprocity/Reinstatement: If you hold a license in another state, or an expired Missouri license, then contact the board at (573)751-1052.

How to Pre-register with PCS:

To pre-register, you must meet the Board’s Eligibility Requirements listed above. You can pre-register for examinations with Professional Credential Services online while awaiting approval from the Board.

–  –  –

! Candidates will be required to set up a Username and Password during Online Registration. The Username will be the candidate’s e-mail address so a valid e-mail address must be provided.

! All fees are due at time of registration. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover accepted.

! All candidates are required to register using their full legal name as it appears on their government issued identification (i.e. Driver’s License)

–  –  –

You must provide a reliable e-mail address. A school e-mail address is acceptable. All fees will be collected during pre-registration. If you experience technical difficulties online, please call PCS at (888) 822-3272 to pre-register.

Fees: Fees will be paid to PCS during the online pre-registration process.

–  –  –

The Process Once a candidate pre-registers with PCS (www.PCSHQ.com) and the Board approves the candidate’s licensure application, information pertaining to examinations will be forwarded to the candidate via e-mail.

1. Theory Examination – An Authorization To Test letter will be e-mailed within two business days after approval with instructions on how to schedule a Theory appointment with IQT (please see detailed information below).

2. Practical Examination – An Admission Notice including the date, time, and location of the Examination will be e-mailed ten business days prior to the test date requested during online registration

3. Instructor Assignment – For those who have selected to take the instructor examinations, your practical examination topics will be sent via email within two business days after approval.

! If a candidate has not received an e-mail regarding their examinations within the time frame mentioned above, please contact PCS at 888-822-3272 for further information.

! In order for candidate to receive their requested practical examination date, candidate must register with PCS and be approved by the Board Office by the deadline date. If not, the candidate will receive the next available date at the site requested.

! The candidate is responsible to notify PCS and the Board if their name has changed or Social Security Number needs to be updated (valid proof of name change is required). Address and Telephone number changes should be made on-line by logging into their account at www.pcshq.com.

Application Status You can check the status of your application approval or score information.

1. Go to http://www.pcshq.com.

2. Click Candidates

3. Click Cosmetology & Barbering

4. At top of page, click Log into your PCS Account Re-Examination Any candidate who reapplies to take a portion of the examination must first be approved by the Board. Please confirm eligibility with the state prior to reapply and paying fees online. Refunds are not granted once examination fees have been collected.

How to Schedule and Take the Theory Examination: Upon receipt of your ATT, you may request to take the theory examination by logging onto the IQT website, http://www.iqttesting.com, entering your unique Username and Password, and following the instructions detailed on your letter. You can also contact Iso-Quality Testing (IQT) at (866)773-1114. It is important to note that your ATT cannot be faxed to you or to the IQT site.

Seats for Theory examinations are offered daily, on a first come first serve basis, using a computer-based testing platform. Since IQT administers exams for many different professions, a “seat” may not be available at the time you wish to test if you have not provided sufficient lead-time in scheduling your exam. There are several IQT Testing Centers throughout Missouri; however, you can sit for your exam at any IQT test center located throughout the United States. You may access test center information at http://www.iqttesting.com. Maps and test center hours are available from this web site as well.

Your examination will be administered on a personal computer, and you will select your answers either by using a mouse or the keyboard. Please visit http://www.iqttesting.com for any questions or additional information relating to computer-based testing. If you encounter any problems during the administration of your exam, you should notify the test administrator immediately. You will be given 90 minutes to complete the entire examination.

Examination questions are multiple-choice with one correct answer and three incorrect responses. There is no penalty for guessing. IQT personnel have no knowledge of, are not responsible for, and cannot answer questions about the content of the examinations, references, passing scores, etc.

Theory and Practical Examination Admission Requirements: You must register for your examination with your LEGAL first and last name as it appears on your government issued identification. All required identification below must match the first and last name under which you registered. Candidates are required to bring two (2) forms of valid (non-expired) identification to the test site. One of the identifications presented must be Government issued identification with photograph and signature. Photocopies of identification will NOT be accepted. Candidates must present two forms of ID: One Primary and One Secondary. The name on the identification must be the same as the name used to register for the examination.

PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION – Choose One  State issued driver’s license  State issued identification card  US Government issued Passport  US Government issued Military Identification Card  US Government issued Alien Registration Card

–  –  –

! If the candidate fails to bring proper identification or the candidate names do not match, the candidates will not be allowed to test and their examination fee will not be refunded.

! It is your responsibility to arrive at the test center on time. Candidates will not be permitted into the examination room after your scheduled testing time. It is strongly suggested that you visit the site before the day of the examination in order to become familiar with the route and the travel time.

Candidates are not permitted to bring anyone into the examination room. Candidates are not permitted to talk to one another once inside the examination room.

General Policies and Procedures for Theory and Practical Examinations:

Security Policies: Suspected security breaches during either the theory or practical test administrations, such as an act of impersonation, creating a disturbance, giving or receiving unauthorized information or aiding other candidates, attempting to remove test information by any means, possessing prohibited materials or sharing supplies may be sufficient cause to dismiss you from the examination site or to invalidate or cancel your scores.

Suspected breaches may be identified by observation or suspicion, by the test center staff, or may be evidenced by subsequent statistical analysis of examination materials. PCS reserves the right to investigate each incident of misconduct and will report such incidents directly to the Board. The Board will make all final decisions on examination score invalidations or cancellations. No visitors, guests or children are allowed in the test center.

Copyrighted Exam Questions: All test questions are the express copyrighted property of NIC. It is forbidden under federal copyright law to copy, reproduce, record, distribute or display these test questions by any means, in whole or in part. Doing so may subject you to severe civil and criminal penalties, including prison incarceration and/or fined up to $250,000 for criminal violations.

Prohibited Items: No food, beverages, purses, notebooks, magazines, backpacks, briefcases, hats, jackets, coats, caps, reference books or electronic devices of any nature are permitted in the examination room. If any of the aforementioned items are found in a candidate's possession, the Test Center Administrator will collect the item until the end of the examination and provide a report of the incident to the Board and PCS. Smoking or the use of tobacco is strictly prohibited in the examination room. PCS or IQT are not responsible for any personal items brought into the examination site.

Environmental Distracters: Although every effort is made to provide a quiet and comfortable test environment, unforeseen or unavoidable situations may occur where noise or room temperature can be a distraction to some candidates. While each individual is different, the temperature in the Testing Centers may not be suitable for all candidates. You will need to wear a type of clothing that would allow you to adapt to a cooler or warmer climate as you deem necessary.

Emergency Policy: In the event of inclement weather or similar emergency, a scheduled examination may be canceled or delayed without notice.

However, this decision is made only in rare instances and at the discretion of PCS and/or IQT. If a test center is open for testing, and you choose not to appear for your scheduled examination, your fee will be forfeited. You will have to reschedule your appointment and resubmit the appropriate fee to PCS. If you have reason to question whether or not a center will be closed due to an emergency, please call PCS to make inquiries regarding the practical examination and IQT for inquiries regarding the theory examination.

Refunds and Rescheduling Policies: You may reschedule your theory examination without losing your fee if you contact IQT within five business days prior to your scheduled examination date. If you attempt to reschedule or cancel your exam after the five business day window, you will forfeit your exam fee.

Rescheduling is not permitted for the practical examination unless you are hospitalized or are involved in a traffic accident on the way to the test center that prevents you from arriving on time. Documentation of the above-noted exceptions is required.

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