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«Access Travel Pass Information and application form Who is eligible for the Access Travel Pass? The Victorian Government recognises that some ...»

Access Travel Pass

Information and application form

Who is eligible for the Access Travel Pass?

The Victorian Government recognises that some Victorians who

use public transport services may have a permanent physical

disability, cognitive condition or mental illness that prevents them

from using an electronic, or smartcard based, ticketing system.

The Access Travel Pass has been developed to assist this group

of passengers to access public transport services.

This allows them to have a valid ticket at all times when using public transport services.

People who always require a companion / carer to travel on public transport are not eligible for the Access Travel Pass, but may be

eligible for the:

Companion Card – vic.companioncard.org.au, or the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program – transport.vic.gov.au If you require a scooter or wheelchair for mobility outside your home, you may be eligible for the Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass. Application forms are available from ptv.vic.gov.au.

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 2 How does the Access Travel Pass work?

The Access Travel Pass is a registered myki that has the applicant’s photograph and name printed on the card.

The pass holder is required to carry the Access Travel Pass with them at all times when travelling on public transport services.

It authorises free travel on public transport services within Victoria at all times, regardless of whether it has been touched on or off.

Where possible, the pass holder is encouraged to touch on or touch off their Access Travel Pass, so that their journeys can be included in the number of passenger trips and used to improve services.

Alternatively, the Access Travel Pass may be used as a “flash pass” to provide entry and exit at gated stations and to show to an Authorised Officer (ticket inspector) if requested.

A lanyard is provided with each Access Travel Pass to assist with card retention and ease of access when travelling.

The Access Travel Pass entitles the pass holder to free travel on:

train, tram and bus passenger services operating in metropolitan Melbourne V/Line train and coach services regional town bus services regional services that have a contract or service agreement with Public Transport Victoria.

It is not valid on NSW TrainLink, Great Southern Railway, airport services and tourist railways. The pass holder should check with the relevant operator before booking or travelling.

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 3 How do I apply for the Access Travel Pass How to apply

1. Complete this application form.

2. Obtain one colour passport photograph

3. Have your application form and photo signed by your health care professional

4. Return this application form to:

Access Travel Pass Applications PTV Hub PO Box 4724 Melbourne VIC 3001 Original applications and photographs cannot be returned under any circumstances.

Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

If successful in qualifying for the Access Travel Pass, your card will be posted out to you Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 4 How much does the Access Travel Pass cost?

The Access Travel Pass is provided free of charge.

How to get a replacement pass Advise the PTV Hub on (03) 9027 4930 as soon as possible if the Access Travel Pass is lost, stolen or damaged. A free replacement Access Travel Pass will be sent to you.

How to travel while waiting for your replacement Access Travel Pass Once you have reported your Access Travel Pass lost or stolen, a new one will be posted within five to ten working days.

If you need to travel in the meantime, the PTV Hub at 750 Collins Street, Docklands can provide you with a temporary pass for travel until your new myki Access Travel Pass arrives.

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 5 Section 1: Applicant information Please tick all relevant boxes where applicable.

–  –  –

1.3 Have you previously applied for the Access Travel pass?

Yes No Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 6

1.4 Are you able to travel independently, without the assistance of a constant carer / companion on Victoria’s public transport services? (Please tick one) Yes No – You are not eligible for issue of the Access Travel

Pass. However, you may be eligible for:

Companion Card – vic.companioncard.org.au Multi-Purpose Taxi Program – transport.vic.gov.au

1.6 Describe how your condition impacts on your ability to touch on and off (use) the myki system (eg limited hand movement, ability to reach scanners, balance, mental illness / condition).

–  –  –

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 8 Section 3: Applicant / Guardian / Agent declaration

3.1 I confirm that the signature on the next page verifies that

the applicant:

has a permanent physical disability, cognitive condition or mental illness and is unable to touch on or touch off a myki at the myki readers independently and / or consistently in all cases;

can travel independently on Victoria’s public transport network;

and that the applicant / guardian / agent:

authorises public transport authorities to verify the information contained in this form, and to obtain and disclose any information relating to this application for the purpose of assessing the applicant’s eligibility for a registered myki loaded with an Access Travel Pass;

agrees that the health professional in Section 4 may disclose information about the applicant to Public Transport Victoria to assist with the assessment of this application;

declares that the information in this application is correct;

accepts the Access Travel Pass terms of use – Section 5; and has read the Access Travel Pass privacy notice.

–  –  –

10 Access Travel Pass – Information and application form Section 4: Health professional declaration Your complete answers to questions are critical in the assessment of the applicants eligibility.

Before completing the application form it is important that you read and understand the information contained in this form.

4.1 I am currently a:

–  –  –

4.3 Is the condition(s) permanent? (permanent means:

the condition is not likely to improve with time or medical treatment, such as further surgery)

–  –  –

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 11

4.4 Is the applicant able to travel independently using the public transport network? (independent means: no assistance is required to board or alight public transport or to determine the appropriate train, tram or bus route or stop)

–  –  –

AHPRA registration number:

Reminder: have you endorsed the back of the applicant’s photo as per Section 2?

Any changes in this section must only be made by the health care professional and accompanied by their signature (not initials) and their professional stamp.

14 Access Travel Pass – Information and application form Section 5: Terms of use

1. Only the person whose photograph and details appear on the Travel Pass is permitted to use the pass.

2. The pass holder must carry their Travel Pass at all times when travelling on Victoria’s public transport network.

3. The Travel Pass remains the property of PTV.

4. Representatives of public transport authorities may inspect, deactivate, suspend, hotlist or take possession of the Travel Pass or require its return at any time if the pass holder is in breach of the terms of use.

5. PTV may change these terms of use from time to time.

The current version of the terms of use may be obtained by calling the PTV Hub on (03) 9027 4930. Where PTV reasonably considers that any such change will have more than a minor detrimental effect on travel for pass holders generally, the change will be notified by PTV to pass holders in advance in writing.

6. The pass holder must not alter, tamper or interfere with the Travel Pass.

7. The pass holder agrees to advise PTV as soon as possible on (03) 9027 4930 if the Travel Pass is lost, stolen, damaged or non-operational, including if they become aware that the name or photograph is illegible.

8. A free replacement Travel Pass will be issued for all lost, stolen, damaged and non-operational travel passes.

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 15 Section 6: Privacy notice PTV is collecting your personal and health information to facilitate the assessment of your eligibility for, and issuing and administration of, an Access Travel Pass. Where necessary, PTV may disclose your personal information to the Department of Econimic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources for purposes associated with the administration of public transport ticketing laws. Your personal information will otherwise only be used or disclosed by PTV if permitted under privacy law.

If you choose not to provide certain information (such as your name, address, or other contact details) as requested, PTV may be unable to process your application for an Vision Impaired Travel Pass.

You are entitled to contact the PTV Information Privacy Officer (contact details are set out below) and request access to any personal information about you, that is held by PTV.

PTV will take reasonable steps to correct and update any of your personal information that is established to be inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date or provide you with a written statement if such a request is refused.

For more information, please refer to PTV’s Information Privacy Policy, available at ptv.vic.gov.au, or contact PTV’s Information

Privacy Officer using the details below:

PTV Information Privacy Officer PO Box 4724, Melbourne VIC 3001 Phone: 1800 800 007 (6am – midnight) Email: ptvprivacy@ptv.vic.gov.au

–  –  –

Access Travel Pass – Information and application form 17 For more information or to offer feedback visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007 (6am – midnight) Public Transport Victoria is your central stop for information on public transport services, tickets, improvement projects and to provide customer feedback. Up-to-date information is available via our website, call centre and mobile applications.

PTVH1398/15. Authorised by Public Transport Victoria, 750 Collins Street, Docklands

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