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«Arabic 8680, 9680 Hindi 8675, 8687, 9687 Marathi 8688, 9688 Tamil 8689, 9689 Telugu 8690, 9690 Urdu 8686, 9676 For examination in November 2016 ...»

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Cambridge International AS and A Level

Arabic 8680, 9680

Hindi 8675, 8687, 9687

Marathi 8688, 9688

Tamil 8689, 9689

Telugu 8690, 9690

Urdu 8686, 9676

For examination in November 2016

Cambridge Advanced

Changes to syllabus for 2016

This syllabus has been updated, but there are no significant changes.

Cambridge International Examinations retains the copyright on all its publications. Registered Centres are permitted to copy material from this booklet for their own internal use. However, we cannot give permission to Centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within a Centre.

® IGCSE is the registered trademark of Cambridge International Examinations © Cambridge International Examinations 2014 Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Why choose Cambridge?

1.2 Why choose Cambridge International AS and A Level?

1.3 Why choose Cambridge International AS and A Level Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu?

1.4 Cambridge AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) Diploma

1.5 How can I find out more?

2. Teacher support

2.1 Support materials

2.2 Resource lists

2.3 Training

3. Assessment at a glance

3.1 Availability

3.2 Scheme of assessment summary

3.3 Combining these with other syllabuses

4. Syllabus aims and assessment objectives

4.1 Syllabus aims

4.2 Assessment objectives

5. Topic areas

6. Description of components

6.1 Component 2: Reading and Writing

6.2 Component 3: Essay

6.3 Component 4: Texts

6.4 Component 5: Prose

6.5 Set texts for 2016 (Component 4)

7. Topic areas – further guidance

8. Mark schemes

8.1 Component 2: Reading and Writing

8.2 Component 3: Essay

8.3 Component 4: Texts

9. Other information

Introduction 1. Introduction

1.1 Why choose Cambridge?

Recognition Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for learners aged 5 to 19. We are part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge, trusted for excellence in education. Our qualifications are recognised by the world’s universities and employers.

Cambridge International AS and A Levels are recognised around the world by schools, universities and employers. The qualifications are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide, though some courses do require specific subjects.

Cambridge International A Levels typically take two years to complete and offer a flexible course of study that gives learners the freedom to select subjects that are right for them.

Cambridge International AS Levels often represent the first half of an A Level course but may also be taken as a freestanding qualification. The content and difficulty of a Cambridge International AS Level examination is equivalent to the first half of a corresponding Cambridge International A Level. Cambridge AS Levels are accepted in all UK universities and carry half the weighting of an A Level. University course credit and advanced standing is often available for Cambridge International AS and A Levels in countries such as the USA and Canada.

Learn more at www.cie.org.uk/recognition Excellence in education Our mission is to deliver world-class international education through the provision of high-quality curricula, assessment and services.

More than 9000 schools are part of our Cambridge learning community. We support teachers in over 160 countries who offer their learners an international education based on our curricula and leading to our qualifications. Every year, thousands of learners use Cambridge qualifications to gain places at universities around the world.

Our syllabuses are reviewed and updated regularly so that they reflect the latest thinking of international experts and practitioners and take account of the different national contexts in which they are taught.

Cambridge programmes and qualifications are designed to support learners in becoming:

• confident in working with information and ideas – their own and those of others

• responsible for themselves, responsive to and respectful of others

• reflective as learners, developing their ability to learn

• innovative and equipped for new and future challenges

• engaged intellectually and socially, ready to make a difference.

–  –  –

Support for teachers A wide range of support materials and resources is available for teachers and learners in Cambridge schools.

Resources suit a variety of teaching methods in different international contexts. Through subject discussion forums and training, teachers can access the expert advice they need for teaching our qualifications. More details can be found in Section 2 of this syllabus and at www.cie.org.uk/teachers Support for exams officers Exams officers can trust in reliable, efficient administration of exam entries and excellent personal support from our customer services. Learn more at www.cie.org.uk/examsofficers Not-for-profit, part of the University of Cambridge We are a not-for-profit organisation where the needs of the teachers and learners are at the core of what we do. We continually invest in educational research and respond to feedback from our customers in order to improve our qualifications, products and services.

Our systems for managing the provision of international qualifications and education programmes for learners aged 5 to 19 are certified as meeting the internationally recognised standard for quality management, ISO 9001:2008. Learn more at www.cie.org.uk/ISO9001

1.2 Why choose Cambridge International AS and A Level?

Cambridge International AS and A Levels are international in outlook, but retain a local relevance. The syllabuses provide opportunities for contextualised learning and the content has been created to suit a wide variety of schools, avoid cultural bias and develop essential lifelong skills, including creative thinking and problem-solving.

Our aim is to balance knowledge, understanding and skills in our programmes and qualifications to enable candidates to become effective learners and to provide a solid foundation for their continuing educational journey. Cambridge International AS and A Levels give learners building blocks for an individualised curriculum that develops their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Schools can offer almost any combination of 60 subjects, and learners can specialise or study a range of subjects, ensuring a breadth of knowledge. Giving learners the power to choose helps motivate them throughout their studies.

Through our professional development courses and our support materials for Cambridge International AS and A Levels, we provide the tools to enable teachers to prepare learners to the best of their ability and work with us in the pursuit of excellence in education.

Cambridge International AS and A Levels have a proven reputation for preparing learners well for university, employment and life. They help develop the in-depth subject knowledge and understanding which are so important to universities and employers.

–  –  –

Learners studying Cambridge International AS and A Levels have the opportunities to:

• acquire an in-depth subject knowledge

• develop independent thinking skills

• apply knowledge and understanding to new as well as familiar situations

• handle and evaluate different types of information sources

• think logically and present ordered and coherent arguments

• make judgements, recommendations and decisions

• present reasoned explanations, understand implications and communicate them clearly and logically

• work and communicate in English.

Guided learning hours Cambridge International A Level syllabuses are designed on the assumption that learners have about 360 guided learning hours per subject over the duration of the course. Cambridge International AS Level syllabuses are designed on the assumption that learners have about 180 guided learning hours per subject over the duration of the course. This is for guidance only and the number of hours required to gain the qualification may vary according to local curricular practice and the learners’ prior experience of the subject.

1.3 Why choose Cambridge International AS and A Level Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu?

Cambridge International AS and A Levels in languages other than English are accepted by universities and employers as proof of linguistic ability and understanding. Successful language students gain lifelong skills,


• the ability to communicate confidently and clearly in the target language;

• a sound understanding of the nature of language and language study, and of the skills and abilities required for further study and leisure;

• insight into the culture and contemporary society of countries where the language is spoken;

• better integration into communities where the language is spoken;

• positive attitudes towards language learning, towards the speakers of other languages, and towards other cultures and societies;

• skills which can be used in other areas of learning, such as analysis and memory skills.

Prior learning We recommend that candidates who are beginning this course should have previously completed a Cambridge O Level or Cambridge IGCSE assessment/course or equivalent in Arabic/Hindi/Marathi/Tamil/ Telugu/Urdu.

Progression A Cambridge International A Level in a language provides a suitable foundation for the study of languages or related courses in higher education. Equally it is suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in languages, or as part of a course of general education.

A Cambridge International AS Level in a language provides a suitable foundation for the study of the language at Cambridge International A Level and thence for related courses in higher education. Depending

–  –  –

on local university entrance requirements, it may permit or assist progression directly to university courses in languages or some other subjects. It is also suitable for candidates intending to pursue careers or further study in languages, or as part of a course of general education.

1.4 Cambridge AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) Diploma Cambridge AICE Diploma is the group award of the Cambridge International AS and A Level. It gives schools the opportunity to benefit from offering a broad and balanced curriculum by recognising the achievements of

candidates who pass examinations in three different curriculum groups:

• Mathematics and Science (Group 1)

• Languages (Group 2)

• Arts and Humanities (Group 3) A Cambridge International A Level counts as a double-credit qualification and a Cambridge International AS Level counts as a single-credit qualification within the Cambridge AICE Diploma award framework.

To be considered for an AICE Diploma, a candidate must earn the equivalent of six credits by passing a combination of examinations at either double credit or single credit, with at least one course coming from each of the three curriculum groups.

Arabic, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu are in Group 2, Languages.

Credits gained from Cambridge AS Level Global Perspectives (8987) or Cambridge Pre-U Global Perspectives and Independent Research (9766) can be counted towards the Cambridge AICE Diploma, but candidates must also gain at least one credit from each of the three curriculum groups to be eligible for the award.

Learn more about the Cambridge AICE Diploma at www.cie.org.uk/qualifications/academic/uppersec/aice The Cambridge AICE Diploma is awarded from examinations administered in the June and November series each year.

1.5 How can I find out more?

If you are already a Cambridge school You can make entries for this qualification through your usual channels. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@cie.org.uk If you are not yet a Cambridge school Learn about the benefits of becoming a Cambridge school at www.cie.org.uk/startcambridge. Email us at info@cie.org.uk to find out how your organisation can register to become a Cambridge school.

–  –  –

2.1 Support materials Cambridge syllabuses, past question papers and examiner reports to cover the last examination series are on the Syllabus and Support Materials DVD, which we send to all Cambridge schools.

You can also go to our public website at www.cie.org.uk/alevel to download current and future syllabuses together with specimen papers or past question papers and examiner reports from one series.

For teachers at registered Cambridge schools a range of additional support materials for specific syllabuses is available from Teacher Support, our secure online support for Cambridge teachers. Go to http://teachers.cie.org.uk (username and password required).

2.2 Resource lists We work with publishers providing a range of resources for our syllabuses including textbooks, websites, CDs, etc. Any endorsed, recommended and suggested resources are listed on both our public website and on Teacher Support.

The resource lists can be filtered to show all resources or just those which are endorsed or recommended by Cambridge. Resources endorsed by Cambridge go through a detailed quality assurance process and are written to align closely with the Cambridge syllabus they support.

2.3 Training We offer a range of support activities for teachers to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver our qualifications. See www.cie.org.uk/events for further information.

–  –  –

Centres and candidates can choose to take an assessment at either

• Advanced (A) Level or

• Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level.

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