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«Maitenance guide N° 4 for oiled DI LEGNO® parquet floors misty white finishing Maintenance guide Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever ...»

Maitenance guide

N° 4

for oiled

DI LEGNO® parquet floors

misty white finishing

Maintenance guide

Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever


Welcome to the growing group of proud and satisfied Di Legno® owners. The Di Legno® floor has allowed

you to design your living space to your own taste. We would now like to help you you’re your Di Legno®

floor beautiful forever.

Due to the unique production process and post-treatment stains are significantly less visible on Di Legno® floors than on traditional parquet floors. In addition the beauty of its patina is preserved for much longer.

Nevertheless regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep your floor in top condition for years to come.


The maintenance of your Di Legno® floor starts at the door outside. Good doormats will already keep 80% of the dirt off and prevent sand from being ground in. Clean your floor regularly with a vacuum with a soft brush, mop or soft broom. Dirt particles work like sandpaper and will damage the protective surface in that way.

• Useful tips to prevent dirt and damage

• Put protective felts under chair and table legs. We don’t recommend rubber because it makes streaks.

• Preferably use Di Legno® maintenance products and avoid products that leave a fatty film.

• Remove split liquids immediately.

• Never put plants directly on the floor, always in a waterproof tray or dish.

• Do not let water run over the floor and remove liquids immediately.

• Avoid excessive use of water when cleaning the floor.

• Do not leave any wet objects on the floor. After a while liquids can seep through the protective oil or polished wax lawyer and cause rings in the wood.

• Avoid contact with corrosive or chemical products.

Advice for installation on underfloor heating You can straightaway start using your underfloor heating after installing your Di Legno® floor, but it is best to only raise the temperature in successive steps of 2°C per day.

Tips for the temperature and level of humidity It is best to keep the room temperature between 15°C and 25°C and to avoid temperature fluctuations. We would like to point out that the humidity of the air should always be between 50% and 65%. Experience has shown that central heating systems often fail to reach this norm in the winter. An air humidifier and plants may correct this problem. You can always check the humidity of the air and adjust it as required by installing a simple hygrometer.

Maintenance guide Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever


The frequency of cleaning a Di Legno® floor depends on how intensively you use it. It is best to routinely clean your floor once a day with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, mop or soft broom.

Intensity of use Regular maintenance - Oiled floor Cleaning maintenance - Oiled floor

–  –  –


Regular maintenance of oiled and polished Di Legno® floors Equipment Floor cloth, mop or cloth, Di Legno® soap.

Di Legno® soap This product is a combination maintenance and cleaning product. It increases the resistance of your floor to moisture and stains.

The soap is available in 3 varieties:

- Natural Soap grey soap for grey finished floors

- Natural Soap white soap for white finished floors

- Neutral Soap neutral for colourless finished floors.

Instructions Wait after applying the last layer of oil, untill the Di Legno® maintenance oil on installation or cleaning maintenance before using the Di Legno® soap. Add the recommended quantity of soap to 10 litres of water and then clean the floor with this with a floor cloth, mop or cloth. Never use too much water and remove the excess water immediately.

Drying time Approx. 30 minutes.

Tip for using impregnated cloths We advise against using chemically impregnated cloths (e.g. Swiffer) because they can damage the protective layer. Non-impregnated cloths may be used however.

Maintenance guide Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever Cleaning maintenance of polished and oiled Di Legno® floors by your installer/professional If your Di Legno® floor looks grey and fatty and built-up layers have occurred, then this is a highly dirtied floor and intensive cleaning is recommended.

Step 1 - Cleaning Equipment Di Legno® intensive cleaner, cloth or a polishing machine with a green pad if applicable.

Intensive cleaner This product is a solvent-based cleaning agent for the removal of old wax, oil, fat and dirt layers on polished or oiled floors. It is also an adequate agent for removing stubborn stains.

Instructions Because the Di Legno® intensive cleaner dries quickly, you should best treat the parquet floor in strips of 8 m². Divide the intensive cleaner over the floor and leave it to work in for about one minute. Then scrub the floor with a cloth or polishing machine with a green pad. Then immediately wipe the dissolved wax film, including the dirt up with a cloth. Repeat this until the floor has been cleaned completely. Then mop the floor using a damp cloth (clear water).

Warning Good ventilation is required while using the product.

Step 2 – Reconditioning oiled Di Legno® floors Equipment Cloth, Di Legno® oil Di Legno® oil We recommend that you treat the floor with a regular oil after using an intensive cleaner, so as to restore optimal nutrition and protection to the floor.

Maintenance guide Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever White oiled floors If your floor was finished with white oil you may also use the white oil after the intensive cleaner.

Material coverage Approx. 1 litre per 30 - 50 m².

Drying time Approx. 2 days.

Curing time 7 - 14 days.

Transition to ordinary maintenance After applying Di Legno® oil, wait for the recommended period before wet-wiping the floor with Di Legno® soap during normal maintenance, for example.


Stains are best removed immediately with a damp cloth. In any event avoid leaving any liquid on the floor.

–  –  –

Keeping your Di Legno® floor beautiful forever If a stain still remains after removal or wiping down, you should best first use the procedure described above for ‘cleaning maintenance’. However if the stains or damage should prove to have permeated into the wood, restoration by your Di Legno® distributor is recommended.

Difficult stains The difficult stains below have the characteristic of not only damaging the protective layer, but also of permeating into the wood or of damaging it. The action you should take immediately is described below.

–  –  –

If a stain still remains after removal or wiping down, you should best first use the procedure described above for ‘cleaning maintenance’. However if the stains or damage should prove to have permeated into the wood, restoration by your Di Legno® distributor is recommended.


Slight, limited damage to the surface layer of your Di Legno® floor may be repaired with the appropriate touch-up products from Di Legno®. They are designed to match the colour perfectly of the finished floors.

You should contact your Di Legno® distributor for expert instructions or assistance.

Initial cleaning and oil treatment after installing oiled Di Legno® parquet floors with misty white finishing Step 1: Di Legno® Oil Conditioner White Before the initial cleaning and applying the protective coating it is necessary to treat the floor with Di Legno® Oil Conditioner after installation. This treatment may be done at the earliest 7 to 14 days after the oiled Di Legno® floor is installed.

This Oil Conditioner combines efficient cleaning with a simultaneous oil treatment of the wood. This conditioner is based on oil and soap.

Material coverage Approx. 150 m²/liter

Drying timeApprox. 2-3 hours


1. Shake the container well before use.

2. Ensure that the floor is free of dust before treatment.

3 Mix the Oil Conditioner in lukewarm water. The mixing ratio (1 to 40) may be varied depending on the wear, contamination and the frequency of cleaning.

4. Treat the floor with a light wrung cloth or mop the boards along their length. Immediately afterwards, dip the mop or cloth back into the mixture, wring it out thor oughly and wipe the floor dry with it, again along the length of the wood. It is recommended that heavily soiled floors should be treated with two buckets – one with Oil Conditioner mixed with water, and one with rinsing water. It is recommended that an area of approximately 10 m² should be treated at a time. In this manner, the floor is only briefly exposed to moisture.

5. Let the floor dry for approximately two hours before walking on it again.

6. To lightly shine the floor, polish it with a white pad.

Attention: Oiled wooden floors should also be cleaned regularly with Natural Soap and treated as required with maintenance oil or paste. This is more frequently required in commercial properties than in residences. The treatment can also be done locally on heavily used surfaces. Oil Conditioner may not be used on painted floors.

Tools Mop or cloth.

Composition Water, refined vegetable oil elements, non-ionic surfactants, preservatives.

Shelf life Three years, if unopened.

Storage Store in a dry, frost-free place, not exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Waste disposal Empty containers and product residue must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Step 2: Maintenance of oiled Di Legno® parquet floors with white finishing Di Legno® Natural Soap WHITE The misty white oil is a hardwaxoil that gives the surface a strong protective coat. Wait approx. 14 days after installation before cleaning the floor with water.

We advise against excessive usage of soap as it contains oils that leave a protective film/layer on the floor into which dust and dirt can pile up when it gets too thick. Halve a dose of soap (ca 60 ml in a 5 lit. bucket) is sufficient.

Soap-cleaning too often is not necessary. If you insist on wet cleaning, we advise to alternate cleaning with and without the soap.

Step 2: Maintenance of oiled Di Legno® parquet floors with misty white finishing Di Legno® Natural Soap WHITE Natural Soap White is ideal for cleaning and maintaining oiled, waxed surfaces treated with soap. Natural Soap White is ideal for floors, furniture, table tops and panels. The oily Natural Soap forms a protective film on the floor.

Description of work

1. Daily cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner or brush. The frequency with which the floor is cleaned depends on the wear and tear of the floor.

2. Natural Soap White is carefully stirred before use.

3. 60 ml of Natural Soap is mixed in 5 L of cold water. It is recommended that two buckets should always be used: one with soapy water and one with rinsing water. Clean the floor with a little wa ter; briefly allow the soapy water to act on the floor to dissolve dirt. Remove the dirty soapy water with a well-wrung mop or cloth and rinse it out in the bucket of rinsing water.

4. Always wipe the floor with soapy water in a well-wrung mop or cloth, in order to restore the protective soap film.

Tip:Heavily contaminated floors may first be cleaned with the Intensive Cleaner and then with Natural Soap. Heavily worn-out surfaces may be maintained with Maintenance Paste after cleaning with the Intensive Cleaner.

Storage Cool, but frost-free.

Waste disposal Empty tins and waste should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

Composition Coconut and soybean oils, surfactants, pigments (white).

Coverage material 320-400 m²/litre.

Step 2: Maintenance of oiled Di Legno® parquet floors with misty white finishing Di Legno® Natural Soap WHITE

–  –  –

7. Remove the loosened dirt with the clean, dry mop.

Repeat steps 2 to 7 until the entire floor has been cleaned. If necessary, replace the rinsing water from time to time.Never mop the floor again with clean water!Do not walk on the floor during the drying time (approx. 30 minutes).

Tip:Only maintain your floor impregnated with Di Legno® oil with special Di Legno® soap and other Di Legno® maintenance products for best results!

Regularly mopping the floor not only keeps it clean, but also leaves behind a fine protective layer of coconut and soybean oils in the uppermost pores of the wood.

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