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31 May 2012

In This Issue

Administrative News

Online Membership Renewal


APF Events Calendar – boost interest in your skydiving event


Technical and Rigging News

- The new Freefly Op Regs – what do they really mean for me?

Competition and Community News

Enter the 9th ASIANIA “EMAX” Video Competition, 1 June – 31 October 2012


Member Tributes

Phil Whatmore


Michael (Handbrake) Holtham


Don’t miss out on any upcoming events. Check out our events calendar.

Administrative News Online Membership Renewal 2012-2013 Available from Tomorrow, 1 June 2012 Online membership renewal for the upcoming financial year will be available on the APF website as of tomorrow, 1st of June. Early bird rates apply for those of you who renew before 1 July. APF membership is compulsory for the active skydiver but really, what’s in it for you?

Here are some key incentives to being a current APF member:

 Keeping the sport alive – your membership fees support ongoing efforts to maintain open access to the skies so that you can keep jumping with as little interference from government authorities as possible.

 Access to regular industry/sporting publications and updates throughout the year via subscription to Skydiver E-news, Australian Skydiver Magazine and the Grey News Sheet for Instructors.

 Public liability insurance within Australia – your membership fees protect you from legal actions such as trespass, negligence and manslaughter you may be subject to during the course of your skydiving career. A few examples of possible scenarios you would be protected


o You have an off drop zone landing and land illegally on someone else’s property o You accidentally hurt a spectator through skydiving (maybe you have a bad landing or drop something during your skydive such as an altimeter or helmet that injures someone on the ground) o You pack another skydiver’s parachute incorrectly by mistake which results in a malfunction and injury to that skydiver.

What isn’t included in your APF membership?

 Personal accident insurance, travel and gear insurance are not included.


APF Calendar of Events – boost interest in your skydiving event Don’t forget to advertise your skydiving event on the APF website events calendar. Help your event succeed by making your important event information accessible to skydivers from all over the country. Requests for listings should be sent to apf@apf.asn.au.

Time for a change? Check out Industry Vacancies.

Technical and Rigging News The new Freefly Op Regs – what do they really mean for me?

The new Op Reg requirements for participating in Freefly jumps have been causing quite a stir in the skydiving community. New restrictions have indeed been put in place by the APF to improve safety and training standards, including the development and integration of a new Freefly RW Training Descent Table. But what does it really mean for you as a skydiver on the drop zone? Here we explain the finer details of the changes.

What is the Freefly RW Training Descent Table?

Similar to the B-Rel table, the Freefly RW Training Descent Table involves four (4) skill levels (to be completed in a minimum of four jumps) that must be demonstrated successfully by student freeflyers

on training jumps with a qualified freefly tutor. The details for each level are outlined in Appendix 11:

Freefly RW Training Descent Table of the APF Training Operations Manual, effective 1 June 2012.

Excerpt below:

–  –  –

Note: Once both Head Up 1 and 2 passed to satisfaction of Tutor. Chief Instructor must endorse trainees logbook and Trainee allowed to jump in groups larger than three in Head Up position.

–  –  –

Is it compulsory?

Completion of the Freefly RW Training Descent Table is compulsory only if you want to participate in unrestricted freefly jumps with more than one other person.

I haven’t completed the table. So what do these news regs actually stop me from doing?

The new Op Regs don’t prevent you from participating in freefly jumps if you haven’t completed the table; they simply limit the ways in which you can participate.

What you can do If you don’t have a freefly crest you can still do freefly jumps by yourself – head down, head up, sit flying, the works. You can also approach your DZSO and request permission in writing to participate in RW head up freefly with one other person. This will give you ample opportunity to practice freefly manoeuvres before attempting the various stages of your freefly crest jumps with a tutor.

What you can’t do

Without completing the freefly RW training descent table you can’t:

 participate in head down RW freefly jumps with other skydivers  participate in RW freefly jumps in positions other than head down with more than one other skydiver Why we introduced the new op regs Freeflying can be a very dangerous discipline to attempt if performed by skydivers without the necessary skills. Head-down jumps in particular are high speed, high stakes skydives that encompass incredibly fast closing distances between jumpers and a consequential smaller window of opportunity for error correction. Impacts between skydivers in freefall in this position can cause serious injury.

The B-rel table is an accepted training descent table necessary for relative-work flat-flying that ensures safe outcomes for all participants. It only seems to make sense to introduce a similar system for RW freeflying considering its increasing popularity as a discipline, and recognising it involves significantly greater risks and potential for injury.

Who we consulted with in making these changes Input was sought from Freefly coaches from around Australia, including Isobel Dore and Genetix Freefly Coaches Mason Corby and Tyler Baird. Broader member input was also invited through mentions in the APF Broadcast/Skydiver E-News late last year. The new training descent table was heavily debated during the most recent APF Annual Conference in May.

Can the changes be reversed?

APF Operational Regulations are reviewed every 12 months. No change to the current Op Regs will be considered until that time. From time to time a Technical Directive can be issued to address Op Regs that need to be amended.

Supporting Regulations

The following APF documents reference the new changes:

–  –  –

Competition and Community News th Enter the 9 ASIANIA “EMAX” Video Competition, 1 June – 31 October 2012 Open to members and organisations of the ASIANIA Parachute Federation, this competition is intended to attract all levels of competitors and judges and aims to assist and encourage the

improvement of competitive skills in the following disciplines:

4-way formation skydiving;

4-way rotations canopy formation; and 2-way sequential canopy formation.

Competitors will have four months to undertake the competition jumps that will be video recorded for judging and the determination of final places.

For more information on event requirements and how to enter please read the event Information Bulletin here.


Reminder: Closing date for 2013 National Championships Bids The closing date for bids to host 2013 APF National Championship events has been extended to 5pm Friday 22nd June 2012. Bids must be submitted using the online Nationals Bid Document accessible from the APF website and should be forwarded to nationalcoach@apf.asn.au.

Member Tributes The skydiving community is mourning the loss of two of its members – Phil Whatmore and Michael (Handbrake) Holtham – who both passed away within the last fortnight. We pay tribute to both men below.

RIP Phil Whatmore 21/07/1945 – 27/05/2012 On behalf of all APF members we extend our deepest sympathies to sister Bonnie, and friends of Phil Whatmore who lost his life in a skydiving accident last Sunday in Queensland. Phil, who made over 2000 skydives started skydiving in 1967 and represented Australia at Parachuting World Championships in Yugoslavia (1970), the USA (1972) and Hungary (1974). A talented skydiver, his career was derailed by a skydiving accident when he was about 30, where he suffered critical injuries after being blown into powerlines. He used walking sticks after the accident, never fully recovering, but returned to the skies again a few years later. An extraordinary artist, a very devout Christian, a kind guy, a man of many colours, Phil will be missed. The funeral will be conducted in the West Chapel at Mt. Thompson Crematorium, Nursery Road, Mount Gravatt East, QLD. 4122 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm Monday 4th June.

(Investigations into the incident are currently being conducted by Queensland Police and APF officials.) RIP Michael (Handbrake) Holtham 25/03/1965 – 24/05/2012 On behalf of all APF members, we offer our sincere condolences to his wife Julie, mother Kit, brother Keith and children Peter, Tiegan and Jason, and the many friends of Michael ‘Handbrake’ Holtham, who passed after a period of illness last Thursday. A longstanding member of the Darwin Parachute Club, Bachelor Boogies just won’t be the same without this unique and beautiful individual, a man who knew the true meaning of living life to the fullest. A funeral service was held on Monday and was attended by several hundred of Michael’s friends, so many so, that the church was overflowing. Many jumpers from all over Australia flew in for the service and all construction cranes around Darwin stopped for the afternoon as a sign of respect. Handbrake also had many other friends there, extending far beyond his jumping mates, including people from indigenous, horse racing, pastoral, construction communities around the NT. Jumpers from both DPC and members of their sister club at Toogoolawah didn’t miss the uncanny significance and timing of a ‘fly by’ of ‘2 galahs’ in formation as the Hearse was leaving the church. The service was followed by a Wake and Memorial Jump by DPC mates at East Point, out of an Antonov 2. Handbrake’s ‘Big Red’ canopy was flown by Dan Short for the last time as part of the jump. Several hundred people attended the Wake to remember their mate.

Who’s been making headlines? New stories available at Skydiving in the Media.

Enjoy the rest of the week ahead!

Your Team at the National Office For more information, comments, suggestions or to unsubscribe please email apf@apf.asn.au

Australian Parachute Federation PO Box 1440, Springwood, QLD 4127

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