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«User’s Guide ii Contents Introduction.................................. 4 About this User’s Guide....... ...»

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HP Creative

Scrapbook Assistant

Software for quick and easy printable

layouts and unique page elements

User’s Guide



Introduction.................................. 4

About this User’s Guide..................... 5

Visit the HP Scrapbooking Web site............. 6

Getting started........................... 6


Installing and starting the program................. 7 Windows® installation...................... 7 Starting the program next time.............. 8 Macintosh® installation...................... 8 Starting the program..................... 8 Getting help.................................. 8 The Help menu: Help and software hints.......... 8 Contacting HP Customer Care................ 10 HP support over the Internet................. 10 HP support by phone...................... 11 Let’s start scrapping!........................... 12 Software demo.......................... 12 Overview of the program................... 13 Overview of the main window................ 14 Contextual menus...................... 14 Working with items............................ 18 Working with Themes and Projects............. 18 Working with Shapes...................... 20 Working with Images...................... 21 Working with Text........................ 22 Text and shapes....................... 23 Working with Phrases...................... 24 Working with Frames...................... 24 Working with Clip Art..................... 25 Working with Backgrounds.................. 26 2 Working with Pages....................... 27 Features up close............................. 28 Creating, saving, and printing pages........... 28 Importing your own elements................. 30 Creating new shapes...................... 34 Selecting items and text.................... 36 Resizing and rotating items.................. 38 Setting and matching colors................. 39

–  –  –

You can store your digital items in themes (similar to a storage cabinet), then use them in new scrapbooks.

• Update your library of backgrounds, shapes, images, and more by importing your own images and artwork.

About this User’s Guide This guide gives you instructions for installing and using the software to create and personalize your scrapbook elements.

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, refer to the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant Help. It’s easy to use the program Help; simply choose Help from the Help menu and then click on the topic of your choice, or click the help Index to see an alphabetical list of topics.

Visit the HP Scrapbooking Web site www.hp.com/go/scrapbooking Be sure to visit the HP Scrapbooking Web site, where you can view the work of other scrapbooking artists and get inspired by fresh ideas and exciting new designs.

6 View the software demo The HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant demo will show you expert techniques for scrapbooking your way. You can find the demo in the Help menu at the top of your window.

Getting started The fastest way to begin using HP Creative Scrapbook

Assistant is to:

1. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide for installing the software, and then watch the demo.

2. Read the Overview sections to familiarize yourself with the main window and features of HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant.

3. Use the simple procedures and handy tips in this guide to create scrapbook elements that you can use in your own layouts.

4. Refer to the program help, located in the Help menu at the top of the main HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant window.

Note: Screen illustrations shown in this booklet were created using HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant on the Microsoft ® Windows® XP operating system. The screens you see on your computer may look a bit different, but the program functions the same. Please follow our instructions for creating scrapbook elements, even if your screen looks different.

7 Installing and starting the program Windows installation

1. Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive. Setup starts automatically.

Note: If Setup does not start automatically, open My Computer, locate and double-click the letter for your CD-ROM drive, then double-click Setup.exe.

2. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.

If prompted, restart your computer.

When installation is complete, you see a window similar to the one at right.

3. Click Finish. HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant opens and the demo begins.

Starting the program next time Choose the Start menu, then choose All Programs HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant.

8 Macintosh installation

1. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive.

Note: If the installer does not start automatically, doubleclick the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant CD icon on your desktop. Then double-click the installer icon.

2. Click Install. Install the program in your Applications folder, and then view the demo.

Starting the program In the Applications folder, double-click the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant icon.

Getting help The Help menu: Help and software hints As you familiarize yourself with HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant, you’ll find the Help menu to be a handy partner.

Step-by-step instructions for using the features of the program are just a click away. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to view help. Simply choose Help from the Help menu at the top of the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant window. Your Web browser opens and displays the first page of help and a list of software hints. You can read the information on your screen or print it out for easy reference.

1 Contents: Displays in the gray box at the top of each help page. Click a title to jump to a topic. The title of the current help page appears in bold within the list of available topics.

2 Index: Displays when you click Index, the last entry in the Contents. Click the item you’re looking for in the alphabetical list of topics.

9 3 Topic Help: Displays information about the topic you selected. Thorough instructions lead you step by step through procedures for using each of the features in HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant.

4 Related topics: Displays at the bottom of many help pages. Click a topic in the list to view information related to the current help page.

5 Software hints: Displays pop-up screens showing how 5 to use popular features of the program.

1 2 3 4 Contacting HP Customer Care The HP Customer Care Center provides expert advice on using and solving problems with HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant. The support process works most effectively if you

look for assistance in this order:

10 1. Use the program help, located in the Help menu at the top of your HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant window.

2. For information regarding your printer, refer to the printer documentation.

3. Use the Internet any time of the day to check HP’s Web support pages for product help, or to send HP an email.

4. Contact HP Customer Care by phone during regular business hours.

Please note that email and phone support for HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant is available only in English.

–  –  –

HP support by phone HP provides telephone support free of charge. Please note that standard phone charges may apply.

Before calling, remember to try one of the other free support options listed above. If you still need to call for assistance,

you can get faster service if you:

• Call from a phone where you can be in front of your computer.

• Keep notes so you can describe how you’ve tried to solve the problem, and the messages displayed around the time the situation occurred.

• Be prepared to identify your computer’s operating system, and, if the problem is a printing issue, the printer manufacturer and model number.

• Note whether this has happened before and whether you can re-create the problem.

When you’re ready, contact the HP Customer Care Center at 1-800 HP INVENT (1-800-474-6836) and say “HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant” when prompted for your complete product name. Please note that phone support for the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant is available only in English.

Let’s start scrapping!

This guide will help you start using HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant right away. As you follow the instructions, try experimenting by choosing menu items and clicking on tabs, task buttons, and format options to see what happens.

The more you explore the possibilities, the faster you will 12 learn how to use the software to expand your own creativity. Soon you will be using HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant to create more imaginative scrapbook pages in less time than ever.

And don’t forget to visit www.hp.com/go/scrapbooking, where you can browse and download inspiring projects.

Software demo From the Help menu, select the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant demo to quickly learn expert techniques and time-saving tips.

Overview of the program HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant adds a whole new level of creativity to your scrapbooking toolkit, with digital tools that help you to plan your scrapbooks, import, manipulate, and print the elements you will use, and then archive or share 13 your artwork.

HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant offers loads of fun ideas

and time-saving elements, including:

• Ready-made high-quality images and clip art for use in your scrapbook pages, along with perfect-fit, colormatched frames, drop-shadow frames, and mattes in custom shapes. And it’s easy to import your own images and artwork.

• Carefully crafted, fun phrases you can use to add thoughtful expression to your scrapbook pages. You can also create text captions, titles, letters, and numbers, along with new phrases of your own to use again later.

• A workspace for designing your own custom page layouts.

• A variety of layouts for scrapbook pages that serve as a starting point for any page you are designing.

• Easy-to-use layouts for greeting cards that make it more fun than ever to create personalized cards for gift-giving, holiday greetings, or any other special occasion.

Use the software to place photos, text, and other elements into the workspace, then resize them, change colors or transparency, print them, cut them apart, and assemble them on your scrapbook pages, along with any embellishments you choose. It’s that easy to scrapbook your way.

Overview of the main window The main window displays frequently used features so you can quickly start using the software.

1 Menus As with most software programs, HP Creative Scrapbook 14 Assistant organizes menu functions into logical categories:

File, Edit, Theme, Project, and Help.

Scrapbooking items included with the software are organized into “Themes” for easy access. “Projects” offer you a place to store your own artwork and custom layouts.

Custom preferences let you set up your working environment to suit your tastes. You can toggle settings that display your font list as actual font styles, display margin guides on your workspace, and specify inches or centimeters for your ruler measurements. The Preferences settings are available in the Edit menu in Windows, or in the HP Creative Scrapbook Assistant menu on the Macintosh.

–  –  –

2 Tabs The tabs provide a visual filing system for organizing and viewing your scrapbooking elements. You can use the items that come with the software and also import items of your own. The tabs organize items by theme into several thumbnail bars: Images, Phrases, Clip Art, Backgrounds, Frames, Shapes, and Pages. To see more items under a tab, choose a different Theme or Project from the menus above. For more details about the tabs, refer to the Help menu or go to 15 “Working with items” on page 18.

2 3 4 1 5 7 6 8 9 10 3 Thumbnail bars Thumbnail bars for each tab offer you a view of the items available for your use in a particular theme. You can preview a larger version of a thumbnail before you place the item on your workspace. For more details about the thumbnail bars, refer to the Help menu or go to “Working 16 with items” on page 18.

4 Workspace Consider the workspace an extension of your worktable at home or wherever you put together your scrapbook pages.

Use it to assemble and manipulate elements, draw a design to use as a blueprint or template, or try out different ideas before you print out your pages.

5 Import tools Get Other Content/Edit Phrases/Create a New Shape/ Get Other Pages This button allows you to import your own images, frames, clip art, backgrounds, and pages. When you select the Phrases tab, this button changes to Edit Phrases. When you select the Shapes tab, this button changes to Create a New Shape. When you select the Pages tab, this button changes to Get Other Pages.

Start a Scan If you have a scanner connected to your computer, this button makes it easy to scan items and place them on your workspace without having to use other programs.

6 Save Item Save an item to a project or theme to use again at a later time or to share with others. You can use the Save Item button, or you can choose Save Item to Project or Save Item to Theme from the File menu, or by right-clicking (Windows) or control-clicking (Macintosh) the item. This is a great way to save images, clip art, backgrounds, frames, shapes, or items that you scanned or added from a file or disk.

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