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«Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and links outstanding leaders from around the world, helping them achieve consequential outcomes across ...»

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Eisenhower Fellowships’ USA Program

Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and

links outstanding leaders from around the world,

helping them achieve consequential outcomes

across sectors and borders.

EF provides a transformational experience

leading to lifetime engagement in a global

network, where dialogue and collaboration make the world more prosperous, just and peaceful.

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About Eisenhower Fellowships


Funding and Corporate Sponsorship

EF Programs

Preparing for Your Fellowship

Program Development

The Fellowship Experience

General Fellowship Policies


Fellowship Feedback

The Global Network


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Introduction In 1953, to celebrate President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s first birthday in the White House, a group of businessmen founded an international leadership program in honor of his devotion to world peace. Its purpose and design reflect his conviction that greater understanding among individuals fosters greater understanding among nations, contributing to the peace and progress of all countries and all people.

Eisenhower Fellowships (EF) was established as a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization and remains so to this day.

An Eisenhower Fellowship is a transformational opportunity for exceptional men and women to reexamine, reenergize, and refocus their professional and leadership skills; set new goals; and pursue concrete results individually and collectively as part of a unique global network. More than 2,000 Fellows from 108 countries have participated in Eisenhower Fellowships since its founding. Each one carries forward President Eisenhower’s belief that informed and broad-minded individuals are the hope of every nation.

Your international program is the beginning of lifelong participation in a network that has an ongoing impact on communities around the world. You are joining an active, closely connected group of men and women with the commitment, influence, and ingenuity to pursue their aspirations for a better world.

Eisenhower Fellows are leaders of vision, role models with proven success in diverse fields of endeavor.

In an increasingly interdependent world, Eisenhower Fellowships enables you to learn from one another’s best practices, and provides you with a permanent vehicle for effective and meaningful collaboration.

More than 60 years later, Eisenhower Fellowships remains unique among international professional and leadership development programs. Unlike any other experience of its kind, the fellowship offers all Fellows a customized program that reflects each person’s particular professional interests and ideas. We encourage you to embrace this experience and share in the creation of a program that transports you beyond your day-to-day concerns, and helps propel you and your ideas to the forefront of your chosen field.

This manual will familiarize you with the policies and procedures of Eisenhower Fellowships, and contains essential information that you should review carefully and completely. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone at EF with additional questions you may have.

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Eisenhower Fellowships is a 501(c) (3) non-governmental organization. The annual operating budget is funded through a number of revenue sources. The majority of EF’s revenue comes from corporations, foundations and individuals. Earnings from private and public endowments account for the remaining annual income.

Corporations contribute sponsorship funds to support worldwide activities and specific programs.

Foundations (including corporate foundations) also support EF activities, often providing funding for single region programs in areas where they have program interests or special initiatives. Individuals, trustees, Fellows and Fellow associations donate funds to support the mission of promoting professional exchange and international understanding.

Some of Eisenhower Fellowships’ sponsors arrange to meet Fellows during their fellowship travels, offering a unique opportunity for Fellows to exchange views on issues of mutual interest with top business executives and NGO leaders.

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Your Fellowship will be individually designed based on your interests, background and objectives. Our intention is to give you a broad perspective on trends in your field(s) in the country or countries you are visiting, opportunities to exchange ideas with leading professionals, and specific information on how individual practitioners are managing change and development. To enrich the experience, appointments encompass diverse geographic settings; encourage exposure to public, private and NGO leaders; and embrace varied perspectives.

–  –  –

You can expect to four to five cities over the course of the fellowship (depending upon whether you travel to one or two countries) and to attend two to three appointments on most business days. These meetings are typically conducted in interview style and last approximately one hour. In some instances, you may have the opportunity for a site visit, which allows for more in-depth observation and inquiry and usually lasts longer. Your program officer (PO) will choose people for you to meet based upon your interest area and the knowledge of the person you are meeting. Where you have your own personal contacts or connections to local organizations, you can set up your own meetings/appointments and communicate these plans to the local coordinator. Please note: EF does not arrange protocol, ceremonial, celebrity visits, or meetings with the explicit purpose to conduct business or seek funding.

As part of your fellowship program, you will continue to develop and refine the project outlined in your original application. As you interact with leaders in your field and collaborate with Eisenhower Fellows both in your cohort and throughout the EF network, you will further your project concept and objectives.

Your program officer will help you to connect with the people and institutions who will best contribute to your ultimate outcomes, including your project goals.

–  –  –

You will be assigned a program officer (PO) at EF who will work closely with you to plan and implement your fellowship. A program coordinator in-country will also help to design the program, as well as organize local logistical and travel arrangements.

–  –  –

2. Write a letter of introduction for each country. This letter will accompany your one-page bio with requests for appointments. It should explain your interest and inform the recipient of what you specifically hope to gain from meeting with them.

–  –  –

4. Research an expanded program design. Using the program design section of your application as a guide, your PO will work with you to identify additional relevant organizations and individuals. We suggest that you consult with colleagues and professional associations for potential ideas. Include organizations as well as names of individuals you wish to meet (if you have them), specific purposes of each visit, questions you plan to pose at the meeting, and relevant contact information. You are encouraged to tap into your own network of contacts to get ideas and to facilitate introductions to people you may want to meet while on fellowship.

Two months before arrival

1. POs reserve Fellows’ international flights.

2. PO sends preliminary program itinerary to Fellow; Fellow provides feedback. Your PO will use the program design you included in your fellowship application, in conjunction with advice from experts in the field and both in-house and online resources to develop a proposed itinerary. This itinerary will outline travel dates and destinations and proposed meetings or other professional activities.

From this point forward, you and your PO will communicate regularly. Your feedback is essential to inform your PO and to clarify your fellowship objectives. At the same time, it is important to keep an open and flexible mind to suggestions that your PO provides. POs are highly experienced in partnering with Fellows from diverse fields to construct substantial and rounded programs, and will provide valuable suggestions and recommendations. Your Eisenhower Fellowship is a once-in-alifetime opportunity. We encourage you to remain open to trying new experiences.

One month before arrival

–  –  –


I. Opening Seminar In collaboration with the opening of our Multi Nation Program in April, you will participate in a three-day orientation seminar. This will allow you to learn more about Eisenhower Fellowships and will give you the opportunity to connect with international Fellows and the other 2015 USA Fellows.

Upon arrival in Philadelphia, each Fellow receives a key to the Eisenhower Fellowships House. The custom dates back to the earliest years of the program when international Fellows spent several weeks in Philadelphia. Fellows keep their keys and are encouraged to think of the house as a home base in the Philadelphia area.

II. Fellowship Travel Your PO aims to provide, on average, two professional appointments per day, Monday through Friday, between regular working hours of 9am and 5pm. EF also includes some evening social events with trustees, sponsors and Fellows around the country. If you wish to make your own appointments as well, you must coordinate with your PO to avoid scheduling conflicts. We build into your program sufficient time for travel, preparation, reflection and follow-up after your appointments.

Your PO will also work to leave time in your schedule to add meetings suggested by individuals you’ve met to maximize your experience on fellowship. Flexibility is an essential component of the fellowship experience. Although your PO’s goal is to have your schedule set in advance, invariably some meetings will only be confirmed shortly before they are to take place and other previously unplanned meetings will be scheduled based on suggestions you’ve received.

–  –  –

III. Closing Seminar - Annual Meeting Day Closing Seminar is designed to allow Fellows to share fellowship insights, crystallize outcomes that Fellows expect to pursue, and solicit Fellows’ ideas on how they can be effective lifelong Fellows. It is an opportunity to discuss the fellowship experience with colleagues in a seminar setting.

USA Fellows are required to attend a post-fellowship Annual Meeting Day in May 2017 in Philadelphia.

The seminars coincide with the conclusion of Eisenhower Fellowships’ spring program and offer the opportunity to meet, collaborate and present final reports along with these international leaders. During this closing, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion with the Chairman of Eisenhower Fellowships, currently General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.). You will also make a short presentation to other Fellows and EF staff about your fellowship experience and outcomes.




 Please note that all fellowship travel must take place during the calendar year for which you are selected. For 2016 USA Fellows, you may travel anytime between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

 Your fellowship period can range between four and five weeks (minimum of 28 nights;

maximum of 35 nights).

I. Airline and Other Travel International Travel Eisenhower Fellowships arranges and pays for one round-trip economy class ticket for you and your spouse. We cannot cover a business class ticket, although you are welcome to upgrade the ticket and pay the difference, when possible. EF also does not cover excess or overweight baggage fees for international travel. If Fellows choose to split their fellowship into two segments, they are responsible for the cost of one of the international round-trip tickets (the less expensive one).

To control the cost of international travel, we ask that you reserve your round-trip travel six weeks in advance of departure. At that time, EF will price out the cost of your travel and use that amount for reimbursement (if you are purchasing business class tickets, which EF cannot itself purchase due to government regulations). If you choose to purchase your tickets less than six weeks prior to travel, just be aware that although the ticket price might increase, the reimbursement price will not. For those flying economy class, you will be liable for any excess cost over the six-week estimate.

Domestic Airline or Rail Travel Your PO will reserve and pay for all domestic economy-class travel by plane or train, as appropriate. You are responsible for any excess or overweight baggage fees.

Where necessary, EF also pays for car rentals. Sometimes car rental agencies will not allow EF to pay remotely via its company credit card and you may be asked to pay for the car rental while in-country. This is an unavoidable inconvenience. You will be reimbursed 100% of this cost post-fellowship.

II. Hotels Your PO will make your reservations at reasonably-priced business class hotels and pay for all of these costs (excluding incidentals such as laundry and room service). When booking hotels, we do our best to use hotels that are in safe and central locations, and are close to your meeting locations. Every effort is made to book Fellows who are in the same city at the same hotel to facilitate socializing.

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