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«MONTEREY BAY 99S LIBRARY Listed in alphabetical order by Author 
 On Extended Wings Ackerman, ...»

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MONTEREY BAY 99S LIBRARY Listed in alphabetical order by Author 



On Extended Wings Ackerman, Diane Collier Macmillan 1985 Hard Cover/with dust Jacket

Donated by Laura Barnett—January 2009 In this remarkable paean to flying, award-winning poet Diane

Ackerman invites us to ride jump seat as she takes—literally and figuratively—to the sky. On Extended Wings tells the story of how she gained mastery over the mysteries of flight and earned her private pilot’s license, of her frustration and exhilaration during hours of lessons and seemingly endless touch-and-go’s, of her first solo and her first cross-country flights, of the teachers and pilots and aviation enthusiasts she befriended and flew with.

This book was removed from our library and never returned!
 The Mercury 13 The Untold Story of Thirteen American Women and the Dream of Space Flight Ackmann, Martha Random House 2003 Hard Cover w/dust jacket Donated by the Estate of Pamela O’Brien—September 2015 A provocative tribute to these extraordinary women, The Mercury 13 is an unforgettable story of determination, resilience, and inextinguishable hope.

Father Adams Adams, Nick Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC 2014 Soft Cover Autographed Donated by Laura Barnett—August 2014 Father Adams has something for all kinds of readers, and it will be a fast, sometimes turbulent roller coaster ride that ends with a revelation of the human spirit. The characters come alive and invite the reader in the quest of returning home alive. Anyone who has experienced feelings of fear, anger, or exhilaration will have empathy for Father Mike Cross and his cohort, Nick Adams. A simple vacation turns into a world of trouble and then unfolds into the adventure of a lifetime. (Nick Adams was born in Santa Cruz, California) Aviation The Early Years Almond, Peter Produced by The Hulton Getty Picture Collection Limited, Unique House 1997 Hard Cover with dust jacket Donated by Sharon Reeder—March 2012 This book chronicles the first years of manpowered flight in photographs, from the end of the last century to the era of the great Zeppelins. Within the space of a few years at the turn of the 20th century the world shrank. Vast distances were traversed by air, technology raced ahead and whole new concepts of human activity became possible. It was a time of high excitement and experimentation—and from the start the camera recorded it.

The Wild Blue The Men and Boys Who Flew The B-24s Over Germany 1944-45 Ambrose, Stephen E.

Simon & Schuster 2001 Softcover Donated by Joanne Nissen—April 2013 Stephen Ambrose is the acknowledged dean of the historians of World War II in Europe. In three highly acclaimed, bestselling volumes, he has told the story of the bravery, steadfastness, and ingenuity of the ordinary young men, the citizen soldiers, who fought the enemy to a standstill—the band of brothers who endured together.

When Grandma Learned To Fly A Flight Instructor’s Nightmare Ames, Earline with Roy Richardson Leap Frog Press 1998 Softcover Donated by Kay Harmon—November 2014 Has a dream ever captured your imagination and continued to haunt you as the years passed? This book tells the true story of a seventy-five-year-old woman who pursued a dream she had nurtured for over half a century: learning to fly an airplane. It is a story of teaching as much as it is of learning. It is a book for student pilots, flight instructors and dreamers. The tale vividly relates how an imaginative and competent teacher and a determined student achieved

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Plane Safety And Survival Anderson M.D., Eric G. Aero Publishers 1978 Hard Cover w/ o Dust Jacket Donated by Ann Walker—January 2006 This book’s main focus is how to fly, enjoy and survive wilderness areas and remote terrain. Chapter topics include: weather, wilderness medicine, camping by plane, endurance and survival, desert flying, mountain flying, frozen terrain flying, flying wetlands and swamps, flying the forests, over water flying and the safe pilot and some psychological aspects of flying.

World Encyclopedia Of Civil Aircraft Angelucci, Enzo Chartwell Books 2001 Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket Donated by Anandi Heinrich—September 2003 
 For anyone interested in the history and the technology of aviation (and of model-making), this encyclopedic volume is a unique and irreplaceable resource, and a complete panorama of “flying machines”, from the drawings of Leonardo D Vinci to the latest in civil and commercial aircraft. With more than 3,000 images of airplanes accompanied by an impressive assemblage of information, this volume covers the entire world history of civil aviation.

 The Sky Pirates The complete, authoritative story of aerial hijacking, describing what has happened and why Arey, James A. Charles Scribner’s Sons 1972 Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket Donated by Donna Crane-Bailey—November 2003 The Sky Pirates is a comprehensive account of aerial hijacking, its causes and consequences. Between 1930 and mid-1971, there were 214 successful hijackings of commercial airliners, most of which have occurred in the last several years. In addition, there have been 92 abortive attempts, resulting in the death or capture of the hijackers. Cuba, of course, has been the most popular destination, with the Arab countries next.

 Jonathan Livingston Seagull a story Bach, Richard The Macmillan Company 1970 Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket Donated by Louise Minniear—September 2001 Richard Bach is a writer and a pilot, author of Stranger to the Ground—already a modern classic—Biplane and Nothing by Chance. The author has written articles and stories for aviation and general magazines.

This book removed from our library and never returned!
 Out of my Mind The Discovery of Saunders-Vixen Bach, Richard William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1999 Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket Donated by Joanne Nissen—March 2004 In Out of my Mind, Bach takes off on an adventure across the boundaries of ordinary time and into the vast realm of creativity and imagination. The journey begins as Bach puzzles over design modifications for his airplane, a Piper Cub. Perfect designs—simple and practical—seem to come to him from nowhere. But when a design appears one day, along with fleeting glimpse of an intriguing woman, he sets out to discover the source of his visions.

Running from Safety An Adventure of the Spirit Bach, Richard William Morrow and Co. 1984 Hard Cover w/Dust Jacket Donated by Louise Minniear—September 2001 In this intimate adventure of mind and heart, the author sets out to show Dickie Bach, age nine, the things that matter, and finds his 
 teaching doesn’t go as planned. Here is a book spun from delight and disaster, and from surprising notions about old questions: Who are we? What do we want to do with our lives, and why aren’t we doing it? Must we be the victim of circumstance instead of its master? How do we learn to love?

!2 Letters From Amelia an intimate portrait of Amelia Earhart Backus, Jean L. Beacon Press Books 1982 Hard Cover w/dust jacket Donated by The Estate of Pamela O’Brien—September 2015 Letters From Amelia began quietly with the discovery of four neglected cardboard cartons in an attic in Berkeley, California. Inside were rare photographs and more than one hundred revealing letters from the legendary pilot to her beloved mother. The first was a four-year-old’s thank-you note. The last, three short lines, was written just prior to her final 1937 flight, when she vanished into a Pacific mist of conjecture. Fitted together they portray the remarkable evolution from child to adult of a warm, sensible, fun-loving tomboy whose raredetermination and bravery led her to become the first woman to fly the Atlantic solo. 
 Those Remarkable Mooneys Ball, Larry A. Ball Publishing 1998 Hard Cover/w Dust Jacket Donated by Alice Talnack—March 2007 This book offers a rare opportunity to chronicle the history of an aircraft design first offered in 1955….and still in production in 1998. Equally notable is the story of the airplane’s designer, Al Mooney. His interest in airplanes began when he was only eight years old. His dad, who worked for the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad building wooden trestles, taught him the elements of drafting and advance layout work at an early age. The Denver Public Library became his home away from home. He studied every book and magazine they had on aviation and aircraft design.

The First War Planes Barrett, William E. Fawcett Publications, Inc. 1960 Soft Cover Donated by Connie Breien—July 2006 A pictorial guide to airplanes from WWI, etc.

Sharpie The Life Story of Evelyn Sharp—Nebraska’s Aviatrix Bartels, Diane Ruth Armour Dageforde Publishing 1996 Soft Cover & autographed Born to parents who marry to give their baby a name, Evelyn Genevieve Sharp is adopted when only two months old. A move to the Nebraska Sandhills and an overdue room and board bill during Depression Times put her in the front seat of an Alexander Flyabout. She is a “natural,” earning her private, commercial, and instructor’s rerating by age twenty. Sharpie is the biography of an early Nebraska barnstorming pilot who became one of the first women to ferry US Army Air Force fighters during World War II. It is the life story of a woman who simply loved to fly. (Please note: Evelyn Sharp gave Amelia Reid her first airplane ride) The Complete Encyclopedia of Flight 1939-1945 Batchelor, John & Lowe, Malcolm V.

Chartwell Books, Inc. 2005 Hard Cover with dust jacket Donated by Laura A. Barnett—January 2015 The Complete Encyclopedia of Flight 1939-1945, Volume II comprises over one hundred and thirty of the great and distinctive airplanes from the Second World War period. Between 1939 and 1945, for the first time in military history, aviation took center stage, ultimately generating the decisive weapon of the war. World War Two saw advances in aviation technology and aircraft design which ultimately altered the way we think about flight. 
 BAX Seat Log of a Pasture Pilot Baxter, Gordon Tab Books 1988 Hardcover no dust jacket Donated by Pat York —July 2001 Gordon Baxter is an aviation writer who sees airplanes as the rest of us think we do or wish we could: as magic carpets that defy common sense and reward their masters with insights no ground-pounder could ever have. He sees airplane people not as the business fold, braggarts and conspicuous consumers that the rest of us think we recognize but as mystics, magicians, secret children with the world’s biggest toys in their hands. He sees what aviation once was—an adventure that lifted its partakers out of the commonplace—and rejoices that what made it so indeed still exists in isolated pockets and patches, which Baxter seeks and finds. 
 More Bax Seat New Logs of a Pasture Pilot Baxter, Gordon Tab Books 1988 Hard Cover no !3 jacket Donated by Pat York—July 2001 Gordon Baxter mixes his stories with humor and wit of his flying experiences. 
 Hard Cover 
 Blue Confessions Bedard, David Tab Books 1993 First Edition If you enjoy aviation humor, you'll love this collection of entertaining stories taken from the popular Private Pilot magazine column, "Blue Confessions." Packed with more than 50 of the tallest tales, this book is guaranteed to make you laugh, whether you're actively involved in aviation or not.

This book was checked out and never returned!
 Aircraft Powerplants Fifth Edition Bent/McKinley McGraw-Hill Book Company 1985 Soft Cover This edition contains all the essential information contained in earlier editions plus additional material relating to new powerplants. Aircraft Powerplants, Fifth Edition, is designed to assist the student in attaining the proficiency levels defined in current Federal Aviation Regulations when used as a study text in 
 connection with classroom discussions, demonstrations, and practical application.

William Morrow and Company, Inc. 1985 
 The Flying Circus Berges, Emily Tafford Hard Cover w/jacket Donated by Louise Minniear—September 2001 The book opens in 1952. The airplane, no longer a thrilling novelty, has become part of everyday life. The Rices, who have used their flying skills to defy convention and express their own free spirits, are about to become as obsolete as their one-engine Jenny. Holding them all together is Martha, the only one who has been able to resist the lure of the sky. But she, like her aunts and like her sister, is also facing a moment of truth in which the ghosts of the past and the realities of the future must be confronted equally. 
 A Sky Of My Own Bernheim, Molly Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 1974 Hard Cover w/jacket The story of a remarkable woman who defied her fears, her gray hair, and her grandmotherly status, to discover the joys of flying her own plane. 
 Crazy in the Cockpit Blume, Randy DK Publishing, Inc. 1999 Hard Cover w/dust jacket Donated by Mary Saylor—September 2003 Randy Blume, the author who has done the things she writes about in this novel, gives everyone a deliciously privileged peek into secret places. Everything rings true—the heroine’s middle-class mother’s horrified response to her choice of profession, the tasteless jokes of 
 her male co-workers, the whole polyester reality of what was once a glamorous enterprise. Crazy in the Cockpit is both funny and appalling in its revelations about life as a woman in a field that’s almost exclusively male— commercial aviation. 
 Pilot’s Guide to Flight Emergency Procedures Birch, N.H and Bramson, A.E. Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1973 Hard Cover w/dust jacket Donated by Pat York—July 2001 This book contains complete information on all the flight safety procedures of which every private pilot should be aware. Clearly illustrated and described, the procedures cover emergencies ranging from forced landings with or without power, engine failure during take-off, fire in the air, landing gear or brake failure, to problems such as rapidly changing weather conditions and radio failure which can easily develop into emergencies.

This book was removed from the library and never returned!

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