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«Aitutaki lies 277kilometers northeast of Rarotonga. It is a low volcanic island situated on a “near atoll” and has a total land area of 18.1km². ...»

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2. Aitutaki Island

Aitutaki lies 277kilometers northeast of Rarotonga. It is a low volcanic island situated on a “near atoll” and has a total land area of 18.1km². The

encircling reef is over 40 kilometers long and is studded with 15 additional islets (motu). Aitutaki rises to about 121 meters above sea level at its

highest point Maungapu. Aside from the latter hill, the island consists of flat-topped terraces and fertile planting areas and fairly extensive areas of

coral. The lagoon is 66 sq km and has an average depth of about 5 meters. There is no deep-water passage into the lagoon. Preservation of the beauty of the lagoon is a high priority as the tourism industry grows. Areas of the lagoon are now under “Raui” (a traditional conservation method) where marine activities are not permitted for given periods. This is to assist the re-establishment of the native clam population as well as reef fish.

The islets are also breeding grounds for the lorikeet.

3. Disaster Risk Management Act 2007 Section 15. Disaster Risk Management Act 2007 (1) Each Island Council shall establish a Disaster Risk Management Committee.

(2) The Chair of the Island Council Shall Chair the Committee (3) Each Island Council shall, after consulting with the Director, appoint four other suitably experienced or qualified members to the Committee (4) Each Island Council shall, in consultation with the Director, appoint a Disaster (5) Coordinator who shall, in his area of responsibility, be responsible to:

a) Implement a Disaster Risk Management Plan;

b) Assist the National Coordinator to coordinate resources to be used in response and recovery relating to an event; and Aitutaki Disaster Management Plan

c) be responsible for the Safety Shelter in his area.

(6) The Committee will prepare and maintain a Disaster Risk Management Plan for its area of responsibility.

(7) Each Disaster Risk Management Plan shall – (a) Specify the mitigation strategies to be adopted to reduce the risks of a Disaster and Emergency;

(b) Identify resources available for use for Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management ; and (c) Specify how such resources are to used (8) The Committee shall cooperate with all other Committees established under this Act.

(9) If an event occurs in the Outer Islands and circumstances diminish or prevent the National controller from effectively perform his functions, then the Disaster Coordinator can exercise the powers of the National Controller for that area of responsibility.


The Disaster Management Committee shall:

Ensure an effective Disaster Risk Management Plan is in place Disseminate information of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, rehabilitation and reconstruction to each village Nominate appropriate premises as evacuation centers.

Appoint suitable person(s) as evacuation centre manager (s) Assist TCI Officer, ensures communication link is established village to village, island to island should be selected.

Assist Met. Service ensure accurate weather data and reports are maintained and distributed to each village, surrounding islands, other islands which the branch serves and Rarotonga EOC.


The Disaster Coordinator shall;

Comply with direction(s) received from the National Controller Officer Determine the priority of the Response roles of any Agencies, in consultation with the Disaster Risk Management committee Direct and coordinate the activities of the various Agencies Determine priority, responsibility and roles of each Emergency Services Agencies Provide regular situation reports (or damage assessment(s) to the NEOC and the National Controller Officer

When the island EOC is activated, assign skilled staff at centre with such roles as:

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To inspect their respective villages(s) and determine appropriate prevention, mitigation and preparedness activities to be carried out throughout the year.

Advice DRMC of activities carried out throughout the year. During a disaster advise the Disaster Controller and EOC of available resources for possible deployment if necessary.

Maintain a population count of each village by household.

Distribute disaster information and assistance to village community.

Overall management of Evacuation Centers including physical facility and human resources.

Work closely with the DRMC concerning all disaster management related activities.



All Island Administration Employees to assemble at the office of the Island Administration, Executive Officer during a disaster for briefing Supervisors are to ensure each employee under his/her responsibility must be made aware of the requirements A head count if required for those present must be carried out by Supervisors The directives of the Island Secretary on behalf of the EOC be exercised to avoid any confusion The provision of assistances or any requirements from the EOC will be dispersed by the Island Secretary is to direct the movement of Personnel, however, Supervisors may at time be responsible for this task.

Effective communication must be maintained effectively during this period All sectors must make it possible to provide stand/by resources to carry-out necessary works and needs The island Secretary may at times delegate the authority to a senior officer for the disposals of his duties when he is not available During all clear, an assessment team should be dispatched to carry out survey, refer to annex Damage Assessment.

Report(s) and log(s) are to be handed to the Island Secretary to comp0lie and submit to EOC (if the EOC is no longer operational, the report (s) and log(s) should be submitted to the Disaster Coordinator.



Administration staff are to report to work when required during a disaster Senior Administration Officer/Finance Officer must ensure proper recording procedures are set and abided for all documents, computers, administration assets etc.

All documents, computers, assets etc, be transferred to Disaster Centre or safety points for safe keeping during a disaster.

Staff must ensure nothing of whatsoever is discharged separately from the others Assistance from other divisions of the AIA must be sought for the proper transfer of assets from the AIA and other ministries The safe storage of all assets, documents, computers, etc, must be a priority


–  –  –

Provide standby resources sufficient to carry out necessary work.

Provide transport for people wishing to evacuate or relocate to evacuation centre(s) Provide transport of EOC Work party to be located at AIA workshop Supervisor is to keep a log of his vehicle(s) and /or heavy machinery movements throughout all phases of a disaster Provide any other transport requirement as directed by Disaster Controller Work party moves to severely damaged areas and conduct temporary remedial work (however the safety of the work party should not be compromised should the work party, “on site” supervisor deem an area to be unsafe despite directions from the EOC) Care to be taken regarding power lines.

Ensure fuel and oil is readily available.

During all clear, an assessment team should dispatched to carry out survey, refer to annex Damage Assessment Report(s) and log(s) are to be handed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) if EOC is no longer operational, the report(s) and log(s) should be submitted to the Disaster Coordinator).

6.5 POLICE SENIOR-IN-COMMAND A police officer on duty in or near an event may exercise the following powers Cause to be close any road, footpath or open space otherwise providing access to the area;

Prohibit any person or vehicle from entering or passing through the areas;

Direct any person on any road or footpath or in any other open space or any vehicle on the road or footpath or any open space within the area to immediately leave the area by the safest and shortest route;

During a disaster, the police shall provide administrative and logistical support as directed by the Disaster Coordinator or in his absence the replacement;

Such tasks should include:

Provide stationery and other equipment to EOC (refer to CEO for account appropriation and authority);

6.6 HEALTH Doctor-in-Charge have sufficient staff and equipment available to adequately provide medical assistance at either the Health facility or at the evacuation centre(s), which require medical assistance (and as directed by Disaster Coordinator and EIOC) Ensure that there is a designated medical staff for each Safety Centre;

Provide EOC with regular situation reports on the number and extent of casualties during the disaster;

Immediately after the disaster, provide an assessment of casualties and the like to Disaster Coordinator.


–  –  –

Ensure an efficient communication link is established village to village, island to Rarotonga (if variables do not permit established communication with Rarotonga, an alternate island should be selected).

Upon notification of a Hurricane Alert for the island, install HF Radio Transceiver is to be set-up and made operational. Contact is to be made with Rarotonga Radio on 3162KHz In the event that wind speed exceeds 45mph gusting, the antenna should be driven to stow position by driving up in elevation to zenith (stowed). This will be done after advising Rarotonga TCI, Disaster Controller and EOC of impending stow or of any faults that may occur. Return to operating position once wind speeds have decreased below 45mph steady. Separate instructions for TCI Rarotonga will issue the “STOW” procedures.

Maintain contact with Rarotonga Radio on 3162 KHz until the satellite earth station antenna has been restored to the normal operating position and communications with Rarotonga via the satellite has been re-established.

Action all request for communications from EOC Establish radio, telephone emergency calling facilities if required Provide a damage assessment of communication system to Disaster Controller (if necessary) Action all requests for communications from EOC Establish radio, telephone emergency calling facilities if required Provide a damage assessment of communication system to Disaster Controller(if necessary)

6.8 ENERGY MANAGER Maintain power supply to essential services (if appropriate);

Remove dangers where power lines are damaged (this activity may be assisted by PIA work gang) Liaise with Disaster Coordinator and EOC for safe regulating of power supply both during and immediately after disaster threat (if necessary);

Provide an assessment of power supply and system to the Disaster Controller



Agriculture staff are part of the workforce during a disaster After a disaster, staff be able to carry-out visual inspections of the island agricultural activities and damage Report(s) must be complied and submitted to the Office of the Island Secretary after the disaster

7.0 MARINE MANAGER All staff are to report to work when required during a disaster;

The manager is to liaise with the Disaster Coordinator on the island and update the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) of the situation All documents, computers, assets etc must be secured in a building for safe keeping during a disaster;

The safe storage o all assets, documents, computers etc must be a priority


7.1 RED CROSS (AITUTAKI BRANCH) PRESIDENT Ensure first aid training is conducted on a regular basis(this activity may only be undertaken pending funding resources) Ensure sufficient supplies are available for use if necessary during times of any emergency;

Advise Disaster Controller and EOC of available supplies (these supplies must be replenished after a disaster by CEO and CI Red Cross Society, Rarotonga);

Assist PDMC with disaster management related training (if required)


Boys Brigade Girl Guides Girls’ brigade Youth Pathfinders Advise Disaster Coordinator And EOC of available resources including personnel for deployment (if necessary) Assist PIA work party and/or undertake small-scale remedial work thereby availing PIA work party to other jobs Assist with search and rescue (if required under direction from Disaster Controller);

Attend to other requests forthcoming from Disaster Controller


The Disaster Management Committee shall:

Ensure an effective Disaster Risk Management Plan is in place.

Disseminate information of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, rehabilitation and to each village.

Nominate appropriate premises as evacuation centers Appoint suitable person(s) as evacuation centre manager(s) Assist TCI Officer ensures communication link is established, village to village, island to Rarotonga (if variables do not permit established communication


8.1 Disaster Risk Management Structure

–  –  –

The Aitutaki EOC is located at the Aitutaki Power Supply Office. The major function of the EOC is to act as central point of control during a disaster. Bear in mind at all time the EOC is A temporary office, the group of individuals in charge of the EOC (during an emergency or Disaster) is known as the Aitutaki Disaster Management Committee.

–  –  –

8.4 AITUTAKI DRM COMMITTEE The Aitutaki DRM Committee is responsible to the Disaster Controller for the implementation and management of disaster response operations. This includes

both pre impact preparedness measures and post impact relief, In particular the Aitutaki DRM Committee will:

 Activate Government Ministries and agencies, and organization in response to a threat.

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