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«2016 and April 8, 2016 Post Please be advised information is subject to change and enhancements may be incorporated post deployment. Please refer to ...»

TEAM Amendments in TrAMS

Stakeholder Session

March 31, 2016 and April 8, 2016


Please be advised information is subject to change and

enhancements may be incorporated post deployment.

Please refer to the FTA TrAMS website for guidance,

updates and corrections to related to TrAMS.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Session Overview

1) General Guidance

2) Steps to complete an Amendment

in TrAMS. (Screen shots are for existing TEAM Awards. A more specific session on all TrAMS post award actions is forthcoming).

3) Q&As 3 Post Award Considerations All amendments must be approved to have an active budget; it is essential to support drawdowns particularly when funds have been added as part of the post award action. Reminder that funds for TrAMS awards are obligated and drawn down at the scope code level.

4 Coordination Prior to Action FIRST coordinate with FTA before taking an action in TrAMS to ensure the appropriate type of post award modification is used.

There is no related action to auto delete a draft amendment created in error. Only the help desk can remove the draft and revert it to the last active status. (Reminder that help desk requests may take a day or two, to be addressed.) 5 Amendments to TEAM Awards FTA’s Circular 5010 continues to be our primary guidance regarding what type of actions constitute an amendment.

 However, FTA has an interest in using the TrAMS application/award architecture, therefore FTA has limited the type of amendments to TEAM awards in TrAMS. Recipients are encouraged to take action to complete and close out migrated TEAM awards.

 Additionally, with the passage of the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, new cross-cutting requirements apply to all funds not obligated by February 16, 2016. This limitation on amendments ensures FTA (and recipients) can appropriately track requirements based on the type of award and prevents combining funds with different requirements.

6 Amendments to TEAM Awards FTA posted the following guidance on when amendments to TEAM Awards can occur and when a recipient should move forward with a new TrAMS application instead.

• Recipients can create a “zero dollar” amendment to TEAM awards to move funds between existing scope codes, including adding new scope codes, provided it does not increase the scope of work that requires a new DOL certification. The amendment may include zeroing out funds from existing scope codes as long as no additional funds (local or federal) increase the overall award budget and the matching requirement does not change.

• Recipients can create amendments to deobligate funds from TEAM grants.

• Recipients can create closeout amendments.

7 Amendments to TEAM Awards to Add Funds

• Recipients can create amendments to TEAM awards to add funds associated with existing Full Funding Grant Agreements or larger capital investments covered under a similar Project Construction Grant Agreement. Funds may include prior year and FY 2016 and beyond funding necessary to satisfy the agreement.

• For recipients that were only able to obligate a portion of their FY 2015 funding in TEAM, they may create amendments to those TEAM awards to complete the activity by adding their final portion of FY 2015 funding. These actions must use existing Scope Codes and existing ALIs.

For example, amendments may be used where the activity was previously identified as a non-add scope or other budget activity. No new Scope Codes and no new ALIs may be added to increase the award budget or scope of work of a TEAM award. FY 2016 funds must be used in a new TrAMS grant application.

–  –  –

11 Before you start…

1. Review your current award agreement and determine what actions are necessary.

2. Determine if the action(s) meets the criteria of an allowable amendment to your TEAM award, per the posted guidance.

3. Determine, if reallocating funds across FPCs, that balances are available.

4. Reminder: Existing milestones cannot be modified when working on an amendment; you can modify existing milestones in your next milestone progress reporting cycle.

12 Review Unliquidated Balances You may want to review the status of obligations, disbursements and available (unliquidated) balances.

Use the Application level Related Action “Award Funds Status” option.

Example: Unliquidated Balances Confirm the available balances by FPC for TEAM awards

–  –  –





Step 1: Create Amendment Record

• Identify and select the award to modify.

• Use Related Actions and select the “Create Amendment” from the main menu.

Step 2: Select one or more reasons for the amendment and describe the requested action.

Select the green “Create Amendment” Button.

19 Step 3:Continue to Amendment Record

• You will see a green success box; it includes the hyperlink (in blue below the box) that will redirect you to the amendment record to continue working on your amendment.

• Or, you may close and return to your amendment later; it can be found under the Records Tab and Applications option.

–  –  –

21 Quick Reference

1. Records Tab – Search Applications/Awards to identify award to amend

2. Select the Applicable Record

3. Click on Related Actions

4. Click on Create Amendment

5. Complete Reasons and Narrative

6. Click on Create Amendment Button

7. Click on hyperlink to continue with modifications to the amendment record 22 Recommended Steps

1. Update Executive Summary in the Application Details

2. Add a POC in the Application Details (if needed) Complete Project Level Information (as applicable to action)

1. Update Scopes and ALIs to reflect proposed changes

2. Add new Scopes and ALIs to reflect proposed changes (complete all elements including, programming and environmental determination)

3. Validate Project

4. Update Fleet (if applicable) Once All Updates are Complete

1. Validate and Transmit Application (Amendment) 23 To modify your Executive Summary use the Related Actions in the sidebar and select “Application Details” from the main menu. Remember the Executive Summary displays on the landing summary page and in your award agreement.

You may not modify the award/application name or the funding source.

You are encouraged to update the Executive Summary, by adding additional information “on top” of the prior narrative.

–  –  –

If working on a TEAM award in TrAMS, in most cases there will not be a prior point of contact. Be sure to select and save a point of contact for the application/amendment. This individual will receive notices related to this amendment.


Executive Summary Application Level Info:

You may, if applicable update the EO 12372 Question (if an amendment is to add funds).

Financial debt information may be updated if necessary.

If Yes is selected for preaward, an initial FFR will NOT launch, that is only associated with the initial award.

Update the Application Level Info:

Other considerations:

• Determine if additional documentation is needed to support the modification.

• Determine if the actions require the Fleet Status to be updated (it can be done as part submission process or can be done in advance under the recipient profile).

–  –  –

31 Update Project Details Information Your original TEAM “Project Details” information populates in the Executive Summary. So in TrAMS, the new Project level fields have the default language. Follow up with your respective FTA Office to determine if they require TEAM Awards in TrAMS to update this section.

Amendments on future TrAMS Awards will require updates in these fields.

–  –  –

The below screen will appear. You must hit the close button to save your information and return to the scopes and activities screen.

40 What to do with 99#-00 Scope Codes Reminder: there are no 99# Scope and ALIs in TrAMS. If you were looking to add a new ALI to an existing 99# scope code contact your FTA representative for directions regarding which alternate Scope Codes may be used.

For Section 5307 Security Related activities, use the extended details narrative of the traditional security activity line items to clarify it supports the security requirement.

–  –  –

46 Validate and Transmit Request

• Both the Developer and Submitter can validate and transmit the request

• Before you can validate and transmit the amendment, if your actions included a new ALI you must validate the project and don’t forget environmental determination for the new activity.

• The next slides show how to complete environmental and validate a project.

–  –  –

53 View Amendment Changes To view changes made across the ALIs use the “View Print Budget Change History” related action. Here you can also confirm that you have a zero balance difference in your award summary (or budget control totals).

View/Print Budget Change History Select current action (it will say approved until an enhancement is implemented to indicate “pending”) and view print. In the document you will be able to see the “difference” in the control totals and each change by ALI as well.

55 Validate and Transmit Once you are ready to transmit the amendment;

use the related action “Validate and Transmit Application” option in the main menu.

Check your application status in the summary page.

Validate and Transmit During transmission you may receive a notification,(blue) warring (yellow) or error (red) message. Only a red message will stop the process. To transmit to FTA select continue with warnings.

57 Validate and Transmit Once validated, you will then be prompted to confirm by selecting the “Continue with Transmission” button.

A confirmation “Transmitted” Screen will populate.



PROCESS FTA “Initial” Review The process is the same as an initial award. Once the amendment is transmitted, FTA will be tasked to complete their initial review of your Amendment request and make its decision.

1. If FTA returns the amendment for further changes, the recipient will receive a notification email to the point of contact to take further action and retransmit to FTA.

2. If FTA deems the amendment is ready for final reviews, the recipient will receive a task to formally submit the Amendment/Application for final review and award.

–  –  –

63 FTA Approves / Recipient Executes  FTA will be tasked to complete their final reviews of your Amendment request and make its decision.

1. FTA may at its discretion, return the amendment for further changes. If so, the recipient will receive a notification email to the point of contact to take further action and retransmit.

2. If FTA deems the amendment is complete, FTA will provide reviews, obligate funds if applicable (an complete GND, if applicable).

 The recipient’s Official will receive a task to execute (PIN required) the Amendment. Once executed the Amendment is considered Active. (See how separate presentation on How to Execute an Award) 64 It’s Approved… When can I drawdown Q: How long will it take for the budget to be active to make drawdowns and for the result to show in TrAMS?

A: Same amount of time as under TEAM, approximately 2-3 days. Look for the “authorized disbursement to display under the Award Fund Status.

–  –  –


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