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«Title Page Copyright Page Preface Patterns, a Course in Communicative English, focuses on reading, writing and communicative aspects of English ...»

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Title Page

Copyright Page


Patterns, a Course in Communicative English, focuses on reading,

writing and communicative aspects of English language to ensure

holistic training. The aim of the series is to enhance the students’

language skills and enable them to use the language with ease and

confidence both inside and outside the boundaries of the classroom.

The teacher plays the most significant role in this process. Therefore

the books contain exhaustive Teacher’s Notes providing certain guidelines and suggestions about the way the lessons can be approached and made interesting as well as beneficial to the students.

The Teacher’s Handbooks (1-8) contain answers to the exercises which accompany the chapters. The primary purpose of these books is to diminish the workload of the teachers and facilitate the teaching and learning processes. Apart from definite answers, they also contain suggestions which the teachers may follow while teaching a chapter.

Answers to some analytical questions are not given since it is in the best interest of the students to let them think and answer those questions based on their understanding of the topics. The exercises on Writing Skills and Enrichment activities can be conducted by the teacher following the guidelines given as part of the exercise. The teacher should encourage students to answer the open-ended questions depending on their reading of the chapter.

We sincerely hope that the teachers find these books useful and the Handbooks contribute substantially to the process of learning.

Contents Course book Theme: Under the Banyan Tree

1. Scarecrow 1

2. Telling Tales 1

3. How Ananse Brought Stories to the World 1

4. The Story Spirits 3

5. The Storykeeper 5 Theme: Family

1. Ani’s Key 7

2. The Troublesome Twins 10

3. Unnikatha 12

4. Some Things Do Not Make Sense 15

5. They Chose Me 15

6. My Inside and Outside Self 16 Theme: Humour

1. Blowing the Horn 16

2. Dr Goray and the Giggling Ghost 19

3. Oily Mess 22

4. What I Did Last Night 23

5. Oh, Doctor! 24

6. The Nose 25

7. What My Lady Did 25 Theme: Born Free

1. How the Hippo Lost His Fur 26

2. The Bird Catcher 28

3. The Cheetah and the Sloth 31

4. The Little Fish Has Something to Say 34

5. Circus Lion Gives Evidence 34

6. Mrs Skunk Writes a Letter 35 Theme: Fear and Courage

1. The Boy Who Was Afraid

–  –  –

How Ananse Brought Stories to the World NOTE: The teacher can read this story aloud in class to draw the students’ attention to its jargon, especially certain words and phrases which are very specific to African culture.

Comprehension Page 9

1. An African story-teller is telling the story.

2. Ananse spun a web up to the sky to meet the Sky God.

3. The Sky God asked Ananse to bring him Osebo, the leopardof-the-terrible-teeth, Mmboro, the hornets-who-sting-like-fire and Mmoatia, the fairy-whom-men-never-see.

4. ‘Yiridi’ might mean run.

NOTE: Students could be encouraged to come up with their own explanation of the word and justify it.

Word power Page 9 This could be treated as a healthy and a funny game which can take place in the presence of the teacher and end up there itself.

Write the answers Page 9

1. Ananse first came across Osebo, the leopard-of-the-terribleteeth in the jungle. Osebo was ready to eat him for lunch.

Ananse requested the leopard to play the binding, binding game with him before eating him. As part of the game he tied the leopard’s foot with a vine creeper and hung the tied leopard on a tree in the jungle.


2. Ananse filled a calabash with water and held a banana leaf over his head like an umbrella and crept through the tall grasses towards the hornets’ nest. When he reached the nest he poured some of the water from the calabash over his head and the rest over the hornets’ nest and advised the hornets to fly into his calabash in order to avoid the rain. As they gratefully flew into the calabash he quickly sealed the mouth of the calabash and hung it on the tree next to the leopard.

3. Ananse carved a little doll holding a bowl full of pounded yams and covered it from head to foot with gum. Then he tied one end of a vine around the doll’s head and kept it at the foot of a tree where the fairies danced. He hid behind a bush holding the other end of the vine in his hand. In a little while, Mmoatia, the fairy-whom-no-man-sees came dancing to the foot of the tree. She saw the little doll and asked whether she could eat some of the yams it was carrying in the bowl.

As Ananse pulled at the vine the doll seemed to nod its head.

The fairy ate all the yams and thanked the doll but it did not reply. She was very angry and slapped her. Unfortunately her hand got stuck to the doll’s cheek. She was very upset and as she slapped the doll with her other hand, it got stuck as well.

She pushed against the doll with her feet and they too got stuck. Then Ananse carried her to the tree where the leopard and the hornets were trapped.

4. The Sky God asked his nobles to sing praises for Ananse because he had satisfied his wish and brought Osebo, the leopard-of-the-terrible-teeth, Mmboro, the hornets-who-stinglike-fire and Mmoatia, the fairy-whom-men-never-see to him.

The Sky God kept his word and gave Ananse all his stories in return.

Listening/speaking Page 9 The given activity can be conducted as per the guidelines given in the book.

Writing skills Page 10 The teacher can initiate a discussion on the given topic encouraging students to come up with different ideas. Every perspective should be accepted if the student is able to justify it logically.

2 The Story Spirits Comprehension Page 16

1. Dong Chin and Pak shared master-servant relationship. Dong Chin made demands and gave out orders which Pak followed blindly. Pak was also extremely loyal to his master and he could risk his reputation as well as his own life to protect his master’s life.

2. • Dong Chin felt very proud when his father undid his long braid one day before his wedding and fixed his hair in a tight topknot, just like his own. Then he placed a featherlight, transparent hat of horsehair mesh on Don Chin’s head.

• ‘This moment’ signifies the moment when Dong Chin’s father undid his long braid, tied his hair in a topknot and placed a beautiful hat on his head.

• This expression signifies Dong Chin’s coming of age; the completion of his journey from boyhood to adulthood.

His father’s act was an acknowledgement of his son’s ability to take on responsibility. Dong Chin finally stepped into his father’s shoes as he sported a hairstyle similar to his father’s.

3. We know that Pak told Dong Chin many stories because Dong Chin listened to a story from Pak every night since childhood. But he refused to share those stories with anyone.

The story spirits filled up a room. There were hundreds of them swarming around.

4. The story spirits planned to take revenge on Dong Chin because he had kept them locked up inside his room for years and not allowed them to move around freely in the world.

5. Dong Chin was surprised at Pak’s behaviour because his loyal servant disobeyed him on three occasions and refused to fulfil his wishes. Finally when Pak barged into the banquet hall as Dong Chin prepared to have dinner with his bride, he was shocked.

–  –  –

5 beautiful house, exotic flowers, fantastic wild animals, wonderful tales, best story, hopeful heart, holy heart, wise old woman.

B. Katia goes through different moods in the story. Students should describe when she experiences these moods respectively.

1. Katia was confused when the old woman who advised her to tell the Storykeeper her own story vanished mysteriously just when she was about to thank her.

2. When Katia was unable to find a suitable story to tell the Storykeeper she felt tired and disheartened. She was running out of time and did not know where to find a suitable story for the occasion.

3. When Katia set off to find a suitable story to tell the Storykeeper on New Year’s Eve, she was happy and hopeful about the fact that she would finally get a chance to meet the Storykeeper.

4. When Katia finished her story and saw that the people were genuinely touched by it, she felt worthy and hopeful.

5. Katia was fully contented when the wise old woman whom she met in the forest advised her to tell the Storykeeper her own story.

6. When the Storykeeper appreciated Katia’s story, she felt happy and satisfied.

7. Katia felt helpless and sad when she thought that since she was poor and ragged, she was not fit to meet the Storykeeper.

NOTE: The students can be asked to read the story very carefully and then answer this question. They could be encouraged to come up with their own explanations and justifications.

Write the answers Page 22

1. Katia decided to act upon the advice of the wise old woman whom she met in the forest and tell the Storykeeper her own story. When she finished her story she saw that the people present there were genuinely moved by her tale. Some were hiding their faces in their hands, some were silently weeping and others were applauding.

–  –  –

Theme: Family Ani’s Key Comprehension Page 28

1. We know that Ani’s parents are not rich because they have to work hard to pay for their child’s education. Her mother washes other people’s laundry by hand and her father sorts through trash, in order to procure other people’s throaways to sell. They lead a humble existence. Her friends make fun of her in school. She knows that her parents cannot afford paint, pens and such stuff which she requires in order to win the art competition in school.

2. Ani did not want to go to school because her friends made fun of her father. They said that he smelt like garbage since he sorted through trash, cleaning up other people’s throwaways to sell. They even claimed that Ani’s shoes were procured 7 from the garbage dump. Apart from this she wanted to participate in an art contest in school but she knew that her parents did not have money to buy paints, pens and other stuff which she required in order to win the competition.

3. • Ani’s mother is talking to her.

• ‘This’ refers to the troubles that Ani was facing.

• Ani’s mother encourages her to find the ‘key’ or the solution to these problems in order to overcome them.

4. Ani’s treasure box did not contain jewels or coins but the items inside the box were very precious to her. She had collected numerous articles from the pile of throwaways that her father had to sift through everyday. She found everything that she needed to participate in the art competition inside her treasure box.

5. Ani’s parents did not know that she had decided to participate in the art contest.

We know this because when Ani informed them about the art contest she did not reveal that she was taking part in it.

They asked her whether they should go there and she replied that that they should since it would be interesting.

They finally got to know when they saw the beautiful butterfly that their daughter had made. She made it with all the items that she had gathered from the junk that her father had to sort everyday.

Word power Page 28 A. Students should look up the dictionary and find out the different meanings of the word ‘key’. They should write which meaning fits in the sentences given.

1. a solution or explanation

2. instrument for moving the bolt of a lock B. Students should read the given expression and then answer the questions.

1. Sunset has been described here.

2. ‘Wink’ is the act of closing and opening one’s eye quickly, especially as a gesture.


3. Students can be encouraged to come up with their own explanations.

C. The teacher can encourage students to analyse the characters well before answering this question.

D. Students should answer who they think a professional artist is.

A professional artist is someone who earns a living by practising his art.

E. The students should describe Ani as an artist in one word.

amateur Write the answers Page 29

1. Ani was sad because her friends in school made fun of her father who sorted trash to procure items to sell. They said he smelt like garbage. She was also unhappy about the fact that she did not have paints and pens like her friends which were required to participate in the art contest to be held in her school.

2. Ani’s grandmother had told her that raw egg white was the best glue in Indonesia. So she acted upon her grandmother’s advice and used raw egg white as glue.

3. Though Ani’s box was filled with junk the author called it a treasure box because she utlilised all the items contained in the box to make the beautiful butterfly which everyone admired in the art contest.

Listening/speaking Page 30 All the activities can be carried out in the manner described in the text. Children could be encouraged to express their opinion with logical justification.

Writing skills Page 31 The students can be asked to write the letter on their own. They can take help from the teacher and the key points given in the book.

9 The Troublesome Twins Comprehension Page 36 1. ‘Please’ is spelt as ‘Pleeese’ here in order to emphasise the request as well as express the desperation of the twins. It is not a spelling error but a literary trope.

2. The person who has to find out the hidden players in the game of hide-and-seek is called a ‘den’.

3. The twins never seem to tire. They are always energetic and enthusiastic, even after a strenuous session of pillow-fighting.

This quality in them amazes their sister.

4. The twins were always ganging up against their sister and playing pranks on her. But everyone in the family found them adorable. The elder sister often felt sorry for herself for being an outsider in her own house.

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