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«Aleksei Suvorov Renovation surveys practice in St. Petersburg Thesis 2016 ABSTRACT Aleksei Suvorov Renovation surveys practice in St. Petersburg, 26 ...»

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Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Technology, Lappeenranta

Degree Programme in Civil and Construction Engineering

Aleksei Suvorov

Renovation surveys practice in St. Petersburg

Thesis 2016


Aleksei Suvorov

Renovation surveys practice in St. Petersburg, 26 pages, 2 appendices

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Technology, Lappeenranta

Degree Programme in Civil and Construction Engineering

Thesis 2016

Instructors: Martti Muinonen, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences Juha Soilu, Vahanen Group Petri Lento, Vahanen Group The main scope of this research was to investigate the possibility of application of the survey services provided by Vahanen in St. Petersburg. The correspond- ence of the facilities and the needs of the market state was discussed. The study was commissioned by the representative of Vahanen Group.

This study was carried out at the inspection objects of Vahanen at Espoo at the summer of the 2014. In addition the visit of the laboratories of the main office of the company was provided in order deepen the information about the testing methods and techniques. Lifeline of the renovation project and its stages were briefly examined.

Based on the obtained information it was possible to make a conclusion that the Finnish and Russian ways of providing the surveys and the renovation services have lots of similarities. Each investigated method has the detailed description and applicability field on the market of St. Petersburg. The recommendations and the opinion about such services can be used for the estimation of the bene- fits of the presence on the Russian market.

Keywords: renovation, survey, market, Vahanen, tender 2


1 Introduction

1.1 Field of research

1.2 Historical background

2 Research data and analysis

2.1 Statistical data of existing buildings in St. Petersburg

2.2 Tenders

2.2.1 Open competition

2.2.2 Closed competition

2.2.3 Open auction

2.2.4 Closed auction

2.2.5 On-line auction

2.2.6 Request of quotations

3 Process of the renovation project

3.1 Life line of the project

3.2 Stages of project

4 Applicability of surveys provided by Vahanen

4.1 Visual inspection (on site)

4.1.1 Tools and equipment

4.1.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.1.3 Applicability of the method in St. Petersburg

4.2 Taking samples (on site)

4.2.1 Tools and equipment

4.2.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.2.3 Persons

4.2.4 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

4.3 Tension test (on site)

4.3.1 Tools and equipment

4.3.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.3.3 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

4.4 Definition of position of reinforcement (on site)

4.4.1 Tools and equipment

4.4.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.4.3 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

4.5 Carbonization test (laboratory)

4.5.1 Tools and equipment

4.5.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.5.3 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

4.6 Tension test (laboratory)

4.6.1 Tools and equipment

4.6.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.6.3 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

4.7 Microscope observation (laboratory)

4.7.1 Tools and equipment

4.7.2 Methodology (main steps)

4.7.3 Applicability of this method in St. Petersburg

5 Conclusions

6 Appendix 1

7 Appendix 2

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1.1 Field of research This thesis aims at defining the possibility of development to St. Petersburg market of surveys for Vahanen Group. It was ordered by the International Service department of Vahanen and the mentor is Juha Soilu, who deals with international development in several countries: Russia, Estonia, Romania, India and Arabian Peninsula. There Vahanen provides services for planning and carrying out building projects both in major urban areas and in interesting growth areas.

So the first purpose for writing this thesis was in discovering and explanation of the renovation market of St. Petersburg. Also it is interesting to understand how the renovation project proceeds in St. Petersburg. The second purpose was in comparison services, which Vahanen can provide and the need in such services in St. Petersburg. This thesis is covering the current situation of the market and describes the process of a renovation project. It is important to understand the renovation culture of St. Petersburg and the general principles and stages of renovation project in Russia for successful development of Vahanen.

During the thesis writing, the inspection objects in Finland where visited and the renovation services which Vahanen is able to provide were discovered. Afterwards the renovation market of St. Petersburg’s was investigated with the purpose of applicability in providing these services in Russia. Finally, the summarizing of the gained information and definition the opportunities of development for Vahanen on the Russian market was done.

1.2 Historical background

St. Petersburg was founded more than 300 years ago by Peter the 1st and nowadays it is a big cosmopolitan city with a rich history. Thousands of old and historically essential buildings and monuments are waiting for renovation and monitoring. Furthermore the area of St. Petersburg is divided into zones and it should be mentioned that there is a zone with special conditions of usage which includes territories of historically protected buildings. Some of them are in good condition in comparison with the others, but some need to be renovated immediately. For that reason these buildings are protected by the government or 4 special organizations like UNESCO [1] and municipality appropriate funds for their renovation or conservation. Due to that the Russian government organize tenders for these works (Chapter 2.2).


2.1 Statistical data of existing buildings in St. Petersburg The most recent statistical research of the existing building at St. Petersburg was developed by the government organization Rosstat in 2012. Mainly the research field was concentrated on the residential buildings and living conditions of the inhabitants. The following and summarized data in Table 1 was obtained from the official web-site http://www.gks.ru/ and it is a free source of information.

Table 1. Statistical data for existing buildings at St.


–  –  –

In the glossary of Government Resolution [3], the shabby building means the one, which has deterioration rate of the structures higher than 70%, compared with the initial one. The disastrous condition of building is assumed to be, when the bearing and envelope structures have reached the deformations incompatible with the normal functionality of the building.

By means of the above mentioned document, the Russian government confines the definition of the structures which are the subject of the end of their life cycle.

Figure 1 describes the dynamics of the buildings, which have reached their limit state by exact year.

–  –  –

It is clearly seen that the dynamics of the past described years do not undergo the high increase in the values. So it may mean that the renovation market of St. Petersburg is in good condition and has shown a good performance.

The future field of development of the renovation opportunities is described by the pie-chart in Figure 2. Among the total amount of the buildings, 24,6% should be subject of renovation or demolition, and the rest of 75,4% could need the renovation soon. It means that the renovation field of St. Petersburg has lots of facilities in the surveys and refurbishing.

Figure 2. Distribution of buildings by the deterioration rate

–  –  –

6 In order to discover the problem deeper, it is required to understand the possible clients. Mainly the existing structures are composed from stones or bricks and their content on the total number of structures is almost 50%. Consequently, the vast majority of the works is associated with the buildings of XVIII and XIX centuries. The second part of the market is devoted to the modern structures, which are made of concrete and more detailed information is summarized in Table 2, specifying the erection rates in the past.

Table 2. Distribution of the building by erection year and materials

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2.2 Tenders It is a competitive form of selection of offers of goods, services or works, organized by the government, according to the conditions which are declared in documentation. In the stipulated terms the tender is based on the principles of competitiveness, justice and efficiency. The contract would be signed with the 7 winner of the tender — the participant who has submitted the proposal, which conforms the documentation requirements and the best conditions were offered.

The term tender used in the daily speech, is the analogue of the Russian competition or auction, or other competitive procedures. For example it can be a request of quotations or a request for proposals.

Figure 3. Tender activity in Russian Federation

–  –  –

Figure 3 shows the organization of tender activity in St. Petersburg, as well they are applied to the whole country. Competition is subdivided by open and closed, it can be carried out to one or two stages. The auction is carried out for the state/government needs at all of the levels, within the state order and it is held only in one stage. According to the Federal Law [2], there exist other ways of purchases which are not the auction — it is a request of price quotations. They can be applied at the small volumes of purchases (less than 500 000 roubles), and also purchases for the unique source in cases which are especially stipulated by the Russian legislation.

82.2.1 Open competition

The most widely spread way of competitive purchases is the open competition in which the part can be taken by any supplier. The notification of open competition can be published in specialized editions, on a web-site of the customer or in mass-media. The procedure of open competition lasts not less than a month and demands big resources (preparation of competitive documentation, an assessment of demands etc.).

Competition is held by the customer (city, state or another public institution) or his representative. All requirements to a subject of purchase and suppliers, and also criteria of a choice of the winner and procedure of competition are stated in the competitive documentation. Participants of competition submit the applications issued according to the requirements. If only one application was submitted for the competition, it is cancelled. The public procedure includes opening of the offers of participants and their offered prices. The contest committee estimates all demands and defines the winner, it is the participant who has submitted the most advantageous proposal. After that negotiations are organized for signing the contract. If negotiations cannot demand both the organizer and the supplier, the organizer of competition carries out to the supplier who has made the following on advantages proposal.

2.2.2 Closed competition

The rules of the closed competition are the same as in open competition. The difference consists of a choice of participants. Any competent supplier can take part in open competition, but the invitation to participation in the closed competition is not published. Only those suppliers who were invited to the closed competition can participate in it. Information about the results of the closed competition is not published either.

The closed competition is held in the following cases:

- limited number of suppliers who have that kind of production or the limited number of suppliers has the qualification for arranging it for the customer

–  –  –

2.2.3 Open auction Open auction allows to publish the state order in the Internet. The state contract on providing goods, works or services, is called as a ‘lot’. The main criteria of definition of the winner of any auction is the price. Therefore the winner of auction is the company who has offered the lowest price for the state or municipal contract.

The notification on carrying out the open auction should be published in the official publication and on the official website not less than in twenty days before the expiration date of submission of applications for participation in auction. The notification on carrying out open auction can be reduced to seven working days to an expiration date in the cases defined by the law.

Rates can be discrete (with a certain step) and continuous. Auction can consist of several rounds, on each the participant has an opportunity to do a new rate.

If at the end of the round the new rates are not staked in that case the auction ends. The irretrievable monetary contribution, pledge or other providing demands is undertaken for confirmation of intentions of participants of the auction.

2.2.4 Closed auction The difference of the closed auctions is only that the auctioneers do not know the demands of other participants because they apply in the sealed envelopes whereas in open auctions each demand becomes known to all participants.

The notification on carrying out the closed auction, documentation of the auction, the changes made to it, and also documentation explanations about auction are not subject to publication in mass media and to placement on the Internet. The customer sends written invitations to the closed auction to companies not later than in twenty days before the termination of applications for participation in auction. The participants usually have access to the data which is the state secret, and are capable to carry out deliveries of goods, performance of work, rendering the services which are a subject of auction.

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