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«Setup and Integration Guide Milestone Version 6.5 and eMerge Version 3.2 and above CONTENTS Requirements for Milestone NVR/IEI eMerge Integration. 3 ...»

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IEI eMerge™


Milestone Systems Network Video Recorder

Setup and Integration Guide

Milestone Version 6.5 and eMerge Version 3.2 and above


Requirements for Milestone NVR/IEI eMerge Integration.................. 3



Setting up Milestone NVR and IEI eMerge Integration






Appendix on Network Port Setup

2 Requirements for Milestone NVR/IEI eMerge Integration The hardware, software, and licenses required for your IEI eMerge™ NVR features are listed below.

In addition to those items it will be necessary for you to have:

• Direct access to the Milestone Server machine.

• Login username and password to the Network Controller with setup privileges.


At this release the NVR feature is tested to work with the following devices:

• IEI eMerge: Version 2.5 or higher.

• PC with Windows XP Pro™ SP2, or Windows Vista™: You will need an administrative account on the PC in order to install software.

• Large Disk Drive: The Milestone web site at http://www.milestonesys.com has online calculators to assist you in estimating the disk capacity you will need for both the server and storage. The variables to be considered in selecting drive capacities include: number of cameras, frames per second, image size and resolution, days of storage required, and the number of recording hours per day.

Software and Licenses

• IEI VMS license file: In new systems this feature is already enabled in the I-button.

To enable the Video Management System feature in existing systems upload and apply the file ibutton.lic to the Network Controller. Obtain this file from IEI. You will need to provide the iButton Serial Number from the Sup

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Complete IEI Milestone Service setup

3. From the Control Panel open the Administrative Tools.

4. Open the Services applet and find the IEI Milestone Service.

5. Verify that the service has started. If it has not, click the Start link to start the service.

6. Open the Event Viewer applet from the Administrative Tools and select the IEI Milestone Log.

7. Right-click and select Properties to open the Property page for that event log.

8. In the Log Size section select Overwrite events as needed.

9. Click Apply and then click OK to save the changes.

10. To verify that the IEI Milestone Service has put an entry in the log, click IEI Milestone Log in the Event Viewer.

11. Two events should appear in the IEI Milestone Log. Double-click these events to display the Event Properties window. The descriptions of these two events will be, IEI Milestone Setup Listener started, and IEI Milestone Service started.

4 Complete Windows Firewall Setup

1. Open the Windows Firewall applet from the Control Panel.

2. Select the Exceptions tab and make sure that the IEI Listener Service is selected in the list of exceptions.

Configure Cameras in the Milestone Administrator Settings screen

1. Configure all cameras including PTZ presets.

NOTE: The eMerge limits camera names to 64 characters. Note that the Milestone system appends “Camera 1” to each camera name that you enter, and it places brackets [] before and after the name that you entered. Therefore each name that you enter can be no longer than 53 characters.

NOTE: It is possible to edit what Milestone adds to your camera names. See the Milestone documentation for assistance with this.

2. We recommend that each camera be set to store images Always in the Image storage settings section of the Milestone Camera Settings dialog. This ensures that video is always available for any time period including both before and after events.

Create events for each camera in the Milestone System Use the IEI Generic Event Builder utility to create all the required events.

We recommend that you complete the set up of all the Milestone cameras (except for the creation of generic events) and then run this tool once. It will save much time and ensure that no typographical errors are made in the creation of the events.

Using the IEI Milestone Generic Event Builder

1. Select the GenericEventBuilder from the Windows Start menu. A message box is posted to remind you to exit the Milestone Administrator. The Generic Event Builder will not create events if Milestone’s Recording Service, or Administrator are running.

NOTE: IEI’s V3.2 Generic Event Builder requires Microsoft’s.NET Framework 2.0 and it must have write access to the files on the Milestone server. We recommend running the tool on the server itself.


2. The default path to the Milestone Server is automatically entered in the Milestone Path text box. If you installed your Milestone Server elsewhere then click the Browse… button to find and select the correct path.

3. The three checked boxes in the image below are checked by default. Create Stop/Start Events, Create PTZ Events, and Connect Events to Cameras are actions that will almost always need to be completed.

NOTE: If you set the cameras to always store images as recommended above in the Configure Cameras procedure then generic Start and Stop events will not be necessary. However, you must set up at least one generic event or the Milestone Server will not allow communications over the Engine Trigger Port. By default this port is 1234.

4. If you have already connected events to cameras in the Milestone system they will not be overwritten unless you check the Overwrite existing events box.

NOTE: If you have not set your Milestone cameras to always store images and you do not allow the GenericEventBuilder to overwrite the existing connected events, then the eMerge will not be able to trigger video recording related to eMerge events.

5. The Connect Events to Speed Up box would only be checked if you want cameras in your Milestone system to normally run at a low frame rate (e.g. 1 frame/sec.) but to increase the frame rate for the duration of any triggered event. If you choose this option you can enter in the Increase framerate by textbox the number of frames per sec that should be added to the camera’s normal frame rate.

For example: If you enter 5 and the normal frame rate is 1 frame/second, then following a triggered event the cameras will run at 6 frames per second.

NOTE: This setting will be applied to all cameras in the Milestone system. If this is not your intention then you will have to configure camera frame rate increases individually in the Milestone Administrator by selecting Settings for each camera.

6. Click Go.


7. The image above shows that the list box records each action that the Generic Event Builder completed. In addition, the tool indicates how many cameras were found and how many were PTZ-capable. Be sure that the camera and PTZ-capable numbers agree with what you have set up.

NOTE: The Events.ini file (which contains the Start/Stop events) and the SurvPro2.ini file (which contains the PTZ events and Camera/Event connections) are backed up by the Generic Event Builder tool in case a restore becomes necessary.

8. If you have been using the Milestone Recording Service this will be restarted now.

NOTE: If more cameras are added to the Milestone system at a later date then the Generic Event Builder tool can be re-run. It will create only the needed new events.

Complete the Milestone Setup

1. If you have not already done so create a User and Password with the ImageServer Administrator.

2. Click the User Setup button and create a user. The IEI eMerge defaults to the user name “IEIeMerge” and the password “eMerge.” We recommend that you use these defaults.

NOTE: If you choose a different user name and password, be sure to change the eMerge defaults when you configure the IEI eMerge Milestone NVR page.

3. In the ImageServer Administrator make sure the Full access for all users button is selected. See image below.

4. Complete the other ImageServer Administrator settings and click OK.

5. In the Milestone XProtect Administrator click the General Settings button and make sure that the Enable Milestone XProtect Central connections box is checked. This is necessary in order for the eMerge to receive camera configuration and events from Milestone.

6. Click the Settings button and in the Engine IP box fill in the static address of the PC where the Milestone Server is installed. See image below. The Port number should be 1237, as shown in the image below.

NOTE: Take note of the entries n the Engine Login and Engine Password text boxes in the dialog box below. These entries must match the entries in the Engine Username and Engine Password text boxes on the IEI eMerge Milestone NVR page.

–  –  –

8. Click OK to save these settings and close the General Settings dialog.

Verify that the Milestone system is functioning

1. Use the Milestone web client to verify the live video images are viewable. Or you can point your browser at the IP address and port number of the Milestone installation.

2. Login with the user name and password and verify that the Milestone system is working and you can see live video images.


2. Point the IEI eMerge to the Milestone NVR Configure the Milestone NVR in the IEI eMerge

1. In the eMerge Security Application select Setup : Cameras : Configure Milestone NVR.

2. In the NVR IP Address text box enter the IP address of the NVR.

3. The Engine Username and Engine Password fields default to "Name" and "Pass" respectively. We recommend that you leave these defaults here and in the Milestone system.

4. The Image Server Username and Image Server Password fields default to "IEIeMerge" and "eMerge" respectively. Enter here the Image Server user name and password that you created when setting up the Milestone Systems Image Server.

5. The Image Server Port defaults to 80. If you changed this in the Milestone System you will have to change it here.

6. The Engine Listener Port defaults to 1237 in the Milestone system. We recommend that you do not change this default.

7. The Event Trigger Port defaults to 1234 in the Milestone system. We recommend that you do not change this default.

8. Click Check Connection.

NOTE: The Check Connections button initiates communication over port 3001. The Discovered Information section will automatically fill in.

9. Wait for the operation to complete and read the message box.

NOTE: The message box may indicate some error condition. This error must be fixed before you can proceed.

10. If the message indicates that the Milestone server is available for configuration then click Save.

11. Wait for the VMS Definition Created message.

12. Click the List VMS Cameras link at the bottom of the Discovered Information section. A list of camera names appears. You cannot change these names here.

13. Verify that the camera list is correct and complete. These cameras were previously set up during the configuration of the Milestone NVR through its own UI.

Configure the public IP and video motion Settings

1. In the eMerge Security Application select Setup : Cameras : Configure Milestone NVR.

2. Public IP Address: This IP address automatically fills in when you save a new NVR configuration.

3. Public HTTP port: This port number defaults to 80. This port must map to the Image Server Port on the Milestone Server.

NOTE: If this address or port is on another subnet or behind a firewall you may have to change this to the external public address of the router or firewall. The network administrator will have to setup the port translation for communications and video to and from this address.

–  –  –

3. Verify live video from the eMerge interface Verify that you can see Milestone video from the eMerge interface

1. Select Monitor : Cameras.

2. Select a camera connected to the Milestone system.

3. You will be prompted to download the Milestone ActiveX control. This is required. You will see a status message in the control when it connects to the Milestone server.

4. Verify that you can see live video from this Milestone connected camera.

4. Setup and verify Video Motion Detection from Milestone Verify that Milestone VMD triggers eMerge events

1. Ensure that you have configured VMD events on the Milestone system. You can set the field of motion and sensitivity per camera.

2. Select Setup : Alarms : Events and define an eMerge event.

3. Select Setup : Alarms : Virtual Inputs and assign your eMerge event to a Milestone connected camera Video Motion Event. Make sure the Virtual Input is either Always Armed or using a currently active time specification. Also verify that both the Virtual Input and the Video Motion Event are Enabled.

4. Select Monitor : Monitoring Desktop and create motion on that camera.

5. Verify that your eMerge event was triggered.

5. Setup and verify video recording actions from IEI eMerge Verify that eMerge events record video

1. Select Setup : Alarms : Events and define an eMerge event with a Record Video action. Be sure to select a Milestone connected camera.

2. Assign a trigger to this record video event. You can select Setup : Alarms : Inputs and assign the event to the Off-normal Event, or you can select Setup : Access Control : Portals and assign the event to the System-wide : Held state of a portal.

3. Select Monitor : Monitoring Desktop and trigger the event. (Hold the portal open or set the input into an alarm state.)

4. Verify that the event was triggered and click the video icon to view the recorded video.

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