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«Respect for Others Respect for the Environment Headteacher's Welcome We have put together this booklet of essential information for parents. We hope ...»

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The Essential Parent Guide

to Aylsham High School


Respect for Yourself

Respect for Others

Respect for the Environment

Headteacher's Welcome

We have put together this booklet of essential information for

parents. We hope you find it useful and that it helps to answer

any questions you may have. If there is anything you think we

have missed please let us know and we will add it to future


At Aylsham High School we feel that what matters is that we

help young people to grow into confident and independent learners, as well as highly motivated and productive contributors to school and community life. Secondary school is a crucial factor in helping to shape young people’s lives, in forming their dreams and giving them skills and knowledge to lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives.

We are looking forward to seeing our students return to school on 4 September.

Best wishes and warmest regards Duncan Spalding Headteacher A Culture of Achievement for All A cornerstone of our continued success at Aylsham High School is the firm belief that everyone can be successful and that they can exceed their potential. Our broad and balanced curriculum is underpinned by the principles of choice and challenge. Our students will be given access to a wide range of exciting and stimulating learning opportunities and whatever their starting point they will be challenged to work hard and achieve success. This pursuit of excellence is widely reflected in the successes the school achieves across a variety of areas, not least academic progress and attainment. Indeed, Aylsham High School is consistently one of the highest performing schools, not only in Norfolk but also nationally.

Summary of Headline Results AHS 2013 5A*-C with English and Maths 72% 5+A*-G any subjects 98% English Baccalaureate 29% A Supportive Community We believe strongly that young people thrive and learn best when they feel safe, comfortable and part of something special.

Our House system, linking as it does the Form Tutors and Head of House closely with home, helps to ensure that our students feel supported throughout their time at Aylsham High School.

The House system also helps to create a spirit of healthy and friendly competition that ultimately helps to bind the whole school community together.

Our SEND Department is outstanding and works hard to ensure that youngsters with additional needs make outstanding progress.

If you have any general concerns please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance. For more specific concerns the Head of House should be contacted.

Subject related concerns should be directed to the Head of Department.

Learning Beyond the Classroom What makes a great school great is the quality of what goes on in its classrooms. We are very fortunate to have an outstanding and incredibly dedicated team of teachers and support staff who not only provide for excellence in the classroom but also beyond the classroom.

At Aylsham High School we love it when youngsters find their “element”, their passion. We also love to celebrate the success that they achieve. Whether they are into sport, music, drama, art, dance, business, chess, catering, science, maths, creative writing – whatever it may be, we will take time to celebrate their achievements and encourage them to strive for even greater success. What is important is that their enjoyment and achievement outside of the classroom helps them to flourish within it and gives them the confidence to try new things.

The chance to take part in a huge range of trips and visits is also central to the ethos of Aylsham High School. Every July we have an Activities Week where students in Years 7 to 9 are given the opportunity to choose which activity they would like to participate in.

Developing Citizens and Leaders of the Future We are absolutely committed to encouraging young people to show leadership and trusting them to take responsibility for their school and the wider community. Our Head Boy and Head Girl, School Captains, Sports Leaders, Form Leaders and Friendly Face Anti-Bullying Mentors are all instrumental in ensuring that our school community is a positive, safe and happy place to learn.

More than anything we want our students to leave us with the confidence and belief that they can take their place anywhere in society. We want them to move on, safe in the knowledge that hard work, commitment and strength of character will be crucial to their lasting success and happiness.

A Culture of Respect Our Code of Conduct has remained constant for many years. It

is simple, powerful and the very foundation of our ethos:

–  –  –

When we all show and give respect our community grows stronger and stronger.

The School Day

08.50 am - Lesson 1

09.55 am - Lesson 2

10.55 am - Tutor time

11.20 am - Break time

11.35 am - Lesson 3

12.35 pm - Lunch time

13.25 pm - Lesson 4

14.25 pm - Lesson 5

15.25 pm - End of School



Pen Pencil (preferably HB) Eraser Pencil Sharpener Coloured Pencils Felt-tip pens Maths Set (Ruler/Protractor/Compass) Pencil Case (preferably soft) Calculator Pocket Dictionary Learning Journal (provided in September) The Learning Journal will provide you and your child with very important information on their progress at school as well as homework requirements. We therefore strongly encourage you to take a regular look at this with your child. The Learning Journal provides e-mail addresses for Heads of House and Heads of Department. These are also listed at the back of this booklet.

The Rewards System Students are rewarded with Credits for achievement and effort in the categories below. These will be recorded on the school’s electronic management system (MIS).

–  –  –

4th Trading Level = 560 Credits School Uniform The school policy on uniform is designed to enable students to dress appropriately for work at school, without undue cost being involved. Taking pride in their appearance and demonstrating respect for the values of the school is very important to our students. Uniform must be worn by all students whilst in attendance at the school, on the way to and from school and on all school visits unless the Headteacher has given prior permission to the contrary. The uniform is available from Kaye’s School Wear Clothes, Red Lion Street, Aylsham (Open Mon Sat 9.30 am - 4.00 pm, closed Wednesday and Sunday, Telephone 01263 734423), John Lewis of Norwich or any other reputable supplier. It is advisable to order uniform in plenty of time before your child starts school or requires replacement items. The Friends of Aylsham High School also run a shop for the sale of pre-owned items of school uniform. The Headteacher reserves the right to isolate any student who is wearing any garment which the Headteacher and senior staff consider unsuitable for school.

Years 7 to 10

1. All students of Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 must wear a navy blue blazer with the school badge.

2. Students can wear a navy blue V-neck jumper under their blazer but not in place of their blazer. Cardigans are not acceptable uniform.

3. Students must wear a plain white shirt with a conventional collar and tie. During the second half of the summer term a blue school polo shirt may be worn.

4. Students must wear a school tie.

5. When trousers are worn they should be black or grey.

(Jeans, cords, tight trousers, leggings or hipsters are not acceptable.)

6. When skirts are worn they should be grey, A-line, kneelength or no more than 5 cm above the knee. Stretch, denim or corduroy fabrics or skirts with splits are not acceptable. If skirts are too short students will be required to borrow a school skirt from Student Reception to wear until they can provide a suitable alternative.

7. Large ornamental, studded or coloured belts should not be worn. A black belt with a conventional buckle is acceptable.

8. When socks are worn, they should be black or grey. Socks may not be worn with tights. When tights are worn they should be black, navy blue, grey or neutral.

9. All students must wear low-heeled, black shoes. Stiletto heels cause floor damage and are not acceptable. Also trainers, canvas shoes and boots (including Ugg-style or pixie boots) are not acceptable. Students not in correct footwear will be required to change into school plimsolls.

10. No scarves, pashminas or outdoor coats are to be worn inside the school.

11. Jewellery is restricted to two small studs, one in each ear.

Other forms of body piercing (face, tongue, navel etc.) are not permitted. Students will be required to remove them or spend time in isolation.

12. If worn, make-up should be minimal and discreet. Nail varnish should not be worn and students will be required to remove it.

13. Extreme hairstyles and hair colours are not acceptable.

Year 11 Year 11 uniform is as above except a black v-necked jumper with AHS badge is worn instead of a blazer.

If your child forgets or loses their tie one can be borrowed from Mrs Taylor, Student Services Office. A new tie can be purchased from Mr Reeves, Print Room.

PE KIT We have reviewed our PE kit this year following feedback from students. The new sports kit, which will be introduced in September 2014 for Year 7 students, is a much higher quality than previous sports kit and we have provided a wider variety of options in terms of shorts, skorts or tracksuit bottoms.

Ideally, we would like all students to purchase the new sports kit as we believe that it provides greater durability and the Aylsham High branding gives it a very professional look. This sports kit is available from Kayes, Red Lion Street, Aylsham.

The tables on the following pages outline the minimum expectations, which a student would require along with a number of optional extra pieces of Aylsham High School branded kit.


–  –  –

Advisable The following items are optional but would be advisable.

 Quarter zip top*  It is strongly recommended that all students wear gum shields for hockey and rugby Optional  Plain navy tracksuit bottoms*

–  –  –

Advisable The following items are optional but would be advisable.

 Quarter zip top*  It is strongly recommended that all students wear gum shields for hockey and rugby Optional  Plain navy tracksuit bottoms* N.B: Tracksuit trousers cannot be worn for gymnastics module for Health and Safety reasons.

To ensure consistency in the sports kit, girls royal blue skorts (if required) and boys rugby tops must be purchased from Kayes of Aylsham.

If purchasing items from the non-branded alternative list please ensure that the colour and style meet the school’s expectations.

If you wish to purchase the minimum optional kit below from Kayes of Aylsham and your child moving into Year 7 is entitled to Free School Meals, a £5 discount voucher is available towards the cost and a pair of socks will be provided. Please contact Tracy Colman, Finance Manager, on 01263 733270 for

further details. The minimum kit would consist of:

 Girls – Aylsham High School branded white top, skort/shorts and socks  Boys – Aylsham High School rugby top, short and socks Students in Years 8 to 11 can continue to wear their existing kit. You are, however, welcome to purchase the new branded version if you wish.

All kit should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

General PE information Showers are available and we ask you to provide your son or daughter with a towel on all days when he/she has games or PE, if you wish them to shower.

Students will have to remove all earrings and body piercings before each PE activity, no matter how recently pierced. Body piercings are against school rules and therefore are not a valid reason for non-participation in PE lessons.

Black-soled training shoes must not be worn in the Gymnasium or Sports Hall as they damage the floor.

Lost property for sports items is located at Main Reception.

Student Voice Prefects and Captains Our student leaders, including Head Girl, Head Boy, Prefects, Sports Captains, House Captains and Subject Captains play a very important role in school. They exemplify the values that are important to the school community and are incredibly positive role models. Taking responsibility at this level helps students to develop confidence and the skills that they learn will help to prepare them for leadership roles beyond school.

Student Council We encourage all students to participate in the work of the AHS Student Council. This is a forum for student representation so that issues raised by students can be formally aired and responded to by staff. All Tutor Groups elect representatives who attend a House Council which in turn elects representatives to the AHS Student Council. This is citizenship in action.

The Young Chamber is a Business and Enterprise group within Aylsham High School. During the year events are arranged for students and businesses outside of the school. For example, we have a Super Challenge Day for Year 7 students and a regular Business Breakfast for local businesses.

When students join the school they automatically become a member of the Young Chamber, but they can decide if they want to be active or not. The two teachers involved with this are Mr Turrell and Mrs Auber.

Friendly Faces is a group of Year 10 and 11 students who are there to provide support for your child. They have a Support Room which is open every break and lunch time. It is located in the Friendly Faces Room opposite Room 11 - there is a sign on the door. Mrs Connor is the named teacher for AntiBullying.

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