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«July 2016 Study Guide This is the next to last study guide. We had originally planned a large pool of questions but the GHSA office has so many tests ...»

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July 2016 Study Guide

This is the next to last study guide. We had originally planned a large pool of

questions but the GHSA office has so many tests to accomplish at the start of

the year- Volleyball, Softball, Cross Country and Football. To assist the staff

there with the typing into a testing program the following is important to


A. The testing pool will be the July and August Study Guides ONLY and

that will be 120+ questions.

B. The answer key to July Study Guide will come out late July with the August Guide.

C. The answers to the August Guide WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED until after the test in August. A reasonable trade off. Half given to you and half you got to work for.

D. I have moved some questions from the April, May and June Guides forward to be in the testing pool- those that I messed up on and others with important subject matter.

E. Some astute individuals may note questions close to each other on similar topic. I have learned that each official learns different ways. So to accommodate individuality topics are tested in different manners.


You need to add the following insert to your mechanics manual, implement this change in your association and district training. Moreover you will not be able to correctly answer some questions unless you do.


In the spread/shotgun/pistol formations the PRIMARY responsibility for the determination of forward or backwards pass by the passer is the responsibility of the Referee.

There may be some instances where the Referee will have to make rapid judgments. Examples would include the need to determine the flight of the pass just prior to the passer being contacted and not taking eyes off the passer. The flight of the pass may be seen secondarily. Another example is a pass after prolonged scramble where optimal positions have changed. This mechanic performed successfully requires positioning on the passing arm side of the passer as a first step.

This determination remains the Referee’s responsibility to perform to the best of his ability.

The absence of a signal or some other form of non-verbal communication may indicate to a wing official assistance is needed. Non-verbal communication is common among crews of experienced officials and must be part of a Pregame.

With the quarterback under center and a no step or one step drop the WING OFFICIAL to whose direction the pass is thrown must make the determination and communicate the direction of the pass. In this situation there will most likely be no secondary assistance.

In both instances if uncertain the pass is FORWARD.

Answers to June Questions with corrections made- hopefully:

26. B False 2-9-4, 2-9-5

27. A True 2-13-1

28. B False 2-16-2e

29. B False 2-20-2

30. B 3-5-1, 3-5-4, 2-32-15

31. C 8-2-3, 8-4-3

–  –  –

62. There is an obvious onsides kick situation late in fourth quarter. Team K’s kick bounces off the ground immediately and bounces into the air.

While the ball is airborne R35 blocks K50 above the waist from the front before the ball has gone ten yards. The ball is then muffed by K67 while still airborne but not yet traveling ten yards and then

recovered by R90 at the R45. Which statement is FALSE:

A. The block by R35 is illegal and should be penalized.

B. Using GHSA onside kick mechanics the prekick positions for Linesman and Head Linesman are five yards short of Team K’s restraining line.

C. On this play there is first touching by K67.

D. Team K may recover an onsides kick once the ball is touched by R regardless if the ball is in the neutral zone or beyond.

63. Team A on third and ten snaps from their two yard line. Center A57 is engaged with B60 with hands open on the chest in the end zone when guard A79 blocks B60 just below the waist from the front. QB A10 is six yards deep in the end zone with the ball at the time of the contact by A79 on B60. A10 scrambles and runs out of the end zone to the one

yard line. Which statement is FALSE:

A. The free blocking zone has ended.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the official responsible to observe blocking by the center and guards is the Umpire.

C. This is an illegal chop block.

D. Using GHSA mechanics the goal line on this play must be covered for a possible safety by Wing officials as the ball is snapped inside the three yard line.

64. Team A is threatening to score and snaps the ball from B’s six yard line.

A40 takes a toss sweep towards the pylon and dives from the two yard line with the ball extended forward in one hand. While the runner is airborne the ball touches the inside of the pylon and A40 retains possession as he lands out of bounds past the sideline of the end zone.

A78 is holding B53 in the end zone on the play. Which statement is


A. This is a touchdown.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the wing official on the side of the play should follow the runner from behind ensuring he stays in bounds.

C. If the penalty is accepted it is enforced from the goal line.

D. For the next play from scrimmage after enforcement of holding the clock will start on the snap.

65. A89 catches a pass airborne in the end zone near the end line. A89 was the sole inside receiver on the Field Judge side of the formation. The ball was snapped from the B4 yard line. As A89 comes down he steps on the back of B21 who is on the ground completely in the end zone and

then steps out of bounds. Which statement is FALSE:

A. The Field Judge should initially position himself off the field of play and is responsible for calls involving the end line.

B. The Field Judge position outside the end line may vary from the pylon (hash mark) to the corner of the end zone depending on the formation.

C. This is a touchdown with a completed pass.

D. A catch requires possession and coming down inbounds. This is An incomplete pass.

66. Which statement is NOT a legal recovery by Team K on a free kick:

A. R14 touches the ball prior to it traveling 10 yards and then K37 blocks R14 above the waist and recovers the ball.

B. After the ball travels 10 yards K18 blocks R60 above the waist prior to any R player touching the ball and Team K recovers the ball.

C. After the ball touches the ground and travels ten yards K18 blocks R45 above the waist and recovers the ball.

D. K56 initiates contact on R29 prior to the ball traveling 10 yards and no R player had initiated contact on a K player in the neutral zone. K87 then recovers the ball in the neutral zone.

67. Team A is in the shotgun formation on second and 27 yards to go. A12 receives the snap five yards deep and throws a flat pass to A36 who was lined up behind A12. The pass is thrown towards the Linesman side and completed. B98 tackles A36 four yards behind the line of scrimmage.

B53 rushes hard and is guilty of helmet to helmet contact on A12 as the

pass is released. Which statement is TRUE:

A. Using GHSA mechanics the official primarily responsible for determining the pass to be forward or backwards on this play is the Referee.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the official primarily responsible for determining whether the pass is complete or incomplete is the Linesman C. Roughing the passer will be assessed from the end of the run.

D. The next snap will be by Team A third and 12.

68. A10 takes the snap under center and immediately throws a flat pass to A90, the split end, who catches the ball five yards past the line of scrimmage. The flanker, an inside receiver, has released downfield and blocks the defensive back covering A90 in press coverage prior to the catch. A90 gains ten yards for a first down in bounds. Which statement


A. The clock for the next snap will start on the ready.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the official primarily responsible for determining forward or backwards pass on this play is the wing to the side of the pass play.

C. This is offensive pass interference.

D. The penalty for offensive pass interference is fifteen yards from the previous spot and loss of down.

69. K15 quick kicks after receiving the snap five yards deep from the center.

The low punt is partially blocked one yard beyond the neutral zone by a leaping R79. The ball continues downfield and is recovered by K42.

Which statement is FALSE:

A. Team K will next put the ball in play.

B. The clock will start on the snap for the next play.

C. Using GHSA mechanics the official(s) responsible for the expanded neutral zone on punts- where a punt is touched and by which player- are the Linesman/Head Linesman and Umpire.

D. The Referee should not signal the Umpire to protect the center in this formation.

70. Team A scores a touchdown as time expires for the third quarter. A two point conversion is attempted and is apparently successful but QB A13 throws the pass while past the line of scrimmage. Which statement is


A. Using GHSA mechanics the official responsible for the passer past the line of scrimmage on plays starting inside the ten yard line going in (goal line mechanics) is the Umpire.

B. The penalty is accepted and the repeat conversion attempt will be from the eight yard line.

C. In this situation the period is not extended for the subsequent kickoff.

D. Even if the penalty is accepted the try is not repeated and the score is not counted.

71. Tight end A98, the widest receiver in the starting formation, after being set for one second, shifts to the opposite side of the formation on the line of scrimmage next to tackle A68 and remains set for several seconds prior to the snap. This creates an unbalanced line. Split end A26 is on the line of scrimmage and is the outside receiver to that side of the formation. Both A98 and A26 are downfield when a pass is

caught by A26. Which statement is TRUE:

A. The shift by A98 is illegal.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the wing official to the side receiving the shift should signal an unbalanced line by an open hand on the chest using the “ illegal substitution” signal.

C. Because A98 was an eligible receiver at his initial position he remains an eligible receiver after the shift.

D. A89 is an ineligible downfield. This penalty is five yard from the previous spot plus loss of down.

72. After a time out ends and the ready for play has been signaled, Team A remains huddled on the sideline. With just enough time to spare Team A hurries to an odd unbalanced formation and is set one second prior to the snap. Neither R nor U have completed their count at the snap. At the conclusion of a run for a four yard gain both count and confirm with each other Team A has twelve players on the field. Flags are thrown.

Which statement is TRUE:

A. Team A is guilty of illegal substitution.

B. Team A is guilty of illegal participation and is penalized fifteen yards from the end of the run.

C. Team A is guilty of illegal participation and is penalized fifteen yards from the previous spot.

D. There can be no penalty because of a mechanics failure by R and U

73. K’s opening kickoff is caught over the shoulder by R10 near the pylon on the Linesman side of the field at the two yard line. R10’s momentum carries him into the end zone where he bobbles the ball and then fumbles

out of the end zone. Which statement is TRUE:

A. This is a safety.

B. Using GHSA mechanics the wing officials are responsible for the entire goal line on deep kickoffs.

C. This is a touchback and R will put the ball in play at their 20 yard line D. Momentum exception applies and R will put the ball in play from their two yard line.

74. For which statement does momentum exception apply:

A. B37 intercepts a forward pass at his four yard line and momentum takes him into the end zone where he is tackled B. B37 intercepts a forward pass at his four yard line and fumbles he ball at his one yard line recovering it in the end zone C. A10 throws a forward pass from his three yard line. The pass is batted back in the air by B86. A10 catches the batted pass at his two yard line and falls into the end zone.

D. R17 catches a punt at his four yard line. His momentum carries him into the end zone where he is tackled and fumbles with recovery by K20.

75. Team K punts on third down to keep the wind deep in their own territory in the late third quarter. The center on this play is number 31 as he has been on all of Team K previous punts. The punter is ten yards deep in formation. All other linemen are numbered 50-79. Which statement is


A. Using GHSA mechanics those officials responsible for enforcing the numbering exclusion on all downs using scrimmage kick formations are the primarily the Referee and Umpire.

B. This formation is legal.

C. This a penalty for illegal formation.

D. This formation is illegal even on a field goal attempt on third down in overtime.

76. Concerning the Free Blocking Zone in 2016 which statement is TRUE:

A. The free blocking zone is present throughout the down regardless of the location of the ball or the offensive formation used.

B. Offensive linemen may still clip in the free blocking zone as in previous years.

C. In the shotgun formation offensive linemen may block defensive linemen directly over them below the waist if the action is immediate at the snap without delay and they start in a three or four point stance.

D. A fullback may enter the line of scrimmage in the free blocking zone and block the nose tackle in the back above the waist legally.

77. With the clock running defender B78 misjudges the snap count and encroaches. He does not make contact and returns to his original

position. Which statement is TRUE:

A. The play should be allowed to proceed.

B. In 2016 this is legal as long as contact isn’t made.

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