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«PRESS RELEASE Lyon, 31 March 2014 The CoSMo Company raises €3.8 million ($5.2 million) during an initial round of financing and opens an office in ...»

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Lyon, 31 March 2014














financing and opens an office in the United States.

The Lyon based startup, created in 2010 and specialized in complex systems modeling and simulation has successfully completed its first fund-raising campaign. Total subscriptions amounted to €3.8 million ($5.2 million), exceeding the initial objective.

This operation was carried out with a selection of corporate and financial funds including, in particular, Aster Capital and Emergence Innovation 1 managed by Sofimac Partners accompanied by Crédit Agricole Création, its partner. The investors welcomed the uniqueness of The Cosmo Company’s product line, which introduces to the market a simulation platform developed from more than 10 years of academic research, and its fast growth prospects in a world market. As a result, the company is opening its first international subsidiary in the United States.

Founded in 2010 by Eric Boix, Hugues de Bantel and Michel Morvan, The CoSMo Company is an innovative startup specialized in modeling and simulation, which enables the world’s largest groups to master the increasing complexity of their core activities. The software and services developed by The CoSMo Company provide breakthrough innovations in areas like the resilience of complex supply chains, the robustness of critical networks (electricity, water, communication, etc.), urban infrastructure sustainability and bioproduction optimization for the pharmaceutical industry.

“This financing provides us the necessary resources to intensify our commercial rollout in Europe and North America” notes Michel Morvan. “This is an immense satisfaction that I share with our entire team, which has worked enthusiastically for the past three years on developing this uniquely innovative solution in the market” adds Hugues de Bantel. “These funds will enable us to deploy our new generation of modeling tools across a wider area and to execute our technological roadmap” states Eric Boix.

The CoSMo Company’s digital modeling and simulation platform constitutes a technological breakthrough that enables CoSMo’s major corporate accounts to master the increasing complexity of their core activities.

The CoSMo Company gives them a decision support tool they can use to compare, choose, and communicate the best options for managing the extremely complex systems they must manage.

After doubling its sales revenues in two years, the company expects strong growth in 2014. The capital increase will be used to intensify the development efforts in Europe and to create strategically important relationships in North America. CoSMo has hired Bill Wescott, an internationally recognized leader in key domains such as sustainability and in growing innovative companies, to lead the US subsidiary, which is

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based in San Francisco.

“The relationships we are developing with key clients and partners in the US will have important global impacts,” states Bill Wescott.

This initial funding will enable the Lyon startup to continue its industrialization process and accelerate its transformation towards a software publisher model. Its short-term objective is to offer a licensed solution and develop applications for its customers. “The software and services developed by The CoSMo Company fill a major hole in the analytics market and open the way to ‘Big Data’ for industrial sectors,” believes Alexander Schlaepfer, a partner at Aster Capital. “The company should grow exponentially in a worldwide market.” “We have been following The CoSMo Company since it was created in June

2010. In light of its development, we are convinced it can bring its unique modeling platform to the world market in the short-term, building on the strenghts of the Lyon based development team” underlines François Miceli, senior partner at Sofimac Partners.

Last minute:

The CoSMo Company is one of the eight leading French companies selected to participate in Ubi i/o, the new startup acceleration program sponsored by Ubifrance and Bpifrance. CoSMo will participate in the first 10week program in the Silicon Valley starting May 2014.

CoSMo platform - Description CoSMo is the first software solution that can model and simulate heterogeneous systems coupled on multiple temporal and spatial scales in order to provide a global and dynamic representation. It can be used

to obtain insights into complex systems and how they change over time based on the dimensions chosen:

human, urban, supply chain, technological, IT, environmental, etc. The CoSMo Company platform is a unique design, decision, operation and management support tool for urban, industrial and supply chain infrastructures.

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The CoSMo Company Founders Michel Morvan, Executive Chairman and Co-founder, is a former Professor of Computer Science at École normale supérieure de Lyon, a former Senior Scientist (directeur d’études) at École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris and, until June 2013, an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute (New Mexico, USA). From January 2009 to February 2013, Michel Morvan was also the Chief Scientist and Vice President for Strategic Intelligence and Innovation at Veolia Environment. He was also the founder and former head of IXXI (Rhône Alpes Complex Systems Institute) and the co-founder of the European Conference on Complex Systems as well as the first chair of its steering committee.

Hugues de Bantel, the CEO and Co-founder, holds an MBA from IMD in Lausanne and the Neoma Business School. After managing Edap TMS, a Nasdaq listed company, from 2002 to 2008, in 2009 he created his consulting company specialised in supporting innovative startups.

That’s how he met Eric Boix and Michel Morvan, co-founding the company with them and assuming general management in June 2010.

Éric Boix, Scientific Director and Co-founder, worked previously at the Laboratory for Parallel Computing at ENS Lyon where he participated in the development of the middleware grid computing software (DIET) and the development of the complex systems modeling team in IXXI (Complex Systems Institute). He led the development of the modeling and simulation platform on two European projects: Morphex (FP6, http://morphex.org) and Dynanets (FP7, http://dynanets.org). Eric received his PhD in mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. He was chairman of the company until September 2013.

US Subsidiary Management

Bill Wescott, CEO of the CoSMo US subsidiary, was formerly Vice-President, Innovation for Veolia Environnement North America where he co-founded and managed the Veolia Innovation Accelerator. An international leader on environmental and sustainable development questions, he has worked with startups, corporations and investors to create new sustainable business models, with a particular emphasis on information technologies. He has a Ph.D. in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon and BSE in Chemical Engineering from Princeton.

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About The CoSMo Company The CoSMo Company is an innovative startup specialized in complex systems modeling and simulation. It sells to the world’s largest companies and helps them master the increasing complexity of their core activities. The software and services developed by The CoSMo Company provide breakthrough innovations in areas like the resilience of complex supply chains, the robustness of critical networks (electricity, water, communication, etc.), urban infrastructure sustainability and bioproduction optimization for the pharmaceutical industry. A software publisher, it has won the Oséo Émergence et Création développement competition, has joined the Oséo Excellence network and has been labeled by Novacité and Réseau entreprendre Rhône Alpes, from which it received a startup loan with Inovizi.

Winner of Novad’Or 2012, CoSMo was labeled Pépite du Grand Lyon in 2012.

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About Aster Capital (www.aster.com) Aster Capital is a leading venture capital fund sponsored by Alstom, Solvay, Schneider Electric and the European Investment Fund (through the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Program). Specialised in the energy and environment sectors, Aster Capital has a unique model that aims to support entrepreneurs by letting them take advantage of its sponsors’ considerable strengths to accelerate their business development. By favoring the signature of technological or commercial partnerships with Alstom, Solvay and/or Schneider Electric, we help entrepreneurs expand their business.

Aster Capital’s main areas of interest include renewable energies, energy efficiency, eco-mobility, the security and sustainable management of resources and emissions of pollutants. It has offices in Paris, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Peking.

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About Sofimac Partners (www.sofimacpartners.com) Sofimac Partners is an independent, multi-regional private equity company approved by the AMF. Based in Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Orléans and Limoges, it specializes in investing in unlisted companies in the Central – Rhône-Alpes zone expanded to the Centre, Limousin, Poitou Charentes and Languedoc Roussillon Regions.

With a critical mass of assets under management of around €240 million, Sofimac Partners manages, through 18 funds and portfolio management mandates, a portfolio of 150 lines and invests from €17 to €19 million annually. Its activities are centered around a capital-development/LBO BU for industry and services, and a technologies BU specialized in health and biotechnology activities, but addressing all innovation areas. In 2012 it raised capital for the FCPR Emergence Innovation 1 fund, a new multi-sector technological seed capital fund, subscribed primarily by the Fonds National d’Amorcage as part of the Investissements d’Avenir program.

–  –  –

Investors Sofimac (Emergence Innovation) Francois Miceli (+ 33 4 37 26 20 97, + 33 6 73 69 12 73, f.miceli@sofimacpartners.com) Philippe Vuagnat (p.vuagnat@sofimacpartners.com) 19 Rue Arbre Sec, 69001 Lyon SAS Crédit Agricole Gestion Olivier Solinas (+ 33 4 72 20 07 07, + 33 6 62 40 40 95, olivier.solinas@carvest.fr) Aster Capital Partners Alexander Schlaepfer (+ 33 1 45 61 30 95, alexander@aster.com) Claire Godron (+ 33 1 45 61 56 03, cgodron@aster.com) The CoSMo Company advisors Berrucaz & Associés Stéphane Berrucaz and Pauline Durand, Partner Lawyers registered with the Lyon and Barcelona bars Bellecour Conseils - 17, Place Bellecour - 69002 Lyon

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Apparius Corporate Finance Jérôme Pascal, Henri de Lalande and Robert Bozza Jérôme Pascal (+ 33 6 64 14 89 84, pascal@apparius.fr) 2 rue Chauveau-Lagarde - 75 008 Paris Investor advisor Ambroise de Lamaze (Tel: 01 56 88 28 50) Attorney-at-law www.llcm-avocats.fr 50, avenue Victor Hugo - 75116 Paris 5, rue Bonnabaud - 63000 Clermont-Ferrand 7 bd Malesherbes, 75008 Paris

The CoSMo Company - SAS au capital de 18 214 Euros • SIREN : 523 175 644 Lyon • SIRET : 523 175 644 00021 CoSMo Complex Systems Modeling is a registered mark, owned by The CoSMo Company

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