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«2006 Annual G ene ral Meeti ng Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 4:00 PM Michael J. Fox Theatre 7373 MacPherson Avenue Burnaby, BC INDEX Agenda for the 2006 ...»

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Canadian Association of Rehabilitation

Professionals – British Columbia Society

2006 Annual G ene ral Meeti ng

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

at 4:00 PM

Michael J. Fox Theatre

7373 MacPherson Avenue

Burnaby, BC


Agenda for the 2006 Annual General Meeting......... Page 2

Minutes of 2005 Annual General Meeting............... Page 3

Annual Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Financial Statements

Nominations to the Board of Directors.................. Page 19


CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 2 CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 3 Agenda

1. Call to order 4: 00pm

2. Introduction of 2005 Board and Special Guests

4. Approval of Agenda

5. Approval of Rules

6. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting March 1, 2005 (Adoption)

7. Annual Reports President Lucinda Socha Professional Development & Education Alan Kaufman Membership Cheryl Hagen Newsmagazine Diana Froc Finance Greg Travers

8. Financial Report Greg Travers

a) Appointment of Auditor

9. Election of Officers

10. Unfinished Business

11. Announcements

12. Adjournment CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 4 2005 Annual General Meeting Minutes 2005 Annual General Meeting Tuesday March 1, 2005 Coast Plaza, Stanley Park Vancouver, B.C.

1. Call to Order:

The 2005 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals was called to order by Greg Travers, Chairperson and President at 4:50 p.m.

2 Welcome and Introductions:

Head table guests were introduced by the Chair. A warm welcome was extended to all in attendance.

To the right of the Chair:

Scotty Wilson, Secretary Lucinda Socha, Vice President Gene Wallace-Deering, Treasurer Margo Greiner Director Matthew Levy Director

To the left of the Chair:

Judy Alexander Past President Dr. Garry Corbett President, Carp National Alan Kaufman Director Bobbi frank Director Sean Atley Director Cheryl Hagan Director Janice Hilliard Director and inthe Chair, Greg Travers.

Greetings from National President, Dr. Gary Corbett. He announced a Letter of Understanding between the National and Provincial Societies.

CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 5

3. Credentials Report:

3.1 Donna Denham gave the Registration Report.

3.2 Bylaw Article #4 states that, “The quorum for transaction of business shall be 15 members.” The Chair declared that a quorum is present with 45 voting members plus an additional five by proxy.

4. Approval of Agenda:

Agenda was adopted as distributed.

5. Approval Rules of Procedure:

The Chair announced that the Meeting would be conducted according to Roberts’ Rules of Order.

6. Minutes:

The Minutes of the February 18, 2004 Annual General Meeting were adopted as circulated.

7. Reports:

Reports were read by the President and Committee Chairs, as distributed in the Society’s Annual Report. Questions from the floor were addressed.

7.1. President’s Report : Presented by Greg Travers.

7.2 Treasurer’s Report : Presented by Gene Wallace-Deering 7.3 Adoption of the Auditor’s Report and amendment :

The Auditor’s report as circulated/printed requires a 2/3 vote for adoption.

Motion required to adopt.

It has been moved by Gene Wallace-Deering and seconded by Anita Gill that the 2005 Auditor’s Report be adopted.


8.4 Appointment of Auditors for 2004.

It has been moved by Gene Wallace-Deering and seconded by Marie Thornley that Andrews Brown Maroney be appointed as Auditor for 2005.


CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 6

9. Election of Officers.

The next business in order is the election of officers, as covered under Article V of the Bylaws.

Names of Officers for the new term of office were announced by the President.

–  –  –

The Chair declared all nominations closed and declared the slate elected.

10. Unfinished Business: None.

11. Awards/Greetings:

Awards were presented by Judy Alexander at the morning session. Dean Powers was awarded the meritorious service award for outstanding service in the field.

An Award of Merit for Outstanding service to Vocational Rehabilitation members in the community was presented to Ellen Edwards.

12. Announcements/New Business: None.

13. Adjournment:

There being no further business, the 2005 Annual General Meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.

–  –  –

President’s Report by Lucinda Socha, President, CARP BC This year has been extremely busy. Setting the foundations for future Boards to work smoothly and effectively has been our major goal for these two years The Board has been looking at a Vision for the next five years and where we want to go in BC, at the same time National has been doing the same thing. We are now in a position to see what our members in BC vision for us in the Future. We also are expanding the options for Board members by using teleconferencing at our meetings we can have Board members from outside the mainland area. It is great to have that input and hope with this new election we will add the interior and north to our representation.

The Membership Committee has nearly finalized their goals of updating the website so it is more efficient and user friendly, plus keeping up other activities as you will hear from Cheryl Hagen the Chairperson. Alan Kaufman and his small committee has been never tiring in the efforts to get good quality, meaningful training days to our membership throughout the province continuing the alliance with NETWERCC now ENET. The Rehab Review has had some bumps in growth and change this year but has been able to still produce a high quality informative magazine to the National membership thanks to the dedicated attention of their Chairperson Diana Froc. Our National Representative Margo Greiner has been wonderful representing BC their concerns and issues on the National Board and keeping CARP BC Society informed on what is happening at the National level.

Greg Travers Past President has also been our temporary Treasurer this year advising us about our finances and keeping spending in line, he has been invaluable to the Board. He has been cautionary with our finances as we do not know what the future may hold for our Society and we want to be prepared financially.

We have lost three board members; Janet Burgess who was an enthusiastic contributor, Bobbi Frank, she was dedicated to the Membership Committee as well and Scotty Wilson who has been our very patient secretary faithfully recording for us now for many years, although very quiet when she spoke to an issue she always added a fresh perspective offering something else to ponder.

Anita Gill has agreed to take over, the secretarial position. These changes offers the opportunity for new members to the Board please submit a covering letter and a resume to the Support Office of Donna Denham ssu@teus.net. We are looking for commitment of 2 to 6 hours per month to attend meetings and be involved in a committee. We are especially looking a people with an expertise or interest in finances (Treasurer Role) and anyone interested in the Rehab Review, bylaws, contracts and education.

CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 8 Our Vice-President Maria Howard has been involved with learning the process of the Board at the same time awaiting the birth of their second child who arrived in January. She is returning to the Board this month and in the next year will be looking for her Vice President and start the grooming for the next AGM.

We are just beginning the process of creating a committee for the By-Laws rewrite. The Board is working on position descriptions, the contracts and agreements formalized with a proper paper trail for our future. We are looking forward to next year finalizing all our work and being able to offer a solid foundation for our Society to build partnerships to move into the new millennia.

Professional Development &Education Committeeby Alan Kaufman, Chair

The Profe ssional Development and Education Committee is a small, yet dynamic committee comprised of Greg Travers, Matthew Levy and Alan Kaufman. One of our goals is to ensure CARP members are offered quality training days at minimal expense. We are also intent on decentralizing training from the lower mainland to regionalized areas, with the benefit of reducing the cost of obtaining Certified Educational Units (CEU's) and providing networking opportunities.

We were most pleased with the number of people who attended our training day last March with Premier Mike Harcourt discussing his successful rehabilitation after his accident, Judith Lemon, Joann Peterson-Director of Education at Professional Development Seminars talking on Living and Teaching Resilience and Dr. Garry Corbett - CARP National President and Brian Websterlawyer on Traumatic Brain Injury-One Goal, Two Perspectives. We can always depend on an excellent presentation from our in-house ethics expert, Dr. Jody Hawley who spoke on Informed Consent.

In February, we had an overwhelming response to a workshop at the Nanaimo WorkSafe BC office with a theme of Boundaries at the Work Place presented by Rick Jackson-Executive Director at The Haven and Paul Robillard.

Our plan is to bring this valued workshop to other regions within British Columbia.

In November, we partnered our training with NETWERCC. Dennis Dahl from Kwantlen College discussed Theories and Assessments re: Multiple Intellect and Eileen Cook - Director at Orion Health / Progressive Rehab on Empowerment Interventions.

CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 9 For this coming year, so far, we have scheduled workshops in partnership with ENET on May 1. Eileen Cook's presentation is entitled," I’m calling my lawyer" and Christian St. Cyr will discuss his thorough B.C. labour market research. On November 3 Dr. Pullyblank will be presenting in the Richmond WorkSafe auditorium. Discussion is on-going for a workshop in the near future in Victoria with the title of Dealing with the DSM-IV.

Together with ENET, in August, we are organizing a tour of the Vancouver water front. This will be informative and insightful to how containers arrive at our docks from across the world and explre the various duties of the longshoremen.

We are grateful to Cheryl Hagan's Membership Committee for providing assistance with registration at events. As well, appreciation to Donna Denham and her group at Support Services U? (SPELL OUT WHAT "U" STANDS FOR) for working diligently from the behind the scenes ensuring pre-approved Certified Educational Units and for our seamless presentations days.

Suggestions for potential speakers are always welcome. Kindly advise if you would like to assist with organizing a workshop.

Membership Committee by Cheryl Hagan, Chair National Marketing Strategy To w ork with National to develop a coordinated Marketing Plan across Canada, and to initiate discussion and action across the province of BC

• See new name, vision and mission statements provided by National for discussion in June 2006 at the AGM in Montreal

• Attend the BC Training Day and AGM and receive feedback and comment from the BC members to forward to the National office.

Finalize the CARP-BC web-site revisions

• Provide an interactive home page listing upcoming and new events of interest to CARP professional

• Post and maintain an informative list of courses, training, an educational opportunities for professional development

• Provide opportunities for CARP members to communicate and become involved in association work/volunteer opportunities CARP-BC Society 2006 Annual General Meeting Page 10 Members Directory & National Database access

• To provide assistance and support to the National office in implementing an updated member database system – BC has offered to provide technical support and troubleshooting to National

• To receive an updated members list from the National office and prepare a current BC members directory.

Committee Membership and Board Recruitment

• To work with each committee and board member position and develop a description and outline of responsibilities and activities for each position.

• To network and identify new members to join committee and or participate in ad hoc activities as directed by the board Rehab Review Committee by Diana Froc, Chair The Rehab Review continues to be one of the most noticed communication tools within our organization. Members across the country tell us that they look forward to receiving each issue, and that they keep it close to their desks for future references. Our readers tell us that they find the articles interesting, and they stay up to date with CARP events and changes by reading the various columns and postings. Our newsmagazine has evolved into a professional, informative tool that reflects the variety of work interests of our members. Many of you may know that our newsmagazine originated here in British Columbia 25 years ago. It began as a newsletter intended to keep our British Columbia members up to date on CARP BC and on the rehab world. It was then polished with a professional designer, printed in a publishing house, and the readership expanded. In 1998, CARP National asked us if we could provide this magazine to members across the country, recognizing the value this publication has. We have been the newsmagazine of CARP National members since then.

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