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«Christopher Vasey Gnomes, Elves, Nixies. a World-wide Knowledge The great and small Beings in the working of Creation Contents Preface 2 Why are the ...»

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Christopher Vasey

Gnomes, Elves, Nixies …

a World-wide Knowledge

The great and small Beings in the working of Creation


Preface 2

Why are the elemental beings invisible to us? 3

The world-wide knowledge of the elemental beings 9

The Bible and the elemental beings 17

The elemental beings and science 23

Do the forces of Nature act blindly and destructively? 27 Necessary knowledge 34 In those instances where the author makes statements which exceed the general state of knowledge, his insights are drawn from the knowledge mediated by the Grail Message “In the Light of Truth” by Abd-ru-shin (www.grail-message.com).

© 2015 by Christopher Vasey, CH 1832-Chamby-Montreux 2 Preface Gnomes, elves, nixies, the great “lords of the elements” and the gods of antiquity: are these beings from our childhood fairy tales and legends merely a product of our imagination, or do they actually exist? If we were to lay aside all of the exaggerations and distortions that may have crept into transmissions during the course of time, could there in fact be a kernel of truth in them after all? Is it possible that “elemental beings” or “nature beings” really exist?

To some people, questions such as this may nowadays seem somewhat naïve or irrelevant.

According to the scientific, rational spirit of our age, it no longer seems worthwhile to occupy oneself with this issue. Gods and gnomes belong to the realm of fairy tales and legends; they certainly cannot serve as a subject for serious research!

However, by simply dismissing it, we do not do justice to the matter since our conclusions are not the result of honest investigation, but of prejudice. The hypothesis that such beings exist, if considered in detail, does not stand in opposition to either scientific findings or religious considerations. In addition to this, numerous occurrences, such as sightings by clairvoyants, suggest that many beings which we know only from fairy tales and legends actually exist.

It is the aim of this book to contribute to this comprehensive subject matter from diverse perspectives with a view to representing different fields of knowledge. For this purpose, reference will be made to a number of religious, historical and mythological publications and reports.

From the author’s point of view, however, the work “In the Light of Truth – The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin is of central importance in enabling us to gain an understanding of this subject matter. But this does not mean that the above work is restricted to explanations about the elemental beings. It does in fact deal with numerous other issues such as: the origin of man and his position in Creation, fate and the meaning of life, as well as many other matters besides. The explanations provided by the “Grail Message” are the clearest and most comprehensive to be found with regard to this issue as well.

–  –  –

Why are the elemental beings invisible to us?

There have always been people who claim to have seen, or to be able to see elemental beings.

For them, the question of whether the elemental beings really exist is not an issue. But why is it that only a few people are able to visually perceive nature beings, while the rest cannot see them?

Is it always necessary to see in order to believe?

Seeing is believing …This stance is often adopted during discussions about the possible existence of something generally invisible, and therefore frequently arises in connection with nature beings. It seems perfectly logical to view the world according to the hypothesis: “What I cannot see does not exist”. What we cannot see has no form, and whatever has no form does not exist.

Yet there are a great many things the existence of which we do not question, which we have readily assimilated into our world view and also use on a daily basis, despite the fact we have never seen them. Think for example of electricity, which our society is so dependent on, the structure of the atom (with the electrons circling around the nucleus) or the radio and TV waves surrounding us. These phenomena cannot be directly perceived by our physical senses, we can only perceive their effects, but who would nowadays dare to question the existence of gravity, magnetic forces, ultraviolet or infrared rays on the basis that they are invisible? We are also convinced that we human beings possess a will, yet nobody can observe this will as such, it is invisible, as are our thoughts, feelings and intuitive perceptions.

These examples demonstrate that it is certainly not always necessary to see something in order to be convinced of its existence. Hence, it is nonsensical to discount the existence of elves, gnomes and other nature beings outright, simply because we do not see them.

Besides, strictly speaking, the statement that elemental beings are invisible is not actually correct. It would be more accurate to say that in general they cannot be seen. For there are, and always have been people who claim that they can perceive or communicate with nature beings.

But just how credible are such assertions? It is difficult to verify them, as those who wish to judge generally lack the ability to perceive nature beings themselves.

Let us therefore ask a more general question: Could it be possible that certain people have a finer perception than others, enabling them to visually perceive a reality which remains inaccessible to most people? In order to answer this question, we must first take a closer look at the term “to see”.

What does it mean to “see”?

–  –  –

certain wave length, it can receive any broadcasts that are transmitted on this wave length.

However, those broadcasts transmitted on a different wave length cannot reach him, although they certainly exist nevertheless.

Our eyes can likewise only “receive” what corresponds to their own nature, as is the case with all our sensory organs, which are naturally limited in that they can only perceive what is of physical matter.

Since our eyes are part of the physical body, they can only perceive what is of the same substance. The immaterial is bound to remain hidden from them. The term “immaterial” refers to everything that is beyond the gross material world of this earth-plane.

In fact, this earth-plane is not the only sphere of existence within Creation, although such a statement may be difficult to accept for the materialistically-minded. Jesus spoke of the “many mansions” in his “Father’s house”, and for most religious people it is indisputable that in addition to the world of gross matter, which we live in at present, a spiritual world was also created, which is known as Paradise.

Indeed, this spiritual realm is the world we human beings originate from. But between Paradise and the earth-plane there exist several planes of Creation, which are of increasing density the greater their distance from Paradise. These planes are also inhabited by human spirits who wish to complete their path of development before they can finally return to the spiritual plane.

All these spheres of Creation are closely interconnected,but (with the exception of the earthplane) their nature is completely different from that of our physical eyes. Consequently, these planes cannot be readily seen. They are beyond the perception of our visual faculty (as well as our other senses). The term “the beyond”, denoting these planes in their entirety, expresses this fact quite well.

If the human spirit which originated from the spiritual plane wishes to become active in the world of gross matter on earth, it has to clothe itself in a cloak of the same density, namely the physical body. Without it, the spirit could not grasp anything of the physical world, nor be active within it.

The physical body therefore, is not the real human being, but only an instrument which the spirit requires. The eyes belonging to the physical body are part of this instrument. It is not the eyes which “see”, but that which uses the eyes: the spirit, our true ego. Just as glasses, binoculars or the microscope are instruments, so are the eyes, which transmit visual information to the spirit via the brain.

Besides the need for the spirit to clothe itself in a body of gross matter, enabling it to be active in the physical world, it also has to cover itself with the substance of the other planes. In the course of its wanderings through all the spheres from Paradise down to the earth, it receives one covering after another, each one on top of the previous one. Consequently, each of us has many diverse coverings, corresponding to the number of planes we crossed during our descent. Each of these coverings is furnished with “instruments” or organs, which enable us to influence the corresponding plane and allow us to experience it. Each of these coverings is equipped with eyes.

5 At this point you may ask yourself why this “multitude” of eyes does not enable us in a quite natural manner, to see our finer bodies and the corresponding planes of Creation. Why do we not see all those worlds at the same time? The reason for this is that the different eyes do not all function simultaneously. Under normal conditions, it is always only the eyes of the outermost, densest body that are opened, providing the spirit with the necessary information and bringing it to its consciousness. If we received impressions from several planes at the same time, this would result in confusing perceptions which we would be unable to interpret.

Therefore only one pair of eyes is open. However, another pair can also open up in exceptional circumstances, as is the case with clairvoyant persons, for example.

The faculty of clairvoyance

A clairvoyant normally sees with the eyes of his physical body just like all of us. At times however, while his normal vision is “switched off”, he can visually perceive things that are generally regarded as “non-existent”, since they cannot be seen on the physical, material level. Yet he is able to see them; another, non-physical pair of eyes transmits them to his spirit. If we look at the human being in its entirety, i.e. at its material nature (the physical body) and its immaterial nature (the finer cloaks and the spirit), the faculty of clairvoyance is something completely natural.

However, there are varying degrees of this faculty. No clairvoyant can claim to possess an overview of all the planes of creation. Most of them are “specialists” as it were, with some of them being “tuned” to the wavelength of the elemental beings. However, even these clairvoyants do not see the same things. The majority can see the densest elemental beings such as gnomes and water sprites since these beings concern themselves with the elements of earth and water. Elemental beings which take care of fire and air can be perceived far less frequently, as they are of an even finer consistency.

It is the bodies of finer matter which a clairvoyant can see. Nature beings do not wear a gross material body like we do during our earth-life, but rather a body of “other-worldly” substance. Consequently, they can penetrate walls and other material obstacles that are in their way, as if they did not exist, in a similar way to radio waves, for example.

As elemental beings do not wear a body of gross matter, they can also be seen by blind people, provided those in question possess the faculty of clairvoyance. In such extraordinary cases, although the eyes belonging to the physical body do not function, the eyes of the

corresponding finer body do. Thus a woman who has been blind since birth writes:

“As a child, I was fond of playing with dwarves and elves. I knew and understood them.

However, I had to gain access to the physical world, which my parents and educators opened up to me by way of concrete, systematic guidance. The ‘other world’, as I called it, did not have to be explained to me by anybody. At times, I wanted to talk about it with others and let them partake of my experiences. When I was young, they would listen to me patiently and agree with everything I said. Later on, they tried to banish this “other world” from my mind, deeming it unsuitable for an older child. They explained to me that I would have to learn to discriminate between the truth and what exists only in our imagination. […] But I did not ‘believe’ in these beings, I experienced them, and I started to suffer from my first great problem of life: by obeying the adults, I had to believe in what I did not see.” (Ursula Burkhard, Karlik. Begegnungen mit einem Elementarwesen) 6 Every human being has the potential to see elemental beings with his non-physical eyes, but this capacity only emerges under very special conditions.

Clairvoyance and the radiation of the blood These conditions have to do with the blood of the human being and its radiation. It is a rarely known fact that the union of the soul and body does not come about automatically. The spirit and its cloaks of fine substance are too ethereal to allow for a union with the much denser physical body. A connecting link is required which forms the bridge: this link is provided by the blood. To be precise, it is not actually the blood as such, since this is also of material substance, but rather it is the specific radiation of the blood which forms the connection.

Our human blood has a radiation, as does everything else. This means that it emanates rays invisible to our eyes, the characteristics of which depend upon it’s composition. These blood radiations unite with the radiation emitted by the spirit in its finer cloaks, and jointly form the necessary connection between the spirit and the physical body. Hence, they are connected by a bridge of radiations.

Normally, this bridge connects the spirit with the full range of functions of the physical body, hence also with the earthly eyes. Sometimes, however, it can happen that, due to changes in this bridge of radiations, the external perceptions are so pushed into the background that the spirit is temporarily disconnected from the eyes of the physical body. It is connected instead to those of a finer cloak. This is what allows clairvoyants to see things which remain invisible to others.

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