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«City Council Meeting Of the City of Palos Hills held Thursday, May 3, 2012 City Hall Council Chambers 10335 S. Roberts Road Palos Hills, Illinois ...»

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City Council Meeting

Of the City of Palos Hills

held Thursday, May 3, 2012

City Hall Council Chambers

10335 S. Roberts Road

Palos Hills, Illinois 60465

1) CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Bennett called the City Council Meeting to order at

7:05 p.m.

2) PLEDGE TO THE FLAG: Mayor Bennett led everyone in the Pledge to the Flag.

3) ROLL CALL: Upon roll call the following Aldermen responded as present: Knox,

Brachman, Hanson, Schultz, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Williams ABSENT: Marrotta, Moore

4) QUORUM: Mayor Bennett declared a quorum was present.


Ald. Kleefisch, I MOVE to approve the City Council Meeting Minutes dated April 19, 2012 as presented. SECONDED by Ald. Knox. Upon roll call the following Ald.


AYE: Brachman, Hanson, Schultz, Kleefisch, Stratton, Pasek, Williams, Knox ABSENT: Marrotta, Moore NAY: None MOTION CARRIED.


Mayor Bennett, Ladies & Gentlemen under the public portion of the meeting I was asked by Mark Danos, who is a member of Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church, and I asked him to come before the Council to present some suggestion or idea that he had. This goes back to about 6 to 7 weeks ago I met with Father Nick and Mark and some of the other members of Saint Constantine Parish Council about their annual Greek Fest.

What they thought and threw out an idea was somehow to promote it a little bit more, tie the city into it, and one of the things I suggested to them, but certainly to approach the City Council regarding it, is possibly to declare that weekend as Greek Heritage Weekend; the City of Palos Hills recognizes Greek Fest, etc., etc. But I wanted him to come before the Council to throw that idea out to the full Council and hopefully get their support regarding. it.

Mark Danos, I am a member of Saints Constantine & Helen Church (inaudible) and as the Mayor had indicated we had approached him several weeks ago about the idea of the City partnering with the church for our annual Greek Fest being held on August 18th & 19th. Before I get into the (inaudible). The whole partnering with the city is to increase 1 the visibility of the event and (inaudible) as well as to show case the community as a whole. What we might feel are some of the benefits that the city would get include (inaudible). It is almost a free event to the city. We can put the cities name associated with the event and not make it seem as though its just a church event. This is really something that is open to the entire community, the entire population, and we want to show case it as such.

What we are looking for from the city essentially is a partnership(inaudible) marketing (inaudible). We are not looking for anybody to go up and down the streets and use up the resources of the city. What we are looking for is to put it on the web site. In the same (inaudible) put up (inaudible) fliers regarding things like the Friendship Fest, we will do the same, at no cost to the city. We will provide the fliers and posters (inaudible) with their authorization to do so. What we are not looking for is to increase or pass off any liability to the city. We are more than willing to work with the City Attorney and come up with an agreement. All we want is the affiliation of the city's name, that is literally we want.

That is everything we are looking for (inaudible). We are looking to partner the city (inaudible) to highlight the event (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, one of the other points brought up is it's probably the second largest event that takes place in the city besides our own Friendship Festival. From an economic development standpoint of Chicago promotes the Taste of Chicago or Tinley Park with or any community with some of the major events that take place.

Again I don't want to use the word partner, but the city promotes that type of activity as an economic development trickle effect to our economy. So again I didn't have any problem with that, we just in talking not to long ago about offering, certainly the city website for any community organization that has an event in town, that we would post that certainly on the web site.

Again I kind of came up with the idea or thought maybe the Council could declare that as Greek Heritage Weekend, and therefore support Saint Connie’s Greek Fest, ask all residents and the world to come and join in the celebration.

That is the type of thing they are talking about here, there is no contractual agreement, other than obviously they want to receive the city blessing about that the city certainly supports and does what ever it can to help promote the Greek Fest. That's really what it is all about.

Ald. Pasek, I think it is fine if we put it on our website. If you want to put some banners up I don't see a problem. Basically your church is a business, you get 60 days of a banner by just filling out a form. Anybody got any other ideas?

Ald. Kleefisch, how would the banner read?

–  –  –

Mark Danos, and again (inaudible) work with the City Attorney. My background is also in the legal field so the first thing I think of is what happens when someone slips and falls and says who am I going to sue?

We don't want to put the burden on the city, if there is any clear way we can state that (inaudible). So what we don't want to do is the City of Palos Hills welcomes you to Greek Fest, to make it sound like this is a city event (inaudible).

Ald. Kleefisch, I can see other organizations asking for something similar in the future. Is this going to be associated with non-profit organizations, not for profit like church groups?

Mayor Bennett, again this is the first time we are being approached on it and as we have encouraged organizations if they have an event, which other communities do if you go on other community websites, on the website you know, support you know here is the X event that is coming up next week. So that offer is out there right now. Again even with their asking is just that the City of Palos Hills welcomes or people to Greek Fest, Saint Constantine & Helen Greek Fest.

Ald. Kleefisch, I guess I am thinking legalities and we will have to talk to our Attorney.

City Attorney Pappas, as long as we are added to his insurance on their policy they have for the Fest and we have a hold harmless agreement I don't see the city being in any jeopardy.

Ald. Kleefisch, I guess I am thinking about for profit groups that have events, wanting to associate their event and their name with the City of Palos Hills in a more formal way.

Mayor Bennett, other than it is going to take place in the City of Palos Hills, and basically this is really what he is saying is that if it does take place in the City of Palos Hills can the City of Palos Hills kind of feature that on a website that here is a big event that is coming to town, to the world.

Ald. Kleefisch, okay, I don't have a problem with this request per say; I am just thinking about other requests that might follow this request.

City Attorney Pappas, Alderman, your concern is about setting a precedent?

Ald. Kleefisch, yes.

3 City Attorney Pappas, that way if we do it (inaudible) in this situation then we would have to do it for everyone else. But I think you can draw a distinction here because this is a not for profit organization, its a church. If a business man comes in and makes the same request I think you can make a definite distinction (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, we have Sacred Heart Church with their annual picnic that takes place or the Baseball Association annual spaghetti dinner. We are talking about the level of non for profits, and we are not even talking about signing some contract with Saint Connie’s'. All they are looking for is kind of a overall okay to say the City of Palos Hills welcomes everybody in town during the Greek Fest.

Ald. Stratton, I think we have to be careful with the verbiage because we are a Friendship Fest, they are Greek Fest. Make sure that the people realize we still will have the two affairs going on.

Mark Danos, we don't want to step on any ones toes with the Friendship Fest, we are not going to start knocking Friendship banners to put up the Greek Fest banners before the event takes place. Now the Monday after we will be able to be a little zealous on our end and start doing some of those things but again we are not trying to harm (inaudible).

Ald. Stratton, I know that, I just want to make sure that if people just see the word fest they suddenly might think that Palos Fest is canceled because we are combining with.

Mark Danos, our banners and signage in terms of advertizing, they don't go up until probably about mid July, and most of that is on our property. It is not until the later stages about 3 or 4 weeks away from the event do we start putting (inaudible).

Ald. Stratton, that was my main concern with Friendship Fest and Greek Fest, but we are not combining the two into just one.

Mark Danos, no.

Ald. Knox, it sounds like a wonderful idea, is sounds like a terrific marriage of community (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, I am sure Saints Connie's does not want to loose Saints Connie's Greek Fest, and again the whole point of this is not for us to take over, even on the advertizing portion, but to say that the City of Palos Hills certainly welcomes and embraces the Greek tradition of 40 years.

City Attorney Pappas, the only concern that I have and I have to think this through, are we going to have a problem if somebody raises Church and State issue?

Mayor Bennett, I asked that question and I think again the city in promoting an activity or a festival in town, which from a non-traditional stand point, economic development happening in our community I (inaudible).

–  –  –

Mark Danos, (inaudible).

City Attorney Pappas, and I am not suggesting anyone would be successful in that type of (inaudible).

Mark Danos, (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, if our church wants to advertize their annual picnic I don't think there would have been a problem, and from the websites that I have seen from other communities with all the things that go on.

Mark Danos, I know other churches in surrounding cities they would just put it on there and say we are the Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Fest of Palos Hills, and I have contacted some of these churches and they said we don't want any type of partnership agreement, we are located in the city. Whether or not they should or should not be doing that is (inaudible).

Ald. Williams, are the banners and advertizement going to be okay-ed by the city?

Mayor Bennett, whether it is their function, the baseball association or other non for profits that have advertized in the city, they always go through the process, they ask for permission prior to doing that.

Ald. Williams, I am talking ab out banners, wouldn't they get (inaudible) get authority from the City Council before they put that kind of banner up (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, well I think he is suggesting that if there is a concern about verbiage they would throw that out to us prior to that happening.

Mark Danos, inaudible.

Mayor Bennett, again if Council doesn’t object why don't we also declare Greek Heritage Weekend as part of the celebration of the city that adds to it.

Ald. Knox, do we do a Resolution then?

Mayor Bennett, yes, we can do that a couple of weeks prior to the event or month before the event, that way it substantiates what I am talking about too, and it gives them creditability in the so called connection or partnership, what ever you want to call it. It certainly encourages residents to attend it.

So with out objection shall we proceed with this or not?

–  –  –


Pat Erickson on Valley Dr., I do support the church but I am concerned that we are going to increase the traffic on Valley and Circle Dr.

Mayor Bennett, Pat as you know over the years we have tried to manage as best we can and I think we do a pretty good job of putting no parking area up.

Pat Erickson, well that is my concern I know the church is out to make a profit on the weekend but I guess I'd be concerned about the traffic(inaudible) on the corner.

Mayor Bennett, that would not change and if we need to step up.

Pat Erickson, I am just pointing that out.

Mayor Bennett, I understand, a valid concern.

Ald. Stratton, I had requested public works,with your agreement, that at a couple of corners to put horses up because people were parking to close to Roberts Road and then where Pat Erickson lives.

Terry Ryan, Woods edge Condo Association, when is the opening day ceremony for the Palos Hills Friendship Fest?

Mayor Bennett, our Festival begins on Thursday, July 12th at 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Ryan, will there be an opening ceremony?

Mayor Bennett, we have in the past, I don't know is anything has been formally decided yet this year but we can take that under consideration.

Mr. Jarer of 9426 S. 81st Ave. actually I wanted to speak to you guys about the Browns Chicken (inaudible). I want to speak about having a restaurant with smoking on the outside of (inaudible).

Mayor Bennett, you approached me about 3 weeks ago after a City Council Meeting regarding it, and I think I told you that the City of Palos Hills license restaurants and cafe's, and in that particular location there is an outside eating area, but there is no license or ordinance's on the books that allows a separate activity to take place in the eating area, and you were talking about a hooka thing on the outside, and the City of Palos Hills can not authorize that. We do not allow any smoking in public buildings period, and therefore 6 somehow if you are looking for some authorization for that. The primary use of that business would be a cafe or a restaurant with an outside eating area, people are allowed to smoke 15 feet from the door. But as you indicated to me in your intent is actually create some outside hook bar or smoking area and we do not allow that by ordinance.

Mr. Jarer, okay now this is the other thing I want to say, you guys also have Durbin's, you guys have (inaudible) right next door there were guy's smoking out side at Bertucci's and I do not seeing it being enforced.

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