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«Best Dressed Pink Person: Shamia McKenna – associated with Marist AFC (see photo), Shamia will receive a $100 voucher for Sportsman’s Warehouse ...»

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SundAy 16tH MAy – newS &


Pink Footy Day. Congratulations to the following.

Best Dressed Pink Person: Shamia McKenna – associated with Marist AFC (see photo), Shamia

will receive a $100 voucher for Sportsman’s Warehouse (contact us at the Club).

Best Dressed Pink Club: Queanbeyan Tigers FC, Queanbeyan will receive a $500 Sportsman’s

Warehouse voucher

An honourable mention should also go out to the Belconnen Cat’s Juniors. They put on a great day and got many people from the local community involved.

Queanbeyan’s photos along with all other Pink Footy Round club photos that were submitted are available for viewing in the photo gallery on the website www.seeyouatthefooty.com.au Congratulations to everyone who contributed to Pink Footy Round. Your donations and support will make a big difference for Breast Cancer Network Australia and those affected by breast cancer Thanks AFL Canberra.

BeSt dReSSed Shamia McKenna LAte ReGIStRAtIonS.

We are happy to take late registrations particularly any boys in the Under 14 and Under 16 age groups where a few extra numbers would be helpful! Please contact the Registrar registrar@mafc.com.au if you want to discuss late registration.

CoMMIttee RefReSH InItIAtIveS.

As highlighted in the last newsletter we have an active campaign to refresh our committee underway. For example in the last committee meeting we had 5 team representatives come along to see how things are run, and to offer their input into the club. If you want to know more about committee roles, the level of commitment required, etc feel free to talk to any of the current committee, or contact me at mafc@ mafc.com.au.

PHotoS If you have taken a photo at a recent game or event and would like to have the photo added to High Marks or the Photo Gallery on our website please forward it to HighMarks@mafc.com.au Can you take the photos at the highest resolution possible and send one or two images only per email. Or if you have a lot of photos copy them to a labelled CD/DVD and hand in at Lindwall Oval Canteen on Saturdays.

uMPIRInG IS eveRyone’S BuSIneSS Saturday saw the launch of the AFL’s new umpiring campaign “Umpiring Is Everyone’s Business”. To support this important AFL initiative, AFL Canberra and AFL Umpire Chris Simms (Yr 12 Marist 2009) launched the campaign in Canberra. Chris made his way up through the umpiring ranks in the AFL Canberra competitions and became the youngest umpire on the AFL’s umpiring list at the age of 17 years in 2009 so he realises the importance of this campaign at both a national and community level. “The campaign aims to communicate that umpiring is everyone’s business. So whether you are a coach, player, parent, administrator or supporter, we all have a role to play in creating positive match day environments for umpires” Simms said.

“This is a great initiative and the first step in changing people’s attitudes and behaviours towards our umpires”. “People seem to forget that without an umpire the game doesn’t happen”.

MeRCHAndISe Jackets, caps, beanies, scarves available at Lindwall Oval Canteen each Saturday.


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Draws, Results, Ladders see our website http://www.mafc.com.au/html/fixtures.html#


MAFC Under 10s Round 2 no report submitted MAFC Under 11s Round 2 no report submitted

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Marist 7.8.

50 def eastlake 1.2.8 Goal Kickers: Izzard 3, Crowe 2, van Meurs and McCormack 1 each Best Players: Colmer, Crowe, McCormack, van Meurs, McKenzie, Hackwill


MAFC Under 10s - Round 3 no report submitted MAFC Under 11s - Round 3 no report submitted MARISt AfL undeR 10, vS. CALweLL SwAnS Captain- Nelson Dumphry A cool Sunday morning greeted us at our home ground, Pearce, for our round three clash with Calwell Swans. Nelson loss the toss and Marist kicked to the Northern end of the ground in the first term. From the start it was evident Calwell were going to be our strongest opposition we had faced yet. Marist had three players missing and this was always going to make a difference but Marist followed the coaches instructions and were first to the ball and made good use of it, working as a team unit. Sam, Luke and Ethan Plenty were getting their hands on the ball and delivering it to a moving forward line which allowed us to kick a couple of goals. The second term was a very close affair with Calwell consistently getting the ball out of the centre and raiding the ball into the forward line. The backs stood up well, lead but Nelson, who was reading the play perfectly by staying a kick back from play and filling in a hole and picked up plenty of positions. The forwards had to work hard to get a kick as Calwell were putting a lot of pressure on us out of the centre which was making our delivery to the forward much tougher than usual, but Copper and Josh were making the most of their opportunities.

After halftime Marist really lifted their work rate to another level with the instruction from the coach to play together more as a team and look for their teammates and be harder at the ball. This allowed Sam Rankin and Ethan Hart plenty of chances but our inaccurate kicking for goal kept our opposition in the game. Coaching football teams can sometimes be a frustrating job but this group of boys are a outstanding group, teammates always looking out for their mates. Alex, Nick and Daniel should be commended for this, sometimes it not the players kicking the goals that deserve the praise but the players that do the little things stopping an opponent getting to your mate so he can get a kick away- well done boys! The last term Marist got on top with greater teamwork and skill level. Ted must have been spurred on by the pending arrival of his new brother and ran everywhere and got us home comfortably. Well done to all great team effort! See you at training on Tuesday, and congratulations Chris and Ann on the arrival of a new son Alex, on Sunday. Like a true AFL family, Alex waited until after the final siren went before he made his entrance into this world!

Greg Brearley (Under 10’s Coach) MAfC undeR 11S, vS tuGGeRAnonG BuLLdoGS on 1 MAy 2010 A bright sun, a warm day and a light breeze greeted the start of the real football season, AFL Canberra Junior League, and the stars warmed up by having a kick with their sons before the match.

And what a match it promised to be, against the mighty Tuggeranong Bulldogs, a long time nursery for AFL players, like the most recent recruit Jason Tutt of the Western Bulldogs. Marist started well and quickly got the scoring underway with a behind off the post to Eric Caro and a goal to Rhys Pollock. The Bulldogs responded with Lockie and Jordan playing well for them. They started to win the rucks and both teams were trying to own the corridor. Billy Clark was reading the ball better than anyone and continually provided drive forward from the centre as well as taking a superb mark in defence. The Marist team work was the feature of the quarter and a further goal to Rhys and two goals to Eric resulted.

Marist started strongly in the second quarter and the Bulldogs worked hard in defence to repel many Marist attacks. Ryan Crowley started to dominate in the centre and was providing a link between defence and attack. The first goal of the quarter came to Ben Mills after a great goal assist from Josh Colquhoun. Tom Brewer began to work his way into the match and was winning frees by being first to the ball. His combination with Ryan led to a goal by James Palisi. The Bulldogs were not to be outdone and responded with a great individual effort by Tim Harding who had three bounces down the flank and a goal to the Bulldogs resulted. The Bulldogs started to win the rucks and were getting the ball forward. The quarter was played in two halves first Marist and then the Bulldogs.

Lachlan McGovern started the third quarter like he played the first half marking everything that came his way, and what came to ground was being crumbed expertly by Jack Rankin. The Caro brothers were lively and Liam Caro brought up the quarter’s first score. The Bulldogs defence was magnificent and desperate, but continual attacks by Marist brought up a goal to Nick Koeck after good lead up work from Ryan.

Not to be outdone, the Bulldogs responded with an inspirational goal to Tim Harding. He read the Bulldogs tap from the centre throw-up, ran to centre-half forward, and launched a long bomb goal. The Marist defence was well led by Billy and Lachlan Tazreiter was working hard to repel Bulldogs attacks. During this quarter Liam Cashion was heavily involved and linking well with Rhys. Marist managed to withstand the Bulldog charge and scored the last two goals of the quarter a long goal from Lachlan McGovern and a goal to Nick.

In the fourth quarter Ryan, Rhys, Billy and Liam were turning defence into attack with strong marking and running play through the corridor.

Under the weight of possession Billy slotted the first goal. As he was all game, Sam Kibble was making his presence felt by reading the play and linking with his team mates. William Short was dynamo in the forward line and king of the hard-ball gets. He had two long kicks for goal that were touched on the very last line of defence only by desperate Bulldog’s defence. Hamish Scott made one of them a seven point play when gathered from kick out and Treadea-like burst through defenders and kicked strongly and truly for his first AFL goal after a career in rugby; William’s performance offered a glimpse what we might see from Karmichael Hunt. The Bulldogs would have been lost except for the sterling efforts of Sean in defence who did a magnificent job against mounting odds.

The field play was even throughout with Marist playing well all day. The coach was well pleased with the efforts of Lachlan McGovern, Billy, Rhys, Ryan, Caro brothers and Liam Cashion.

MARISt undeR 11, vS weSton CReeK on 8tH MAy 2010 Of the great local derbies Port Adelaide and Adelaide, West Coast and Fremantle there is none bigger than Weston Creek and Marist. There was an air of anticipation so real you could feel it, and the match lived up to all expectations.

The match started with tough contested play from both sides, and there were no easy possessions. Both sides traded behinds. Marist was combining well through Rhys, Liam Caro, Nick, Lachlan McGovern and Tom. Billy was ubiquitous and several times attacked the ball hard and won possession. Marist’s first goal came after a mark to Rhys that led to a snap around the body to Nick. Marist gradually worked their way on top this quarter.

Marist started the second quarter strongly with a great crumbing goal to Eric after a Billy intercept, who bounced his way to half forward and kicked to the hot spot. Ryan was dominating the ruck, James worked his way into the game and Lachlan McGovern was a focal point in the forward line. Weston Creek hit back with a goal after a great team play led to a mark 15 metres out. Just as in the first quarter the pressure was intense and play was tight. Nick’s work in the back line was fantastic. Several time he battled against 2 and 3 opposition players and either won the ball or forced a stoppage. Marist scored again after a great hard ball get from Cooper, handballs to Liam and onto Rhys who snapped truly. Consistent with the game Weston Creek hit back with a goal just before half time.

The third quarter was a see-sawing affair. Weston Creek marked and goaled and Marist responded with a great long bomb goal from Billy which bounced through after some great shepherding from Cooper. Lachlan Tazreiter was playing strongly and Josh was combining well with Ryan. Billy was on fire up forward marking strongly and he brought up his second goal for the quarter. Weston Creek goaled on the siren to keep themselves in the match.

Weston Creek made it two goals in a row with a goal in the first minute of the last quarter and the game was on. The pressure continued and the play went up and down the field, much to the spectators delight. The match became tense as Weston Creek goaled again. Both team were playing attractive and positive footy. A further goal to Weston Creek brought the Marist supporters into the match in true Aussie Rules fashion with great shouts of exhortation. Marist battled well in the remaining minutes, but there was no further score.

The match was a credit to both teams with Weston Creek playing very well. Marist will look forward to the return match later in the season.

The coach was well pleased with the efforts of Billy, who had a stand out match, Lachlan McGovern, Nick, James, Sam and Lachlan Tazreiter.

MAfC undeR 12 MAfC undeR 12 dIv1 - Round 3, vS MAGPIeS

Marist 8.7 55Magpies 3.3 21

Another fabulous morning for a game of footy on the glorious Lindwall Oval.

Sunday morning was hard for some to get out of bed and possibly for the boys who sometimes looked like they had ‘Sundayitis’. The match was hard work for the team, families and especially the coaching staff. It was a hard fought, scrappy game with the Magpies making us work for our points.

Bomber opened the game with a beautiful goal within the first two minutes of the game after some superior teamwork by the boys in the lead up. Shane was in the action working hard and Ben I. and Toby came up with a behind each. Alex produced a magnificent kick resulting in Ben I. scoring a goal and the boys were on a role. The Magpies got into the action and scored and suddenly it was quarter time.

The second quarter continued in the same vein as the first with the Magpies keeping in close contact with the score, scoring a goal after a brilliant effort on their part and from Josh trying hard to prevent it. Shane once again produced some outstanding footy and Dylan making a confident mark. Ben I. got our only point with a behind in this quarter.

Half time was a relief with hope the boys would find their rhythm and they didn’t let their supporters down. Ben V. scored a goal and Toby followed up with another goal after flowing teamwork from Jezza, Alex and Ben I. Josh, Simsy, Alex and Ben V. were all over the field covering some ground and the third quarter was over in no time.

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