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«The Moorland Community Association In conjunction with Adopted by Council 18 August 2010 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1.1. Purpose of this ...»

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Village Plan

The Moorland Community Association

In conjunction with

Adopted by Council 18 August 2010



1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose of this Plan

2. Background to the Village Plan

2.1. Consultation and Engagement

3. Characteristics of Moorland

3.1. Context

3.2. History and Heritage Significance of Moorland

3.3. Infrastructure, Facilities and Services

3.4. Environmental Features

3.5. Social Considerations

3.6. Planning Considerations

3.7. Tourism and the Local Economy

4. Recommendations

4.1. Shared Pedestrian Link Between the Southern and Northern Precincts............... 31

4.2. Service Road Link to be Established between Northern and Southern Precincts. 32

4.3. Footpath Connecting Hannam Vale Road and Church Street

4.4. Decrease of Speed Limit Throughout Northern Village Living Precinct................. 32

4.5. Tree Planting at the Gateway to Northern Precinct from the Pacific Highway....... 33

4.6. Multipurpose Netball/Basketball Courts

4.7. Verandah on Moorland Hall

4.8. Synthetic Grass Surfacing for Tennis Courts.

4.9. Bus Shelter Near Junction of Hannam Vale Road and Pacific Highway............... 34

4.10. Kerb and Guttering at James Street, Hannam Vale Road and Church Street....... 34

4.11. Playground Within the Community Sub-Precinct

4.12. Tree Planting at Entrance to Southern Precinct from Pacific Highway.................. 35

4.13. Southern Precinct Bus Shelters

4.14. Decrease Speed Limit Throughout Southern Precinct

4.15. Shared Pedestrian Pathway Along Road Verge Throughout Southern and Rural Precincts

4.16. Traffic Calming Treatments Throughout Southern Precinct

4.17. Blue RTA Signage Advertising Moorland Facilities and Services

4.18. Community and Visitor Information Boards

4.19. Fire Danger Sign

4.20. Upgrade of Moorland Rural Fire Services Facilities

4.21. Cooperative Commercial Signage on Pacific Highway for Local Businesses........ 39

4.22. Kerb and Guttering to be Establish Throughout Southern Precinct

4.23. Bollards to be Removed from Southern Precinct

4.24. Off-road Footpath to be Established Along Coralville Road

5. Concept Plan

6. References

7. Appendix

–  –  –

Despite the study area being defined by the suburb boundary within the above map, it should be recognised that the community is not only a spatial concept but a perceived reality by those who live and work in it. Therefore, this Plan, while using the boundaries shown in the above map is not in its deliberations or recommendations necessarily bound by these limits.

The Moorland Village Plan aims to examine the existing character and qualities of the village and explore opportunities and constraints relating to the locality. This assessment will aim to define a future direction for the conservation and development of the locality in line with community needs and aspirations.

1.1. Purpose of this Plan The purpose of this Plan is to capitalise on the existing assets of Moorland, promote improvements within the village, revitalise its existence as a rural community and reiterate its value for existing and future residents, and to recognise its potential to provide a destination for tourism and industry.

–  –  –

In summary, the plan provides an opportunity to explore local solutions to local issues and to realise community aspirations for the future development and

conservation of the village. The principles to guide the Plan include the need to:

Reflect the values of all sections of the community.

Identify which facilities and local characteristics people value.

Identify local constraints and opportunities.

Identify services and facilities which the community need to satisfy future needs.

Develop a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

Encourage an active and inclusive community.

Seek high standards of appropriate rural services.

Improve the amenity and the natural environment of the village.

Improve the overall level of community wellbeing.

Sections 2 and 3 (background and characteristics of Moorland) of this plan provide a context for the development of recommendations contained within Section 4 of the plan, and also provide explanations to elaborate on the concept plan as detailed within Section 5, that has been developed as a result of these recommendations. The concept plan provided in section 5 is broken into three precincts, to allow sufficient

detail to be captured on each individual Precinct. These Precincts are as follows:

Precinct 1 – Northern Precinct Precinct 2 – Southern Precinct Precinct 3 – Rural Precinct The location of the individual Precincts are shown on the following map (map 2).

–  –  –

The Moorland Village Plan details the process involved in its development and all background material identified as relevant to the plan. The Plan also provides clear justification for the recommended strategies and proposed outcomes detailed within the recommendations section.

Previous studies undertaken that are relevant to the Moorland Village Plan include:

Greater Taree City Council, October 1996. Rural Villages Study.

–  –  –

With the upgrade of the Pacific Highway through and adjacent to Moorland comes an opportunity to redefine the community‟s values and aspirations in order to provide a clear direction for the future conservation and development of the village for both the community and Council. This is intended to secure a strong and vibrant community and both sustain and improve the locality into the future.

Prior to the upgrading of the Pacific Highway, the Highway transversed the Southern Precinct, running past the intersection to Hannam Vale Road in the Northern Precinct.

The upgrading of the Pacific Highway has resulted in a four lane duel carriageway being established between the Southern and Northern Precincts causing significant impacts upon the way of life for many in the community. These impacts and solutions to these impacts will be discussed throughout this plan.

In addition to the development of the Moorland Village Plan document, the village planning process will inform the Greater Taree Development Control Plan 2010 and the Greater Taree Conservation and Development Strategy, with the insertion of the Moorland Character Statement into Section B3.4.5 of the Greater Taree Development Control Plan 2010 and consideration of the Moorland Village Plan in the formulation of the Greater Taree Conservation and Development Strategy.

The community of Moorland, through the Moorland Community Association, has also undertaken an economic development plan funded by the Department of State and Regional Development. This project is intended to promote business opportunities in the area (MCA 2009). In order to maximise the effect of limited resources and to ensure an integrated and holistic focus of planning processes, a partnership has been agreed to between Council and the community in the preparation of these documents.

2.1. Consultation and Engagement Community Forum A community forum was held at Moorland Hall on 14 October 2008 and was chaired by the Mayor, Cr Paul Hogan. The meeting was well attended by members of the community, the Hon. Peter Besseling MP, Councillors, Council Staff and Staff representing the Roads and Traffic Authority. The purpose of this forum was to determine the community‟s interest in developing a Village Plan to guide the future conservation and development of the Village.

–  –  –

Above: the initial community forum was well attended by the residents of Moorland Moorland Community Planning Workshop This meeting was held in November 2009 and was attended by 30 residents. The purpose of this meeting was the start of a process of more detailed community input into developing a Village Plan. It was called to generate ideas and concerns with the proviso that at the workshop there were no right or wrong answers, just an overview of ideas.

Before workshopping ideas, the group undertook a major discussion on the positives and negatives of why they live in Moorland and what they would like it to be like in 5 years. This provided a valuable context in which to view specific proposals.

The workshop then added further ideas to those that had already been developed as a starting point by a focus group of local residents (the local members of the Council subcommittee on the Moorland Village Plan).

Discussion then occurred to gain some indication from the meeting as the support for the various ideas and suggestions. Several options were put to the meeting as to how these could be achieved with the meeting attendees voting to assign a high or low priority to each item. This was then measured by a clear majority vote.

It was recognised that for all ideas, further information and discussion was required and that the meeting was the start of a process rather than definitive resolution of these ideas. The results of this work and the 8 assignment of priorities were then developed to become a draft Moorland Village Plan from the community. This Plan has been further refined by additional meetings and consultation and also the development by the Moorland Community Association of the Moorland Economic Plan.

Southern Precinct Community Forum

An additional community forum was held on 23 March 2010 in order to actively engage members of the Southern Precinct in the village planning process. This forum was once again well attended by members of the community, with the Moorland Community Association and Council‟s Strategic Planner in attendance. The forum enabled the residents of the Southern Precinct to express their future aspirations for the Village in an open forum environment.

Moorland Post Bypass Design Committee (MPBDC)

The first meeting of the MPBDC was held at the Moorland Hall on 15 January 2009.

The meeting was chaired by Councillor Mal Marks, and consisted of Council‟s Environmental and Strategic Planning Staff and 5 members of the Moorland Community Association (MCA). Council Staff gave a presentation to the committee, as well as establishing a future direction and framework for the Moorland Village Plan and the role of the MPBDC.

The committee has met on a regular basis every month, with the exception of a significant break, in which time both the community and Council undertook physical preparation of the Village Plan.

During the MPBDC meeting of 26 March 2010, the MPBDC tabled a draft copy of the Moorland Village Plan and discussed the contents of the plan prior to the Plan being reported to Council recommending public exhibition. At this meeting it was resolved that the Plan was suitable for public exhibition subject to a series of amendments.

Community Survey A community survey was conducted by Council and the Moorland Community Association over the month of February 2009.

The survey allowed the MPBDC to seek Community views on the local character of Moorland and the features and places that are important to the Community, as well as what could be improved.

The survey played an important role in assisting Council and the MPBDC to develop the Moorland Local Character Statement and define the community‟s aspirations in formulating the Village Plan.

29 surveys were submitted in total, with all 29 respondance being permanent residents within the Moorland Community. Also of interest was the fact that 10 of the respondence ran a business in Moorland. The results of this community survey are

presented in the following graphs:

–  –  –

The draft Moorland Village Plan 2010 and draft Character Statement were placed on public exhibition for a period of 42 days between 23 April and 3 June 2010.

The public exhibition provided the public with an opportunity to review and provide comment on the content of the draft documents.

In total, 13 submissions were received in relation to the exhibition, with 2 submissions being received from community groups and the remainder being received from individual members of the community.

The submissions focused mainly on the content of the draft Character Statement with only minor changes being suggested in relation to the draft Plan.

All submissions received in relation to the draft Plan and draft Character Statement were workshopped at the Moorland Post Bypass Design Committee Meeting of 29 July 2010.

Recommendations arising from the submissions were then presented for Council‟s consideration in the corresponding report to Council‟s Ordinary Meeting of 18 August 2010.

The decisions in relation to the consideration of submissions as resolved by Council are detailed within the Minutes of the abovementioned report.

–  –  –

3.1. Context Traditionally, Moorland has been informally associated with two separate areas, being South Moorland and North Moorland (separated by 2km of rural land).

Although the reasons behind the development of the two areas have differed, they are intrinsically linked with an associated rural hinterland which is recognised as part of the Moorland Community.

One of the objectives of this Plan is to consolidate the Moorland Community in order to allow the Community to seek opportunities and build off the strengths of having a consolidated Community rather then dissipating resources over two separate areas.

The existing character of the Village is that of low scale, modest, single dwelling houses. The Village as a whole tends to be spread out and it‟s disjointed between Village Precincts, with commercial and industrial land use occurring throughout the Village.

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