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«Acarology Bulletin A Newsletter of the SYSTEMATIC AND APPLIED ACAROLOGY SOCIETY ...»

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Volume 9, Number 1 March 2004 ISSN 1361-8091

Acarology Bulletin



President’s message

Dear colleagues,

After seven years of excellent service in editing

the Acarology Bulletin, Dr Renjie Hu has decided

to step down. During his editorship, Acarology

Bulletin has become the most frequently

published and informative newsletter of Acarology. On behalf of the members of SAAS, I thank Dr Hu for his hard work and distinguished service.

Dr Qing-Hai Fan has kindly agreed to In this issue......

succeed Dr Hu, I wish him great success.

Best wishes, 2 Acarological News Zhi-Qiang Zhang 2 ASA Meeting 2003 SAAS Officers and Executive 2 Acarology Summer Program 2004 Committee for 2004–2007 3 XII International Congress of Entomology 3 2003 Minutes President Zhi-Qiang Zhang (New Zealand) 7 New Books Secretary Xiaoyue Hong (China) 7 Revision of Rhizoglyphus Claparède (Acari:

Treasurer Ting-Kui Qin (Australia) Acaridae) of Australasia and Oceania Executive Committee Members 7 Mites (Acari) for Pest Control Anne Baker, UK 7 Lyme Borreliosis: Biology, Epidemiology Huiqin Dong, China and Control Qing-Hai Fan (China/New Zealand) 8 Tarsonemidae of the World C.H.W. Flechtmann, Brazil 8 South American Water Mites Uri Gerson, Israel Tetsuo Gotoh, Japan 8 Contents of Journals Xianguo Guo, China 8 Acarina Chyi-Chen Ho, Taiwan Acarology Bulletin Editors Renjie Hu, USA Daochao Jin, China Lairong Liang, China Editor Jingze Liu, China Dr Qing-Hai Fan (China/New Zealand) Tinghuan Wen, China Assistant editors Bin Xia, China Dr Xiaoyue Hong (China) Jintong Zhang, China Dr Ting-Kui Qin (Australia) Zhimo Zhao, China Dr Zhi-Qiang Zhang (New Zealand) © 2004 Systematic & Applied Acarology Society

–  –  –

Acarological News ACAROLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA MEETING, NOVEMBER 14, 2003 The Acarological Society of America annual meeting will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah this year along with Entomological Society of America meeting. If you would like to submit a paper on any subject dealing with mites or ticks, please submit your name,

title of presentation, and contact information to the following email address:

dnorris@jhsph.edu The papers in the submitted section of the ASA symposium will be on Sunday, November 14, 2004. The papers will be 12 minutes each this year (10 minutes, 2 minutes for questions).

We would like to encourage all students to submit papers.

Students: Please submit your name to Sandra Allan (Email Address:

sallan@gainesville.usda.ufl.gov) if you wish to be considered for the student paper competition or travel award. You must be a member of ASA and submit an application to Sandra Allan to be formally considered for either award.

Morning Session, " Current Advances in Acarology", submitted 12 minute papers.

Afternoon Session, "Ecology and Biocontrol of Acari", invited papers.

Deadline for submission of papers to Doug Norris (dnorris@jhsph.edu): January 31, 2004 For information on registration and hotels, please review the ESA website, www.


–  –  –

ACAROLOGY SUMMER PROGRAM 2004 We would like to announce the 54th edition of the Acarology Summer Program, to be held at the campus of Ohio State University from June 21 to July 9, 2004.

This year the program includes workshops on Soil Acarology (June 21–July 9) and Medical-Veterinary Acarology (June 28–July 9). Agricultural Acarology and Introductory Acarology will be on the schedule for 2005. The workshop schedule for the next 4 years, a summary of workshop content, and information on participating

lecturers, financial aid, and registration can be found at our web-site:


One note on registration. We are experiencing occasional problems with the automated registration form. If you do not get a confirmation of registration within 1–2 3

–  –  –


Dear colleagues:

You may be aware that the next International Congress of Entomology will be held later this year in Australia. Acarology will be one of the 19 formal sections and will be coordinated by Heather Proctor, Dave Walter and myself. Four symposia were formally accepted by the Congress (see below a copy from http://www.ccm.com.au/icoe/home/ default.htm), but the last one was recently cancelled (which creates an opportunity for another symposium). There will also be sessions for contributed paper and posters. If you plan to attend this congress, please register online before 1 Feb. 2004 to save registeration fees. Please also note that you MUST submit an


by March 31 at the absolute latest. If you do not, you will not be allowed to present at the ICE.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, Zhi-Qiang Zhang http://www.ccm.com.au/icoe/sections_symposia/default.htm 2003 MINUTES Initial Executive Committee Meeting The meeting of the Executive Committee was called to order at the Cincinnati Convention Center by President Carl Childers at 6:10 pm, October 25, 2003. Present were President-elect Angela James, and Executive Committee members Sandy Allan and Norman Fashing (also Secretary/Treasuer). Committee members absent were Lynell Tanigoshi, Ronald Ochoa, Doug Norris, and David James. Also absent were Pastpresident Dan Sonenshine, Archivist James Keirans, and Newsletter Editor Harold Harlan.

President Childers informed the Committee that three ASA members had suggested topics for next year’s Symposium: (1) something with an ecological/taxonomic slant (Angela James), (2) new pest management tools for acarines (Lance Durden), and (3) applied acarology: advances in the biocontrol of mites (David James). It was decided that the Executive Committee would propose a combined topic, “ecology and biocontrol of mites and ticks”.

Student Award Coordinator Sandy Allan reported that only one student had formally applied for the student competition award. It was decided that all current student members presenting papers would be considered. A discussion ensued as to 4 possible future methods for advertising the ASA student awards. An early newsletter announcement as well as an announcement on the Acarology List Server will be used in the future. Sandy Allan also requested that the ASA develop criteria for selecting the award winner.

President Childers informed the Committee of the candidates selected for election at the 2003 annual business meeting: President-elect (Douglas Norris and Jay Yoder), and Executive Committee (Quentin Fang, Joel Hutcheson, Hans Klompen, Michael Levin, Mariam Lekveishvili, Glen Scoles and William Wrenn).

Discussion turned to the ASA newsletter and it was decided there should be two each year, one in March and one in September. The possibility of an electronic newsletter was discussed since it would save both time and money. The discussion was postponed so that the newsletter editor could be consulted.

At the final Executive Committee meeting of 2002, it was suggested that the ASA increase it’s visibility by obtaining a display booth at the International Congress of Acarology to be held in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2004. Carl pointed out that Hans Klompen had expressed an interest in a booth to advertise the Ohio State Summer Acarology Program, and that Ohio State could possibly split the cost of a booth with the ASA. It was decided to poll the membership at the business meeting to determine the level of interest as well as find out which members would be willing to man the booth.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Annual Business Meeting The annual business meeting was called to order in the Cincinnati Convention Center by President Carl Childers at 4:10 pm, October 26, 2003.

President Childers thanked the speakers and moderators for an excellent 2003 program. He then called upon Hans Klompen to announce the winner of the 2003 Camin Award, an annual financial award presented to a graduate level student to assist in attending the Acarology Summer Program at Ohio State University or an equivalent institution where they can obtain training in the systematics of acarines. This year Hans Klompen, Angela James, and Norman Fashing reviewed the applications and selected Renata Freire, ESALQ-USP, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, as the winner. President Childers then called upon Sandy Allan to announce the winners of the ASA student awards. This year Sandy Allan, David James, Dan Sonenshine, and Kerby Stafford were judges, and Christopher M. Ritzi, Department of Life Sciences, Indiana State University, was the recipients of both awards.

Norman Fashing (Secretary/Treasurer) reported that the balance in the ASA account stood at $8,488.66, however he also reported that the balance included the remaining funds from a USDA grant and therefore some of the balance would be spent by the grant recipients by then end of the year. Also outstanding were $650 in travel awards and the cost of publishing the newsletter. Harold Harlan (Newsletter Editor) 5 reported that an extremely busy year allowed him to publish only one newsletter, but that he intended to publish two per year in the future.

President Childers called for topics for the 2004 ASA symposium from the floor.

None came forth. He said the Executive Committee had discussed the issue and proposed the topic “Ecology and Biocontrol of the Acari”. After a discussion, it was decided to go with the Executive Committee topic and that David James would organize the symposium.

An election was held to fill the positions of President-elect, two three-year Executive Committee terms, and one one-year Executive Committee term. Candidates proposed by the Executive Committee for President-elect were Douglas Norris and Jay Yoder, and for the Executive Committee, Quentin Fang, Joel Hutcheson, Hans Klompen, Michael Levin, Mariam Lekveishvili, Glen Scoles and William Wrenn.

Nominations were opened to the floor, but none came forth. While ballots were being cast and counted, Dr. Vikram Prasad, editor of the International Journal of Acarology, announced his production of another video detailing the research of an acarologist. The video, entitled “Discoverer of Mites and Ticks” featured Norman Fashing and his work on phytotelm mites. Dr. Prasad formally presented a DVD copy of the video to Norman Fashing and played a section of the video for the audience. It was then announced that Douglas Norris had been elected to serve as President-elect, and Hans Klompen, Michael Levin (three-year terms) and Quentin Fang (one-year term) to serve on the Executive Committee.

President Childers reported that the Executive Committee members had approved the purchase of a display booth at the International Congress of Entomology to be held in Brisbane, Australia, in July 2004. The Summer Acarology Program at Ohio State University would share the cost of the booth, and the booth would be used to promote the ASA as well as the Ohio State Program. President Childers called for comments from the floor. There were no objections to the purchase of a booth. Members willing to help man the booth were asked to contact Childers.

President Childers installed Angela James as the 2004 ASA President and passed the gavel. Angela then presented Past-president Childers with a plaque recognizing his contributions to the Society. President James then asked for new business from the floor, but none was brought forth. She announced that the Executive Committee had decided that future newsletters would be published in an electronic format and sent to members as a PDF e-mail attachment. An electronic newsletter will save both time and money, and members that desire a hard copy can print the file. She requested that anyone objecting to an electronic newsletter contact her.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Final Executive Committee Meeting The Executive Committee meeting was reconvened at 4:25 p.m. on October 27 by President Angela James in the Hyatt Regency Hotel lobby. Members present included 6 Carl Childers (Past-president), Doug Norris (President-elect and Executive Committee member), Norm Fashing (Secretary/Treasurer), Harold Harlan (Newsletter Editor), and Hans Klompen, Michael Levin, and David James (Executive Committee Members).

Absent were Archivist James Keirans, and Executive Committee members Quentin Fang and Ronald Ochoa.

The logistics of an electronic newsletter were discussed. Newsletter Editor Harold Harlan said he had no objection, and it was decided that future newsletters would be sent as e-mail attachments in PDF format. Secretary/Treasurer Norman Fashing said it would be necessary to obtain accurate e-mail addresses for all members, and that he would mail a request for address updates to the membership.

Discussion turned to the 2004 ASA meeting. David James will organize the symposium, and Doug Norris will coordinate the submitted papers session. It was pointed out that there will again be an early deadline for the submission of papers since the session is now handled as an ESA “symposium”. Secretary/Treasurer Norman Fashing said he would notify the membership of the deadline when he requests address updates. It was suggested that a call for papers also be published via the acarology list server.

Carl Childers said he would further investigate the purchase of a booth at the International Congress of Entomology and also coordinate payment with Ohio State.

Ideas for the content of the display were requested.

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