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«Transformation By: Daniel “Pendragon” © 2005 Warning: This story contains acts of sexual transformation, growth, breast expansion and eroticism. ...»

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By: Daniel “Pendragon”

© 2005

Warning: This story contains acts of sexual transformation, growth, breast expansion and eroticism.

Rated: X-explicit


She looked up at the moon, and paused, feeling her heart quicken inside her chest to where it began to

patter inside her ribcage; hammering against her sternum in a quickening pace. Her breathing sped up and

she clutched at her chest between the subtle bulges of her breasts, feeling a warmth rise up within her bodice that was centered around her heart; that warmth rapidly spread to the very edges of her form from the tips of her fingers to the ends of her hair. A blush rose up on her cheeks and brow, the flush suffusing her breasts as she felt the change approaching from within, the warmth sliding down her chest toward the very ends of her tits, flooding into her nipples as a force grew within her, a force to enact transformation into the noble breed.

She felt a quivering in her loins and a clenching in her chest as she folded her hands over her small, pert breasts, her labia tightening between her thighs as her clitoris and nipples slowly hardened and erected.

She looked down at her chest as two little mounds pushed outward from her chest, the hardening lumps of her nipples pushing the fabric of her blouse outward.

She removed her glasses as she continued to breathe heavily as the tiny bulges on her chest swelled steadily harder, poking forward as a prickling sensation formed all over her skin; like goosebumps that led to a sensation like her skin crawling. Her nipples hardened till they ached, and even then continued to swell, her areola puffing outward as the pinkish disks turned red with the flush of blood pushing into either of her tits beneath all her clothing.

The sensation of her crawling and prickling skin flowed through her as she began to breathe harder, gasping for air as her eyes closed tightly, her hands sliding down her belly, smoothing her shirt downward as she felt the sensual feeling quake through her; her beating heart causing her whole body to throb!

A light chuckle flowed through her clenching teeth as she bent over herself, feeling the power of the silvery light of the moon flowing into her, feeling her body tensing, felt her muscles tightening, heard her body grinding like a clenching fist.

She gasped and then grunted, coiling over herself, her hand pushing into the mound of woman flesh between her legs beneath her pants, feeling the swollen labia thickening harder and harder as the twin lips of her sex pressed against her inner thighs and swallowed the zipper of her jeans.

She lifted her head and opened her mouth to moan in her pleasure as a slick of sexual juices slipped into her panties, and all at once, the change began.

Her body began to swell as her waist, arms and legs began to lengthen, her body steadily growing centimeter by centimeter with a wash of natural and supernaturalpheromones, hormones, enzymes and natural chemicals flooded into her blood stream, her veins, capillaries and arteries thickening about her body, covering her nigh head to toe in a webbing of pulsating blood vessels.

She cried out and orgasmed for the first time, creaming in her panties as it felt as if she were being groped, massaged, caressed and loved on every inch of her body; the prickling and crawling of her skin like a million kisses, and the throbbing of her heart, pulsating the swelling cunt between her legs, throbbing the veins inside her bowels to entice her sensitive woman flesh, giving her the feeling of being sexually aroused and pleasured.

She came again, gripping at her crotch with one hand as she massaged her chest with the other, moaning with the pleasure of the change as she grew larger yet, her neck swelling, her skull growing larger, chest barreling outward as her clothing grew tighter and tighter about her.

At a certain point, somewhere as she grew past six and a half feet, her breasts began to swell, growing steadily larger every moment that passed, and she murred with pleasure as the thickening webbing of veins about her twin mammary orbs began to massage her chest… like a pair of great hands holding her from behind. Her nipples pushed out even further, the lumps of nipple and areola growing even larger than before, swelling as her breasts enlarged, with either as two solid lumps of erect muscle, matched only by the lengthening and swelling clit between her legs.

She clenched her teeth as her facial muscles began to spasm, in hopes not to bite her tongue again, while at the sides of her head, her ears began to lengthen toward a point. Her mouth began to swell about the lips, and her teeth all began to sharpen and lengthen, with her canine teeth especially lengthening. She snarled, a froth of spit pushing through her clenched teeth as her jaw tightened harder. Her fingers grew numb as she dropped her glasses, her hands moving to her crotch before she began to finger her sex, rubbed her swelling cunt, sliding a pair of fingers up and down the wedge between the developing camel-toe. Within moments she came with the pleasure of her touch and a swift jet of her juices slid into her panties from inside her, wetting her crotch down, her clitoris and nipples hardening still with her swelling mamaries and labia. Her heart skipped a beat, pausing briefly just before a wash of another, alien to a human, mass of fluids and natural chemicals began to rush into her veins and arteries.

Enzymes and hormones, a load of natural chemicals, all designed to stimulate the change, the growth, the vivacious transformation, and she came again, her seminal juices wetting her jeans front down completely as the lips of her pussy bulged fiercely, stretching the front of her jeans, straining her zipper, and unfolding the flap of fabric that covered that zipper as the power of her womanhood grew. It swelled, pressing against the insides of her thighs, twin chorded lumps that began to swallow the crotch of her panties, while the strength and power of her clit engorged itself to tremendous thickness!

She felt her body warming, felt the silvery fire running through her veins, felt her body warm as the flush upon her breasts, forehead and cheeks began to spread, suffusing her flesh, darkening the color of it a shade or two while her pink parts all deepened to an erotic color of red.

Her hips gyrated as she fondled her love mound, feeling her major arteries all over her biceps and inner thighs, feeding her muscles enhanced strength, changing and realigning her bones as she began to thicken now; all her major blood vessels standing on end, their pulsating power focusing upon her breasts, in her neck, her temples, her inner thighs and arms, and most of all, about her ripening cunt!

The webbing of blood vessels all across her body throbbed in time with her heart, her body seeming to swell imperceptibly with each heartbeat. The swelling lips of her sex stretching the denim of her jeans, her swelling breasts straining against her bra, filling out her blouse till it untucked from the waist of her jeans, and as she neared seven feet in height, she creamed again; another jet of slick, sticky fluids from within the heat of her throbbing loins. Her juices pushed through the fabric of her panties and jeans with this tantric release of body fluids, sticking to her flesh and stringing stickily through her pubic hairs as she rubbed it all deeper into her loins.

Her nipples swelled harder and thicker yet, pushing forward as her breasts swelled against one another, pushing over the tops of her bra, pushing outward around the edges of the triangular cups, the throbbing in her body as blood pumped through her forcing her to grow larger and larger by the second.

She clenched her teeth, grinding them together again, rubbing her cunt all the more, her jaw flaring, her cheek bones rising, her jowl muscles thickening and hardening as her mouth and nose pushed forward with a series of stinging, painful crunches. Her brow and the rest of her face pushed forward slightly as well, her nostrils flaring as her canine teeth lengthened, all her cuspids sharpening and her molars drawing backward and broadening wider.

She gnashed her teeth, gasping for air with a spray of spit, her tongue lolling outward at it broadened and lengthened amidst her licking her teeth, her blackening lips pulling back so show all her lengthening fangs.

Her eyes closed tightly as her face pushed forward a little more, her mouth and nose even further outward, her eye sockets receding, and when she opened her eyes, her pupils immediately compressed into a pair of tiny circles, and her irises spread outward to fill the whole of her eyes. The pupils grew more rounded than a human’s pupils should be, her eye color changing into something inhuman, a subtle change in the facets that gave her an animalistic, bestial gaze.

At the sides of her head, her lengthening ears finally came to a definite point, and then curved into hoods as they rose and folded away from the sides of her head, flaring outward, her body feeling as if it were on fire!

And then with a dull thud inside her chest, she felt the onrush of power flooding into her muscles and bones, a catalyst that would change her, remake her, make her more than she was, and she gurgled with pleasure and came suddenly, flexing her slender arms, compressing her legs together, and sucking in a ragged breath of air.

And then she was growing faster, her body parts thickening with growing muscle as the cuffs of her blouse caught at her elbows, and the cuffs of her jeans caught at her knees, the rest of her clothing compressing about her body. She huffed and puffed, feeling the tensing power as it filled her with might, and closing her hands into fists, she flexed her arms, feeling the power in her biceps, felt the power rushing past her cunt into her thighs and calves. As the power flooded her though, her waist tensed and clenched, narrowing as her hips widened, and the waistband and belt of her pants actually loosened about her middle while the straps of her panties rose up higher over her hips.

The seats of her panties and pants began to invade her butt cheeks, her burgeoning femininity creating a large mound between her legs while her recently loose clothing began to tighten everywhere. Her cunt began to swallow her zipper, the camel toe pushing outward to the sides of it as her clit grew harder and harder. Pushing upward along the insides of her silk underwear, growing erect, while the triangular patch was dragged further and further downward.

Her hair began to rapidly grow about her head, the short-cropping of hair thinning into fur as long strands extended out of her head to make a shaggy-haired appearance about her head, neck and shoulders, even as her pony tail fell steadily down her back; her long locks of hair flowing about her face and eyes as her jaw clenched and broadened even further. As her hair grew more and more bushy, trailing steadily down her back, a frock of that luxurious hair crowned the top of her head and slid forward before her eyes, the long waves and tresses decorating her changing features even as peach fuzz rose up all over her face body. The elongating furry hairs grew down her cheekbones into muttonchops that lined her jaw as her ears lengthened, poking out of her hair; the earrings in either glinting as her ears flicked slightly.

Her tongue lolled out, the thing lengthening and then flaring further within her mouth as she licked her teeth again, her canine teeth rapidly growing to overlap the row of teeth opposite them.

She brought her hands up before her, pressing her fists into her bosom, the knots of muscle forming along the backs of her hands forced her fists to clench slightly before she opened her fingers and flexed her arms, dragging her hands away from her growing breasts as the mammary pair jut straight off her chest, pushing over the cups of her bra as the straps there stretched and tightened about her ribs. Her hands opened as she clawed at the air at her sides before her as another jet of sexual juices lanced into her crotch front; wetting it down enough now where droplets of her creamy cum dripped to the ground and formed streamers of the sticky juices between her crotch and legs.

She moaned low in her throat, the moan climbing upward into her nose, the sound vibrating as more and more crunches formed out of her body. Her breathing quickened as her ribs flared, each set of ribs realigning themselves before thickening, her blouse tightening about her bodice and under her arms as more and more of her navel was revealed, her belly lengthening before she wrapped her arms about her middle, and as she groaned with her pleasure, she felt a pinching about her feet when her toes began to bulge and flare just like her hands had done.

Her toenails cracked, broke and then shattered, claws pushing outward from underneath her toe nails while her feet flared and her toes bulged, pushing against the insides of her shoes, her toe claws fraying the toes of her socks while each digit of her feet bunched and compressed against the ends of her shoes.

The shoe leather stretched, the seams fraying and then snapping open, revealing her toes as they pushed outward, bulging thicker, pressing against the insides of her shoes, tearing the ends of her socks open with her toe claws, and extending forward as her feet lengthened.

She gasped, her toes wiggling free of the stripping fabric, her hips gyrating while deep folds formed about her chest and arms, and between her thighs and hips, her clothing tightening firmly every which way, all to the point where something must give! Breathing became difficult, her pants tightening about her diaphragm, her shirt tightening about her chest, compressing her breasts together over her chest, and she gasped, trying to flex, trying to get her body to be stronger than her clothes.

And she continued to grow, continued to flex, continued to thicken.

Her clothes pinched her everywhere; they tightened about her, till, with a rending pop, the cuff of her pants snapped open about one knee. She groaned as her muscles continued to grow there, and as she flexed her arms, her flaring forearms broadening steadily, the cuffs of her sleeves – first one then the other – popped in rapid succession, and then her other pants leg snapped. The fabric of her clothes began to creep up her legs and arms, her biceps and thighs thickening overtly against her clothing, her claws on her fingers and toes growing longer and sharper, and her face as well as her mouth and nose pushing further outward.

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