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«2016 - 2017 1 Dear Parents, As a new or existing parent, I hope that you find this handbook to be a useful guide to life at Moorlands School. Please ...»

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2016 - 2017


Dear Parents,

As a new or existing parent, I hope that you find this handbook to be a useful guide to life at

Moorlands School. Please keep it as a handy reference tool for your daily life and

interactions with us. Remember though, that this guide is not intended to replace the

human face of the school and that the staff and I are always available to answer your

questions and/or help in any way we can.

Please also keep an eye out for the weekly newsletters that are emailed to all parents. These aim to provide updates on life in school and advanced details of upcoming events.

We encourage you to keep an open dialogue with us regarding the school life of your children so that we are able to make your time at Moorlands as successful as possible.

Best wishes, Mark Langley Acting Headmaster 2 Parent Handbook Welcome to our information guide which is a reference for the school year. If this guide does not answer any query you may have, please contact the School Office or any member of staff. We hope you find it useful and would welcome any comments from parents.

Contents Staff List Page 4 Staff Contact List Page 6 Houses Page 7 Key Stage Welcome Early Years Page 8 Key Stage 1 Page 8 Key Stage 2 Page 9 Day Structure Page 11 Daily Life in School Communications Page 13 Attendance & Absence Page 15 School Uniform Page 17 Books & Equipment Page 23 Physical Education Page 24 Lunches Page 25 Clubs, Activities & Trips Page 26 Music & Drama Page 27 Access to the School Site Page 29 Learning Support Page 30 Able, Gifted & Talented Page 30 Future Schools Page 30 Moorlands School Association Page 31 Policies Page 33 3 Staff List Mr Mark Langley BSc (Hons), MPhil, PGCE

Acting Headmaster:

Acting Deputy Head: Mrs Sharon Wheelhouse BA (Hons) PGCE


Key Stage Managers Early Years Miss Wendy Cooper NNEB, Cert Soc Sci Key Stage 1 Mrs Sharon Wheelhouse BA (Hons) PGCE Key Stage 2 Mrs Katy Doherty BA (Hons), PGCE Safeguarding Officers Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Sharon Wheelhouse BA (Hons) PGCE Safeguarding Deputy Miss Wendy Cooper NNEB, Cert Soc Sci Safeguarding Deputy MrsCharlotte Lough BA (Hons), PGCE Class Teachers

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Staff Email Contacts Mark Langley mark.langley@moorlands-school.co.uk Sharon Wheelhouse sharon.wheelhouse@moorlands-school.co.uk Wendy Cooper wendy.cooper@moorlands-school.co.uk Lisa Monteagle lisa.monteagle@moorlands-school.co.uk Sarah Irwin sarah.irwin@moorlands-school.co.uk Laura Holbrook laura.holbrook@moorlands-school.co.uk Katy Doherty katy.doherty@moorlands-school.co.uk Laura Grayson laura.grayson@moorlands-school.co.uk Nathan Brook nathan.brook@moorlands-school.co.uk Stephanie Hill stephanie.hill@moorlands-school.co.uk Charlotte Lough charlotte.lough@moorlands-school.co.uk Kate Matthews kate.matthews@moorlands-school.co.uk Fiona Gwynne fiona.gwynne@moorlands-school.co.uk Lesley Haslem lesley.haslem@moorlands-school.co.uk Sheila Thomson sheila.thomson@moorlands-school.co.uk Vanessa Bates bursar@moorlands-school.co.uk Susan Leak accounts@moorlands-school.co.uk Emily Jones emily.jones@moorlands-school.co.uk Melissa Dobbins melissa.dobbins@moorlands-school.co.uk John Clibbens john.clibbens@moorlands-school.co.uk

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The house system is an important focus for personal development in sporting and cultural activities. The house system provides opportunities for developing commitment, participation, loyalty and leadership as pupils progress through the school.

Positions of Responsibility and Colours Head of School Prefects House Captains Form Captains Pupil Voice Representatives Colours are awarded for excellence and commitment to life in school. Half colours are awarded as a step along the way to a possible full colours award. Full colours holders wear a purple tie with gold school crests. Half colours holders wear a yellow badge with the appropriate title. In Key Stage 2 colours are awarded for excellence in Sport, The Arts and Academic. In Key Stage 1 colours are awarded to the Mini Moorlander.

–  –  –

Early Years (2-5 years old) The Early Years Department of Moorlands consists of three year groups within Nursery and Reception. Squirrels, 2 to 3 year olds, Foxes, 3 to 4 year olds, and Reception 4 to 5 year olds.

We follow a varied and inspiring Early Years curriculum, which includes specialist lessons, physical education, swimming, music, drama and French. We have also introduced a new initiative in the form of Forest Schools, learning in the outdoor environment. We take a holistic approach to your child’s education, placing equal emphasis on all areas of development, social and emotional, physical, communication and literacy, mathematics, knowledge of the world and creative.

We aim to give your child as many exciting and stimulating experiences as possible, therefore our curriculum includes a variety of educational visits out of school.

Staff are friendly and approachable and will happily discuss any aspect of your child’s development, by appointment. Each child also has a communication book which is used to pass on information between home and school. The younger children in Squirrels have a daily record.

We have three parent consultation evenings each year and a learning journey is collated for each child throughout the academic year.

I hope this is the start of a fulfilling, happy relationship for you and your child with Moorlands.

Miss Wendy Cooper Early Years Manager Key Stage 1 (5-7 years old) The teaching and learning in Key Stage 1 centres around a Creative Curriculum, learning is topic based and follows a two year rolling programme. Years 1 and 2 work both separately and collaboratively on termly topics, whilst Literacy and Numeracy remain independent subjects and are given a high priority. French, Music, Drama, Art Skills, Physical Education, Swimming and Outdoor Education are taught by specialist teachers with lessons integrating into the creative curriculum.

In Key Stage 1, all pupils have a daily phonics lesson and are taught reading skills. Your child will read to an adult daily and be offered numerous opportunities to share texts with others.

It is essential that children also have daily reading experiences at home. The Reading Diary should be used to keep a record of your child’s reading and it should be signed at home each day to confirm that reading has taken place.

Homework is set each Friday. This will be either Literacy or Numeracy based and should take no more than 20 minutes. It is due in the following Thursday. Spellings will also be set to be tested the following week. The reading expectation at home is 10 minutes a night.

8 The children in Key Stage 1 are offered some form of physical activity every day. It is important that your child has the correct kit for each session – please refer to the uniform list. All items must be clearly named. Pupils are expected to be smartly presented at all times, wearing the correct, named uniform. Girls’ hair must be tied back if below the shoulders and boys’ hair must be kept above the collar.

Key Stage 1 offers a range of after school clubs ranging from traditional games to sports to mindfulness amongst others. Cycling skills are taught and Wednesdays are biking days with pupils being encouraged to bring their own bikes to school for use during playtimes.

In order to prepare children for the future, public speaking and drama is encouraged and developed. Key Stage 1 presents a Nativity at Christmas and a full musical in the summer term. Additionally, each half term parents are welcomed into school for an open afternoon when the classrooms are open, children showcase their work and a small assembly is performed reflecting work learned across all areas of the curriculum.

A variety of educational visits are offered. These include one or two visits each term linking to the topics being studied. There are the annual visits to the pantomime at Christmas and the seaside in the summer. There are several themed days organised in school such as the hugely popular Victorian School Day, Florence Nightingale Day and Reading is Magic Day followed by a bedtime story pyjama party in the evening. In the summer term the children enjoy an Activity Week which includes events such as author visits, charity days and local field trips. Year 2 are also given the opportunity to go on their first overnight residential to Kingswood Activity Centre in the Peak District.

Mrs Sharon Wheelhouse Key Stage 1 Manager Key Stage 2 (7-11 years old) Stage In Key Stage 2 pupils have daily lessons in both Mathematics and English, as well as a wide variety of other subjects including French, Art, Music, Drama, Science, Computing, History, Geography and RS – many of which are taught by specialist teachers. Games is very much part of the weekly timetable, with regular fixtures on a Wednesday afternoon, and P.E, Swimming and Outdoor Education taught separately.

This varied and rigorous curriculum is complemented by a number of educational visits throughout the year, with the aim for each year group to have at least one trip per half term.

These trips tend to vary depending on the topics being taught but examples include: Harlow Carr, Armley Mills, Eden Camp, Malham, and the Hindu Temple.

All of Key Stage 2 visit the West Yorkshire Playhouse in December for the annual musical production. In addition, each class has a residential trip once a year in the Summer term.

As well as a strong emphasis on good manners and behaviour, we expect our pupils to be well presented at all times and dressed in the correct uniform (please refer to the Uniform List). Older pupils tend to move around the school quite frequently and the onus is very much on them to organise themselves for the busy day ahead.

Reading remains an important focus in Key Stage 2 and pupils are given opportunities throughout the week for both quiet reading and reading out loud in class. As they move 9 through the key stage, many pupils will finish the school ‘Stage’ books and become ‘Free Readers’. This allows them to bring in their own books from home or choose an appropriate book from the school library. Teachers aim to hear pupils read at least once a week and we encourage parents to continue to listen to their child read for a minimum of 10 minutes per evening, recording this in their homework diary.

As the children move towards Year 6, they should become increasingly independent and the expectation of homework will gradually build. Pupils are encouraged, where possible, to complete their homework on the first night they receive it, although they will always be given at least two nights before they should hand it in. Each year group also has a weekly spelling test.

Speaking and listening skills are very much encouraged through pupil assemblies and match reports, culminating in the popular Key Stage 2 musical production. We have high expectations for our pupils to become confident and articulate speakers and by Year 6 they take on the roles of Heads of School and prefects, greeting prospective parents and setting the example for younger pupils.

In addition to our two Parents’ Evenings, Key Stage 2 hold a termly Parent Open Afternoon, where pupils showcase the best of what they have been learning that term. This is also an opportunity for parents to talk to teachers and view their children’s work on an informal basis.

Mrs Katy Doherty Key Stage 2 Manager

–  –  –

In order to make life easier for working parents Moorlands offers a Supervised Breakfast Club between 7.30am - 8am. The cost of breakfast club is included within the school fee and there is no need to book in advance. Breakfast includes cereal, toast and fruit.

Breakfast - 8am to 8:15am Children arriving after 8am must stay with their parents for breakfast and will be charged separately.

Parents are welcome to join their children for breakfast between 7.30 and 8.15am.

Parents can purchase their breakfast from the kitchen servery.

Nursery & Reception (Children can be dropped off at 8am and are supervised by a member of staff) Morning session 8.30am - 1.00pm Afternoon session 1.00pm - 3.30pm or 4.00pm (no ad hoc pick up between these times) Wraparound care 4.00pm – 6.00pm Holiday care will be provided by Children’s Corner.

Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2

–  –  –

It is essential that all children are in their classroom to be registered by 8.30am.

Teas From the start of the term after the term in which a pupil turns 5 years of age, the pupil will join the Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils in the dining hall for tea. Pupils must be registered for tea at the Reception Desk by 10.30am on the day it is required. The cost of tea for these pupils is included within the school fee.

–  –  –

Late collection It is expected that all children will be delivered and collected from school on time. Failure to collect by the time the school closes at 6.00pm will result in an extra charge of £20.

Repeated failure to pick up your child by 6.00pm may result in the school withdrawing your late class facility.

–  –  –

Your Form Teacher Your child’s Form Teacher is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of your child’s education including their academic work and progress, personal development, conduct, administrative matters and any specific issues which might arise.

Each pupil is issued with a Communication Book (EYFS & KS1) or Homework Diary (KS2) which allows two-way information between parents and teachers. Parents can provide notes to the teacher in these books which will be reviewed by the teachers on a daily basis.

If you need to contact your child’s teacher during the school day, please call school and leave a message for them. They will contact you as soon as they are available to do so.

Please do not approach your child’s teacher at the start or end of the day as they are very busy attending to all of their pupils and will not be able to discuss an issue with you at those times. You may contact your child’s teacher to request a meeting before or after school if you have any issues to discuss with them. We recognise the ease of email communication which may be used to supplement the communication book and homework diaries.

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