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«Many centuries ago the Tamayame came into this world, not as the Tamayame, but as a people in search of a home. They set up villages throughout the ...»

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Discover a quiet and special place….Tamaya

Many centuries ago the Tamayame came into this world, not as the Tamayame, but as a people in search of a

home. They set up villages throughout the region but always moved on, traveling from the north, to the west, then

south, and then east. They were prosperous and peaceful wherever they settled but never forgot the instructions

given to them, instructions that governed how they would live and where they would call home. After many years

the people came to rest in this area and chose this place, Tamaya. A quiet and special place. Named for the soft morning mist that gently floats over the cottonwood trees and Río Grande, Tamaya Mist Spa & Salon is a place where we honor the journey of the Tamayame, their tradition of hospitality, and their intimate connection with the land. Tamaya Mist Spa & Salon is a place where we create individual programs for our guests, a place deeply connected to the native bounty of the land, a place to restore your physical and spiritual tranquility. Let the sun, moon, stars, and elements serve as a reminder that there are things far greater than the day-to-day. Relax, renew, and reconnect at Tamaya Mist Spa & Salon, and let us promote your lasting sense of peace and well-being as we prepare you for your own journey.


Inspired by the migratory journey the Tamayame took before settling in the valley of their home, Tamaya Mist & Spa and Salon full-day spa experiences – Journeys – are designed to treat the whole person and, individually, to Detoxify, Exfoliate, Hydrate, or Restore.

We have named each Journey after early settlements of the Tamayame in relation to the migratory route to Tamaya. Each Journey utilizes products harvested from or inspired by its namesake place.

KASHE K’ATRETI Detoxify and Heal. The percussion method employed in the Ancient Drumming treatment sets the tone for this intensive detoxifying treatment.

Native Herbal Wrap Ancient Drumming Four Paths Facial Paraffin Manicure Paraffin Pedicure

5.5 hours $544.50


Exfoliate and Reveal. Slough off the rough skin and reveal a healthy glow, relax into your Journey by drifting into the scent of soothing lavender.

Lavender Dry Brush Therapy Four Paths Facial Paraffin Manicure Paraffin Pedicure 5 hours $472.50


PAAK’U Hydrate and Renew. Desert seaweed, K’awina, is a rich hydratant harvested locally, penetrating and infusing skin with decadent, natural moisture.

K’awina Body Masque Four Paths Facial Paraffin Manicure Paraffin Pedicure 5 hours $472.50


Restore and Relax. The Spirit Path is a full body, multi-sensory experience designed to return your mind, body, and spirit to total relaxation.

Spirit Path Four Paths Facial Paraffin Manicure Paraffin Pedicure 5 hours $472.50


Inspired by the rivers and fertile valleys of the region in which the Tamayame journeyed to find their home, our half-day spa experiences— Escapes—are short paths to total relaxation.

RIO PUERCO Relax into the healing therapy of a massage complemented by the body therapy of your choice, detoxifying or exfoliating.

Three Sisters Salt Scrub or Native Herbal Wrap Full-body Swedish Massage

1.5 hours $189.00 RIO JEMEZ Reap the benefits of a series of restorative therapies intended to rebalance your mind, body, and spirit.

Three Sisters Salt Scrub or Native Herbal Wrap Tamaya Mist Facial Full-body Swedish Massage

2.5 hours $306.00 RIO GRANDE Come in from the harsh weather of life and let us turn you around, restoring the mind, body, and spirit to complete calm.

–  –  –


Enjoy the enchantment of indulgent massage, scrub, and wrap therapies alongside your most significant other.

Native Herbal Wrap Full-body Swedish Massage Three Sisters Salt Scrub 2 hours $522.00/couple



An exclusive blend of native Tamaya Blue Corn Meal, Anasazi bean, and pumpkin seed is combined with mineral-rich desert salts and is applied to the body to exfoliate, stimulate, and rejuvenate.

30 minutes $80.00


Linens–steeped in a specially formulated herbal blend that changes with the seasons–are wrapped around the body to promote detoxification and relaxation in a soothing envelope of heat. Please allow at least 25 minutes prior to this treatment in order to accommodate changing and warming time in the sauna, steam room, or hot tub.

30 minutes $80.00 SPIRIT PATH Experience an ancient tradition of healing as we ease your mind and body into a restorative state of relaxation. Your path begins with massage incorporating aromatic oils and then your skin is gently exfoliated using our Tamaya Blue Corn Flour. You will then be enveloped in the luxury of our Native Herbal Wrap, to deeply penetrate and detoxify your body, and fall deep into the relaxation as the session concludes with an aroma-therapeutic scalp massage.

90 minutes $190.00 K’AWINA BODY MASQUE Watercress, or “K’awina” in the Tamayame language and meaning “desert seaweed,” is the rich hydrating ingredient in our luxurious body masque. While your therapist gently exfoliates your body using our Three Sisters Salt Scrub–a blend of native Tamaya Blue Corn Meal, Anasazi beans, and pumpkin seed–the vitamin rich K’awina masque continues to calm and nourish the skin. A final application of moisturizer rich in watercress, chaparral, and prickly pear will ensure your skin remains hydrated and protected.

90 Minutes $190.00


A truly original offering, experience the healing nature of our abundant land and ancient tradition. An application of mud from the Jemez Mountains infused with New Mexico’s red chile creates a highly detoxifying mud masque, which is applied directly to the body. As the mud penetrates, your therapist will gently drum away stress by using flaxseed-filled muslin bags dipped in piñon-scented oil in an innovative percussion technique. Afterwards your body will be drenched with warm oil and lightly exfoliated using our aromatic Piñon Resin Scrub.

90 Minutes $190.00


SUNLESS TAN Avoid the damaging effects of the sun with our hydrating, sunless tanning treatment. Rather than artificially “coloring” the skin, the active ingredients in our innovative product work with your body and skin to create rapid, safe, golden results. You will also receive a full-sized bottle of the tanning lotion to take with you so that you may maintain your tan at home. It is recommended that you do not schedule any other body treatments for the day you schedule your Sunless Tan.

90 minutes $190.00


Our dry brush exfoliation, followed by a lavender-oil massage, is an invigorating and soothing way to rejuvenate tired skin. While body and mind steep in the soothing scent of lavender your hands and feet are exfoliated with our Tamaya Blue Corn Meal, desert sea salt, and lavender flower scrub. A lavender oil scalp treatment at the end of your session will bring your body and mind into harmony. The dry brush is yours to take as we expect you’ll want to continue this soul-soothing ritual at home.

90 minutes $190.00


We offer a variety of massage modalities or “techniques” in order to provide the right therapy for your needs and desires. Our therapists combine their unique skills to personalize each treatment.

Please ask any of our staff members for explanations or suggestions regarding your choices and expectations.

DEEP TISSUE This massage increases flexibility, circulation, and works to enhance the body’s natural healing process while relieving tension and spasms due to stress, work, or athletic activities.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00


This European therapeutic massage incorporates stretching, specialized movement, and various hand work to promote relaxation. Swedish massage can be slow to vigorous so please inform your service provider of your preference.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00


Your massage will be customized based on an individual consultation with your experienced service provider. Your therapist will employ massage techniques suited to achieve the results you desire.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00


Our hot-stone massage combines the healing of natural stones with therapeutic massage techniques. The deep penetrating heat from the stones and massage pressure summons the body to complete relaxation.

90 minutes $190.00

–  –  –


In this ancient Egyptian practice, thumb and finger pressure are applied to specific points on the hands and feet bringing welcome relief to corresponding regions of the body.

30 minutes $85.00 60 minutes $130.00


By targeting and releasing restrictions in the cranio sacral system you can improve the functioning of the central nervous system. This therapy can be effective in relieving migraine headaches, chronic neck and back pain, and stress and tension-related problems. Loose fitting clothing is recommended.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00 SHIATSU Based on the Japanese technique targeting the pressure points and meridians of the body, these Tsubo, accupoints, are stimulated with deep pressure, restoring balance and harmonizing energy flow in the body.

Loose fitting clothing is recommended.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00 REIKI Meaning “universal life force”, Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing methodology based on an ancient Japanese healing system; it does not involve the rhythmic stroking of a massage but rather a set of hand positions unique to this healing modality and each practitioner. Reiki focuses on the reduction of stress and alleviation of pain in order to facilitate healing.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00 FACIALS Our superb estheticians will customize a facial for your skin type and lifestyle based upon the standard offerings below. An array of the highest quality products and several add on services are available. Your esthetician will provide you with recommendations and pricing.


We have blended the spiritual significance of the four cardinal directions with the nurturing products harvested from the corresponding regions. Based on how you are feeling or how you want your skin to feel, please direct your esthetician to go in the direction you have chosen or simply ask for a recommendation based upon the appearance of your skin.

NORTH: Restore and Relax A colloidal oatmeal mask regenerates and restores skin’s natural moisture.

WEST: Detoxify and Heal The rich, green clay mask is designed to purify, reminerlize, and recharge the skin.

SOUTH: Exfoliate and Reveal Powerful combinations of antioxidants such as green tea, grape seed, and turmeric unveil your skin’s vitality.

–  –  –


Our signature facial is inspired by the distinctive character of the changing seasons and honors the connection to the earth and its bounty. Infused with native herbs to heal the skin, this energetic facial will leave you feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.


Spring is a time of renewal. Let the freshness of the season cleanse, purify, and exhilarate with clary sage, geranium, and grapefruit.


Feel the hydration of a summer shower. Moisturize, cool, and balance the skin with spearmint, rosemary, lemon, and lime.


Give thanks for the vibrance and bounty of an autumn harvest. Let mandarin spiced with cardamom and ginger stimulate your senses.


Nourish your skin during a winter’s rest. Soothe, fortify, and protect with rosewood, may chang, spruce, cypress, and pine.

60 minutes $135.00 90 minutes $190.00


Our deep cleansing Tamaya Mist Facial is based upon the three fundamental elements of effective skin careprevention, protection, and correction. Your esthetician will analyze your skin and customize a treatment that will leave you and your face refreshed and renewed.

50 minutes $125.00 80 minutes $180.00


We have designed this specifically to calm and soothe hypersensitive skin, great for rosacea, couperose, and acne-prone skin. Your esthetician will use only natural products containing botanical extracts like cucumber and thyme to soothe irritated skin while our other natural alternatives to chemical skin lighteners diminish the appearance of brown spots to promote a clear, fresh looking complexion.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00


“Srai-Wi” is a Pueblo term meaning “my children.” The purpose of this facial is to introduce our teenage guests to skin care because healthy skin looks and feels great. We leave our young guests with confidence and a customized plan for home care to maintain a healthy glow and fit a busy schedule.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00

–  –  –


This pro-age facial is a luxurious and effective anti-wrinkle and firming treatment. Ideal for any combination of dehydrated, environmentally damaged, and mature skin types, it is designed to promote relaxation and relieve stress while combining the cleansing, toning, masque, and protective products specific to your skin type.

60 minutes $130.00 90 minutes $185.00



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