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«Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology College of Engineering, Pune Pune - 411005 June 2013 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING ...»

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Emergency Reporting Using Smartphone


Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the

degree of

Master of Technology, Computer Engineering


Eknath M. Patil

MIS No: 121122013

under the guidance of

Prof. S. K. Gaikwad

Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology

College of Engineering, Pune

Pune - 411005

June 2013





This is to certify that the dissertation titled Emergency Reporting Using Smartphone has been successfully completed by Mr. Eknath M. Patil (121122013) and is approved for the degree of Master of Technology, Computer Engineering.


Prof. S. K. Gaikwad, Dr. J. V. Aghav, Project Guide, Head of Dept., Department of Computer Engineering Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, and Information Technology, College of Engineering, Pune, College of Engineering, Pune, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411005. Shivaji Nagar, Pune-411005.

Dedicated to Silicon Brain, Mr. S. P. Dixit For his kindliness, eternal guidance and encouraging us towards world of electronics and embedded systems.

From R&D Manager, Programme Coordinator, Senior Scientist to Director of C-DAC Pune, he spend almost two decades of his life in C-DAC, Government of India. We, student of College Of Engineering Pune know him in his second half. In his seventies, he voluntarily deliver lectures in various reputed colleges, not to earn but to learn and make others learn along with him about new technologies.

We glad to have such technology lover teacher, who guides us on cutting edge technology and thanks to him for sharing his various experiences of silicon changes. On personal front, we learnt lot of things from him as human being.

I sincerely dedicate my small piece of work to this silicon brain, as his knowledge and experience inspired me to work on electronic gadgets.

Acknowledgments I express my sincere gratitude towards my guide Prof. S. K. Gaikwad for his constant help, encouragement and inspiration throughout the project work. Without his invaluable guidance, this work would never have been a successful one.

I would also like to thank Mr. S. P. Dixit for encouragement and detail knowledge sharing on microcontrollers and other aspects of electronics in human life. Also two of my Electronics Engineering friends Amit Deshmukh and Rushikesh Shinde who helped me lot to understand and play with microcontroller.

Last but not least, my sincere thanks to all colleagues who encouraged and helped me lot to pursue my post graduation. I would also like to thank my all M.Tech friends for unconditional support and help.

–  –  –

Emergency never comes with prior intimation. In real world scenarios detecting such emergencies and reporting them is a real challenge. This project contains the detail survey of existing systems and proposed system to overcome common problem of having manual intervention while reporting emergency. We are proposing the new idea to automate this process of emergency detection and reporting, this system will record and report emergency in real time. It works in three steps as Detection of emergency, data collection & processing and reporting it to outside world. Electronic sensor with Bluetooth module will trigger emergency and transmit the data over Bluetooth communication (short range protocol), where as the Smart phone which is paired & in range of sensor (10 to 100 meters depends upon Bluetooth class) will work as receiver of this information and responsible for recording and processing it further. Smart phone will upload that emergency along with other information like current location tracked by GPS on phone, mobile number (person‟s identity) and incident time over internet (long range protocol) to concern website.

Keywords: Emergency Reporting, GPS, Wireless sensor networks, Bluetooth sensors, Android.

Table of Contents


1.1 Overview:

1.2 Recent Trends:

1.3 Problem Statement:

1.4 Objectives:


2.1 Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV):

2.2 Smoke Detection Systems:

2.3 ELERTS app:

2.4 HelpMe:

2.5 GreatCall:


3.1 System Architecture:

3.2 Application Flowchart:


4.1 Electronic sensor equipped with Bluetooth:

4.2 Smartphone with designed software – „EmePort‟:

4.2.1 Software and Hardware Requirements:

4.2.2 Data Flow and Code Snippets:

4.3 Centralized website as Data storage system:


5.1 Installation guide of EmePort Application:

5.2 Experiments and Test Cases:

5.3 Applications:


6.1 Conclusion:

6.2 Future Work:



List of Figures Figure 1: System Architecture of Proposed Project

Figure 2: Flowchart of EmePort Application

Figure 3 : Circuit board assembled with sensor and Bluetooth module

Figure 4: Checking availability of Bluetooth and GPS services

Figure 5: Posting Emergency on Central Website

Figure 6: Text Message received on Administrator‟s handset

Figure 7: EmePort Application layout on Smartphone

Figure 8: EmePort Web Portal on GAE

Figure 9: Enabling Bluetooth while installing EmePort Application

Figure 10: Enabling GPS service while installing EmePort Application

Figure 11: Scan for sensor device to get connected

Figure 12: Pairing and getting connected with sensor device

Figure 13: EmePort Application Installation done

Figure 14: Bike rider equipped with EmePort Application

Emergency Reporting Using Smartphone


To start with introduction section, this section talks about overview on emergency reporting, recent trends, problem statement and major objective of this project.

1.1 Overview:

Emergency never comes with prior intimation and in real world scenarios, detecting such emergencies & reporting them is real challenge. Disaster management organizations, may its government or private one, have their own agenda in place to work-out on the plan and rescue the person who is in emergency. But many of such rescue teams/organizations complaints as they won‟t get „right information in right time‟. That is disaster management teams will not able to get the right information of the emergency in right time, so more the delay in reaching information of emergency to rescue team leads less chances of rescue.

Countries like US, where most of the old age citizens stay alone; separate from their children.

Medical emergency is most important factor for such citizens. Even considering other personal emergencies like fire at home due to some unfortunate conditions and being alone, sleeping at home leads to major injuries; sometimes death. As per Indian governments ministry of road transport and highways departments report during the calendar year 2010, there were close to 5 lakh road accidents in India, which resulted in more than 1.3 lakh deaths and inflicted injuries on 5.2 lakh persons. These numbers translate into one road accident every minute, and one road accident death every 4 minutes. Unfortunately more than half the victims are in the economically active age group of 25-65 years. The loss of main bread winner can be catastrophic. (Source: Government of India, Ministry of road transport and highways, transport research wing, New Delhi) In all such situations person who is in emergency will not be in position to inform disaster management team, and that is the worst situation where needy needs help but not able to seek it. So by any means if emergency is detected and reported automatically to disaster management team, then these teams will be in position to rescue person in emergency, even

–  –  –

before he/she knows about such emergency. To do so we would take help of all emerging technologies and available hardware sensors.

1.2 Recent Trends:

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is an emerging era in Embedded Systems. WSN majorly works on the short distance/range protocol. Whereas another wireless communication system which is backbone of our mobile communication uses the long range protocol to communicated between the devices. We developing the hybrid system in wireless technology which can make best use of short-range protocol as well as long range protocol to design the world class application.

Now a day‟s Mobile device (cell phones) are integral and inseparable parts of common man for contacting each other via call or text. Moreover Personal Digital Assistants (PDA‟s) facilitated with other good options like send or receive files, checking emails and it‟s become gaming device now to play joyful games. Smartphones are used in many different sectors such as business, healthcare, social networks, environmental monitoring, safety and transport.

For enabling related application to consider different domains, a set of embedded sensors such as accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, GPS, microphone and camera are directly included to Smartphones[1]. Smartphones are also capable to record useful data like location & other environment details and continuously upload it to particular server. Based on such location traces and also tagging the activities, (such as walking, biking, driving, etc.) one can have complete information about user [2]. Although mobile phones are in market as a platform for its sensing capability and such research has been carried out for a number of years now, in both industrial [3] and research communities [4], there has been little or no advancement in the field until recently. Numbers of technologies are introduced in recent year which have major changes of embedded systems. Along with sensing industry Data Exchange is also one of the key factors of today‟s advanced smart phones. One such widely accepted and mostly used open wireless technology to exchange data is Bluetooth.

To replace cables used to connected devices new technology used worldwide is Bluetooth.

Robustness, low power, and low cost are the main key features of Bluetooth technology. It

–  –  –

works in the ISM band from 2400-2480 MHz on short wavelength radio transmission link, with creation of personal area networks (PANs). Bluetooth has Special Interest Group (SIG), which consists of different companies working in these electronic and software related services as working member and contributor for this future research and releases. Currently latest version of bluetooth 4.0 is available in market and widely used by electronic industry.

This latest version has features like low cost, multi-vendor interoperability and ability to run for years on standard coin-cell batteries [5]. Proposed system will be using this data transfer technology for its short distance data communication.

We are proposing the Emergency reporting system which will record and report emergency in real time. Deployed electronic sensors with microcontroller will triggers in emergency and transmits the data over Bluetooth communication(short range protocol), where as the smartphone which is in range of sensor (10 to 100 meters depends upon Bluetooth class) will work as receiver of this data and responsible to record it, this software on smart phone is also responsible for uploading that data along with other information like current location tracked via GPS, mobile number, and incident time over internet( long range protocol) to concern department website.

1.3 Problem Statement:

Person in emergency will not be in position to inform rescue team on fly and wait for their help; perhaps he/she try to escape if they are conscious and know about emergency. More dangerous situations occur when person is unconscious or not able to take action against emergency for example physically handicapped person or old age citizen who can‟t step down immediately from emergency place. Considering other situation like person is not aware about emergency at all and he/she continues their work in hand; in such situation, detecting any emergency with help of sensors and reporting them to outside world, so that concern disaster team takes appropriate action to rescue the needy.

„Right information at right time‟ will lead to rescue lives.

–  –  –

1.4 Objectives:

1. Developing such a system which will work in Emergency, and will record & report emergency in real time.

2. System should work automatically and not require any human interference or manual setup during Emergency to report it.

3. System should convey the crucial information like Person in emergency, emergency type and emergency location.

4. Make use of both communication channels; short range wireless channel like Bluetooth and long range wireless channel like GPRS.


Considering worldwide systems for emergency reporting regardless of their communication method where it‟s wired or wireless, majorly we studied some unique parameters of the systems which will help us to define the strong objectives about our proposed systems. Below listed generation wise systems gives us the fair idea about the survey we had done.

2.1 Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV):

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the use of cameras and its wired or wireless network to transmit a signal to its monitoring box. It‟s not the same which we have as Television sets. It can be deployed as point to point or point to multipoint links between camera and monitoring set. These are mainly used in surveillance areas such as banks, airports, military installations, casinos and convenience stores.

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