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«DRAFT MEETING SUMMARY Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee May 20, 2015 Terminal 91 NEIGHBORS ADVISORY COMMITTEE c/o Rosie Courtney  Magnolia ...»


Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee

May 20, 2015

Terminal 91


 Magnolia Community Club Cruise Public Affairs

 Queen Anne Community Council Port of Seattle

 Port of Seattle P.O. Box 1209 Seattle, WA 98111 Wk 206-787-3414 Fax 206-787-3280 Email: Courtney.R@portseattle.org http://www.portseattle.org/Supportin g-Our-Community/Community- Engagement/Pages/NAC.aspx


Magnolia Community Club: Queen Anne Community Council Fred Rapaport Charles Bookman Bruce Carter Ellen Monrad Nancy Rogers Jim Smith Glenn Avery


John Kriese


Rosie Courtney, Public Affairs Christine Wolf, Transportation Planning Pam Xander, SoundEarth Strategies Inc., Environmental Consultant


Marni Heffron, Heffron Transportation Lynn Claudon, Lynn Claudon Consulting Mike Stanley, Seneca Group Sarah Gavin, Head of Communications at Expedia, Inc.

Mark Nagle, VP Global Real Estate and Strategic Sourcing at Expedia, Inc.

The regular meeting of the Terminal 91 Neighbors Advisory Committee (NAC) convened on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in Conference Room 5, Pier 69.


Sarah Gavin introduced the representatives from Expedia and provided an overview of the firm. The firm is moving from their Bellevue office to the site vacated by Amgen. They just closed on the property about two weeks ago and plan to move their in approximately 2 ½ years. They are in attendance to hear and respond to questions from the NAC members.

Rosie asked about the process and timeline for build-out on the site. Mark said that Expedia does not have an architect on board yet but Q2-Q3 of 2018 is the expected start of the move to coincide with the end of their lease in Bellevue. They have about 3,100 employees at the Bellevue site today and they hope to have about 4,500 employees by 2018. They have about 14,000 employees worldwide. They will start the major

–  –  –

Fred asked how many employees Amgen had. Christine said Amgen had between 500 and 900 employees and Marni added that she believes they got up to 1,800 employees at one point.

Ellen said that Amgen wanted a 20-year Master Plan and the City changed the rules to allow for that at the property. Nancy said the City adopted the new master plan use permits in 2014 but Mike Stanley said it never went to Council so Expedia would have to start from scratch.

Sarah asked if there is anything the neighbors liked or disliked about the previous plan. Ellen said the garden and campus were closed to public access and she asked if it would be the same with Expedia. Mark said the architects will suggest how to become more tied to the community. There may be some security issues or other design issues. Sarah said their young and more urban employee base is interested in integration with the community.

Christine mentioned that if Expedia staff work on the weekends, it will be important to think about the HVAC system and its use during Hempfest because that can be a problem.

Charles suggested that the Expedia campus be viewed as part of the new City waterfront. He mentioned that there is a proposal to have public art at the grain terminal. Mark discussed overall concepts for the waterfront integration.

Glenn suggested that Expedia get in touch with FOLKpark (Friends of Lower Kinnear Park). That group was interested in a bike path to connect the tail end of Roy Street up to the pedestrian bridge. The project was pursued last year and was supported by Queen Anne but the grant was not large enough to pursue it. It noted it is also in a slide area.

Nancy said she is interested in pedestrian access across the Port property to allow for more enhanced Magnolia access to Elliott Bay. There are restrictive security issues in the area. Rosie offered to take the group on a tour between the Amgen property and Elliott Bay. Charles thinks a walk through the pedestrian/bike path would be valuable. Mark told the group to let them know if Expedia can help with some of the connections.

Nancy said that lighting on the campus is an issue. She asked if there is a cap on employees at the site.

Mark said that zoning allows for a build-out but Expedia does not expect to fully build-out on the site.

Their intent is not to consolidate their worldwide employees and they are aggressively building out other offices in different parts of the world. They are a global company so their employee base is spread out.

Charles brought up the issue of traffic and asked what percent of employees live on the Eastside vs.

Seattle. Mark said that about 40% are on the eastside, about 25% live in Seattle and the rest are south or north enders. Expedia is working with Commute Seattle and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). Commute Seattle is suggesting public modes (shuttles from downtown and main transportation hubs, flexible work schedules for non-peak travel, and daily parking vs monthly parking). Expedia is using focus groups to work on this and address concerns. Their employees want to move closer or find easier public transportation.

Nancy asked how much parking is currently available at the site. Marni said there are 1,230 parking spaces. Her firm, Heffron Transportation, is working with Expedia as a client and she discussed some of the parking and traffic issues. There is one bridge that connects to the campus and that sets a cap on the number of vehicles that can enter and exit she encouraged members to think of how many cars can be Page 2 accommodated rather than just look at that instead of the number of people allowed (density).

Nancy said the problem after Hempfest is bad and may be an interesting test for the capacity of cars on the bridge. Marni said they will also need to study traffic during cruise events. The traffic study completed for the North Bay EIS showed employee trips going in the opposite direction. They will need to get a larger percent of people using other modes of transportation besides using vehicles. Bike transportation will be huge because there is a new connection next year on SR520 to and from Medina. There are also many van pools and shuttle systems that can be created. Sarah said the Expedia employees currently have ORCA cards, van pools, and are a young and green population. Some other events to consider are that there will be an interim period in 2018 with construction on the waterfront and the North Portal that should be considered. There will also be light rail connection 2-3 years after Expedia is on the campus. A SEPA process will be used to provide analysis of the potential parking and traffic impacts.

Charles asked about the status of the Interbay route, Marni said that the Interbay route might be official with SDOT and would help the Expedia situation but it is still a long way off.

Sarah asked the group about the best way to communicate with the neighbors. Ellen said Expedia should go to the Magnolia Community Council (MCC) and the Queen Anne Community Council (QACC) meetings to disseminate information. They should also use the local newspaper and consider developing a website.

Rosie asked about the usual hours worked by Expedia employees. Sarah said that most employees work standard hours but the engineers and the customer service staff work non-traditional hours. Sarah said they are looking at formalizing a flexibility program. The vast majority of employees do not work on weekends.

Rosie said that Fridays are now a focus for cruise and activity takes place from 6AM to noon so it will be busy at that time. Christine said the ships are getting larger and cruise lines may add additional vessels during the week. She commented that there will be a lot of freight traffic on 15th and Elliott when the tunnel is complete. It would be good for Expedia to coordinate with the North Seattle Industrial Association and the Seattle Freight Advisory Board.

Jim asked what Expedia does. Sarah explained they are a travel website spun-off from Microsoft and then to Encarta and finally to Expedia. Their 20th anniversary is next year and this will be the first time they will own their property rather than leasing it.

Jim said that people value the views. He does not want views obstructed by buildings and that thinking about potential lighting impacts to neighbors is critical. Mark asked what Amgen did with lighting. Jim said that he asked Amgen to turn off their lights at night so it was not so intrusive. Nancy said it’s not just the exterior lighting that is important. It is also the interior lighting that needs to be examined for impacts to neighbors.

Jim said a significant portion of the site to the west is undeveloped land and asked if they had any plans to develop that. Mark said that is a part of what they purchased and it will be included in the master planning effort.

Charles said the connections are important. He said it is encouraging that employees are interested in alternative transportation and the character of the site will change depending on the connections so Expedia should emphasize that. Sarah asked where the best places to eat are. Places mentioned were Maggie’s Bluff, Palisades or bike to Whole Foods. Sarah said that Expedians are “foodies” and would like to have connections to good restaurants.

Page 3 The Expedia representatives said they would stay in touch and information can be shared between Lynn Claudon and Rosie Courtney.


Ellen moved and Fred 2nd acceptance of the April 2015 meeting minutes. Charles would like to have Courtney Gregoire clarify her statement on page 1 in regard to using the NAC model in other neighborhoods prior to holding a vote to accept the meeting minutes. The vote is tabled until the next meeting and Rosie will check with Commissioner Gregoire on the wording.


Greg Englin reported that the Port approved the budget increase for the lighting. All the lighting will be installed no later than the end of July. The Port will schedule a time for the NAC members to review the alignment and installation. Rosie will contact members when a few of the lights are in place rather than wait until all the lights are in place.

OPEN FORUM Rosie announced that invitations will be sent to NAC members for the Seafair Navy ship reception to be held on August 1st.

Bruce provided an update on Smith Cove Park. He said the last meeting they were inundated with soccer players that are requesting turf and lights so that is back on the table. They are conducting a survey of the neighbors to get an opinion of the broad community. Nancy wants a group that supports “no lights”. Jim said it might be appropriate for NAC to respond as a group to oppose lighting of the fields for soccer.

Nancy volunteered to write the letter. Ellen said she will need to take the issue back to her community council for their input. Bruce said the same applies to MCC. Nancy said there was never a vision that there would be turf and lights because it is a shoreline park. Bruce said that politicians have done a 180 degree turn on their prior positions and don’t seem to remember the discussions about not allowing lights. There was discussion of which fields were proposed to get turf and lights. Charles said the new superintendent, Jesus Aguirre, has agreed to talk with the District Council about this. The discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Christine Wolf will be joining the Seaport Alliance and will be transitioning out of her role on NAC traffic issues with Geri Poor taking her place. She said that Geri will bring some ideas of when it would be best to conduct the traffic study this year and noted the buses are no longer there.

Greg brought up a discussion of Hempfest. He said that it is very expensive to rebuild the area each year and it is getting bigger.


 Discussion of what items should be removed from or added to the Action Item update.

–  –  –

Page 5

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