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«Board of Governors: Pam Ryan (Chair), Claire Marshall, Sumit Ahuja, Chloe Choi, Brenda Aynsley, Mike Tourigny, Dee Dhaliwal Erin Klis, Garth Manning, ...»

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. – Room 420, Downtown Campus

Board of Governors: Pam Ryan (Chair), Claire Marshall, Sumit Ahuja, Chloe Choi, Brenda Aynsley, Mike Tourigny, Dee Dhaliwal

Erin Klis, Garth Manning, Shaima Jaff, Kay Vandervalk Ex-Officio: Peter Nunoda, Todd Rowlatt Staff Resources: Irene Young, Linda Sanderson, Kathryn McNaughton, Karen Wilson, Marlene Kowalski, Deborah Lucas Item Topic Time Speaker Pre-reading materials Action Page 1 Call to Order -- Chair Verbal -- -- 2 Adopt Agenda -- Chair Agenda -- 1 3 Approve Minutes -- Chair Draft Minutes – October 28, 2015 Public Approval 3 Board Meeting 4 Chair Remarks 5 min Pam Ryan Verbal Information -- 5 President’s Remarks 5 min Peter Nunoda IN – News and Events Information 24


6 20 min Marlene Kowalski REPORT: Financial Performance – Information 26

• Financial Performance – Management Discussion & Analysis Period Ended Oct 31, 2015 32 Approval DN – B.5.2 –Appropriate and Responsible

• B.5.2 –Appropriate and Responsible Use of Use of Education Information Technology Education Information Technology Policy &

–  –  –

The meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m. by Mr. Storie. Ms. Lucas acted as Secretary of the meeting.

Mr. Storie declared the meeting to be properly called and constituted.


Mr. Storie asked if there were any proposed amendments to the agenda for the meeting, a copy of which was provided with the meeting materials. As no amendments were suggested, the agenda, as set out in the meeting materials, was adopted.


Mr. Storie referred to the draft minutes of the June 29, 2015 public board meeting provided with the meeting materials.

UPON MOTION duly made, seconded and carried, the following resolution was approved and adopted:

RESOLVED THAT the minutes of the public Board of Governors meeting held on June 29, 2015 are approved, with a note that the approval of policies B.5.2 & B.5.4 will be addressed at the December 16, 2015 Public Board meeting


Mr. Storie introduced and welcomed newly appointed board members Brenda Aynsley and Mike Tourigny and thanked outgoing board members Rick Stokes and Jennifer Haggerty.

Mr. Storie highlighted upcoming events including the VCC Foundation 50th Anniversary Fundraising Gala event on November 17& VCC’s Pop Up Restaurant that’s open until Dec 17, the Fall Awards on November 20 and Fall Convocation on November 26.


–  –  –

Dr. Nunoda spoke to the news that the 32 ABE faculty lay-off notices were rescinded. He recognised the collaborative efforts of the VCCFA, VCC Senior Executive Team, Dean, School of Access, Marketing, Registration and Financial Aid.


2015-16 Q2 FORECAST In the absence of the Interim Finance & Committee Chair, Ms. Jamie Choi presented the finance report.

She referred to the Information Note provided in the meeting materials and commented that the projected forecast is no longer accurate. This is due to new data on increased enrolment in ABE, affecting the tuition revenue and the rescinding of faculty lay-off notices, affecting the projected severance and loss of salaries that was included in the forecast. For September 2015 the deficit is reported to be $2.5M.


Dr. Nunoda referred to the Information Note included in the meeting materials and summarised the administration policies B.3.9 Use of VCC Supplies, Products and Services, B.3.10 Establishing Discount Rates for VCC Employees and/or Students and B.2.19 International Travel Risk & Security. There were no questions.


New Curriculum Development and Approval Process Policy & Procedures/ Rescind C.3.4 Changes of Length of Hours for Courses and Programs Policy / Rescind C.3.6 Course Program Documentation policy Education Council (EdCo) Chair, Mr. Rowlatt referred to the Decision Note included in the meeting materials and commented that this is the first written policy for the process of curriculum development and approval. Key reasons for developing this policy was to establish a process for new program development that provides more information to the Board and Education Council at an earlier stage and a process for minor revisions that can be approved by Curriculum Committee. It has been received positively and EdCo requests the approval of the Board of Governors. Mr. Stokes recommended that salient elements such as costs and revenue are put in a summary form within the business case. Ms.

Kowalski advised that the template is being revised to include these elements, along with market research analysis of comparable competition. Mr. Rowlatt commented that tuition fees and revenue are not under EdCo’s jurisdiction, but EdCo would be open to changes to the form template. Ms.

McNaughton highlighted that this is part of the three year integrated business plan and that new programs will have the opportunity to be discussed in depth at the department level. This will help create parameters in which new programs and revised programs can come forward in a way that makes sense from a programming perspective and the costs and revenue attached to them. This policy will replace policies C.3.4 & C.3.6.

UPON MOTION duly made, seconded and carried, the following resolution was approved and adopted:

RESOLVED THAT, on the advice of Education Council, the Board of Governors approve, in the form presented at the meeting, the NEW Curriculum Development and Approval Process Policy and Procedures.

–  –  –

RESOLVED THAT, on the advice of Education Council, the Board of Governors rescinds the C.3.6 Course/Program Documentation Policy.


Mr. Rowlatt summarized the information provided in the meeting materials. He commented that due to low enrolment the college suspended admission to the program in 2012. After extensive discussion by the department and despite there being many strong aspects to the program, Education Council recommends its cancellation.

UPON MOTION duly made, seconded and carried, the following resolution was approved and adopted:

RESOLVED THAT the Board of Governors approves the cancellation of the Adult Education Diploma.

2016-2017 ACADEMIC SCHEDULE Mr. Rowlatt referred to the Decision Note provided in the meeting materials. Ms. Kowalski responded to Mr. Stokes recommendation to include actual enrolment data, by stating that this information will be reported in the new Enrolment Report which is to be introduced in 2016 and presented to the Finance & Audit Committee on a quarterly basis.

UPON MOTION duly made, seconded and carried, the following resolution was approved and adopted:

RESOLVED THAT the Board of Governors approves the cancellation of the Adult Education Diploma.


Mr. Storie commented that it would be helpful to receive pre-reading material for constituency group updates in advance of the meeting and encouraged the constituency representatives to work with the Board EA to include this information in the meeting package.


An SUVCC representative was not present at the meeting.

CUPE LOCAL 4627 Mr. Joyce welcomed new board members and thanked departing members for their service. Mr. Joyce commented about the late posting of the board meeting package. Mr. Storie acknowledged these concerns and stated that efforts will be made in the future to ensure a reasonable delivery deadline for materials. Mr. Joyce referenced the handout provided to the board at the meeting and spoke to the concerns highlighted (for the purpose of the minutes the CUPE handout is enclosed). Mr. Storie responded to CUPE’s presentation of their concerns by stating that there have been improvements in the process for approving the President’s expenses and the delay in publicly posting them was partially due to him being out of the country. On the matter of the President’s loan, the results of the investigation have been reviewed by the Human Resources Committee and recommendations will be presented to the board. Mr. Storie referred to CUPE’s Bargaining Update and letters from other CUPE organizations and commented that there are two parties involved in the negotiation process and hopes that bargaining can be resolved as soon as possible so that the institution can move forward. Dr.

Nunoda apologized to the Board and VCC community for any concerns caused by the misconstrued message in the press about VCC expanding to include a satellite office on the Sunshine Coast. There is Page 6 of 124 no plan for this. Ms. Wilson stated that the newspaper was contacted and a published correction was requested, but they didn’t accommodate this.

Mr. Storie commented on the CUPE Save Our VCC Campaign, stating that this is no longer necessary.

VCC makes a major contribution to the community, the city and the province and he has received no indication that VCC will be shut down. Mr. Stokes commented that the Save Our VCC Campaign is misguided and feels that prospective students will read the information in the Save Our VCC Campaign and choose to enrol somewhere else.


Ms. Shortt congratulated Mr. Storie on his role as Interim Chair and welcomed new board members. Ms.

Shortt spoke to the good news of the rescinding of layoff notices for 32 faculty. She expressed the FA’s appreciation to everyone who has supported this and the collaborative efforts of faculty, Senior Management and marketing.

Ms. Shortt reflected on the FA’s recent meeting with Deputy Minister, Sandra Carroll, and referred to the Faculty Association report (for the purpose of the minutes, the FA report is enclosed) which details the problems and solutions to the Adult Upgrading Grant that were presented to the DM. It includes the Ministers response and a report out to faculty. Ms. Shortt sensed the Ministry supports this initiative.

The FA will continue with their campaign that post-secondary education is more accessible.

Ms. Shortt highlighted the upcoming FA event “Basic Skills are More Important than Ever” on October 29, 2015.

Mr. Storie thanked the constituency group representatives for their comments.


It was confirmed the next public Board meeting will be held on December 16, 2015.


There being no further business, the meeting was terminated at 7:04 p.m.

–  –  –

Welcome to the new Board members and the new VCC Executive We're pleased to see long-standing Board member Jim Storie appointed as Interim Board Chair and wish outgoing Chair Eugene Hodgson all the best and thank him for his service to VCC. We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Board members Mike Tourigny and Brenda Aynsley.

Also there are two new Vice-Presidents we wish to welcome to VCC - Kathyrn McNaughton and Marlene Kowalski We look forward to working with you.

School of Access - Layoffs Rescinded today The majority of the layoff notices to the faculty in the School of Access dated September 18th were rescinded today. These layoffs were to take effect on December 18th. Due to increased student enrolments, a continuous trend upward across all programs affected, and a lengthy consultative process, the College Executive decided on Friday that they were in a strong enough position to pull back these layoff notices Obtaining stable enrolment numbers in these programs was a concerted effort The AUG (Adult Upgrading Grant) paperwork involved is a very real barrier to many of our adult learners who want to return to school to upgrade their skills. The faculty in each of the departments held numerous information sessions, sat with students to individually assist them in filling out the AUG forms and literally walked many students to the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid to make sure they were well served and as comfortable as possible with the application process.

Our sincere thanks to Kathryn McNaughton, Marlene Kowalski, Linda Sanderson and David Wells for their time and effort to bring stability back to the Adult Basic Education Departments in the School of Access We also want to thank Karen Wilson and the Marketing Department for their hard work m getting the message out to the public on the availability of the AUG funding. The 'We Built This City' campaign sends a broad, strong message that VCC does indeed make lives better and the economy prosper. The targeted ABE ads got our students in the door and our career programs will continue to see growth as we celebrate 50 years of education.

–  –  –

Meeting with Advanced Education Deputy Minister regarding problems with the Adult Upgrading Grant On Wednesday, October 21st, two ABE department heads (Taryn Thomson and Lynn Horvat) and I met with DM Sandra Carroll in Victoria to discuss the issues faculty are finding problematic with the AUG funding process We presented a Briefing Note identifying eight specific problems along with a proposed solution for each problem We felt the DM was receptive to this input and we came away hopeful that these suggested changes would be implemented so that more students will not be held back by the barriers created by this paperwork bureaucracy. Our mam 'ask' was that the Government reinstate tuition-free adult basic education and our discussion and the attached Briefing Note were presented without prejudice to our ongoing public campaign to make this happen

Board Package - 2015/16 Q2 Forecast

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