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«Minutes of a meeting of the Governing Body of LANGTON PRIMARY SCHOOL held at the school on Wednesday 23rd February 2016 at 6pm Present: Mr S. ...»

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Governing Body – Minutes – 23/03/2016

Minutes of a meeting of the Governing Body of


held at the school on Wednesday 23rd February 2016 at 6pm

Present: Mr S. Simpson, Mrs R. Ray, Mr R Sterry, Mrs P. Abbott, Mr A. Priestley, Mrs R. Laverack

In attendance: Mrs L. Wilson (Clerk to the Governing Body)


No. Action FG 63 Welcome 15/16 Mr S. Simpson welcomed Governors to the meeting.

Consideration of Absences FG 64 There were none.

15/16 Confidentiality and Declarations of Interest FG 65 No declarations of interest were made and no items were hi-lighted as being 15/16 confidential.

FG 66 Minutes of Meeting Held on 3rd February 2016 15/16 The minutes of the meeting on 3rd February 2016 were signed as a true and correct record by Mr S. Simpson.

FG67 Matters Arising 15/16 2) Road safety – Mr A. Priestley reported that he had been passed between the District and County Council regarding the road signs. These were now in place on the road. The District Councillor had responded and passed Mr Priestley on to the Highways Department and Councillor E. Shields who is the County Councillor. No response had been received but the desired action had happened anyway. Mrs R. Ray had discussed parking options with Mrs Howard Vyse who had suggested that the field next to the leafy glade belongs to the church and is currently rented out to the old rectory which is now up to sale. Mrs Ray is to contact the Diocesan office regarding RR whether the land is to be sold along with house. Mr Tom Howard Vyse is to be RR contacted by Mrs Ray to discuss further options regarding car parking space.

Question: In order to reduce the number of pupils walking on the road from their cars can the gate at the far end of the playground be opened to allow entry?

Answer: The staff on duty would need to be mindful of the gate being open. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure pupils are safe on the playground. The Caretaker could unlock the gate at 8.30am to allow access and lock again at 8.45am.

Question: Has the road got a pavement?

Answer: No, parents could be encouraged to park further down the road where there RR is a pavement. It was agreed that initially the school would ask parents to park further towards the Village Green. It was commented that Governors had identified this as a risk and that this can be included as part of the plan to provide car parking.

3) HT Report – Mrs Ray and Mr S. Simpson had met to disc

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was suggested that whilst other options were considered that a Dropbox should be created for Governors which is free to create. Mr Priestley agreed to assist Mrs S. AP Conroy in setting this up and would invite Governors to join in order to share documents. A new website is to be created and it was suggested that Governors have a separate section that they could log into. Mrs Ray commented that she could have asked the IT technician but he is leaving but she would ask his replacement.

Question: Who hosts the website?

Answer: The IT technician would be asked regarding an area for storing documents RR which could be accessed access via a log in. This is usually a document storage area and Governors wouldn’t be able to amend online.

FG 68 Headteacher’s Report 15/16 The report was distributed prior to the meeting. Mrs R. Ray and Mr S. Simpson had looked at the NYCC guidance and have looked to share new messages that aren’t already shared at committee meetings where all Governors attend.

Mrs Ray highlighted the attendance figures from September up to 14th March are 96.4%. There were 1.1% unauthorised and 2.2% authorised. At this time last year the figure was 97.0% so this is slightly down. There are more unauthorised absences.

Question: Can this be compared with other schools?

Answer: Mrs L. Wilson commented that this sort of comparative data could be found on the DfE website. Mrs Wilson to forward the link to this website. LW It was commented that these are very small numbers and the unauthorised absences are due to parents taking pupils on out on holiday. Authorised absences are these due to illness and this will be seasonal. Only in exceptional circumstances can pupils be given authorisation for absence.

Staffing absences have been very low. It was commented that with such small numbers of staff one person makes a big difference to the percentages.

Predicted pupil numbers had been sent to Mr Chris Brien at the DfE and are aspirational. Ten pupils are due to start in Reception in September which is great. Two more pupils are to start in September in Y3 and Y6. Other people are interested in looking around. In comparison with the picture 6 months ago this is great. The school now know what’s worked with marketing and will do this again but earlier next year.

Pupil Premium information has gone on the website and a meeting with a Pupil Premium parent yesterday was positive and good progress is being made. The school will continue to monitor and moderate work to ensure standards are consistent across all classes.

The Sports Funding information has also gone on the website.

Question: Is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for a member of staff?

Answer: Yes, for Mr Rob Woods to develop him as PE Co-ordinator. Mrs Ray reported that CPD costs have been higher so far this year but this is due to new assessment processes, the school having a new Headteacher and a NQT in post.

Question: Have we got all the necessary PE equipment?

Answer: Mr Woods needs to audit the PE resources as part of his role.

Mrs Ray explained the school is planning an Olympic themed week in conjunction with Settrington and Rillington schools and will use the sports funding for transportation for this event.

Governors had requested information about an Outstanding school where they could look at governance and were told they were already in a good group of schools governance wise. Mrs A. Conroy had spoken to Alison Johnson, Governance Manager at NYCC and she will suggest schools to visit. Mrs Ray reported that she had enjoyed her visit to West Heslerton, which is an outstanding school and found it very informative.

Mrs Ray had attended the new Headteacher Conference and found it to be a good networking opportunity and enabled her to develop relationships. The focus was on partnership working and Academy status. Mrs Ray commented that Langton is ahead of other schools in their thought process. There are only a few local schools with new Headteachers.




Governing Body – Minutes – 23/03/2016 The school will be moderated for EYFS on 11th May and are doing the Reading tests early for KS1. Mrs Ray reported that a racial incident had occurred that day and this to be logged.

Mrs Ray reported that she had only received one quote for the EYFS canopy to date. A second company suggested that material screens be used as an alternative which is not what the school wanted. The school is still waiting for the third quote. It was commented that three quotes were needed and so Mrs Ray is to ask the second RR company to provide a quote for comparison purposes.

FG 69 School Development Plan (SDP) 15/16 The updated SDP was sent out prior to the meeting. This is to be linked to the strategy meeting.

Progress to date was discussed: All policies are up to date. Mrs R. Laverack and Mrs Elena Larxe were thanked as they were instrumental in looking at books and monitoring for their subject areas (English and Maths). Mrs Larxe is to be invited to RR the next School Performance Committee to present on maths.

Assertive mentoring is still being used in maths and grammar.

Question: How will we know as Governors that the moderation is correct?

Answer: Through link visits and evidence of moderation with other schools. Mrs Ray explained that moderation with another school will take place on 21st April in KS1 and KS2 moderation. Scrutinies will be carried out every term and gaps will be picked up on. It was commented that the SDP document needs to be useful for all staff and Governors and is a working document.

Mrs Ray reported that although staff had had opportunities to observe good practice there are still more visits to come.

Mrs Laverack has become the PSHE / SEAL co-ordinator.

Governors commented that the school is moving forward and working with other schools. The Healthy Schools award is to be discussed at the Strategy meeting.

Mrs Ray reported that staff are working hard to get the outcomes right. Data had been collected that week and all is good or better. Mrs Ray commented that there is not all accelerated progress yet and this needs to be more consistent throughout the school.

The SDP to be resent with ‘RAG’ ratings. RR

FG 70 Policies to adopt:

15/16 The Single Equalities Scheme, Complaints, Confidentiality, Budget Management Policy including Scheme of Delegation, Adverse Weather, Lone Working, School Information, Freedom of Information and Data Protection policies were all distributed prior to the meeting. It was commented that the Single Equalities Scheme was difficult to put together as it is such a big document. The school still need to do an action plan and put the document on the website by 6th April. Mrs R. Ray is to attend Complaints training next term.

Question: Is there any disparity between the current Terms of Reference used by the Finance and Premises Committee and those suggested by the new Budget Management Policy?

Answer: Mr A. Priestley is to compare the current with the suggested ones. AP Governors commented that were happy for Mr Priestley to decide which to use.

Question: Do we need to mention text messaging within the Adverse Weather policy as we have use of this?

Answer: Yes, Mrs Ray to alter this. RR Question: Do we put staff in a position where they are lone working and feel uncomfortable with this?

Answer: Mrs Laverack and Mrs Ray usually try to leave at the same time. Mr S.

Simpson commented that there is a messaging service for staff to use if they felt uncomfortable in a situation. Issues around the lighting outside school were raised as the sensor lighting not currently working. Mr Simpson is to look into the messaging SS




Governing Body – Minutes – 23/03/2016 option. Mrs Ray agreed to ask the electricians for a quote to improve the lighting on the street. It was queried whether this was school’s or the Council’s responsibility.

Mrs A. Conroy was thanked for her time and dedication in pulling all the policies together. The school now have a list of statutory and recommended policies and have a timetable for review. It was suggested that the next step is work through the list of recommended policies to see which the school want to adopt. All Governors were in favour of adopting all of the above policies, all policies except for those adopted at this meeting are already on the website FG 71 ICT Update 15/16 Mrs R. Ray reported that the NYCC IT technician, Phil Carver is leaving. The school are disappointed at this as he is good and this was an advantage of staying with the NYCC contract. A new technician is to be in place after Easter. On 26th April Mark Webb from Schools ICT is coming into talk about their services. It was commented that if the school joined Evolution Schools Learning Trust they would get their ICT services from Norton College. The new IT technician will have visited school by the date of the above meeting.

FG 72 After School Provision / Transport Update 15/16 The after school club room has been painted and Mrs R. Ray is to visit Ikea to buy the furniture so the room will be ready after Easter. Mrs Ray is meeting with the new team on 12th Apr to discuss expectations and set up a plan, thereafter a separate planning meeting is to be held. The aim is to start on the 25th April.

Question: Are the staff being paid for planning?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is every day covered?

Answer: Almost, Mrs Ray will cover on a Thursday initially if necessary. Mrs A.

Conroy also offered to cover.

Aspects of training for the new staff were discussed. Food safety and allergens training is booked for 17th May and staff from Slingsby School are to attend this course. Paediatric First Aid training at West Heslerton is to be attended in September and two places have been booked at £85 each. There will always be a trained First Aider on site in the meantime. A communication is to be sent out to parents the first week back regarding costs.

Question: Any indication of uptake?

Answer: Not yet but parents at the forum were very positive.

Question: How is the breakfast provision going?

Answer: Emma Cogger is to take over 5 days a week next term. It was commented that she may need additional help with this going forward. The school may have a number of the new starters who need wrap around care. The new staff are enthusiastic to get started.

With regards the position of Gardener, someone is coming to discuss the position tomorrow with Mrs Ray.

FG 73 Academy Conversion 15/16 Mrs R. Ray reported that predicted figures had been submitted. The issues with ESLT’s finances appeared to have been sorted. Mr S. Simpson agreed to chase up SS with Chris Brien regarding when the application to convert will be going to the Regional Commissioner.

It was reported that ESLT had met and had requested that Mr Simpson become a trustee of the MAT. Mr Simpson reported that he had sat as a guest on the board for six months. The commitment would be one meeting a quarter. It was commented that this is a good development opportunity for the Chair. All Governors agreed to Mr Simpson taking on this role.

FG 74 To receive an update from Finance & Premises and School Performance 15/16 Class sizes for September were discussed at the School Performance meeting and a

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