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Worksman Port-o-Trike: The Compact Deluxe Adult Folding Tricycle


Assembly Instructions, Parts List, and Owner’s Manual

For PT, PT2F, PTCB & PT3CB, Tri-fecta


Worksman Trading Corp - 94-15 100 Street - Ozone Park, NY 11416 - (888) 3-WHEELER – www.worksmancycles.com

Manual # PT07

Proudly made in the USA!

Congratulations on your purchase of the Port-o-Trike Compact Folding Tricycle, one of the most popular adult recreational tricycles of all time. This is a recreational tricycle for the consumer market with a recommended weight limit of 210 pounds. This tricycle is very practical whether you choose to fold it or not. The low step through, compact frame design is ideal for those riders who simply want to ride leisurely, safely and comfortably. The Port-o- Trike has been carefully manufactured in the USA with simple finishing assembly required. It is always recommended to have a qualified bicycle mechanic perform repairs and assembly of any cycle. Please read these instructions thoroughly prior to assembly and riding. Visit our website at www.worksmancycles.com to see our complete line of Worksman recreational and industrial cycles.

Tools Required for Assembly Carton Contents

• Phillips Screwdriver * Port-o-Trike Tricycle * Front Fork/Wheel Assembly, including:

• Flat-head Screwdriver * Handlebar - Handlebar Grips

• Pliers * Seat - Handlebar Stem

• Adjustable Wrench * Cargo Basket - Reflector Kit

- Headset Parts

- Seatpost

A) Initial Assembly

1) Remove protective bubble wrap.

2) Loosen and swing the quick-release arm toward the rear of the tricycle. (Figure 1)

3) Unfold the “Safety-Loc” hinge in center of frame until frame is straight and completely closed. (Figure 2)

4) Slide the arm/pin down into the hole in the lower section of the front hinge so that the hinge cannot fold accidentally.

5) Rotate the quick-release arm toward the front of the tricycle and pull quick-release arm up to tighten. (Figure 3) FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3

B) Front Wheel & Fork Assembly (See Headset Illustration)

1) Grease top race and bottom cup (48B) in fork head tube on tricycle frame.

2) Slide one bearing (49B) on to the fork/wheel assembly with balls facing downward onto the fork cone (51B).

3) Slide the fork/wheel assembly up into the frame head tube of the tricycle and center the bearings so it seats properly.

4) Slide the remaining bearing (49B) with balls facing downward over the fork steerer tube and onto the upper frame cone (48B), which is pre-mounted in the frame.

5) Grease top adjusting cone (#52B) and thread it onto the threaded fork steerer tube clockwise. Hand-tighten securely without binding. Make certain that the bearings are aligned properly before final tightening so the fork can rotate smoothly. Fork assembly should be free enough to turn, but not so free that it shakes. Do not overtighten.

6) Install thin key washer (53) above 52B cone with inner tab in slot of fork steerer tube.

NOTE – If the 53 washer is not level, remove it and install one or two 53BWO (no inner tab) washers under it.

7) Place quick release clamp (4911B) on fork assembly with the arm in open position and slightly hand tighten the nut.

8) Install reflector bracket with inner tab lined up with slot of fork steerer tube.

9) Place thicker key washer (53B) over reflector bracket with inner tab lined up with slot on fork steerer tube.

10) Thread top lock nut (54B) clockwise onto fork assembly and tighten securely using an adjustable wrench. Be very careful not to cross-thread before tightening.

Click Here & Upgrade Expanded Features PDF Unlimited Pages Documents Worksman Trading Corp - 94-15 100th Street - Ozone Park, NY 11416 - (888) 3-WHEELER – www.worksmancycles.com Complete Manual # PT07

C) Handlebar and Parts Installation

1) Open fork quick-release (4911B) “L” tightening arm (with black rubber handle.)

2) Insert the Handlebar Stem (55E) at least 4” into the fork steer tube with the head of the stem facing forward.

3) Hand-tighten the nut on the 4911B quick-release securely and close the L-Tightening arm). Note - You should be able to pull this arm closed without great pressure at this time. This will be readjusted at time of final assembly.

Excessive force can cause damage. If the arm requires force to close, simply back the nut off a bit at this time.

4) Insert the handlebar (55F) into the opening of the stem. The handlebar ends should angle toward the rear of the tricycle. If the handlebar does not slip into the stem easily, simply loosen the adjusting bolt and use a flat head screwdriver to slightly pry open.

5) Once handlebar is inserted into the stem, using an adjustable wrench, tighten the adjusting nut. However, at this time, do not tighten fully as this will also be adjusted in final assembly process.

6) Install brake levers onto the handlebars.

7) Slide handlebar handgrips (55B) onto the bar end with finger points facing forward and slightly downward. It may be helpful to rinse grips in warm water for 30 seconds, dry and then install.

8) On 3 speed models, attach shift lever to handlebar.

D) Installation of Pedals (See illustration) Pedals are marked “L” for left and “R” for right on the threaded end of the pedal axle. Screw the right pedal marked “R” clockwise into the right crank arm (chain and sprocket side). Screw the “L” pedal counterclockwise into the left crank arm. Secure pedals tightly. (Recommended torque: 275 pounds.) Attempts to install pedals on wrong side will result in damage to the thread. DAMAGE CAUSED BY FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL NOT BE WARRANTIED.

E) Installation of Rear Cargo Basket

1) Place basket on frame, centering basket between rear wheels and frame platform.

2) Place washers on basket bolts. Hold the metal strap under the basket and align the holes with the holes on the frame.

3) Slide bolts through basket holes, frame, and thread securely into the strap.

F) Installation of Seatpost

1) Place seatpost into saddle clamp located on the bottom of the saddle and slightly tighten saddle clamp securely using an adjustable wrench or socket. Make certain that the tapered end of the seatpost clamp is fully through the clamp. Open seatpost quick-release clamp on frame by pulling lever to loose position and loosening the nut. (Same as handlebar quick release operation.) Insert the seatpost into the frame to the desired height level (must be inserted at least 3.5”.) Hand-tighten nut and push clamp arm to tightened position. Make certain at this point that the seatpost is tight and does not rotate.

2) Adjust the seat angle to desired position with the nose of the seat slightly up. Tighten saddle clamp with a wrench (35 pounds of foot torque). This must be tight to avoid rotation or slipping of the seat on the post. Adjustment of the seat height is a personal preference. However, it is recommended that the height be adjusted so that the ball of the foot comfortably touches the pedal when the knee is slightly bent and the pedal is in its lowest position.

G) Reflectors

- The rear reflector (red square) goes on the outside of the basket, and is bolted through the mount that is built into the basket as shown.

- The front reflector (white square) installs the same way, but it is bolted through the front reflector bracket that was installed in the headset assembly.

- The wheel reflectors (white arched or rectangular) install on the inside of the two layers of spokes. The spoke has a groove that will be facing you that is placed onto the spoke. Insert a bolt though the hole, sandwiching the spoke between the reflector and the head of the bolt as shown. The bolt will thread into a nut that must be placed into the back of the reflector.

H) Final Assembly

1) Handlebar- Open Quick Release Clamp. Reposition stem in frame to achieve the desired height, keeping minimum stem insertion at 4”. (See Section C.) Squarely position the bars in line with front wheel and re-tighten the clamp.

2) Tires- Check for proper tire inflation (35PSI is normal). Maximum tire inflation is indicated on the sidewall of the tire.

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3) Drum Brakes (if included) are pre-adjusted at the factory. However, if the wheel is not turning freely as a result of a Documents Complete brake, readjust the cable adjusting screw.

tight drum Worksman Trading Corp - 94-15 100th Street - Ozone Park, NY 11416 - (888) 3-WHEELER – www.worksmancycles.com Manual # PT07 Make certain to read the manual prior to riding. Make certain to understand the rules of the road and safety instructions. Do not ride cycles after dark. In dusk or dawn, lights are recommended. Use of a helmet is always a good precaution, and may be required by law. Inspect your cycle regularly for wear of parts and replace as required. Only use factory original replacement parts. Lubricate chain, caliper brake pivot bolt and other parts as necessary and at least once every 6 months.

How to Fold Your Worksman Folding Port-o-Trike Tricycle To fold, pull the “Safety-Loc” lever to the loose position. Pivot the lever toward the side of the tricycle. Lift up on the arm, releasing the pin from the “Safety-Loc” hinge pinhole. You will then be able to fold the frame. Be careful to position the pedals for wheel clearance. (The front wheel should tuck in toward the rear of the frame to the inside of the left wheel.) To refold, see Section A of these instructions. It is advisable to place grease in the pinhole on the frame hinge every so often so the Safety-Loc system works easily.

Owner’s Responsibility:

1) Make certain that all assembly instructions have been followed and that the tricycle is safe and ready to ride.

2) Perform maintenance as needed.

3) Provide instructions to anyone who may ride the cycle.

4) Conform to all local regulations, including traffic laws.

5) Be deemed physically fit to ride a cycle.

Where to Ride a Three Wheeler: It is recommended that you ride in areas that are paved and relatively flat. Avoid steep hills and naturally ride where you feel safe. Low traffic areas are most desirable.

How to Ride a Three Wheeler: Sit up straight when going straight. When turning, you should lean ever so slightly into the direction of the turn. Slow down prior to making a turn. Never make sharp turns. Steer by pointing the front wheel in the direction you wish to go. Note - Tricycles have a tendency to pull slightly to the left. This is common in all three wheelers.

It is common to hear some clicking noise that emanates from the chain when the tricycle is new. This will stop when the chain is broken in. (Chains stretch slightly when new.) Brakes and 3 Speed Coaster Brake Information: Port-o-Trikes are equipped with a front caliper, drum brake, or both.

Operate the hand brake by squeezing the hand lever on the handlebar. Coaster brakes (foot brakes) are engaged by pedaling backwards until the brake operates. It is best to gently slow the cycle down using the hand brakes and completing the stop using the coaster brake. For those models with the 3 speed coaster brake, simply use the handlebar mounted shifter to select the desired gear. Gear 1 is the easiest gear for easier starting or going up hills, while gear 2 and 3 are useful once you get to your desired riding speed. Select the gear that suits your individual taste and comfort level. DO NOT SHIFT AND PEDAL AT THE SAME TIME. PAUSE PEDALLING, SHIFT, AND RESUME PEDALLING.

Replacement Parts List: (PT, PT2F, PTCB, PT3CB) Please note that there are two styles of PT rear axles and drive wheels. Style “A” uses a round drive plate welded to the axle with three prongs that protrude into three holes in the hub of the drive wheel. Style “B” uses a keyway, which is a rectangular piece of steel that slips between a groove in the axle and a slot in the drive wheel hub. See illustrations below to determine which style you have before ordering any replacement parts.

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