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«Education PhD, Department of German, University of California, Berkeley, 2008. MA, Department of German, University of California, Berkeley, 2002. ...»

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curriculum vitae (June 8, 2014)

David Jennings Gramling

Assistant Professor | Director of Graduate Studies

Department of German Studies, College of Humanities

301 Learning Services Building | 1512 East First St.

The University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ 85720

dgl@email.arizona.edu | cell: 520.822.6251



PhD, Department of German, University of California, Berkeley, 2008.

MA, Department of German, University of California, Berkeley, 2002.

BA, Department of German, Middlebury College, 1999.

Professional Appointments 2010-present. Assistant Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, University of Arizona, Department of German Studies. (Tenure review expected AY 2017-2018.) 2011, 2013. Summer Faculty, Middlebury College German School.

2008-2010. Visiting Assistant Professor, Bilkent University, Ankara / Turkey.

Major Grants Awarded 2014-2017. (Award amount: $3,309,663, Arts and Humanities Research Council of the United Kingdom.) Co-Investigator: "Researching Multilingually at the Borders of Language, the Body, Law and the State.” Principal Investigator: Alison Phipps, OBE, University of Glasgow / Scotland.

2013-2017. (Award amount: $1,320,000, American Cancer Society, Grant ID: RSG-13-239-01) Co-Investigator: “Prognosis Communication and Race in Advanced Cancer Care.“ Principal Investigator: Robert Gramling, University of Rochester Medical Center. Rochester, NY / USA.

2014-2015. (Award amount: $15,600, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.) Principal Investigator, with Susan Stryker: “Translating Transgender: A Scholars’ and Practitioners’ Workshop.” 2012. (Award amount, $24,427, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry.) Principal Investigator, with Chantelle Warner and Aslı Iğsız: “Multilingual, 2.0?: An International Symposium, and Critical Multilingualism Studies: an Interdisciplinary Journal.” 2011. (Award amount $9,122, Office of the Vice-President for Research.) Principal Investigator:

“Critical Discourse Analysis, Bioethics, and Race: A Qualitative Inquiry.” 1 of 13 Fellowships 2010-2012. New Faculty Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies.

2006–2007. Fulbright Fellow, Humboldt University (Berlin), Seminar for Cultural Studies.

2003. Summer Fellow, American Research Institute in Turkey, Boğaziçi University (Istanbul).

2003. Research Fellow, Berkeley Language Center.

Books In preparation. The Invention of Monolingualism.

2011. Co-edited with Deniz Göktürk, Anton Kaes and Andreas Langenohl. Transit Deutschland:

Debatten zu Nation und Migration. Konstanz: University of Konstanz Press / Fink Verlag,  Reviewed for H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences by Marcel Berlinghof.

 Reviewed for Portal für Politikwissenschaft by Andreas Eis.

 Reviewed for Der Tagesspiegel by Anna-Lina Scholz: “Die deutsche Angst vor Migranten” [“The German fear of migrants”], July 20, 2011.

 Reviewed by Yasemin Dayıoğlu-Yücel in Jahrbuch Türkisch-Deutsche Studien 2. Göttingen: v & r unipress, 2011. 245-248.

2007. Co-edited with Deniz Göktürk and Anton Kaes. Germany in Transit: Nation and Migration 1955-2005. Berkeley: University of California Press.

 Reviewed for Social Work and Society by Kala Chakradhar.

 Reviewed for German Studies Review by Franz Kempf.

 Reviewed for The Germanic Review by Yasemin Yildiz.

 Reviewed in Nations and Nationalism by Eli Nathans Single-Author Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Chapters In press. “Hysterical Postsecularism.” Cultural Critique.

In press. “Interculturality and Multilingualism on the Threshold of the Third Reich.” The Challenges of Multilingualism: What is at Stake?, edited by Claire Kramsch and Ulrike Jessner. De Gruyter Mouton.

In press. “What is Turkish-German Studies Up Against? Thigmotactics and Occidentalism.” Colloquiua Germanica.

In press. “This is How You Lose Multilingual Literature: Junot Díaz in an Age of International Content-Delivery.” American Book Review.

In press. “Getting up onto Monolingualism: Barthes, Kafka, Myth.” Challenging the Myth of Monolingualism, edited by Till Dembeck and Liesbeth Minnard. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

2 of 13 In preparation. “Sprachdifferenz und Einsprachigkeit.” (“Linguistic Difference and Monolingualism.”) Handbuch Literatur und Mehrsprachigkeit (Handbook on Literature and Multilingualism), edited by Till Dembeck and Rolf Parr. Kornwestheim: Narr-Verlag.

In preparation. “Teaching for Intertextual Asymmetry: Orhan Pamuk against World Literature.” Approaches to Teaching the Works of Orhan Pamuk, edited by Sevinç Türkkan and David Damrosch. Modern Language Association of America.

2014. “The Invention of Monolingualism from the Spirit of Systematic Transposability.” Philologie und Mehrsprachigkeit [Philology and Multilingualism], edited by Georg Mein und Till Dembeck. Winter Verlag. 113-134.

2013. “Zur Abwicklung des Mythos literarischer Einsprachigkeit.” [“Unraveling the Myth of Literary Monolingualism.”] kultuRRevolution: zeitschrift für angewandte diskurstheorie [Culturevolution: A Journal for Applied Discourse Theory] 65(2). 11-16.

2012. “An Other Unspeakability: Levi and Lagerszpracha.” New German Critique 39(3): 165-187.

2012. “The Oblivion of Influence: Mythical Realism in Feo Aladağ’s Die Fremde [When We Leave] (2010).” Turkish German Cinema in the New Millennium: Sites, Sounds, and Screens, edited by Sabine Hake and Barbara Mennel. Berghahn Books. 33-43.

2012. “You Pray Like We Have Fun: Toward a Phenomenology of Secular Islam.” Migration and Religion: Christian Transatlantic Missions, Islamic Migration to Germany, edited by Barbara Becker-Cantarino. Amsterdam: Rodopi. 175-191.

2011. “My Ardinghello: Heinse and the Importance of Being Epistolary.” The Germanic Review 86(1): 23-36.

2010. “On the Other Side of Monolingualism: Fatih Akın’s Linguistic Turn(s).” German Quarterly 83(3): 353-372.

2010. “The Caravanserai Turns Twenty: or, New German Literature—in Turkish?” Alman Dili ve Edebiyati Dergisi / Studien zur deutschen Sprache und Literatur [Studies in German Language and Literature] 24: 55-83.

2009. “The New Cosmopolitan Monolingualism: Linguistic Citizenship in Twenty-first Century Germany.” Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 42(2): 130-140.

2007. “Pamuk’s Dis-Orient: Reassembling Kafka’s Castle in Snow“. TRANSIT: 3(1): 1-20.

Co- and Multiple-Author Peer-Reviewed Articles and Chapters In press, with Chantelle Warner. “Kontaktpragmatik: Fremdsprachliche Literatur und symbolische Beweglichkeit.” [“Contact Pragmatics: Foreign Language Literature and Symbolic Agility.”] Deutsch als Fremdsprache [German as a Foreign Language].

2014, with Chantelle Warner. ”Making Multilingualism Material.” Critical Multilingualism Studies 2(1): 1-5.

2014, with SC Alexander, S Ladwig, SA Norton, JK Davis, M Metzger, J DeLuca, and R Gramling.

“Emotional distress and compassionate responses in palliative care decision-making 3 of 13 consultations: A direct observational study.” Journal of Palliative Medicine 17(5): 579-584.

2013, with Chantelle Warner. ”Introduction to the Issue.” Critical Multilingualism Studies 1(2):


2013, with Chantelle Warner. “Gerade Dir hat er eine Botschaft gesendet: Contact Pragmatics and the Teaching of Foreign Language Texts.” Transitions and Traditions: Curricula in German Curricula, edited by John Plews and Barbara Schmenk, Eds. Wilfrid Laurier University Press. 209-226.

2013, with R Gramling, SA Norton, S Ladwig, M Metzger, J DeLuca, D Schatz, R Epstein, T Quill, S Alexander. “Direct observation of prognosis communication in palliative care: a descriptive study.” Journal of Pain and Symptom Management 45(2): 202-212.

2012, with Chantelle Warner. “Critical Multilingualism Studies: An Invitation.” Critical Multilingualism Studies 1(1): 1-11.

2012, with Robert Gramling. “Laughing at the Dark: Tactical Humor for Autonomous DecisionMaking in Serious Illness.” Journal of Palliative Medicine: 15(11): 170-172.

2010, with Chantelle Warner. “Toward a Contact Pragmatics of Literature: Habitus, Text, and the Advanced L2 Classroom.” Critical and Intercultural Theory and Language Pedagogy.

Edited by Glenn S. Levine and Alison Phipps. AAUSC. 57-75.

2010, with Judith Butler, in Turkish. “Homofobi Adlı Ruhsal Bozukluk [Do Not Give them Your Photographs: On Militarism, Secularism, and Homophobia]” Ahmet Gürata, Trans. Bir+Bir 4: 8-11.

Reprints From 2007. “Pamuk’s Dis-Orient: Reassembling Kafka’s Castle in Snow“. TRANSIT: 3(1): 1-20.

Turkish-language reprint forthcoming in Dünya Üzerinde Kar. İstanbul: Yapi Kredi Yayınları.

Literary, Poetic, and Scholarly Translations Under review with TRANSIT Journal. Co-translated with the Students of German 450 (Spring 2013). From the German by Peter Waterhouse, “The Sound Valley.” [“Das Klangtal.”] Neue Deutsche Literatur 51(1): 66-80.

Under review with Lir Agency Istanbul. From the Turkish, by Zafer Şenocak, The Residence. A Novel. [“Köşk.”] İstanbul: Alef, 2008.

Under review with Syracuse University Press. Co-translated with İlker Hepkaner, from the

Turkish by Sabahattin Ali. The Madonna in the Fur Coat. [Kürk Mantolu Madonna.] İstanbul:

Yapı Kredi Yayınlari, 1998 [1943].

In press. Co-translated with Aron Aji, from the Turkish by Murathan Mungan. “The Leather.” [“Sahtiyan.”] 6th Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival Collection.

2014. Co-translated with Kristin Dickinson, from the Turkish by Deniz Göktürk. “Imagining Europe as a Realm of Transformations.” Critical Multilingualism Studies 2(1): 129-147.

4 of 13

2013. Co-translated with Aron Aji, from the Turkish by Murathan Mungan. “Omaira.” Words Without Borders.

2013. Co-translated with Ayşegul Savaş, from the Turkish by Ersan Üldes. “Where We All Slowly Die.” [“Hepimizin Yavaş Yavaş Öldüğü Mekân.”] The American Reader.

2010. From the Turkish by Bejan Matur. “First Marks of Human Wit: Ramparts, Legends.” PEN America Translation Slam.

2009. From the German by Zafer Şenocak. ”Eastward: Selections from the Forthcoming Novel.” [“Ostwärts.”] TRANSIT. 5(1): 1-5.

2002. From the German by Deniz Göktürk. “Beyond Paternalism: Turkish German Traffic in Cinema.” The German Cinema Book, edited by Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter, and Deniz Göktürk. London: British Film Institute.

Book Reviews

Yildiz, Yasemin. Beyond the Mother Tongue: The Postmonolingual Condition. New York:

Fordham University Press, 2012. Gegenwartsliteratur.

Figge, Susan G. and Jenifer K. Ward, Eds. Reworking the German Past. Rochester: Camden House, 2010. Colloquia Germanica.

El-Tayeb, Fatima. European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe. Minneapolis:

University of Minnesota Press, 2011. Monatshefte. 104:2 (2012).

Blumensath, Hans dir. Das fliegende Klassenzimmer in New York. Documentary Film. Die Unterrichtspraxis 40:1 (2007).

Adelson, Leslie A. The Turkish Turn in Contemporary German Literature: Toward a New Critical Grammar of Migration. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. In: The Germanic Review. 81:4 (2006).

Keynote Talks and Invited Lectures (at other Institutions) 2014, Invited Lecture. “The Application Word Quit Unexpectedly: Peter Waterhouse’s ‘The Sound Valley’ (2003) and the translative experience.” University of Iowa Translation Masters in Fine Arts Program, November 10.

2014, Invited Symposium Talk, with Claire Kramsch. “Recording vs. Communicating Trauma: The Language Dilemma of Holocaust Survivors.” Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée. Brisbane, Queensland / Australia, August 10-15.

2014, Invited Symposium Talk, with Chantelle Warner, “Multilingual Ecologies in the American Southwest Borderlands.” Researching Multilingually Grant Launch. University of Glasgow / Scotland, May 26.

2014, Invited Lecture. “Re-Languaging Europe? A Critique of Multilingual Reason in Terezia Mora’s Day In, Day Out.” European Cultural Dis/Unification, European Union Center of Excellence & The European Studies Center. University of Pittsburgh, PA / USA, February 22.

5 of 13 2014, Keynote Lecture. “East by Eastwest: The Literary Occident of Turkish Transnational Modernity.” Where East Meets West?, University of Pennsylvania Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. Pennsylvania, PA / USA, February 21.

2014, Invited Lecture. “A Right to Untranslatability? Multilingualism, Translation, and the Passing of World Literaricity.” The University of Maryland Department of Germanic Studies.

College Park, MD / USA, February 20.

2014, Invited Colloquium. “Conversations at the End of Life.” The Ohio State University Center for Folklore Studies. Columbus, OH / USA, February 7.

2013, Invited Lecture. “Hysterical Postsecularism: Rhetorics of Indifference toward Islam in Europe and the US.” Symposium: “Mobilizing Difference: Gender, Islam, and the Production of Contemporary Europeanness.” University of Illinois. Urbana, IL / USA, September 12.

2013, Invited Lecture. “‘Die Übersetzung wird erst interessant, wenn sie ausser Kontrolle gerät’:

Peter Waterhouse und seine mehr- oder wenigersprachige Welt.” [‘Translation first becomes interesting, when it gets out of control’: Peter Waterhouse and his more- or lesslanguaged world.”] Middlebury College German School. Middlebury, VT / USA, July 4.

2012, Invited Lecture. “The Invention of Monolingualism.” University of Richmond, Department of Modern Languages. Richmond, VA / USA, November 15.

2012, Invited Lecture. “Multilingual Second Language Acquisition: Insights and Implications, by way of Peter Waterhouse’s ‘Klangtal’ (2003)” University of California, Berkeley, DAAD German Language Teaching Methodology Workshop. Nov. 8-9.

2012, Invited Lecture. “Die Erfindung des Monolingualismus.” Conference: “Mehrsprachige Gegenwartsliteratur – philologische Herausforderungen“ Laboratoire de linguistique et de littérature allemande. University of Luxembourg, September 22.

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