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«TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Attendances and apologies (including leave of absence): 2. Response to previous public questions taken on notice: 3. Public ...»

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Minutes – Ordinary Council Meeting 11 April 2016


1. Attendances and apologies (including leave of absence):

2. Response to previous public questions taken on notice:

3. Public question time:

4. Public statement time:

5. Petitions and deputations:

President’s report:


7. Declaration of Councillors and officers interest:

8. Receipt of minutes or reports and consideration for recommendations:....... 6

9. Motions of which notice has been given:

OCM053/04/16 Reconsideration of a Proposed Outbuilding – Lot 16 (#36) Helen Crescent, Byford (P04346/07)

OCM054/04/16 Lot 1563 (#400) Kargotich Road, Oakford – Proposed Telecommunications Tower (P01971/05)

OCM055/04/16 Lot 311 (#83) Pony Place, Oakford – Proposed Telecommunications Tower (P04893/01)

OCM056/04/16 Lot 1000 (#264) Gossage Road, Oldbury – Proposed Telecommunications Tower (P00452/07)

OCM057/04/16 Preparation of Local Planning Scheme No. 3, Local Planning Strategy and Schedule of Preliminary Consultation (SJ701)

OCM058/04/16 Draft Local Planning Policy No. 76 - Mundijong Whitby Design Framework Precincts E1 and E2 (SJ1527)

OCM059/04/16 2015/16 Budget Adjustment

OCM060/04/16 Corporate Credit Card Statements

10. Information Reports:

11. Urgent Business:

12. Councillor questions of which notice has been given:

13. Closure:

–  –  –

Minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held in the Council Chambers, 6 Paterson Street, Mundijong on Monday 11 April 2016. The Shire President declared the meeting open at

7.00pm and welcomed Councillors, staff and members of the gallery.

1. Attendances and apologies (including leave of absence):

In Attendance:

–  –  –

Officers: Mr R Gorbunow

Mr A Hart

Mr G Allan

Mr D van der Linde

Ms K Peddie...........Executive Assistant to the CEO (Minute Taker) Leave of Absence: Nil Apologies: Mr A Schonfeldt Observers: Nil Members of the Public – 18 Members of the Press – 1

2. Response to previous public questions taken on notice:

Mrs L Bond, PO Box 44, Armadale, WA, 6122 Question Did any Councillors exceed their training allowance in 2015 and who were the Councillors?


In relation to Councillor Training for the 2014/15 financial year, Councillor Erren and Councillor Ellis exceeded their training allowance

–  –  –

Question 2 An amount of one million dollars was to be paid to the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale on 15 March 2016. Has Byford and District Country Club paid the money to the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Council as per the agreement and if yes what date was this paid and what was the amount paid, if it has not been paid why not and when will it be paid and how much will be paid?


The Shire invoiced the Byford and Districts Country Club on the 30th March 2016 and the invoice was paid on the 31st March 2016.

Question 3 Is former Councillor John Rossiter assisting the CEO, Members of this Council and Councillors with his expertise at your request?


There has been a liaison between Mr Rossiter and our Engineering Department with matters relating to Thomas Road. We thank Mr Rossiter for his continued wisdom to this Shire.

Mr WJ Kirkpatrick, 77 Mead Street, Byford, WA, 6122 Question 1 Are conversations monitored and/or recorded at the reception desk at the Shire office. If so who if anyone monitors these recordings and who are they available to? Why is there no signage to advise the public that this monitoring may be happening and does it comply with the various telecommunication regulations?


Conversations are not being monitored or recorded at the front reception desk.

Following the release of some credit card details under Freedom of Information


Question 2 What duty or function was the Director of Finance attending on the Nullarbor during the month of July 2014 as he filled up with fuel at a number of service stations?


All motor vehicle expenses are paid in accordance with Council Policy and Work Procedures. All senior staff have a component of their salary package that includes full use of Shire vehicle for business and private use.

Question 3 There are a number of purchases of airline tickets to various destinations including Darwin, Sydney and Melbourne, but no payments for accommodation or other expenses, were these travel arrangements approved by the CEO of the Council? If so, what for?


All interstate travel is approved by the CEO. Generally when staff attend interstate conferences, accommodation is included in the conference fee.

4. Public statement time:

Mrs L Bond, PO Box 44, Armadale, WA, 6112 Some time ago the gallery were roped off because Councillors Erren and Hawkins claimed to fear for their safety from members of the gallery. I have been attending meetings of this Council for a lot longer than any of the Councillors sitting here have been on Council and I have never feared anyone in the gallery I have had serious concerns about some Councillors and their attitude toward gallery members.

E16/3013 Page 4 Minutes – Ordinary Council Meeting 11 April 2016 Some of my concerns then were Councillors using their position to set up gallery members nothing has changed in all those years. They also used security claiming they feared for their safety, there was no reason for guards they simply wanted to make it look like they had a genuine need to present to the Department of Local Government, while all the time causing distress to members of the gallery. Presidents who insulted gallery members because their English was not perfect and were berated by other gallery members for their disgraceful behaviour. CEOs who tried intimidation tactics and had to shut up because they made a fool of themselves and were left on an island all alone or other nefarious claims against gallery members.

After the last OCM Councillor Erren pushed his way into the gallery members while they were leaving the chamber and was extremely rude to a member of the gallery. When he was challenged for his behaviour by two other gallery members he thought it appropriate to attempt to set up these two people in front of the audio and CCTV camera in the front foyer and was quickly joined by Councillor See. No Councillor should behave the way Councillor Erren behaved and certainly as a President this move was appallingly foolish and lacked any semblance of respect by someone who sits as President of this Council.

Mr WJ Kirkpatrick, 77 Mead Street, Byford, WA, 6122 The Glades Community Gardens The Byford Glades Residents Association Inc were given a copy of a survey done by LWP the developers and the number one on the wish list was for a community garden.

The Association negotiated for the lease of a portion of Public Open Space known as Percies Park for this purpose.

Percies Park runs between Mead Street and Veterans Parade along the MUC including creek line. It is a very popular recreation area and was designed to be reached by walking. Therefore there is no vehicle parking of any kind provided.

The association has listened to the community and has provided the playground equipment and a number of seats to make it more usable.

Knowing the demand from the residents of the area which was re-enforced at the last quarterly meeting for the community garden to be constructed. I find it discouraging the negative attitude of the Shire to this project and the number of obstacles being deliberately placed in the way of progressing it.

To suggest that we install bitumen pathways in the garden with concrete kerbing. Then the requirement for the garden to construct a disabled parking bay astounds me.

We went to great lengths to look at the footpath constructed by the Shire from Doley Road to Kardan Boulevard on the southern side of Abernethy Road which is made up of road base and granite fines. This obviously complies with the disabled access requirements. We are more than happy to meet the same requirements as this path.

This path has been in place for a number of years and is not in the sections to be replaced in the foreseeable future.

We looked at the section of path from Warrington to Thatcher but this was disregarded as it clearly does not comply including the open inspection pit with no lid on it.

–  –  –

The last meeting of the Association decided to write to the Sire to arrange a meeting with the Shire Engineer to see what could be done about parking. No reply has been received from the Shire, not even an acknowledgement of our enquiry even though I know that the correspondence has been received as the Treasurer had a call from the Shire to see what we wanted to talk to the Shire Engineer about. So this demonstrates that the Shire does not support any initiative by the community to help itself. We live in this community so we are all working together to improve the area.

We have since received a reply stating that someone has spoken to Mr John Ahern when the letter clearly asked for a meeting with the Shire Engineer to try to alleviate the current problem. There is a site that could be used without removing any trees unlike what the Council permits the developer to do. No such meeting has been arranged and none would seem to be proposed in the immediate future.

Whilst the park might be described as a neighbourhood park there is no such thing now as every ratepayer in the Shire contributes to this park through the.5% of the rates that is put aside for park maintenance which now means that we have people from Cardup and Serpentine using this facility as is their right as they contribute to the maintenance of it. Remember it was this Council that removed the Specified Area rate and substituted it with a Shire wide rate. This would have meant that the people living in the locality would have paid for any facilities that were above the normal. So it is not now just for people living in walking distance. I note that it is proposed that the Shire will install No Parking signs along the perimeter of the park.

It is also noted that there are no plans for a disabled parking bay for the proposed disabled toilet to go in the park also there has been no consultation with the residents as to its location. Remembering that this should be close to the facilities that are used extensively by young mothers and families in the park that is along Mead Street somewhere. It cannot be constructed among the off street parking as the bays do not comply with the requirements for width for disabled parking.

All the community wants to do is put up a shed and a water tank on the land that it has a lease from the Shire for, it does not seem so hard. You would think we were trying to replicate Elisabeth Quay.

Mr B Williamson, 95 Pony Place, Oakford, WA, 6121 I would like to express my support for putting corporate credit cards on the creditor payments. Although you could use the exposing it to constant ridicule as an excuse to vote against it, this can be avoided by putting the repayment of any accidental use by the holder in the same month’s paperwork.

By having them able to be scrutinised by the public it would make holders think twice about whether a payment is within policy, whilst ensuring they do the paperwork correctly reducing unnecessary use and delivering savings to the ratepayer.

Having the ratepayer able to question a particular card use close to when it happens will give council the opportunity to answer in the forum of a council meeting. This will also prevent the embarrassment of having them come out under Freedom of Information and looking like the Council was trying to hide them.

This is an opportunity to openly take a step towards transparency.

It is also an opportunity to openly show the ratepayer that you are against transparency.

Public question and statement time concluded at 7.15pm

–  –  –

5. Petitions and deputations:


6. President’s report:

The new lights have now been installed on Mundijong Oval and we’re now just awaiting the transformer from Western Power to be installed after which footy will be able to be played under lights in Mundijong.

Works have now commenced to widen the Hopkinson Road Bridge, improving road safety. This project is due for completion at the end of April after which a section of Kardan Boulevard will be closed for roadworks for about 4 weeks from 26th April until the end of May to construct a round-a-bout.

The Food & Farm Fest was held on the weekend and was a great success. With the weather holding out, a great day was had by all. Congratulations must go to the Food Farm Alliance for organising this wonderful event we look forward to being there again next year. Thank you to all the Councillors who attended.

A community forum to discuss the rollout of the NBN in Canning will be hosted by the Hon Andrew Hastie and the Minister for Communications, the Hon Mitch Fifield, this is to be held on 14 April from 9am – 10.30am at the SJ Recreation Centre.

Finally we once again invite you to participate in the Serpentine Jarrahdale ANZAC Day Service on 25 April. A processional march will gather at Serpentine Fire Station on Karnup Road in Serpentine from 8.40am. Everyone is welcome to join in the march.

The service will commence at 9am at the Serpentine War Memorial, Clem Kentish Hall, corner of Lefroy Street and Wellard Street in Serpentine. The placement of wreaths is welcome and morning tea will be provided following the Service.

We also encourage you to attend the RSL ANZAC Dawn Service at 5.45am followed by a Gunfire breakfast at 7am. The Anzac Dawn Service will be held at ANZAC Memorial Park situated on the corner of Anzac Crescent and Doley Road, The Glades in Byford.

7. Declaration of Councillors and officers interest:

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